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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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Rapid technological changes mean that even industry experts need to keep improving their knowledge. In a market filled with online certification providers, Intellipaat has emerged as the go-to service for tech-based training. Our Intellipaat review looks at all it has to offer.

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Best for: College students and working professionals

Strengths Well-designed courses
Strengths A-list instructors from various industries
Strengths Lifetime access and free upgrade
Strengths Job assistance
Weaknesses Buggy app
Weaknesses Poor customer support
Weaknesses Few institutional tie-ups

What Is Intellipaat?

Intellipaat provides online education and certification in high-end technology domains for industry professionals and college students. Established in 2011, this India-based company has become known for its high-quality courses designed and taught by industry experts.

Intellipaat offers affordable courses for individual learners and enterprise training for employees of top MNCs like Amazon, Sony, and Wipro. Intellipaat currently has over 600,000 active students globally, including employees of more than 200 companies.

Its instructor base includes more than 1,000 industry experts. Plus, its successful candidates are working for more than 1,500 companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, Ericsson, and Sony. 

While many other Intellipaat reviews look at the course content only, we’ll also investigate how it compares with well-known competitors like Udemy, Simplilearn, and Coursera.

How Intellipaat Works

When applying for an Intellipaat program, you go through a screening process. This may include a discussion with the course adviser and a telephonic interview. Based on your profile and interview performance, you will be offered an admission letter.

Intellipaat ensures that you receive all the assistance needed to succeed during your training and on the job market. As soon as you sign up for a course, you can access instructor-led quality videos and other training material. To help you with your self-paced learning journey, you are assigned a mentor who tracks your progress and assists you throughout the course. 

You can also use the live instructor sessions. Here, you can clarify doubts instantly and interact with other course takers.

Another highlight of the Intellipaat online training process is that you get to work on real-life business problems after each instructor-led live session. It reinforces your learning and gives you a clear idea of the work you will likely be doing in the future. Intellipaat’s job assistance features let you showcase your skills by solving real-time simulations and impress potential employers.

Intellipaat’s certifications are recognized by hundreds of tech companies. Intellipaat also helps you prepare your resume and conducts several mock interview sessions.

Who Is Intellipaat For?

Intellipaat’s online education program has been carefully designed to benefit people looking for a career in tech-related domains, such as big data analytics, data science, cloud computing, programming, and business intelligence.

The courses are ideal for college students looking for industry-focused classes that are more hands-on than those in their curricula. But they are equally beneficial for professionals already working in tech, fintech, and related industries and interested in upskilling. Many leading companies work with Intellipaat to provide customized courses for their employees.

On completing a course, candidates receive an Intellipaat certification recognized by hundreds of companies from SMEs to multinational enterprises. However, if you are looking for a certificate or accreditation equivalent to a college degree/diploma, Intellipaat may not be the right choice for you.

Intellipaat Pros

Our Intellipaat review has found several benefits that make it among the better certification programs out there. Let’s take a look at them below.

Professional Instructors

One of the most significant advantages of Intellipaat is that most of its instructors are active in your chosen field. The online courses have been designed in consultation with industry experts. Some of them also have active collaboration with leading companies, including the Intellipaat data science master’s class, which is offered in partnership with IBM and Microsoft.

You are taught by A-list instructors who know the industry’s current requirements. You don’t just learn from their extensive experience, but you also become part of a professional network that you can rely on to move forward in your future career.

Relevant Skills

The Intellipaat online learning platform focuses on the specific skills that companies are looking for right now. Unlike college courses, which often exist in a vacuum, the Intellipaat training courses are oriented toward making you a more viable candidate in the job market.

The course designers interact with potential employers and include topics that are directly useful in your chosen field. With Intellipaat, you spend your time and money on learning skills to benefit your career.

Real-Life Projects

All students get to work on real-life projects because many Intellipaat courses are offered in collaboration with companies like IBM and Microsoft. For instance, the Intellipaat data science master’s course allows you to work with Watson, IBM’s data analytics processor.

The experience gained from working on cutting-edge projects goes a long way in preparing you for the kind of issues you will face on the job. At the same time, it lets you showcase your knowledge in front of potential recruiters beyond the interview room’s high-pressure conditions.

24/7 Learning Support

Intellipaat understands that college students and working professionals can’t always stick to the set study hours. With a 24/7 mentoring system that ensures that your queries are resolved, you can fit the course around your schedule.

Lifetime Access

Once you enroll in an Intellipaat online training course, you get regular access to all the course content for the course duration. However, what if you feel like consulting the content on some specific topic after completing the course? 

Intellipaat gives you lifetime access to its learning management system, which means that you can access the online course content years after receiving your certificate.

Free Course Upgrade

With the way the tech world has changed over the last decade, you will likely need to keep improving your skills and knowledge. Intellipaat offers free online course upgrades as and when the technology gets upgraded.

Job Assistance

The Intellipaat online training platform helps you land your dream job. It backs up its online courses by providing you with the necessary assistance to land you multiple interviews with top companies.

Intellipaat not only guarantees job interviews but also helps you finetune your resume. The platform promotes your profile in its network of companies providing you salary negotiation skills and preparing you for the interviews through multiple mock sessions. 

Together, these features ensure that you get a flying start to a great tech career. Most certification platforms give you well-designed courses, self-paced learning, and even individual guidance and real-life projects. Still, you are unlikely to get such a comprehensive bundle of tools geared toward kick-starting your career.

Free Courses

Even if you’re not ready to commit monetarily to a course, there are several Intellipaat free courses. These foundation courses provided by the Intellipaat academy help you grow your understanding of topics like Java, data structures, Python for data science, and Salesforce.

You can test the Intellipaat system without spending anything and check if it is the right option for you. If you are satisfied with Intellipaat’s free online courses, you can opt for a more significant commitment in terms of time and money.

Most of the Intellipaat free courses are prerequisites for advanced courses offered by the platform. If you feel that you lack the foundation knowledge, you can complete these shorter courses to prepare yourself.

Intellipaat Cons

Like everything else, Intellipaat isn’t perfect. While there are many positives, our Intellipaat review has also found some negatives requiring urgent attention from the company. Let’s quickly look at them.

Intellipaat App

The most disappointing aspect of the Intellipaat online learning platform is its Android app. While there is no Intellipaat app for iOS, the Android version has significant issues. This is quite shocking since this is a company offering tech courses. 

Over the many years of its existence, Intellipaat could have found a capable tech expert to overhaul its buggy Android app. The issues with the app start at the interface. It’s not designed for mobile users but instead looks like a repackage of its desktop website, making the content hard to read and the videos unable to play on full-screen mode

Many links and features either don’t work at all or do sporadically. It is vital to have a functional mobile app for a service like this because it helps course takers study on the go. This badly designed app reflects poorly on the company, especially when competitors have much better variants available.

Our low opinion of the app is confirmed by what its users have to say. Intellipaat reviews focused on the app on the Google Play Store are almost consistently negative. Intellipaat’s rating on the Play Store is 1.9 at the time of writing this review, which is abysmal

Customer Support

For a service dealing with its paying users’ careers, Intellipaat’s customer support is surprisingly disappointing. It offers support through phone, email, an online form, and live chat. However, these channels are used to push their online courses rather than answering in-depth queries or resolve users’ issues. 

We contacted the live chat with some queries about the course content and some app features. However, the ‘Learning Consultant’ was more concerned with getting our contact details to sell the courses. Our actual queries were not addressed

When we insisted, the consultant connected us to a Course Adviser, but this person was also focused on showcasing the course features instead of listening. The same questions sent to the email ID, which anyway specifies that it is a sales ID, remained unanswered

Again, many customer comments reflect this failure. Many users mention the eagerness of the support team to close tickets without resolving issues. The poor customer support also raises concerns about the efficiency of 24/7 learning support.

Institutional Tie-Ups

While we are impressed with the Intellipaat training platform’s industry associations, its tie-ups with educational institutions leave room for improvement. Any respectable online certification system needs business and academic partnerships to ensure the best training. This is why platforms like edX and Udacity have courses offered in partnerships with top institutes like Stanford, Harvard, and MIT. 

Intellipaat is an India-based service, and it has tie-ups with some leading Indian institutions like IIT Guwahati and SPJIMR. However, even in engineering and management, these are not the top colleges in India

Moreover, there are virtually no partnerships with any renowned US or European colleges. While this may not affect the actual training because you don’t need to study at a top college to be a tech expert, it certainly affects the branding. Doing an Intellipaat digital marketing course in partnership with SPJIMR doesn’t quite have the same ring as a course done in association with Harvard.

What Makes Intellipaat Different?

While many Intellipaat features are possibly available with other online learning platforms, there are three aspects where Intellipaat stands out and which often go under-stressed in other Intellipaat reviews

Firstly, it limits itself to high-quality technology-based courses only. Most other online learning platforms either dilute their offering by focusing on a wide range of subjects. While Intellipaat also offers many classes, these all focus on the most relevant topics that technocrats need to learn to excel in the industry.

Secondly, a significant differentiator is Intellipaat’s sharp focus on employability. Its courses, mentors, instructors, support system, and projects are all meant to help you gain the most relevant skills.

Lastly, there is a big difference in terms of what business clients get from Intellipaat. Apart from providing access to a rich tech expert pool, Intellipaat also offers companies highly customized training packages for their current employees.

Intellipaat vs. Simplilearn

Intellipaat is one of several online learning platforms, including Codecademy, EduKart, Coursera, Udemy, and Simplilearn. All of these platforms provide tech-related courses. However, Intellipaat has set itself apart from its competitors.

The platform that comes closest to Intellipaat is Simplilearn, as it also focuses on tech-related classes. Like the Intellipaat training platform, it offers courses designed in collaboration with members from the industry and academia. 

Simplilearn instructors are also industry experts with work experience. Learners on this platform get access to real-life projects, similar to Intellipaat. Other features like 24/7 mentoring support and job assistance are identical across both companies. 

There are some differences, though. Simplilearn has tie-ups with more well-known academic institutions, such as the University of Massachusetts and Purdue University. As these are better recognized, your certification will have a significantly higher nominal value on Simplilearn. The Simplilearn app is also better, making it easier for enrolled candidates to access their lessons and records.

On the other hand, the Intellipaat online learning platform offers the critical advantage of lifetime access and free course upgrades, which isn’t provided by Simplilearn. Intellipaat makes it much easier to continue learning on the job. Intellipaat also scores higher in terms of the cost structure. On average, similar courses on Simplilearn are more expensive by about 20%.

Considering these differences, our Intellipaat review finds that it scores slightly better than Simplilearn. However, we would still advise potential students to compare the online course’s specific aspects across different platforms before making the final decision. 

How Much Does Intellipaat Cost?

Given the wide range of courses available, it isn’t possible to enlist the cost of each here. The fees vary from about $200 to $4000, mainly depending on the training hours required. 

Some courses also have variable pricing based on whether you want only pre-recorded videos or live instructor training. A quick comparison with the fees for similar programs offered by competitors shows that Intellipaat’s courses’ costs are very reasonable

For example, the Intellipaat Azure training course costs $1,070 for the full package, including e-learning videos and instructor-led training. Similar programs on Edureka and Simplilearn cost $1,699 and $1,299, respectively. 

Similarly, the Apache Spark and Scala training course costs $264, while similar programs on Edureka and Simplilearn cost $449 and $295, respectively. Some other platforms, like Coursera and Udemy, have different cost structures and are not directly comparable.

Every Intellipaat online course comes with hours of e-learning videos and instructor-led training, one-on-one doubt resolution sessions, 24/7 support, and lifetime access. These are the course fees for individual courses; for corporate training plans, company representatives should contact the sales team.

Which Intellipaat Courses Should You Take in 2022?

What are the hottest Intellipaat online courses in 2022? Keeping in mind current technology trends and the ratings of Intellipaat’s classes, we have picked a handful of options for you to maximize your marketability.

  • Master’s in Artificial Intelligence: This top-rated Intellipaat artificial intelligence course covers topics like data science with R, Python, machine learning, deep learning with TensorFlow, and natural language processing. It includes 198 hours of instructor-led training, 178 hours of self-paced videos, and 286 hours of project work and exercises. The course costs $1,199.
  • Master’s in Data Science: This Intellipaat data science course is offered in collaboration with IBM and covers topics like Big Data Hadoop & Spark, data science with SAS and R, and deep learning. It includes 232 hours of instructor-led training, 104 hours of self-paced videos, and 253 hours of project work and exercises. The course costs $1,499.
  • AWS Big Data Certification Course: Our Intellipaat big data course review highly recommends it, considering that cloud computing knowledge has become a great differentiator in the tech industry. It offers in-depth knowledge of AWS IoT, Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB, data analysis, data visualization, and more. Included are 32 hours of instructor-led training, 24 hours of e-learning videos, and seven guided projects. The course costs $780.
  • Microsoft Azure Certification Master Training: This comprehensive Intellipaat Azure training program includes courses on Azure solutions, Azure DevOps, and Azure Data Factory. On offer are 205 hours of instructor-led training, 199 hours of e-learning videos, and 130 hours of project work and exercises. The cost is $1,070.
  • SQL Certification Course Training for MS SQL Server: SQL is a domain-specific language used in database management that continues to be necessary because of its role in data science. This Intellipaat SQL certification course includes official course material issued by Microsoft. It has 16 hours of instructor-led training, 16 hours of self-paced learning videos, and 32 hours of project work and exercises. The course costs $400.

Intellipaat Review - Verdict

Our Intellipaat review has thoroughly investigated the various features to check whether users’ money is well-spent when they opt for one of its courses. We looked at the service comprehensively, balancing all the positives and the negatives.

While often not mentioned in Intellipaat reviews, we did notice some negatives. These primarily include the inefficient mobile app, poor customer support, and the absence of tie-ups with top institutions. These factors certainly hurt the service, but these are also somewhat superficial aspects as the company focused on providing training and courses. 

These are essential factors, but they do not directly impact the courses’ quality, the instructors’ experience, or the training you get to enhance your career opportunities.

On the other hand, there are many positives regarding Intellipaat. We found the courses well-designed to cover the topics most relevant to the industry. The course plan, the experience level of the A-list instructors, the break-up between theory and practical sessions, the stress on real-life problem-solving, the cost structure all indicate that the Intellipaat team has ensured quality training

The courses are enhanced by the assistance provided in preparing successful candidates for the job market, a valuable add-on not offered by most well-known competitors.

Since the course-specific positives far outweigh the rather superficial negatives, our Intellipaat review concludes that it is one of the best online training and certification options. At the same time, we hope that Intellipaat works on its app, customer support, and tie-ups to turn itself into a genuinely world-class platform.


Is Intellipaat certification good?

Yes, the Intellipaat certification is recognized by hundreds of tech companies globally, making it a valid credential for candidates interested in a tech career.

Is Intellipaat free?

There are some Intellipaat free courses, but most of them cost between $200 to $4,000.

What is DevOps Intellipaat?

DevOps refers to a software engineering practice that aims to unify software development and software operation. Intelipaat has many courses that cover DevOps tools like Git, Puppet, Jenkins, and Maven.

Which is better, Simplilearn or Intellipaat?

Simplilearn and Intellipaat offer very similar services, but based on the few differences, our Intellipaat review rates it slightly above Simplilearn. However, since there is little to differentiate between the two candidates should compare specific courses to choose the best option.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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M Abij
7 months ago
This is one of the worst institutes. I really tried hard to work with them and not put up a negative review. I took the Splunk Master course and learned nothing new. They lie to you just for you to sign up and take your money. The course start and end date wasn't correct. They started a day early and last part of course, SEIM, they have no start/end date for it yet. Though, I was told course will end on a specific date. They keep adding new students in the middle of the program who are lost and confused causing chaos in class. They provided a self course with modules and promised that is what will be taught and followed when discussing with advisor before signing up..none of that was followed and most of the topics were skipped. No syllabus or agenda given in the beginning of the course or even during the course. We have no idea what will be covered each is a total Surprise. The course says it will prep the student for Core and Admin certifications and the instructor wasn't even aware of the admin certification part. Support and Escalation team have no idea what they are doing, they just increase your frustration. Everyone responds with different answers. I would like my refund, will most likely take legal action, nothing but frustration. No instructor office hours, or contact info to ask questions. Cannot set up a group with peers, they block the chat for only the instructor to see, so students cannot view what questions/concerns/comments other students are posting during class. Never in my life I've been so frustrated to learn something from so called professionals. Please take your business somewhere else unless you want to waste your money, have high blood pressure, and nothing but frustration. This is the worst. I am trying to reach out to the owner and director but cannot seem to find their email. I did reach out to the owner through LinkedIn but no reply. This company is a FRAUD and I will be filing legal action against them as they are registered in the USA. They should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of students who are trying to learn and advance in their careers.