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Jacquelyn Bulao
Jacquelyn Bulao

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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The Rosetta Stone reviews circling the web are at both ends of the spectrum. So, we decided to test the software and see where the truth lies. Is it good? Is it bad? Find out in our Rosetta Stone review below.

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While most schools offer languages in their curriculum, it is not enough to become fluent. So, what do you do if you want to improve your knowledge?

What you need is a foreign language software. The Rosetta Stone is just that. 

We read quite a few Rosetta Stone reviews - they were either too negative or superficially positive. That got us curious. So, we embarked on a journey to uncover the truth.

What is Rosetta Stone? 

The Rosetta Stone software is a quite popular online learning platform. With the Cambium Learning Group behind it, it became operational in 1992.

Allen Stoltzfus founded Rosetta Stone. He pioneered it after struggling to learn Russian through traditional methods. He set out to create an effective learning tool in the late 80s. 

Stoltzfus thought he could use computer technology to simulate the way people learn their native language. He used pictures and sound in context with no translation. It helped him create innovative language education for learners of all ages. To make the dream a reality, the founder enlisted the help of his brother-in-law, John Fairfield. Together, they created the Fairfield Languages Technology, which later became Rosetta Stone. 

It works for schools, individuals, and workplaces around the world. It uses cloud-based solutions to help different people learn languages. The software uses Lexia Learning, an innovative English literacy product, that has helped children for years. 

The Rosetta Stone app is available for both desktop and mobile devices. It features 24 languages

Rosetta Stone Languages

The following are the available language courses: 

Chinese (Mandarin)

About 1.2 billion people speak Chinese Mandarin. Nonetheless, it seems like one of the most challenging languages. Thankfully, Rosetta Stone makes it easy with what it calls bite-sized lessons. The software’s online course introduces you to common Mandarin phrases, with the help of audio and visual cues, among other things. You can get it for $35.80 


Arabic is the fourth most used dialect in the world.

Over 300 million people speak it as their native tongue. There are 30 different varieties. It covers 25 countries across the Middle East and Africa. Furthermore, it is the sixth official language of the United Nations. Rosetta Stone offers Modern and Spoken Arabic.

English (American and British)

The learning languages software teaches both British and American English but in different courses. About 20% of the world’s population speak English as their first or second language. 

For this Rosetta Stone review, we tried the American English course, and we were pleasantly surprised by how rich the grammar and vocabulary lessons are.


Dutch is prominent in Europe. There are about 23 million native speakers

The Rosetta Stone Dutch courses are a joy. You’ll get to take culture lessons, learn word translations, and customary phrases.

Filipino (Tagalog)

Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines

Tagalog is easily understandable for the average learner. It has bits and pieces of English and Spanish. Rosetta Stone foreign languages software created an approachable curriculum to teach you conversational words and phrases

From conventional greetings to ordering food in restaurants, the software has you covered. There are audio and visual cues to help you with your lessons. 


French is one of the most loved and learned languages. Aside from being the sixth most spoken one globally, it has also been crowned the language of love. 

It is crucial in the international job market, so the Rosetta Stone software offers you beginner and intermediate options

The classes take you from familiar words and pronunciations to the more complex aspects of the dialect. You can get the French course for as little as $35.80


German is a language commonly used in the European Union. There are about 229 million people that use it worldwide

German is quite challenging to grasp. What Rosetta Stone offers you is foundational learning and vocabulary development. You’ll learn the German alphabet, tricky pronunciations, and then progress to whole words and sentences


Greek is the oldest recorded living language globally. The Rosetta Stone Greek lessons will help you get familiar with the modern version

During the online course, you’ll learn and develop grammar and vocabulary skills. You’ll be introduced to the letters, how to pronounce words, some common phrases, etc. 


Are you looking for the best place to learn Hebrew online? Try the Rosetta Stone app

Religious scholars and academics commonly study traditional Hebrew. But if you don’t belong to that class, you can opt for the modern-day version. Rosetta uses a methodology that focuses not only on teaching words but learning the language in an immersive environment


Hindi is spoken in the Indian subcontinent and nations with roots in Sanskrit. You can also hear it in Nepal, Fiji, South Africa, Guyana, Mauritius, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. 

Hindi got most of its vocabulary from English. So, if you know the latter, you’re already a few steps in front of the rest!

Rosetta helps beginners learn the language by leveraging what they already know. The software teaches with bite-sized, contextualized lessons, alongside audio and visual cues.


The Rosetta Stone Italian program is clear and straightforward. Learning Italian is not as complicated as it appears. Rosetta uses words and expressions and phrases in context to teach the tongue. 

According to Rosetta Stone reviews, the Italian courses are among the most popular. We did go through a few lessons ourselves, and now we can confidently order pasta in Rome.


Irish has several traditional dialects and urban varieties. The differences are evident in stress, intonation, the structural arrangement of sentences, and word choice

Rosetta Stone teaches the standard Irish, Caighdean Oifigiuil, a mixture of the three dialects. You’ll acquire foundational knowledge and develop vocabulary. While it will appear difficult to learn initially, it will become easier. 


The Rosetta Stone Japanese course is in 12 units, and they touch on practical things about the language. It covers the dialect basics, greetings, and introduction, work and school, shopping, travel, etc.

The classes focus on pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, reading, and writing

The lectures are interactive, visual, and repetitive. Rosetta Stone Japanese lessons progress gradually on a foundation built on earlier knowledge. You’ll partake in several tests to see the level of expertise you have and retain. If you are a beginner, we suggest you start with LingoDeer


With K-pop and K-dramas taking the world by storm, Korean is becoming one of the sought-after languages to learn. 

Rosetta Stone offers Korean and has an immersive curriculum backed by a proven methodology. It prompts the brain’s natural ability to learn. 

Furthermore, it has speaking-focused lessons with real-world context

Persian (Farsi)

Persian is currently the official language in Tajikistan and Iran, and the locals refer to it as Farsi. It is also the co-official communication mode in Afghanistan and Pashto. Worldwide, about 110 million people speak it. 

The tricky part is writing and reading - both done from right to left. You also have to understand the language fully and not just phrases to be able to communicate.

Rosetta Stone created an immersive learning environment that connects and stimulates deeper learning. The lessons introducе you to common Persian words and conversational phrases, slowly developing your skills. 


If you want to learn Polish, Rosetta Stone can help with grammar and vocabulary. It does so in a fun and relaxing way, with familiar audio and video cues, pronunciation tips, and much more.

Online opinions on this course differ. Many claim that grammar rules are not explained efficiently. Overall, users don’t recommend it for people that have no background in Slavic languages.


Swedish might seem intimidating at first, but don’t let that scare you. According to Rosetta Stone reviews, the software offers a very intuitive way to learn the language. You have speaking, listening, and reading exercises. Those will give you a great feeling about what the language sounds like, even if you don’t have a place to practice it, outside the platform. 

Portuguese (Brazil)

Portuguese is one of the most widely spoken vocabularies worldwide. It is the official dialect of Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, and Cape Verde. 

Rosetta Stone offers Portuguese lessons, though only the Brazilian dialect. The software teaches through images, making it easy to memorize new words and phrases.


The Rosetta Stone Russian language learning resources are some of the best you will find online. Russian often proves challenging to new learners. Its grammar is complicated and if you haven’t studied Slavic languages before, it might sound totally unfamiliar. 

The learning languages software introduces you to common conversational phrases, gives grammar tips and tricks, and gradually helps you become fluent.


Want to visit Istanbul, but worried you don’t know the language? Rosetta Stone has got you covered. 

With the help of the Dynamic Immersion learning method, you’ll familiarize yourself with the Turkish language quite fast. Audio and visual cues are there to help you memorize words and get the hang of grammar specifics.

Spanish (Latin America and Spain) 

Spanish is one of the most popular choices when it comes to learning languages. So, of course, Rosetta Stone offers it. 

The online course was designed for those who have little or no background in Spanish. If you are looking for more advanced knowledge as an intermediate or advanced student, this class is not for you. The course outline doesn’t teach beyond the basics

Keep in mind that the software cannot substitute for having real Spanish conversations. There’s only so much an app can do. 

The Rosetta Stone online course emphasizes visual and auditory learning methods. It is an exclusive combination of images and recorded audio.


Although there are about 90 million people who speak Vietnamese worldwide, it’s not among the most popular languages. It might be hard to find a suitable course, but that’s where the Rosetta Stone comes in. It will help you learn the language, employing the Dynamic Immersion learning method.


Rosetta Stone reviews online are not really positive about that specific course. Users claim it is too confusing for absolute beginners. Maybe try a demo version before committing?

What Makes Rosetta Stone Special?

Aside from offering over 20 linguistic courses, the Rosetta Stone software has interactive programming that is straightforward and еasy to understand. 

The issues arise from the fact that you’ll be thrown into learning unfamiliar languages, without any preparation whatsoever. It’s the number 1 complaint in Rosetta Stone reviews.

That aside, the platform offers four core lessons using a personalized word list and flashcards. With the image-word association, you can match images with the corresponding phrases and words. Later, you’ll move on to grammar, reading, and pronunciation modules. This creates a solid foundation for you to build on when you reach a more complex material. 

When you download Rosetta Stone, you’ll find that it has comprehensive progress tracking tools. It shows you how well you’re doing in each of the core courses. 

If you need to improve your pronunciation, you’ll have access to a live tutor who will help you catch up. The live online sessions last for 30 minutes. You will, however, need to pay more to enjoy this feature, if you’re not on the Business and Enterprise plans. You will also have to share the sessions with other people. 

The language software uses TruAccent speech and voice recognition technology to compare your pronunciation with that of native speakers.

You also get the TOTALe companion for your Android and iPhone devices and audio companion. It uses state-of-the-art speech recognition software for its headset with a microphone feature

Additionally, you have access to an ever-growing community of users and people. You can play the Rosetta Stone unlimited games and quizzes with them

Ease of Use and App

The interface is polished and highly intuitive. It is easy to navigate and understand.

You do not necessarily need an external mic. Whether you are using the app or desktop version, you can see your lessons from the dashboard.

This gives you flexibility in choosing how to navigate your courses. Your progress on either the mobile or desktop apps gets synced and saved

Rosetta Stone Pricing

At the time of writing of this Rosetta Stone review, the available plans are:

  • Three Months: $35.97 at $11.99 monthly.
  • 12 Months Unlimited Languages: $9.99/month ($119 total)
  • Lifetime Unlimited Languages: $179

You have access to the Rosetta Stone free trial for most languages except Chinese (Mandarin), French, and Spanish. Your Rosetta Stone subscription will renew at the current price once in effect, and you can turn off auto-renewal whenever you like.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

Rosetta Stone Review - Verdict

Rosetta Stone reviews might be on both ends of the spectrum, but one thing is for sure - this software can help you learn most languages. While there is a course or two that don’t live up to the hype, the overall experience for absolute beginners was positive.

We’d love to see placement tests and more advanced lessons in the future. Keep an eye on our Rosetta Stone review for updates.

You might also want to consider checking out our Rocket Languages review if you are looking for alternatives.


What is the Rosetta Stone method of learning?

Rosetta Stone uses a Deep Immersion learning system. It is an award-winning method for studying new languages. It is modeled towards life experiences and teaches you words that you can use in your day-to-day life. You get audio and video cues, flashcards, pictures, and pronunciation guides. 

What does Rosetta Stone cost?

The software’s price depends on the plan you choose, and it ranges from $35.97 for three months to $299 for the Lifetime Plus package. If you wish to test Rosetta Stone for free, you can do so for three days. 

Does Rosetta Stone really work?

This is one of the best software to learn languages. The lessons are very well structured and there’s something for everyone. 

Just keep in mind that according to some Rosetta Stone reviews, not all courses deserve praise. So research carefully, before you choose one.

How fluent can you get with Rosetta Stone?

Don’t expect to reach the levels of a native speaker, as no software can replace real-life lessons. But Rosetta Stone can easily get you to an intermediate level. You’ll be able to hold a conversation and read texts. The platform gives a great foundation.


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