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Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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Have you had it with diet pills and weight-loss fads? That’s because you haven’t tried After reading numerous Reshape Me reviews, I decided to test it myself. Read about my experience below. 




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Daily for 10 -15 minutes



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Reshape Me Review

Minimum Price $7.49/Week

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Best for: People that want a guided weight loss.

Strengths Daily motivation
Strengths Bite-sized exercises
Strengths Personalized workouts
Strengths Daily meal plans and recipes
Weaknesses No free trial
Weaknesses No integrations
Weaknesses No money-back guarantee

What Is Reshape Me?

Reshape Me is a weight management app that offers daily meal plans and workout sessions to help you live healthier. It shows you how many calories you’ve burnt after walking and other workouts. It also sends you meal suggestions and recipes on how to prepare them.

On top of that, it sends you inspiration to keep you going!

Unlike other solutions that advocate jumping straight into intense workouts for beginners, Reshape Me introduces exercises to you gradually. That way, you won’t overwhelm your body, which could have adverse effects on your health.  

How Does Reshape Me Work?

It starts by asking you to take a simple 1-minute quiz to help it create a suitable program. It’s in the form of a simple wizard that enquires things like:

  • The areas of your body you’d like to work on 
  • Current activity levels (beginner, very active, slightly active)
  • Work description (physical, inactive, or both)
  • Diet type (Keto, vegetarian, or no preference)
  • Selecting food you don’t eat
  • The number of times you prefer to eat per day (twice, thrice, or four times)
  • Name
  • Current and desired weight and height (provides both metric and imperial scales)
  • Email address to complete the process and send you regular tips

After filling in your details, you’ll get access to all the features.

Reshape Me App Features

The app will delight you with its numerous options.

Personalized Meals

A team of nutritionists plan and suggest healthy meals and snacks. The guiding factors are your body mass index / body shape index and desired weight. 

You have the option of choosing to eat:

  • Twice
  • Thrice
  • Four times

Each low-carbohydrate diet displays the number of calories you’ll be consuming, the ingredients, and preparation methods. You can either choose “Done” if you like it or “Skip” for an alternative. Older Reshape Me reviews feature complaints that you can’t exclude foods, but the issue has been fixed.

Tailor-Made Workouts

Like with the meals, the solution also personalizes your exercise routine. It utilizes High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) like Tabata to get you into shape within a short duration. 

It may sound like another crazy workout fad, but it works. In the course of doing this Reshape Me review, I discovered that this HIIT has scientific backing. It’s ideal for you if you don’t have time to commit to long periods of working out. It also doesn’t require any equipment so you can do it from anywhere!

This physical fitness lasts between 10 to 15 minutes and displays the number of calories you’ll burn. The workouts also indicate the amount of time that you’ll need to set aside for them.

Each focuses on about 20 seconds of strenuous workouts then short rests of about 10 seconds. 

Examples of the exercises include:

  • Neck and arm, forearm, and knee circles
  • Trunk, hip, and legs rotations 
  • Sitting leg kicks
  • Trunk bending forward
  • Chair squats
  • Dumbbell lunges for both legs
  • Prone hip extensions
  • Shoulder presses

And more! 

Walking and Running Recommendations

This feature of the Reshape Me body app is excellent for people with sedentary jobs. It guides you on how to lose weight by walking. 

You read that correctly.


Research shows that it can help with healthy weight loss. 

It displays how many calories you’ll burn after walking for a mile, together with the number of inches you’ll get off your waist. 

Calendar and Progress Tracker

The first thing you’ll see every day when you open your application is the calendar. It shows you the days of the week to help you plan and the amount of time you have left.

Reshape Me weight loss plan also has a daily progress tracker. It displays things like the amount of water you’ve consumed and how long your workouts lasted. 

Additionally, it shows the steps that you’ve taken and the number of calories that you’ve consumed as per your meal plan. 

That’s not all:

It sets a goal for the number of steps that you should take that day. Later on, it shows how many you knocked off.

Intermittent Fasting Plan

Studies show that intermittent fasting can improve the living conditions for people with:

  • obesity 
  • diabetes 
  • neurological disorders
  • cancer 
  • cardiovascular disease

It’s also beneficial to people that want to manage their weight.

RehapeMe fuses regular eating patterns and fasting. It focuses on when to eat rather than what to eat. So, instead of your body relying on the glucose from the food that you eat now and then, it goes for ketones in the liver. 

This process is known as ketogenesis and prevents your body from oxidative stress that causes disease and aging. Thanks to it, your body can remove damaged molecules, suppress inflammation and improve glucose regulation.

It’s a safe method for weight management that dates back to ancient times when humans survived through hunting and gathering. They would go for days without food since there was no constant supply. 

Reshape Me body app also has an intermittent fasting tailor-made just for you.  

It considers things like gender, body measurements, work type (physically demanding, little to no activity, or both), and experience level (beginner, intermediate, or expert). You will also have to provide info on: 

  • activity levels 
  • how many times you prefer to eat
  • areas of your body that you want to improve  

Challenge Mode

Studies show that rapid weight loss can have adverse effects on your body without the proper guidance.

Worry not, though.

If you want to lose weight fast and safely, Reshape Me’s got you. 

This solution has challenges that help you lose about 2 pounds per day, which is more gradual for periods of one, six, or 12 months. 

It suggests the right foods to eat and workout types such as cardio and resistance training. That way, it will be easier for you to adopt the healthier lifestyle that it will suggest for the long term. 

Motivation Boosts

Research shows that motivation can help you stick to your weight loss plan.

When testing the solution to write this Reshape Me review, I received tons of motivation to keep me going. The app even reminded me to buy healthy foods and drink water. 

In the end, I was not only able to stick to my guns, but I also enjoyed the new routine.

Benefits of Weight Loss

So, we’ve seen that Reshape Me is helpful in weight loss. But are there any advantages to it besides the aesthetic appeal of a lean body?

Well, the gains are many!

Better Sleep

Research shows that there’s a connection between lack of sleep and weight gain. When you have too much fat in your body, it blocks the airways. You will keep waking up because you can’t breathe.

In addition, it leads to restless leg syndrome and sudden involuntary body movements at night. Those are enough to wake you in the middle of the night.  

Better Health

Excess weight is the leading cause of: 

  • diabetes 
  • obesity 
  • hypertension 
  • respiratory issues like asthma 

They not only reduce the quality of life for sufferers but also lead to high mortality rates

Therefore, if you want to live longer, consider using a healthy solution like the Reshape Me app

Better Sex Life

Being overweight can lead to erectile dysfunction. For women, it can cause limited or lack of satisfaction. 

Body image issues are also not to be underestimated.

Sharper Memory

According to Science Daily, weight loss leads to the awakening of parts of the brain responsible for memory tasks. Therefore, you’re able to concentrate, remember, analyze and make better decisions if you’re not overweight. 

Better Moods

If you’ve been feeling irritable, there are high chances that your weight could be a contributing factor. As you exercise, your body will release endorphins, aka feel-good hormones, replacing agitation with happiness. 

Reshape Me Pricing

Reshape Me doesn’t have a money-back guarantee or trial period. It allows cancellation at any time, however. 

You can choose from five options:

  • One week  - $7.49
  • One month - $19.99
  • Three months - $39.99
  • Six months - $47.99
  • Twelve months - $51.99

At the time of writing, there’s a discount, so you can get Reshape Me at a lower cost.

Reshape Me Review - Verdict

When compiling this Reshape Me review, I experimented with it first hand to understand how the features worked. Its functionalities include personalized meal plans, workouts, progress tracker, calendar, challenge mode, etc. All aim to lead you on a healthy weight-loss journey.

Like with every solution, there are a few weaknesses.

For instance, I couldn’t integrate Reshape Me with other apps that I had previously used to track my steps for cumulative data. You also can’t add steps manually. 

If you love jamming as you work out, note that you can’t link it to Apple Music despite the solution being compatible with iOS. A very common complaint in Reshape Me user reviews.

Now the good parts: 

The app personalized my exercise and meal plans and delivered them promptly right within the app. It used the information that I’d filled in, such as desired weight, to calculate meal portions, water intake, and exercise routines.

Additionally, I not only got meal suggestions, but I also received recipes complete with cooking time, ingredients, and methods. If you’re worried about spending money to buy equipment for the workouts, relax - you won’t need any gadgets with Reshape Me. 

Overall, it’s a great solution for those wanting to lose weight with minimal effort.

If you don't think is for you, feel free to check out these apps as well:


Is Reshape good for weight loss?

Yes, Reshape Me is good for weight loss.

When I came across this product, I was looking for ways to work out at home. I can’t go to the gym anymore because of the pandemic, plus I wanted the convenience of not having to drive there. 

I read tons of Reshape Me reviews, and I must admit some of them were discouraging. So I decided to try it myself and see if it would work. Within the first week of dutifully following its guidance, I was able to shed two kilograms (around 4.41 pounds).

Is the Reshape Me app free?

No, the Reshape Me app isn’t free. To use it, you have to subscribe to a paid package.




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