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Georgi Karaivanov
Georgi Karaivanov

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Many eyeZy reviews proclaim it as the gold standard in monitoring apps, but is this really the case? Especially with that many options on the market? Read on, and find out.

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MINIMUM PRICE $14.27/month

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Best for: Parents

Strengths Easy to use
Strengths Lots of information
Strengths WhatsApp and Messenger support
Strengths 24/7 customer service
Weaknesses Pricey
Weaknesses Stingy free trial
Weaknesses Requires root/jailbreak

What Is eyeZy?

EyeZy is a spy app that, in a nutshell, lets you monitor other people’s online activity.

But why?

Maybe you’re a parent who wants to control what your child sees and does.

Or perhaps you have doubts about your partner and your relationship.

EyeZy gives you a dashboard of all the messages, locations, and phone calls your targeted individual has engaged in. And then you’re free to do with this information as you wish.

EyeZy Features

Now, of course, monitoring apps are nothing new.

But the eyeZy app goes way beyond a simple GPS tracker. Virtually every single thing that happens on the target phone is accessible:

  • apps
  • bookmarks 
  • histories 
  • photo galleries

So let’s see what eyeZy is capable of:

Keystrokes Tracking

The keylogger on eyeZy can capture everything the target user types on their phone. That information is then stored and you can find it on the dashboard.

keystrokes tracking

From the main panel you can see what was typed, on what date and time, and in which app.

Then there is the screen recorder.

As the name suggests, this lets you take screenshots of the target device in the background. This is a good way of storing message history, even if some texts get deleted eventually.

Social Spotlight

Now we get to the central point of our eyeZy review - message tracking.

The way it works is this:

Every message that goes in and out of the target device is recorded and stored in the dashboard. You can even preview the contacts and a list of phone calls, if the software supports it.

Now, obviously, it works with SMS messaging. But eyeZy also supports email tracking.

As well as 11 other messaging apps. The full compatibility list is as follows:

  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Kik
  • Messenger
  • Viber
  • Tinder
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • LINE
  • Hangouts

Any message sent or received within one of these apps is automatically stored by eyeZy. You can even see images and other files, so it’s not only limited to text.

Phone Analyzer

EyeZy is a monitoring app for calls and contacts as well.

The main dashboard lets you see the entirety of the target’s contact list and call history. You can see whether they were ingoing or outgoing and whether they were accepted or missed. The software even shows when they took place, and how long they lasted.

But this system isn’t perfect.

If a call is deleted less than two minutes after its conclusion, eyeZy won’t be able to fetch the data. Furthermore, the topic of the call remains private.

GPS Tracker

Many users praise this feature in their eyeZy reviews.

Just like many other parental control apps out there, eyeZy can track where the target device is at any time

The way it works is by extracting the GPS data from the phone. You can then see exactly where your child or partner was on the map.

eyeZy GPS tracker

How accurate is it?

I found out that mostly depends on the target device. The newer the model, the more accurate the results will be. But generally, it can pin it down to the city block.

Files Finder

What makes eyeZy stand out from other parental control apps is the access to all files on the target phone.

How comprehensive is it, really?

All photos, videos, and installed apps are available for you to view. You can even see when each media file was created. Browser history and internet bookmarks can also be tracked. Basically, if it exists, eyeZy should be able to access it.

Connection Blockers

The eyeZy app is also capable of putting content filters on certain web pages, applications, or even wifi connections.

That way, you can prevent the target device from accessing porn sites or other age-inappropriate content. Doing so is as easy as going to the Block Websites section of the dashboard and inputting the page address.

As for apps?

EyeZy gives you a full list of the installed applications on the device. It then lets you block access to them with a single click.

You can even see a timeline of WiFi connections the phone has made over time, and where they were located. Then, block out the ones you deem suspicious.

Magic Alerts

A feature of eyeZy you won’t find elsewhere are the so-called Magic Alerts.

These are special notifications that go off on your phone whenever your child or partner inputs certain keywords.

By going to Keyword tracking, you can add a phrase. Say, for instance, “dark web.” Then, every time your child searches for the phrase “dark web,” you receive a notification. You can even choose to restrict the keyword in a particular app, like WhatsApp.

Then there’s Geo Fencing.

EyeZy isn’t a monitoring app only. It’s a tool that puts you in control. And with this feature, you can set a predetermined location where, if the tracked person enters, you get notified. For instance, if you’re worried if your children have made it safely to school or home.

Plans Breaker

Lastly, EyeZy can show you a calendar that automatically gets populated with your child’s agenda and events. Browsing it is easy and clear.

Then, there are the notes.

Everything from the target device’s notes app is automatically stored on the eyeZy dashboard. Just like any other aspect of the phone.

EyeZy Ease of Use and Interface

How user-friendly is eyeZy?

Using the software itself is as clear as it can be. Everything within the central dashboard is neatly organized into groups. Data is also presented in a concise way.


Installing the app onto your devices is going to take some time. Doubly so if you want to take full advantage of all the features. To properly activate the app, you need to download it on both your device and the phone you want to spy on.

Once you do that, getting around the dashboard is easy.

eyeZy interface

Whether you have installed eyeZy on Android or iOS, accessing your data works the same way. Everything can be done via the website. The dashboard is divided into sections for each feature and software you want to track. 

The data itself is presented without clutter or excess information.

Whether you’re using your browser or the official app, eyeZy’s design is on point.


We’ve already established the app is for both iOS and Android.

But how do you know if your particular device is compatible?

Fortunately, eyeZy’s website has a toolbar where you can search for your phone’s model and check if it’s supported. 

But to break it down into detail, here is what you’ll need:

  • For iPhones and iPads, iOS 7 or higher is required.
  • For eyeZy on Android, you will need a device running Android 4.0 and up.

Regardless of the operating system, you will need a couple of things to get the service running.

First, physical access to the target device.

Some of the information like GPS data and message history is not possible to obtain remotely. You need to install the eyeZy app on the target device, as well as your own.

Second, root or jailbreak.

This isn’t mandatory, but message tracking only works on jailbroken and rooted phones. You can still use eyeZy if you don’t do it. But you won’t have access to features like keyword tracking, keylogging, and text conversations.

Finally, you need internet access.

This should go without saying. If the target device can’t connect to the internet, there’s no way to send the data over to you.

Customer Support

If you require help with eyeZy, obviously you can contact customer support.

How do you do that?

Customer service is available 24/7 via either email or phone. The website also advertises live chat as an option, but by the looks of it, it is unavailable as of now.

Responses happen pretty quickly, within only a few hours depending on the time of day.

EyeZy Pricing

For all its features, eyeZy does not come free.

Upon registration, you will be asked to select a subscription plan. You have the following options:

1 month


3 months


12 months


All the pricing plans offer access to the full app and have the same array of features. 

Each purchase is eligible for a 14-day refund period and only applies for your first payment. It also does not apply to devices that don’t comply with the compatibility policy.

Now, what about a free version?

While there is no free plan, there is an eyeZy free trial that lets you try the service before purchasing. The bad news is the trial only lasts for three days, which seems unreasonably short. After it's up, you will have to choose a purchase plan.

Upgrades from one plan to another are also possible.

However, any difference in price is non-refundable. I recommend you take a look at eyeZy’s refund and compatibility policy yourself before purchase.

EyeZy Review - Verdict

Despite its steep price, there is no denying that eyeZy provides very capable cell phone monitoring for parents.

It has a lot more features than typical parental control software. By installing it on a target device, you can track a user’s location, view text messages, and call log history. And that barely scratches the surface of what eyeZy can do.

It’s a simple-to-use app with an easy-to-learn parental control interface.

However, be forewarned you will need to jailbreak or root the target device to take advantage of all features.

Want to see if all the positive eyeZy reviews are true? Try it out for three days for free!


Georgi Karaivanov

Georgi Karaivanov

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