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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 18, 2022

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It’s hard to imagine life without the internet. You can do practically anything on it, but with it comes inherent risks, especially for your children. Read this uMobix review and see how parents can safeguard their kids from digital threats using this app.

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MINIMUM PRICE $11.66/month

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Best for: Monitoring children’s social media activity

Strengths Stealth mode
Strengths Easy installation
Strengths GPS tracker
Strengths Social media app monitoring
Weaknesses No geofencing
Weaknesses Pricy subscription plans
Weaknesses No free uMobix trial

What Is uMobix?

Have you ever worried about what your child does with their phone or tablet when you’re not watching? Are you looking for a way to monitor their online communications and keep them safe from cyberbullying

uMobix is a parental control tool packed with features to monitor your child’s activities

It helps track phone calls, SMS history, and several other device activities. In addition, the uMobix call history function allows you to know who your kid interacts with on their phone. 

The software has a unique keylogging system that keeps you abreast of every keystroke and screen tap. In addition, you have a wide range of functions available when you control the target device. You can view the remote phone’s bookmarked web links and entire browser history. 

The software also tracks GPS to monitor your child’s whereabouts in real-time. You can also see a log of deleted information and enjoy complete access to the remote device.

Many uMobix reviews have spoken glowingly of its capabilities. Let’s delve into these, shall we?


Whether using uMobix on an Android or iOS device, you will find all features assist in your monitoring efforts. 

Call Tracking

With the Android or iOS uMobix app installed on a remote device, this feature allows parents to track its call history and contacts. You can view each received call, its duration, and whether it was accepted or missed. For sure a great way for keeping tabs on who your children speak with.

And while not precisely real-time coverage, the software’s system does synchronize with the remote device once every five minutes. 

Combined with the message tracker, this feature provides parents with comprehensive oversight.

SMS monitoring

uMobix monitoring tools extend to SMS tracking, too. Like the Call Tracking feature, you can review all incoming and outgoing messages and monitor your child’s contacts. With consistent syncing, you keep in touch with the target device.

You can also view deleted messages, including the sender's name to ensure nothing gets past. 

Social Media Monitoring

With kids spending so much of their time on social media, it’s good to understand what content they consume. 

With the uMobix social apps feature, you gain unrestricted access to 19 social networks. These include some of the more popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

With it, you can monitor your kid’s messaging activity. And because the software targets many popular youth-oriented apps, it’s perfect as an online spy tool.

Unfortunately, you cannot download chats. This is a bit limiting compared to other monitoring tools.

GPS Tracker

The uMobix app turns your phone into a mobile tracker

Here’s how it works.

It uses the remote device’s geo-location system and transmits the information to uMobix in real-time. This way, you can monitor your child’s whereabouts when they have their device with them. And if there’s an emergency, you will be able to locate them quickly.

In addition to monitoring your kid’s physical whereabouts, you gain a chronology of places visited. The uMobix cell phone tracker also provides coordinates, addresses, and map view. 

You receive maximum accuracy from the uMobix GPS tracker with Google Maps support. 

Target Device Control

Sometimes, you may need a way to block access to calls, SMS messages, and websites to ensure your kid uses their device productively.

uMobix provides remote access to targeted devices, providing parents with the capability to restrict specific functions. With such controls at hand, you can ensure the proper intended use of your child’s device.  

Parents can access the uMobix cell-phone monitoring tool via the Android or iOS app, or its web-based dashboard. With such flexibility, controlling remote devices is very convenient.


As far as monitoring apps go, keylogging is a must-have function, and uMobix does not disappoint.

You receive an up-to-date log of all keystrokes made on the target device. This way, you can keep an eye on what your kids are searching for.

The keylogger also keeps tabs on the apps your children access with attention to keywords and phrases used.

Whether your child downloads pics or uses their device’s camera to create video content, parents gain access to all media. 

It effectively provides detailed information like media ID, date created, and filename. You can quickly sort through media files according to their creation dates. 

And get this, you don’t need a separate media player to open videos, as you can do this all in-app.

App Usage Monitoring

If you are concerned that your kid spends too much time on their smartphone, this feature is for you. The uMobix spy app lets you monitor the exact apps they use.

You can see the app name and its current status, whether it is deleted or installed. Apart from its frequency of use, you also learn the duration they spend on each.

Also, you can choose to delete an app or block it altogether.

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available on iOS

Internet Activity Monitoring

With so much happening over the internet, you may want to protect young minds from exposure to inappropriate content. The uMobix cell phone monitoring tool allows you to track almost everything about your child’s internet activity. 

For example, you get crucial details like their most recent searches. And you can access the number of times they visit each website, though it doesn’t include dates. 

Other details include URLs and page titles. This data remains indefinite, even if your kid deletes their entire browser history. The information is stored remotely on private uMobix servers, so there’s no risk of losing it. 

And if your child tries to play smart and go incognito, you still have unrestricted monitoring access. 

As a parent, you want to ensure that the content your children consume over the internet is age-appropriate. This app provides you with total control over that. 

uMobix also helps you monitor hotspot and router connectivity. This way, you can see the list of networks that your child connects with. If necessary, you can choose to block it with a single click. 

In addition, you can retrieve WiFi information like coordinates and addresses. 

Email is no exception. uMobix tracks electronic mail apps and displays their relevant messaging data, including time logs of the received and sent emails. 

However, it lacks a bookmark sync which prevents parents from knowing which sites their children frequently visit. 

Users should note that the browser history function is only available on Android. 

Spyware Scanner

The software delivers more than just monitoring and device tracking tools. It also helps to protect the remote device. To this effect, uMobix features a spyware scanner.

Your kids may not understand everything they use on the internet. And as a parent, it’s best to guard against trojans, viruses, and other forms of malware. And with this feature, any such accidental infiltrations are identified.

In addition to the virus’s name, you will receive the threat level and whether or not it’s dormant or active. The uMobix spy app makes short work of such through its deletion process, leaving parents at ease.

How To Setup uMobix

To set up the uMobix surveillance tool, you must log on to its official website.

Installation is generally a simple process, as there are guides to help you along. 

On Android, you’ll need physical access to the target device to complete the setup. Before proceeding, you must first disable Google Protect on your kid’s phone. Afterward, you can initiate the installation and the launching of the app.

The uMobix for iPhone installation process differs from Android, as you do not need physical access to the device. Instead, you must connect with your child’s iCloud details. Once obtained, installation is a cinch, with no need to jailbreak the device.

After launching, the app automatically grants the bulk of system permissions for quick and easy start-up. Parents can manually make changes to these as they feel fit through its platform.

The uMobix cell phone tracker also comes as a mobile app for parents. This is great if you prefer to monitor the target device from your phone rather than its website. Like the remote device setups, parents will find the setup process intuitive and its dashboard simple to navigate. 

After installation is complete, there is no need for physical access with any target device. Instead, you can do all the monitoring and tweaking from the parents’ uMobix platform. 

Ease of Use

With so much potential information, it's a must that a monitoring app is intuitive and presents information clearly. The uMobix’s dashboard does not disappoint by displaying details with infographics, maps, and text.

Before installing the app, you can quickly orient yourself with the uMobix free demo to understand its capabilities.   

And while many monitoring apps running in the background can cause phones to overheat or have lag issues, uMobix will not cause you any problems. There is, of course, battery consumption, but even this is minimal.

You may find that some uMobix reviews comparatively note that similar software, like mSpy, is even more intuitive. In testing this app, I did not see much of a difference. So whether you are a tech guru or just an everyday parent, you should have no issues.

Customer Support 

With its multiple customer support channels, you can quickly resolve any technical problems. 

The majority of uMobix support comes through chat. You can engage with a representative by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom-right corner of its dashboard. 

In addition, there is a contact form on their website. The response period is usually around 24-48 hours. 

uMobix also offers troubleshooting tips on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And if a live discussion is preferable, you can reach out to a representative by phone. 


While uMobix doesn't offer a free version, it does provide a complimentary demo where you can check out its many features before any purchase. In addition, there’s a 14-day-money-back guarantee.

If satisfied with the demo, you can choose from one of the three uMobix pricing options. All subscriptions come with the same features. Their only differences are their durations - with extended plans being more cost-effective.

  • Month-to-month - $49.99/month. 
  • Three months - $29.99/month.
  • Annual - $11.66/month. 

uMobix Vs. mSpy

mSpy is one of the most popular monitoring tools out there. As such, we’re pitting it against uMobix to see which comes out on top. 

Both apps have stealth modes, and with proper installation, you can expect no issues from either. 

There’s little disparity in pricing, and both have demos, while neither provides a free version.

Similarly, the uMobix setup is just as easy as its competitor. 

mSpy offers geofencing capabilities, something uMobix lacks. Nevertheless, the latter has the upper hand when it comes to other features. For instance, its real-time Android reporting is superior. Also, uMobix monitoring tools provide live screenshot reporting, which is absent in the other. 

But what about ease of use - well, not to worry, as uMobix setup and navigation are on par with mSpy. So if considering which to use, this should not be the deciding factor. 

And while uMobix may not be as well known as mSpy, it shouldn’t be discounted as your first choice in monitoring software.

uMobix Vs. Bark

Bark continues to rise in popularity among parents looking for effective monitoring capabilities of their children's phones and devices. As such, let’s consider whether or not uMobix comes out on top between the two. 

Perhaps what sets Bark apart the most is its unlimited device connectivity. This is great for large families. On it, you can monitor a whopping twenty-four social media apps. This is more than what uMobix offers and for sure a better solution for older children looking to expand their footprints on social media. 

uMobix plans are more expensive than its competitor, which may tip the scale in favor of the latter. 

And although Bark has several exciting functions, its iOS installation can be challenging. This is one area where uMobix excels as the startup is quick and easy. 

On the other hand, Bark offers parents the ability to monitor all in-house devices through WiFi or a router. This paid feature called Bark Home covers everything from mobile devices to gaming consoles and, of course, PCs.  

Considering uMobix’s limitations and higher costs, Bark may be the better choice on the surface. But for those looking for an easy and quick start to their monitoring, uMobix is a better pick.

uMobix Vs. FlexiSpy

FlexiSPY is a capable tool with an easy-to-use interface. It packs almost two hundred features, making it an effective monitoring tool for mobile devices and PCs.

Nevertheless, it only works on jailbroken iPhones. So if you’re not tech-savvy, the installation might be complicated.  

Both platforms offer free demos that help acquaint you with their features before committing to a premium plan. uMobix pricing is slightly less economical. It costs $11.99 per month at its lowest, compared to FlexiSPY’s $9. 

When it comes to accessing social media apps, uMobix is a better choice. With unrestricted access to the most popular apps, it helps parents track chats, profiles, and other vital information. 

With that said, FlexiSpy’s customer support is superior and ensures quick and practical help when needed. 

It also boasts advanced data analytics to keep you in the know, all in real-time. Something uMobix isn’t as good at.

Overall, FlexiSPY seems to be the more versatile of the two options. It costs less, too, making it appealing to parents on tight budgets. Nevertheless, the uMobix Whatsapp and social media monitoring features are quite appealing. 


Although some users are skeptical about pitting this software against more versatile tools, it still holds its ground. Unfortunately, the main factor to discourage any buyer is its pricing. After all, other spy apps do the job for cheaper. 

Some key characteristics, such as PC monitoring, are noticeably absent on uMobix. But it makes up for this with its numerous social media capabilities and ease of use. 

If you’re still unsure, you can revisit this uMobix review to help you decide.


Is uMobix legal?

uMobix is perfectly legal to use under two conditions. First, you have to own the target device. And second, you must inform the target device’s custodian.

Does uMobix record calls?

No, it can’t. You can only listen to the calls in real-time.

How is uMobix installed?

After creating a user account, select the type of device, Android or iOS, before paying a subscription fee. After this, you will receive easy-to-follow setup instructions. 

Can you uninstall uMobix?

Yes, simply navigate to the app's settings on the target device and uninstall it. You can also remove the tracker by unlinking with the target device from your parental dashboard.

How much does uMobix cost?

It costs $49.99, $29.99, and $11.66 for the one, three, and 12-month plans. You can find more pricing details in this uMobix review.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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