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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 09, 2022

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Bullguard’s 2022 version is one of the best. It comes with cloud protection technology that identifies, isolates, and neutralizes all threats while you’re online. Dynamic machine learning protects you offline. Discovered more in our Bullguard review.

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MINIMUM PRICE: $29.99/annually

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Best for: People looking for a good antivirus suite at an affordable price.

Strengths Parental controls
Strengths Game booster
Strengths Value for money
Strengths Machine learning
Weaknesses Slow full scan
Weaknesses Cluttered interface
Weaknesses No iPhone app

What Is BullGuard?

BullGuard claims to offer unbeatable antivirus protection for your PC. The latest edition includes multi-layered protection, and promises reduced system usage and to shield you against all known and emerging malware. The Game Booster is also a neat new edition. You’ll get improved support for gameplay streaming, with uninterrupted video performance. 

If you’re a passionate gamer with the need to share your videos on Twitch or other platforms while maintaining a high level of total security, BullGuard is perfect for you. For this BullGuard review, we put all its features to a test to show you how it works. 

BullGuard Features

Now we’ll cover the most prominent BullGuard features


BullGuard reviews praise the antivirus, offered by the solution. The software comes with the basic package. 

It offers complete malware threats protection. With this feature, you won’t have to worry about spyware, Trojan horses, phishing, worms, rootkits, or spam. You can do a quick, full, or custom scan. When found, threats will be listed in quarantine. 

You can turn the protection on and off. You’ll also be able to set up email, files, behavioral, and web traffic scans according to your preferences. 


Cyber crime relies on a lack of cybersecurity awareness of internet users. Phishing - the act of tricking users to give sensitive data by posing as a legitimate website or institution - is getting more and more popularLuckily, BullGuard protects you by detecting and blocking suspicious links and websites. 


BullGuard Security offers layered antimalware protection and fights off common dangers, such as viruses, spyware, and even ransomware. The basic Antivirus package will provide enough protection for your data, whether you use your PC for work or entertainment. While testing for this BullGuard review, we used our personal computers and we didn’t have any issues.

Safe Browsing

It comes as no surprise that browsing the internet may get you to land on malicious websites. With BullGuard, you will know which links are safe to click on. If you don’t see a green checkmark next to a website - stay away. 

Dynamic Machine Learning

BullGuard antivirus reviews show that most users are very pleased with this feature. The multi-layered security that the software provides is enhanced with machine learning. It will continuously monitor everything that happens on your device and block any malicious behavior in real-time, even while you’re offline. 

Behavioral Engine

This feature serves to keep the antivirus’ setting adjusted based on your online use. That way you’ll always get maximum protection when you’re using your device.

Vulnerability Scanner

The vulnerability scan feature prevents apps with malware from downloading. It also checks the authenticity of apps and drivers by verifying the digital signature. BullGuard will alert you if you miss security updates and if you connect to an unsafe WiFi network to help you avoid any software vulnerability.

Game Booster

This is a great feature and the best part is that even the BullGuard free trial has it. We all know how running multiple apps and streaming a game at the same time can slow down the device. With BullGuard, you can decide which apps you want to disable to give your device a little boost while enjoying a seamless gaming experience. 

Free Automatic Updates

Updates on virus definitions are automatic, so you’ll always have the best protection against the latest e-threats.


Moving on to features that are offered in the Internet Security and BullGuard Premium Protection packages. 

Both offers come with a powerful firewall monitor plus a network scanner. A firewall is an essential security feature that protects you from unwanted access to your device. A network scanner will scan all the devices connected to your WiFi network and analyze them for security issues. Firewall with network scan lists everything that’s going on, traffic-wise. 

Parental Control

If you’re worried about what your kid sees on the internet, you can filter online traffic by blocking websites and apps. In case you want your child to spend less time on the device, you can restrict device use. Another great option is the ability to block certain words from being sent to or entered into the browsers. You won’t get the parental controls with the BullGuard free version, though.

Cloud Integrated Backup

With the cloud backup feature, you can backup messages, contacts, and calendars to an encrypted server. Both the Internet Security and Premium Protection packages come with this feature.

PC Tune Up

If you need a great clean-up tool, BullGuard antivirus software has got you covered. Every gamer knows how important it is to keep their PCs running smoothly at all times. With this feature, you can erase unnecessary background processes, index junk files, analyze startup files, scan for duplicates on all drives, and more. When we tested it on our PCs for this BullGuard review, the software found quite a lot of files slowing down our devices. Once we removed them, every process was much smoother.


If you were wondering where BullGuard lands in the AV Labs report, we’re happy to say that BullGuard is a top Windows Certified product. Currently, there are no Virus Bulletin and SE Labs BullGuard antivirus reviews.

Interface and Ease of Use

As soon as you download BullGuard and install the program, you’ll be asked to create an account. The program will then download the latest virus definitions. It will briefly scan your system and notify you if anything needs to be updated. 

When it comes to interface, you’ll be welcomed with a gray background and card-like presentation of the available features on the dashboard. If you’ve downloaded BullGuard Premium Protection, you’ll have all the features enabled. In case you have the Antivirus pack, the only available features will be: 

  • Antivirus
  • Vulnerabilities 
  • Game booster

It might take some time for you to get used to finding the features, but once you do, the navigation will become effortless. One small thing that annoyed us when we were writing this BullGuard review - you won’t be able to minimize some windows and popups, only close them. 

System requirements:

  • RAM - 1 GB 
  • Disk space - 850 MB

Customer Support

As with other antivirus suites, you can start solving your issues by heading over to the Support page on the website. You’ll have the option to search for answers, learn more about the products, read the blog, check the forum, and more. 

In case that’s not enough, the customer support team is available 24/7 via live chat. You can also email them, and they’ll respond within 24 hours. Many users are satisfied with the service, as BullGuard reviews show. They claim to have their problems sorted via live chat quickly, even on weekends. 

BullGuard Pricing

  • BullGuard free trial
  • Antivirus - $29.99/annually
  • Internet Security - $59.99/annually
  • Premium Protection - $89.99/annually

If you’re ready to test out this program, you can move on to BullGuard Antivirus free download. Your trial will last for 15 days. If you purchase the upgrade but find that it doesn’t fulfill your expectations, you are eligible for a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

BullGuard Review - Verdict

BullGuard can cover the most basic needs of computer users. Its biggest advantage is that it can boost your device while you stream your gameplay. Overall, it is good antivirus software, but the basic package could expand for at least a firewall. 

If you feel the need for parental controls or enhanced protection - firewall, VPN - you’ll have to upgrade to a BullGuard Internet security package or even Premium Protection. Still, if the basic Antivirus is enough for you, you’ll get a decent value out of it.  


Is BullGuard a good antivirus software?

BullGuard antivirus software will provide a decent real-time anti-phishing protection and will act as a ransomware shield. The unique machine learning technology will keep you safe from malicious software with no impact on system performance. The game boost is what separates BullGuard from its competition. This feature makes it ideal for gamers who love to stream their gameplay. 

Who owns BullGuard?

Two Danish entrepreneurs Morten Lund and Theis Sondergaard launched BullGuard in 2002.

Does BullGuard slow down your computer?

BullGuard does exactly the opposite - speed up your device. This antivirus can be used for boosting PC performance during gameplay. 

On the other hand, when you run a full scan, your device may slow down a little. Plan full scans when you don’t need to work on your device.

How long does BullGuard full scan take?

It depends on the number of files you have in the system. Some users reported that it took up to 3 hours to complete. 

Does BullGuard remove malware?

This software offers multi-layered protection against malware. It automatically scans your device, quarantines threats, and notifies you instantly. For more info, check out our BullGuard review above.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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