Thor Antivirus Review

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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Today, we test Thor Premium Home Antivirus. It’s a combination of two Heimdal Security programs: Vigilance and Foresight. Our Thor Antivirus review will show you all its features and help you decide whether this is the software for you.

VPN included

Android only

Malware removal rate


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Malware detection rate


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Thor Antivirus Review

MINIMUM PRICE: $34.98/year

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Visit Website

Best for: Users who are looking for a lightweight antivirus suite.

Strengths Free trial available
Strengths Website scanning engine
Strengths Available for macOS
Strengths Patch management
Weaknesses Too many Thor products offered
Weaknesses Some scans are slow
Weaknesses Pricey

Thor Antivirus Overview

Thor is a lightweight program perfect for those looking to increase protection levels without impacting system performance. Launched in 2011, Thor quickly turned into one of the few antivirus software using machine learning to detect online threats and increase cybersecurity

Thor Premium Antivirus incorporates Vigilance’s machine learning and Foresight’s real-time internet filtering, creating an incredibly safe ecosystem where you’re fully protected. The ability to scan various parts of your hardware and software places Thor Premium among some of the best antivirus programs on the market.

Thor Premium Home Features

Our Heimdal Security review covers all available features to show you how powerful the antivirus is. Thor Premium Home is the best product for complete coverage.

DarkLayer Guard

DarkLayer Guard gives you increased protection against cyber-criminals and hackers while simultaneously acting as a malware shield. It offers a real-time two-way traffic scan and monitors DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS, detects zero-day exploits, data leakage, next-gen attacks, and ransomware. Thor will instantly block malicious websites under this feature.


Threat To Process Correlation (TTPC) shows you all blocked processes and allows you to quarantine them.

VectorN Detection

VectorN Detection comes from Heimdal Security Thor Foresight and is also part of Thor Premium. It tracks device-to-infrastructure communications, catching viruses on a deep processing level.

The regular scan doesn’t always pick up on these viruses, but VectorN Detection does. Using machine learning for in-depth analyses of DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS traffic, it can detect second-generation malware, hidden threats, block intrusions, and filter network traffic.

X-Ploit Resilience

Third-party apps can put your device at risk of becoming a target for hackers. Thor Foresight Antivirus deals with unpatched vulnerabilities and protects you from software exploits

This feature shows you a complete list of software installed on your device, including whether they are vulnerable or not. From there, you can patch any issues. Thor will never request permission or show user account control pop-ups, which has no compromise on system performance. 

Malware Scanning 

The main reason people like using Heimdal Security Thor Premium is for its precise malware scanning. Thor’s scans are straightforward and quick, giving you a list of infestations and options to quarantine, exclude, or delete. 

On-Demand Scan 

If you need extra peace of mind, you can conduct an on-demand scan inside Thor Vigilance Antivirus. These in-depth scans can take a bit longer and come in different options:

  • Quick scan
  • Full scan
  • Hard drive scan
  • Network drive scan

You also have the option to schedule a scan. Remember that Thor continually runs in the background and is detecting threats in real-time, so there is no need for frequent extra scans.


Thor Premium uses Vigilance Infections as the next-gen antivirus that proactively detects and stops malware and traffic from cybercriminals. If caught, issues will be listed as infected or suspicious files for you to delete.


Quarantine enables you to manage your infected files better. You can restore or exclude them from being marked as a threat in the next scan.


Included in the Thor Home Package, this feature allows you to exclude folders and files you know are safe. This way, you are confident they won’t be quarantined or accidentally deleted


The firewall protects your device on a network level. It tracks your inbound and outbound traffic and filters it based on predetermined rules, providing an extra layer of safety between you and the internet. During our Thor Heimdal Security Pro test, we noticed that it instantly blocks all unauthorized attempts.

Customizable Settings

You’re able to customize many settings inside of Thor Antivirus, including DarkLayer Guard, VectorN Detection, X-Ploit Resilience, Next-Gen antivirus, and Firewall. You can choose what events you’d like to be notified about, and you can change your preferred language

Android App

We also tested the Thor Antivirus free trial for Android and concluded that it is easy to use. The only difference is that the app lets you set up a VPN in the DarkLayer Guard section, while you don’t have a VPN available on the computer app.

That concludes the stand-out features of Thor Antivirus. Now let’s look at some extra details about the service.


According to AV Labs, Thor Premium Home has a 99.9% security status on the AV-TEST reference set and 80.7% in the real-world testing. Since Thor Vigilance is a part of Thor Premium, we’re happy to see it on the VB100 certification list from February 2020. 

Interface and Ease of Use

A good Thor Antivirus review isn’t complete without mentioning the program’s interface.

After a quick installation, you’ll see a dashboard divided into two sections: Thor Foresight and Vigilance. Its interface with clearly listed features is super easy to navigate. We love that you can leave the scan running while checking the dashboard for other options.

System requirements:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • Windows 7 or higher 
  • 400 MB disk space 
  • 250 MB RAM

Customer Support

Thor has various customer support channels, including an educational section, contact support, and an extensive FAQ library.

The educational section includes the latest news from Heimdal’s blog alongside general advice and guides. You can find the knowledge base under Contact Support, including an area where you can submit a ticket and the FAQ.

Ticket support is available on workdays between 9 AM and 9 PM CET. Support can help you in English and German. You can expect a first reply within 12 hours, and it takes 48 to 96 hours to resolve a claim. 

We agree with other reviews of Thor: the support team is competent, friendly, and knowledgeable. Alternatively, you can use the live chat on Heimdal’s website, but responses are relatively slow. 

Thor Premium Home Pricing

Thor Premium comes in various pricing packages, depending on the length and the number of devices. It also offers a 30-day free trial, no card required.

  • One year from $34.98
  • Two years from $55.98
  • Three years from $69.98

The company accepts all major credit cards and gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Thor Antivirus Review - Verdict

After reading our Thor Antivirus review, you are probably aware that this is one of the best antivirus programs on the market. Combining the power of Thor Vigilance and Thor Foresight into one powerful tool, Thor Premium Home can block all known and emerging malware

The power of machine learning, together with a patching management module, real-time firewall, and simple-to-use interface, will provide the right protection with the freedom to customize where necessary. 

Even though the prices are slightly high, this comprehensive security software is good value for your money. The 30-day free trial will convince you to continue to use it. 


What is Thor Antivirus?

Thor Premium Antivirus is a complete package to prevent any system infections. Combining the strengths of two previous Thor Antivirus programs, it’s safe to say that this version is the most powerful one yet. This software uses machine learning to provide you with top-notch software security without slowing down your device.

What is Heimdal Thor agent?

Thor agent is an antivirus software created by Hemdail security that you can use to protect all your devices. You can find more information about it in our Heimdal security review above.

What is Thor Foresight?

Thor Foresight is the part of Thor Premium that can analyze all incoming and outgoing traffic and keeps vulnerable apps updated to protect users from exploits. It stops malware before it reaches your device.

Is Thor Antivirus safe?

Yes, Thor Antivirus is safe. This antivirus is secure and will work great on your computers or Android devices. Our Thor Antivirus review showcased how the program functions, what are its strengths, and weaknesses.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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