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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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After reading numerous PC Matic reviews, we decided to jump on the bandwagon. You’ll find out if it’s worth your money, learn about its services and features, as well as the quality of its customer support. Read on to explore the software!  

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PC Matic Review


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Best for: People looking for a lightweight antivirus

Strengths Affordable
Strengths Lifetime subscription
Strengths App for Android
Weaknesses False positives
Weaknesses No additional internet security features
Weaknesses No parental control

After reading numerous PC Matic reviews, we decided to jump on the bandwagon. You’ll find out if it’s worth your money, learn about its services and features, as well as the quality of its customer support. Read on to explore the software!  

What Is PC Matic?

PC Matic isn’t just antivirus software; it’s the tool you want for boosting system performance. While other antivirus programs function with a so-called blacklist, where they block or remove all known and emerging malware, PC Matic gets rid of all non-whitelisted apps. It “knows” which program is good and lets it run. Many PC Matic reviews flagged this as a flaw since it happens to block legitimate software. However, there’s a lot that’s worth it. 

PC Matic Features

In this PC Matic review, we’ll cover the most prominent features of the software to help you make an informed decision. 

Real-time antivirus

While many other antivirus programs include real-time protection by default, this one works a little differently. You’ll have to download a PC Matic SuperShield separately, but it does come with all licenses. This add-on will protect you in real-time using its proprietary automated global whitelist. To be sure SuperShield is running, check its icon. If it’s green, it’s running. Yellow means update, and red means it stopped. SuperShield definitions are updated twice a day. 

When it comes to malware, SuperShield will protect you against ransomware, Trojan horses, and viruses. 

Trojans work in a way that masks malicious software under the name of a well-known one, and viruses. Worms replicate across the system so that they’re hard to remove completely. PC Matic can block all three types of malware by implementing its global whitelist and default-deny approach before the malware can execute.

Ransomware protection 

In the age of cryptocurrency, ransomware became more common. It’s malicious software that infects your device and forces you to pay to gain access to your files. Luckily, PC Matic works great as a ransomware shield. It blocks any attempt to enter your system. It’s no wonder that PC Matic ratings are high. 

Fileless script block

Fileless infection is a relatively new form of malware, where cybercriminals avoid installing any actual malware on your device. Instead, they use known good applications to run the attacks. PC Matic antivirus prevents these attacks by intercepting calls from good applications to scripting tools like Powershell and using proprietary heuristics to block the script. 

System scan

The software can find a wide range of problems - malware, junk files, driver updates, broadband quality, potentially unwanted apps, etc. that can slow down the device. 

The report that you’ll receive might seem a little overwhelming. It includes all explanations and recommendations. While it is color-coded, according to PC Matic reviews, it could be cleaner and easier to understand for an average user. The cleanup process is simple, quick, and you’ll be prompted to restart your computer and run another scan to ensure all issues are resolved. 

PC optimization

This PC Matic review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the PC optimization feature. It helps you maintain your device by cleaning out junk files and the accumulated data you don’t need. Maintenance features include: 

  • Disc defragmentation 
  • Registry cleaning 
  • SSD optimization 
  • Broadband optimization 
  • Removing unnecessary startup apps 
  • Deactivating Windows tasks, etc.

Scheduled scan

Once you’ve scanned your devices for the first time, you can proceed to schedule another scan on any of the devices under your account. Set the time, date, and go through the default options to see if you want to make some changes.


The primary purpose of spyware, a.k.a keylogger software, is to harvest your information. PC Matic acts like anti-keylogging software and automatically blocks it.  

Ad Blocker

While there’s no PC Matic VPN available, you can get the browser extension to protect you from intrusive ads, pop-ups, and tech support scams. It also minimizes the amount of used bandwidth while improving the browsing experience. 

Adware prevention

The most common adware problem is with browser extensions. You can install it without knowing it contains adware and then has to deal with pop-ups, unwanted banners, or ads. When it comes to adware, PC Matic protects you by blocking applications that want to install adware without your knowledge. It also scans and cleans your browsers from malicious extensions. 


The root is the lowest portion of your system. Hackers use rootkits - malicious software - to gain access and control your device. PC Matic protects you by blocking all execution attempts, no matter where they’re coming from. 

Anti-polymorphic virus

Polymorphic viruses are known to create modified versions of themselves, making them extremely hard to detect. They also еncrypt their codes and change the key every time. Since PC Matic blocks both bad and unknown applications, it will read the polymorphic virus as unknown and get rid of them. 

Smartphone optimizer

PC Matic is available for Android phones. The application offers real-time protection against malware and on-demand scanning. You can scan other applications, or check the files on your phone. The app can be downloaded from Google Play. 

Patch-management, driver updates

You’re likely to run some third-party apps on your device, so PC Matic’s patch management can come in handy to keep those up to date and secure. Updated drivers help you run your device smoothly. PC Matic can also update your all to the latest versions. 


If you’ve read other PC Matic reviews, you noticed that they mention whitelisting. That’s because PC Matic isn’t your standard antivirus software solution. Instead, it’s an optimization tool with antivirus features. The point of whitelisting is to let the software know which applications are good for the system. All other apps, both bad and unknown, are instantly blocked by PC Matic. Unfortunately, having to white-list all apps one by one can be annoying.


According to the PC Matic antivirus software reviews from AV Labs, the software scores 100% in protection against malware infections. It also has an A+ rating from the BBB, it’s PCI DSS and FIPS 140-2 compliant. 

Interface and Ease of Use

Upon downloading PC Matic, you’ll notice that everything is pretty straightforward. You’ll be able to run a free scan to test the features before buying. The home screen will give you an overview of devices. You’ll be able to spot the Scan and Options buttons straight away, as well as Support and Shop ones in the upper right corner. The maintenance stats are hidden by default, but you can always expand the window by clicking on the arrow. 

The interface of PC Matic is not particularly modern, but it’s not bad. The gray background, combined with contrasting colors of the icons, feels soothing for the eye. 

According to other PC Matic reviews, users find the scan report a bit overwhelming. However, we found that after going through a few reports, one gets used to them. 

Whitelisting apps, however, are a different story. It can be quite hard for someone without experience to guess which ones are truly okay. Contacting support for help is an option, but we can really do this for every app, can we? 


  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Android 4.4 & up
  • Mac (Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina)
  • Processor: 1 GHz 
  • Memory: 512 Mb 
  • 1 Gb space 

Customer support

To start finding solutions to your issues, you can head over to the knowledge base. There, you’ll find the following sections: 

  • Getting Started
  • FAQs
  • How-to videos

You’ll also find 32 pages of user guide on the website.

The webpage has a chatbot. It can answer some of your basic questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, you can contact customer support. They’re at your service 24/7, and you can always submit a ticket or reach out via email. When we contacted them, when researching for this PC Matic review, we received swift and polite answers.

There’s currently no phone or live support available on the platform. Whatever number you find related to PC Matic customer support, know that it’s fake. PC Matic reviews online show that users are quite unhappy about that.

PC Matic Pricing

The pricing depends on the number of devices you need to install it on. You can get started with the PC Matic free trial, to test the waters. If you buy it and decide it’s not up to your standards, there’s a 30-day refund.

For home users, these are the pricing ranges: 

PC Matic virus protection for 5 devices:

  • Annual license - $50
  • Lifetime license - $150

10 devices: 

  • Annual license - $100
  • Lifetime license - $300

15 devices:

  • Annual license - $150

20 devices: 

  • Annual license - $200

PC Magnum (Annual): 

  • 5 devices - $30
  • 10 devices - $60 

The PC Matic cost for business users depends on the suite they choose: 

  • PC Matic MSP Endpoint suite - free trial available
  • PC Matic Pro Endpoint suite - price per request 

All in all, the company offers a variety of plans for different use cases.

PC Matic Review - Verdict

To conclude this PC Matic review, we can safely say that you’ll enjoy this software. It’s not the standard antivirus program and has plenty of device optimization tools. The only downside is that it tends to block all unknown apps and might remove those you actually want to be installed.

The basic package will enable you to install the software on five devices, including your Android smartphone. You can also use PC Matic for tablets. On top of everything, it’s super affordable!

Do give it a try. Your devices need protection and PC Matic can help.


Is PC Matic really good?

PC Matic is one of the best software out there. It’s affordable, even for a lifetime license, and works great even with older operating systems, PC Matic is one of the best antivirus programs that won't slow down your PC.

How much does PC Matic really cost?

The cost of PC Matic depends on the number of devices you want to install it on. For a minimum of five devices, the price is $50 for a 12 months license and $150 for a lifetime license with all the updates.

Is PC Matic as good as Norton?

Norton is a famous, super-reliable antivirus software. PC Matic works more as an optimization center that’s great at malware detection. For a regular user, who wants optimization and safety, PC Matic is a better option.

Is PC Matic better than McAfee?

Many reviews of PC Matic compare it with McAfee. Users claim McAfee, because it’s easier to install, has above-average malware detection, and removes viruses altogether, leaving no trace in devices.

Does PC Matic have a firewall?

No, it doesn’t have a firewall. You’ll have to lean on the default Windows firewall.

How long does a PC Matic scan take?

The first scan takes more than an hour. The second scan is also slow. We hope that with future updates this problem will be resolved.

Does PC Matic offer a VPN?

You won’t get the VPN included in the software, which means that you’ll have to find either a browser extension or some other program to protect your IP.

Does PC Matic work on cell phones?

Luckily, there’s a PC Matic Android version. After all, you are purchasing a license for 5 devices minimum. We were pretty satisfied with the app, and judging by PC Matic reviews, so were most users.


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