ZoneAlarm Review

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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Security is a big concern for all of us. How can you protect your data and device, when there are so many malicious threats online? If you keep asking yourself that question, then this ZoneAlarm review is for you. Read on to see what’s so special about this tool and how can it keep you safe.

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ZoneAlarm Review


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Best for: Individuals and SMBs

Strengths Impressive zero-day protection
Strengths Firewall protection
Strengths Identity protection
Strengths Anti-Ransomware protection against cyber blackmail
Weaknesses No password manager
Weaknesses Supports VPN but doesn’t offer
Weaknesses Outdated user interface
Weaknesses Zero-day protection is only for premium version users

Launched in 1997, ZoneAlarm provides superior protection to users across devices and platforms from all sorts of cyber-attacks, including but not limited to malware, phishing, ransomware, and identity theft.

ZoneAlarm security has passed AV test for 100% protection, has earned Best+++ AV Lab certificate and has managed to pass all tests by VB Bulletin

ZoneAlarm will keep your PC, browser, and personal data safe. It includes top-notch antivirus, Firewall, anti-phishing, and anti-ransomware.

ZoneAlarm Features

Our ZoneAlarm review explores in detail what features and tools this program provides and how beneficial they are. Here’s the breakdown:

Malware and Virus Detection

ZoneAlarmExtreme Security, users can keep themselves protected from malware and viruses. The software detects and analyzes suspicious files, making sure that they don’t access the PC.

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security 

Now, let’s review the ZoneAlarm mobile security. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, with Extreme Security installed in your landscape, you don’t have to worry about your private photos, apps, data and credentials getting leaked or stolen. You can safely connect to public Wi-Fi networks.


A favorite in ZoneAlarm reviews in 2021. Thanks to this feature, you can browse the web with zero risks of encountering deceptive content or sites. The software uses premium grade and real-time anti-phishing capabilities that help you stay protected against email scams and URLs designed to trick you into sharing your confidential data and private information. 


A ZoneAlarm antivirus review is incomplete without mentioning the anti-ransomware feature. ZoneAlarm provides superior protection against ransomware. It both detects and blocks attacks, whether online or offline. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security software ensures that your personal content and files are no longer subject to ransomware attacks and no files are held hostage. It ensures that all your encrypted files are restored successfully and you don’t have to be at risk of paying a ransom fee. 

Scan Mode and Quarantine Rescan

This feature provides full and quick scans for excellent protection. Moreover, the files that are quarantined are rescanned after a period of time to ensure your system safety.

Other interesting features worth highlighting in this ZoneAlarm suite review are:

Threat Extraction

It ensures that your emails are safe. It removes potential threats from the attachments in your emails and web downloads.


It keeps identity thieves from using stealthy tactics like keylogging. This stops them from stealing passwords, so it’s ideal for privacy protection.

Threat Emulation

This feature empowers you to open all your email attachments as well as web downloads in the cloud so you can check for scams. 

DefenseNet Security Updates 

The DefenseNet security feature provides the quickest response to online threats. It keeps you updated about real-time threats ensuring that you’re always protected.

Web Monitor 

The web monitor scans websites before you access them on your device or download content from there, thus, keeping you safe.

Game Mode 

With this feature, you can optimize your gaming program performance. It gives you the power to suspend virus updates, automatic scans, and security alerts, temporarily.

ZoneAlarm Firewall

Now let’s review the ZoneAlarm firewall. ZoneAlarm provides a two-way firewall providing superior defense. It makes your computer invisible to hackers with internet application control and stealth mode. ZoneAlarm features three firewall products:

  • Pro Firewall 
  • Free Firewall
  • Pro Antivirus + Firewall

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall

The product supports 1 to 50 devices and costs $22.95 per year.

Two-Way Firewall Protection

With this, you can avoid both outbound and inbound attacks while ensuring that you are invisible to hackers.

  • It monitors and blocks threat traffic
  • The kill control disables malicious programs instantly
Advanced Firewall

The advanced firewall monitors PC behavior to spot and stop sophisticated attacks that otherwise bypass traditional security suites.

It also offers advanced-access protection to target and defeat relatively new attacks, such as SCM attacks. 

Additional Layers

ZoneAlarm provides multiple layers of protection for software security such as:

  • Wireless computer protection that shields you from identity thieves, hackers, and other types of online threats that you’re exposed to when you connect to an unsecured network. 
  • Automatic Wireless Network Security has the potential to detect wireless networks and then automatically apply the most secure firewall protection setting.
  • DefenseNet for real-time security updates. It responds quickly to threats and protects your PC from the latest attacks. 
Advanced Settings Control

It is an amazing feature that allows users to classify the home as their private zone and public zones as untrusted networks. This helps increase the security of your PC and lower potential attacks.

Component Control

It protects users from malicious software tricks and tactics to bypass the firewall with malicious DLLs, thus accessing the network freely.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

Can it get better than a free firewall? It sure can:

WIFI Protection 

It monitors programs and blocks unwanted traffic. The feature shields you from potential cyber-attacks, hackers, and online threats that you can be exposed to if you connect to an unsecured network.

Early boot protection 

This helps you detect whether your PC is running a trusted OS or you have a dangerous rootkit.

Traffic Monitoring

Become invisible to hackers with the help of traffic monitoring! This also stops spyware from snooping into and exposing your crucial data over the internet.

Safe Download of the Documents

Zero-day protection for removing malicious features from file downloads like embedded objects, macros, etc.

A safe search engine empowers you to browse the web securely. You get alerts about dangerous sites before you access them.

Identity Protection

Identity protection is another amazing feature worth mentioning as it guards your private and personal data. It keeps you updated and alerts you on a daily basis if any changes occur to your credit report, which often is indicative of identity theft. Total security guaranteed. However, this feature is only for users in the US.

ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall

Starting at $24.95/year, this is a product that features both antivirus and firewall protection. Simply stated, it provides the ultimate PC and internet security solution. 

Antivirus and Anti-Spyware Engine 

The antivirus and anti-spyware engine help identify and remove spyware, viruses, worms, bots, and Trojan horses.

Its Kernel-Level virus protection keeps the operating system safe while the scan modes empower you to customize the tool. On the other hand, the fastest-updating signature list helps detect as well as stop the latest viruses.

Advanced Real-Time Antivirus

This feature checks files against real-time cloud database. This helps new threats are not overlooked or missed.

ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware

Starting at $25.95, this software can support 1 to 10 PCs at a time. The ransomware shield is created to protect user PCs from hackers with the help of the most advanced technology. The software has the capability to restore your encrypted files automatically and provides users with excellent real-time phishing protection. 

With ZoneAlarm, you can keep your PC protected against ransomware like:

  • Bad Rabbit
  • Petya
  • WannaCry
  • Locky
  • Cryptowall
  • Cerber

It is compatible with firewalls, PC security software, and anti-viruses. However, it does not work with Extreme Security from the ZoneAlarm security suite.

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

The ZoneAlarmsecurity solution is designed especially for mobile users. Both Apple and Android users can benefit from it. With this security solution, you don’t have to worry about your personal information getting stolen or misused by hackers. 

You can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots safely because it protects you from fake networks. ZoneAlarm ensures that you shop, bank, and use social media peacefully, without any compromise on your credentials.

The ZoneAlarm app blocks software that can seize the control of your mic, camera, and other tools. Rest assured, you can preserve your photos, messages, and videos from being misused and getting into the wrong hands.  

Interface and Ease of Use 

When writing this review, we found ZoneAlarm easy to use. Not gonna lie though, the interface is a bit outdated.

The suite products are compatible with:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • Microsoft .NET framework (Version 3.5 or later)
  • Web Secure Chrome Extension
  • ZoneAlarm Mobile Security App (Android 4.2 or newer and iOS 9.0 or newer)

Customer Support

As any good user writing a ZoneAlarm review, we tested the customer support. ZoneAlarm is trusted by more than 100 million users globally, and one of the many reasons is its customer support. 

To be fair, most problems can easily be solved by the users themselves. Nonetheless, a good customer support team is vital.

ZoneAlarm has a user community on its official website, and contact numbers for real-time support addressing all issues.

Apart from that, ZoneAlarm has a separate section for frequently asked questions. They have listed down separate categories to address queries of customers and potential users. You can simply put your question in their search bar under the heading ‘How can we help?’ and get your query resolved instantly. 

But there are certain limitations when it comes to live chat support. Although fast and responsive, timings are limited. You connect with a customer representative from Monday to Friday 24/5 (PST) and on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 8am to 5pm (PST). However, they are not available on holidays. So, in case you need support on a holiday, you can submit an email request. Email requests can be made round the clock and every day. Once you drop an email, they will get back to you ASAP.

Put simply, with ZoneAlarm security software you have 24/7 guided support through different means. Rest assured, you’re in good hands. 

ZoneAlarm Pricing

ZoneAlarm has three options for you. The prices below are for 5 devices, paid annually. Still, you can choose between one and 50 devices. 

  • Extreme Security—$44.95
  • Pro Antivirus + Firewall—$35.95
  • Free Antivirus — Free

ZoneAlarm offers a 7-day free trial. While it's not optimal, you'll at least get an idea of what you're dealing with. You can also make use of the 30-day money-back guarantee, if you decide the product is not for you.

ZoneAlarm Review - Verdict

ZoneAlarm is a feature-rich, top quality, reliable antivirus that provides superior and multi-faced protection to users on many levels. In addition to this, they offer a free trial option that allows you to test all the ZoneAlarm features to make sure it’s the right solution for you.

You can use ZoneAlarm Android and iOS mobile security, too. It offers maximum protection against malicious software.

From browsing and banking protection to virus and spyware removal, and fast, anonymous, secure surfing, ZoneAlarm offers all. Try it to experience the difference!


Is ZoneAlarm Any Good?

It’s an excellent product designed for performance. ZoneAlarm provides superior protection against cyber-crime and sophisticated malware. You can use it for maximum mobile security, real-time threat detection, and ransomware protection.

Is ZoneAlarm a Virus?

Definitely not. ZoneAlarm provides a suite of antivirus products, including firewalls for both PC and mobile phone users (Android and iOS). With ZoneAlarm products, you can keep your phone and computers safe and well-protected from cybercriminals and hackers. Since we have discussed all this in our ZoneAlarm review.

Is ZoneAlarm better than Windows Firewall?

ZoneAlarm offers more features and better protection than Windows Firewall. Moreover, ZoneAlarm provides ransomware protection, detects threats, devices, traffic, and networking monitoring features. With ZoneAlarm, you can enjoy complete high-level protection against all possible threats.


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