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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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Intego is an antimalware suite for Mac users. It certainly has a lot in store. But is it worth its price tag? Read our Intego review below to find out!

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Intego Review

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Best for: Mac users, looking for excellent real-time protection.

Strengths Certified Mac protection
Strengths Powerful firewall
Strengths Great performance in tests
Strengths Modern UI
Weaknesses Not the most affordable
Weaknesses Unavailable for other OS beside Apple's

What Is Intego?

The company has been making security and utility software focused on Apple users since 1997. It’s one of the oldest on the market. 

It offers a lot of goodies - 24/7 protection, scanning, cleaning, automatic updates, and more.

Here’s what you can expect:

Intego Features

Let’s check out how powerful this software is. 

Antivirus protection

Any device can be a target of cyber-criminals and hackers. With Intego Virus Barrier, you can rest assured knowing that you and your data are secured.

Real-time antivirus scans cover all files. Scans are quick or full and can also be scheduled, with no compromise on system performance. You can select the apps, folders, and files that you want to be checked. With regular scans, you’ll be protected from all known and emerging malware. Virus Barrier detects and removes viruses, Trojan horses, adware, rootkits, and spyware

What you may find annoying is that the first full scan takes a while, depending on the number of files on your device. Luckily, the following full scan will take less. Quick scans last for just a few minutes. 

Once the threat is detected, you’ll have three options: 

  • Trust the file
  • Quarantine 
  • Repair it

If you decide to move in with repair, don’t forget to check whether Intego VirusBarrier really fixed the corrupted file since there’s no report following this action. You can see the results of your repair in the Logs section. 

Intego Virus Barrier is also an effective anti-phishing tool. You can set the Safe Browsing feature on, and the tool will activate automatically. In case you click on a suspicious link, you’ll receive an instant notification to take action. 


When it comes to Mac internet security, the Intego NetBarrier feature acts as an advanced firewall. As a Mac owner, you’re probably aware that you already have a default firewall, but it’s no match to Intego’s. 

It successfully controls all outgoing and incoming network connections. This powerful firewall monitor also lets you select which apps can connect to the internet and which should be locked. For example, you can lock your camera and microphone.

This feature provides protection against spyware and secures outgoing data while actively monitors apps used by your network. The firewall configuration is simple. The Net Barrier is ideal if you love to travel and have to connect to many unsecured networks. 

Parental Controls 

The ContentBarrier feature lets you control and block messaging apps and deny access to certain websites. The lists are customizable. The software can also scan the internet for predatory activity and send out alerts via email. You can set time limits on internet use and let the software observe chat content and block inappropriate content. While it might be a bit tricky to configure, this feature certainly beats the default Mac parental control


If you feel like your Mac needs a cleanup, the Intego Mac antivirus bundle has got you covered. The Washing Machine feature will wash away your junk files, caches, language files, duplicate files, and unused programs. You have three options: 

  • Reclaim - scan your device for old files that take up space.
  • Duplicates - scan for duplicate files, view on the preview screen, then delete.
  • Organize - sort files into folders, arrange the Dock, or add new Smart Folders.

Personal Backup

We’ve all had one of those horrible incidents where you lose important data. With Intego Personal Backup you can create multiple backups by copying any new or changed files. 

You can also schedule the process so that it saves whatever you need automatically. It’s similar to Apple’s Time Machine, only allowing more personalization. You can select multiple backups of different files and folders. 

In case you have two Macs that you use for the same purposes, you can sync the folders and maintain the same version of files on both. The best part of the Intego backup is the ability to keep files on an external hard drive and use it to boot the backups. 

Ransomware Protection

Intego works as a perfect ransomware shield and instantly blocks any attempt. Since ransomware signatures are continuously added to the software, it can read all known types of keyloggers, scareware, and other malicious software and keep you safe. 

Mac for Business

When it comes to Intego Mac security for business, there are two products: 

  • VirusBarrier X9 includes antivirus, Mac and PC protection, iOS device scans, and external device scans
  • NetBarrier X9 includes firewall and application monitoring. 

Antivirus Protection for iPhone and iPad

You can scan your iOS devices via the VirusBarrier X9, but you can only do so if they’re connected to your Mac. It scans an unlimited number of devices, regardless of the license you own. 


The independent Intego reviews from AV Labs show that it scores 98.5% in protection against malware infections.

On the Privacy policy page, the company discloses that it can share your data with its group companies or vendors for transactions. However, that’s quite standard.

Intego safeguards your information with different levels of encryption, passwords, SSL, and even physical security.

Interface and Ease of Use

Downloading and installing Intego security is easy. The whole process takes just a few minutes, even for the Bundle package. Once you enter your license key, you’ll be good to go. 

Moving on to the UX. When we were testing it for our Intego review, we had no trouble navigating the software. There are information overlays for more straightforward navigation. However, it lacks the overlay for the Content Barrier feature. 

On the left side of the interface, you’ll see: 

  • Dashboard 
  • Scans
  • Quarantine 
  • Security reports 
  • Settings 

The interface is user-friendly, and the features are easy to read. You’ll know what you’re looking at based on the icons. 

Intego virus protection will notify you via email every time it detects malware. The extensive history log lets you examine everything that happened to your device. 

System compatibility for Mac OC 11.0 Big Sur: 

  • Virus Barrier 10.9.35
  • Net Barrier 10.9.13
  • Washing Machine 10.9.7
  • Personal Backup 10.9.9
  • Content Barrier 10.9.7
  • Net Update 10.9.13
  • Common components 10.9.19

Customer Support

Users praise customer support in their Intego reviews. They are extremely satisfied with how the team approached their problems. 

The support is available in English, French, German, and Japanese. Phone and email are available from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM in each location, Monday to Friday. Live chat is on from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM US central time. You can submit a ticket at any time. 

There’s also a Support page. You can access the knowledge base by searching for what you need in the Search bar or read the latest articles and common questions. 

Intego Pricing

  • Free trial
  • Premium Bundle X9 - $69.99
  • Washing Machine X9 - $40
  • Washing Machine Secure X9 - $55.99
  • Internet Security X9 - $39.99
  • Content Barrier X9 - $39.99
  • Content Barrier Secure X9 - $59.99

You’re eligible for a 30-days money-back guarantee. 

Intego Review - Verdict

It’s no wonder that other Intego reviews are so positive. This antivirus software for Mac is one of the most feature-rich on the market. It can cover a range of needs, from basic to specific ones.

Since Mac users are known to love simplicity, Intego follows along and provides an easy-to-navigate interface. It can scan an unlimited number of iOS mobile devices regardless of your license as a bonus. If you’re looking for the best Mac protection, Intego security will prove to be worthy. 


Do Macs need virus protection?

Many Mac owners rely on the built-in anti-malware feature to keep them safe. Unfortunately, such basic antivirus isn't enough to keep Mac users secure in today's day and age. 

Is Intego for Mac any good?

There’s a reason why Intego was ranked #1 antivirus for Mac. It surely is one of the best. The full antivirus suite will keep your device safe from malware, viruses, and e-threats. Intego is also cheaper than other Mac antivirus software, and its interface is sleek and elegant. 

Does Intego slow down Mac?

All Intego software versions are now fully compatible with macOS 10.13 and won’t slow down your device. You can enjoy real-time protection, personal backup, a powerful firewall, a handy cleaner, and all other features mentioned in our Intego review.


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Deyan Georgiev

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