7 Best Money Making Apps for 2022

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Updated: October 04,2022

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A light purse is a heavy curse. Thankfully, you can now generate extra income and increase your net worth through your mobile devices!

In this guide, you’ll:

  • Discover the best money-making apps with solid earning potential.
  • Learn about their desirable features and faults.
  • Identify the users they’re best for.
  • Understand how to compare these income generators properly.
  • Read our answers to common questions about them.

Let’s get started!

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Best for: Freelancing
Upwork logo

1. Upwork

  • Countless remote job listings
  • Various contract options
  • Sliding commission rate
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Best for: Car sharing
Turo logo

2. Turo

  • Multiple protection plans
  • Miscellaneous reimbursements
  • Fast payouts
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Best for: Commission-free trading
Robinhood logo

3. Robinhood

  • No commissions
  • Diverse trading options
  • Low minimum investment amount
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Best for: Residential real estate investing
Arrived Homes logo

4. Arrived Homes

  • Steady passive income streams
  • Home appreciation-based wealth building
  • Low minimum investment amount
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Best for: Rewards earning
Swagbucks logo

5. Swagbucks

  • Myriad reward earning methods
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Exclusive freebies and discounts
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Best for: Investment portfolio diversification
Acorns logo

6. Acorns

  • Sustainability-based and bitcoin-included portfolios
  • Automatic investment basket rebalancing
  • Fee-free checking account
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Best for: Couponing
Capital One Shopping logo

7. Capital One Shopping

  • Free apps and extensions
  • Seamless coupon search
  • Convenient price drop detection
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Best for: Freelancing

1. Upwork

Countless remote job listings

Various contract options

Sliding commission rate

The Upwork marketplace features countless jobs for various remote workers – from Amazon FBA specialists to Zapier developers.

Using its web-based and mobile apps, you can do business through hourly, fixed-price, and Product Catalog contracts. In addition, you can directly send proposals to clients outside of Upwork.

To boost your chances of getting hired, use Connects – the platform’s native currency. You can spend it to submit proposals to specific job listings and stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, you can earn Connects by completing different tasks like creating an account. Upwork gives some away for free each month too. To top up your balance, you can buy more in bulk for $0.15 each.

You can earn badges to raise your stock. Like other legitimate money-making apps, Upwork genuinely rewards professionalism and excellence. So, you can work your way to the top by being a client darling.

And for $14.99/month, you can upgrade your basic account to Freelancer Plus and attract more clients.

Direct Contracts have no impact on your stats, though. But if you work with clients outside of Upwork, you’ll only pay a 3.4% processing fee.

Except for a few instances, you’d normally have to pay a sliding freelancer service fee, ranging from 5% to 20%. If a single payment crosses a fee threshold, Upwork will impose a blended rate.

Either way, you may have to pay an extra transfer fee to move your funds directly to your bank. Third-party payment vendors like PayPal may apply other fees too.

Upwork will release your cash from escrow and automatically deduct all applicable fees for completed jobs and task milestones.

To resolve your payment disputes, you can chat with the company’s help desk or submit a support ticket.


Upwork is one of the most fee-ridden apps for earning money. But it incentivizes quality, consistency, and longevity. If you take freelancing seriously, you can make bank on it.

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Best for: Car sharing

2. Turo

Multiple protection plans

Miscellaneous reimbursements

Fast payouts

Turo lets you list your rental vehicle in 30+ destinations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The automobile eligibility requirements vary by jurisdiction. And the company doesn’t accept all vehicle types. In general, it approves of cars, light trucks, and cargo vans made for highway use.

Still, Turo is selective in listing makes and models. BMW, Jeep, and Tesla are among your safest bets.

Vehicles featured on Turo’s car-sharing competitors are banned too.

There’s no insurance requirement to be a host. Liability and physical damage coverages are part of the company’s protection plans. Its US, Canada, and UK partners would pay $750,000, $2,000,000, and £20,000,000 max, respectively.

Among the few apps and sites to earn money of its kind, Turo would reimburse the repair cost of your rental vehicle’s eligible physical damage. Your plan of choice may dictate whether you have to pay a deductible and how much.

Also, you may enjoy these other reimbursements:

  • Exterior wear and tear
  • Loss of hosting income
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Incidental costs

Depending on your plan, you can pocket 90%–60% of the trip price. But you can raise your cut to 92.5% as a US commercial host. Plus, you’ll be able to rent out vehicles in most countries.

The catch: Turo won’t be responsible for insurance, support, and 24/7 roadside assistance.

You can use Turo’s web-based, iOS, and Android apps to manage your bookings, submit invoices, and file claims. If you qualify, you may be able to remotely lock and geolocate your vehicle using Turo Go.

After your first booking, you need to wait 72 hours to get your US or non-US payout via ACH or PayPal, respectively. From then on out, you’ll only need to wait 3 or 24 hours.


Unlike other apps that make you money, Turo can be restrictive on many levels. But under the right circumstances, it can be truly instrumental in making your ride work for you.

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Best for: Commission-free trading

3. Robinhood

No commissions

Diverse trading options

Low minimum investment amount

Robinhood is a commission-free web-, iOS-, and Android-based trading platform. It lets you invest in stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with leverage and trade options.

Likewise, Robinhood can help you get started in crypto for as little as $1. It gives you access to eight assets, including BTC, ETH, and SOL.

Robinhood lives primarily off rebates from market makers. The transaction fees it collects go to third parties like the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Its upcoming self-custody crypto wallet will eliminate network fees, though.

Another source of the company’s revenue is the Robinhood Gold subscription fees worth $5. This service unlocks margin investing and insights from Morningstar, Nasdaq market data, and more to improve your trading chops.

On margin investing, any amount you use after your first $1,000 is subject to 4.25% yearly interest

To fund your account, you can transfer cash from your bank account whenever you wish or on schedule. Or, you can set up your paycheck to go there automatically.

Robinhood limits deposits and withdrawals to 5 times per business day and up to $50,000. Moving funds into and from your brokerage account may incur transfer fees.

While a deposit is pending, touching your funds won’t be possible. Any sale in your brokerage account will only become withdrawable two trade days later.

In addition, you can apply for the Robinhood Cash Card. It’s a Mastercard-like debit that has the positives of credit cards, but not the negatives like hefty overdraft fees.

Apart from spending, the Robinhood Cash Card can speed up your withdrawals, help increase your savings, and grow your investments.

For any concerns, you can request customer support via phone call anytime.


Robinhood has significantly fewer fees than most apps to make money on the market. Since its crypto wallet and improved debit card are on the horizon, it’s poised to reduce trading costs even further.

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Best for: Residential real estate investing

4. Arrived Homes

Steady passive income streams

Home appreciation-based wealth building

Low minimum investment amount

Arrived has a fast-growing selection of rental homes any US resident over the age of 18 can invest in.

The company offers a great opportunity to gain a foothold into local housing markets by buying shares of individual properties.

Other than receiving passive income quarterly in your bank account, you can also increase your net worth through home appreciation.

This way, you can build your wealth like a landlord without dealing with the everyday hassles of being one. The company takes care of everything – from finding tenants to handling repairs.

All listings on the Arrived platform are pre-vetted. So, you can easily compare them by income potential. The average investment amount per Arrived home is about $3,200. But you can get started for as low as $100.

Contrary to some otherwise good money-making apps, Arrived’s browser-based dashboard is super intuitive, and you shouldn’t experience any difficulty navigating it.

The company charges service and annual asset management fees, but you don’t have to pay anything separately. The former is part of the share price, while the latter gets deducted prior to dividend distribution.

So, you only need to worry about your tax obligations. Arrived structures each of its rental properties as a real estate investment trust to prevent double taxation.

Using the summarized tax disclosure form the company would send you, you only need to pay your state’s taxes.

Arrived targets a holding period of 5–7 years for maximum returns. At the moment, there’s no way to cash-in shares until the underlying rental properties get sold.

At best, you can cancel your transactions yourself or with the help of the company’s email support.

In the future, Arrived may offer a redemption program and/or a secondary market. Either would enable you to liquidate your shares fast.


Among the top money-making apps on this list, Arrived is the youngest and would need more time to build its legacy. But this A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB)–accredited company can already make a compelling case for being trustworthy. The only caveat is that its shares are illiquid for the time being. So, make sure to only invest cash that you wouldn’t need for years.

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Best for: Rewards earning

5. Swagbucks

Myriad reward earning methods

Android and iOS apps

Exclusive freebies and discounts

Swagbucks’ rewards are called Swag Bucks (SB). They’re redeemable for cash and gift certificates for brands like Amazon, Payooner, Zalando, and Steam in USD, GBP, and EUR.

It could take 10 business days for your rewards to get into your PayPal account or email address.

Here are the most popular ways to earn SB points:

  • Answering surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Surfing the Web
  • Shopping
  • Completing daily checklists
  • Referring Swagbucks to friends and relatives

You don’t have to exclusively use Swagbucks’ native search engine to accomplish all of the said tasks. You could also earn rewards by downloading and using various Android or iOS apps.

One of the best apps to get paid in gift cards, Swagbucks has a Chrome extension called SwagButton. It can notify you about special cashback offers when browsing sites.

With or without SwagButton, you can find special offers like discounts and freebies from the company’s partner retailers.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can convert your SB points into Swagstakes entries for a chance to win great prizes.

To snag bonus rewards, take advantage of SwagUps for instant SB points. You can get them by doing certain activities Swagbucks is promoting at a given time. SwagUps do expire, though.

And then there are Swag Codes to instantly generate SB points. These case-sensitive codes can randomly appear anywhere on the company’s site and social media accounts. However, you can set Swag Code alerts through the browser extension or mobile apps.

To use Swagbucks, you must meet its country-specific age requirement. In the US, it’s 13 years old.

If you have any questions, you can reach the company through Facebook Messenger or support tickets. For general requests, you have to wait 10 days to get a reply.


In contrast to the best money-making apps, Swagbucks has more ways to earn rewards than prizes to redeem them for. Nevertheless, this free platform is worth your while. Earning gift cards for spending your time online is always better than making others rich with your attention.

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Best for: Investment portfolio diversification

6. Acorns

Sustainability-based and bitcoin-included portfolios

Automatic investment basket rebalancing

Fee-free checking account

Worth $3/month, this personal finance app’s starter plan includes investment, retirement, and checking accounts.

Acorn has nine portfolios made of ETFs, including sustainability-based ones, insured by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.

To further diversify your holdings, you can park up to 5% of your investments in a Bitcoin-linked ETF.

Available to US residents aged 18 and older, it’s among the best cash-making apps with no minimum investment requirement. You just need verifiable funding sources like a primary checking account.

Afterward, you can set up dollar-cost averaging for at least $5 daily, weekly, and monthly. Also, you can automatically invest your spare change when swiping your plastic.

To boost your investment performance, Acorns can do portfolio rebalancing on autopilot.

When you buy from the company’s network of 12,000+ partner merchants, you can earn bonus investments within 60–120 days. To be rewarded, you must use its iOS or Android app or Chrome or Safari extensions.

You can also open an individual retirement account (IRA) that suits your unique situation. IRA funds are withdrawable anytime, but not without tax implications.

Acorns can rival more established legit money-making apps by giving you access to millions of job opportunities for remote work.

For an extra $2/month, you can create as many custodial accounts for your kids as you wish. The funds won’t be earmarked for education and are transferable when your children reach adulthood.

Using your Acorn checking account, you can receive your paychecks two days early and automatically invest them.

Backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, this account comes with a metal debit card for ATM withdrawals. It’s not immune to currency conversion charges, but it has no hidden fees.

As for customer support, you can speak with the company’s reps via live chat, phone, and tickets.


Acorns offers arguably the most reasonable subscription you’ll ever buy. There’s no way to make money without spending some. And this app represents a budget-friendly way to secure yourself and your family’s future.

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Best for: Couponing

7. Capital One Shopping

Free apps and extensions

Seamless coupon search

Convenient price drop detection

This money-making software is free for all, including those who aren’t Capital One account holders. But you need to be in the States to experience it in its full glory.

On desktop, you need to install Capital One Shopping for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. Once in place, the extension can quietly search for better deals in the background when browsing through Amazon.

With one click, you can conveniently apply the best code at checkout. The app can’t always tell whether coupons are active, so some of them may not work.

Likewise, you can scour for great deals on the Capital One Shopping site itself.

On mobile devices, you need to install it for Android and iOS. You can expect the same benefits and then some.

For instance, you may be able to use Mobile Price Comparison with your iPhone. If you qualify, you could ask Capital One Shopping for cheaper alternatives to Amazon items through SMS. Standard text messaging fees will apply.

Be it on desktop or mobile, you can earn rewards when shopping from the company’s affiliates. Like many top money-making apps, it can also find the best local offers. If you buy in-store using eligible cards, you’ll get rewards.

However, you may need to wait 90+ days to redeem them for eGift Cards. To inquire about unissued rewards, you may reach out to the company through email or support tickets.

Capital One Shopping can detect price drops on the items you bought to save you even more cash. It can also do price checks by scanning relevant transactional emails over the past 30 days on Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook.

If there’s a need for price adjustments, it can submit refund requests or give you instructions on how to proceed.


Capital One Shopping does every little thing to help you get all the kicks out of shopping. Its inability to filter out expired coupons is a stain on its reputation, but who cares? It’s free, and it’s right most of the time.

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How To Select the Best App To Earn Money

There are heaps of money-making apps out there. And it’s not humanly possible to go through every single one without getting a headache.

To immediately tell the viable and unsuitable options apart, think about the following factors:

Target Market

Understand what the app’s niche is.

More often than not, money-making apps target specific users. They can be traders, survey participants, couponers, landlords, car owners, designer bag collectors, bookworms, shutterbugs—you name it!

The most popular ones provide a platform for gig workers like freelance professionals and ride-hailing drivers. Peer-to-peer marketplaces for used items are common too. And then some act as portals for odd jobs.

At this point, there’s probably an app for everyone.

Earning Methods

Explore how to make money with the app.

All money apps that work can help you achieve your financial goals in their own fashion.

In general, you’d get paid by selling or doing work for someone else. But you don’t always need to own something valuable or have a particular skill set to earn cash.

Some apps can help you monetize your attention, an invaluable resource in the digital age. That’s why you can now make your bank account greener by simply surfing the Web, playing games, or watching videos.

Moreover, using apps to make money can also meaningfully minimize your expenses. Some of them can hunt for bargains, unlock discounts, provide cashback, monitor price drops, and more.

Personal finance apps aren’t limited to improving your saving habits, though. Some of them can democratize investing in certain assets or set aside your spare change to build your portfolio.

Many money-making solutions specialize in a specific area to establish their unique identity. But some are multi-dimensional.

To gauge your earning potential, explore all avenues your prospective program offers to help fatten your wallet.

Payout Procedure

Find out when and how you can receive your earnings.

Speed and frequency of payouts matter. Despite this, not all apps that make you money permit immediate withdrawals.

Believe it or not, some of them release funds every three months only. But others allow cashouts multiple times a day.

If you can’t afford to wait, pay close attention to the software provider’s payout policy. The longer your hard-earned cash remains out of your reach, the more painful a loss will be.

Consider the possibility that the app developers could leave you high and dry. Your money could get compromised while in their custody too.

So, calculate how much risk you’re willing to stomach if you must agree to an infrequent payout schedule.

Fee Structure

Know how the app vendor gets its cut.

Most good money-making apps are free to download and use. But of course, there’s always a catch.

Many software providers collect different types of fees to keep the lights on and automatically deduct them from user earnings. It’s only fair since they have to pay pros to fix bugs and introduce new features to their programs.

Actually, you should be worried if the app you’re eyeing costs absolutely nothing. You’ve got to wonder how the vendor funds its operations. The company might be secretly logging user data and selling it for profit.

To stay on the safe side, avoid app providers that aren’t forthcoming about their business model.

That said, you might encounter vendors that want cash upfront. They may have legit money-making apps, but be skeptical of them. Dig deep to discover any hidden fees they could impose along the way to verify whether they’re worth the cost.


Learn about the app’s installation procedure.

Generally, money-making programs run on mobile devices. But some of them may have desktop and browser-based versions.

Being mobile-only isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. However, support for different types of devices might result in missing features.

Ideally, all of your money-making app’s capabilities should be available regardless of the device you’re on. So, watch out for any inconsistencies in functionality when switching between mobile and desktop.

Supported Platforms

Check out the operating systems the app is compatible with.

Typically, the best apps for making money support iOS and Android. But don’t assume that they’re all cross-platform.

If you’re an iPad user, realize that the tablet now has a dedicated OS called iPadOS. So, your prospective app might need to have a separate iPadOS version to work.

Compatibility may also be an issue if you use Amazon Fire. The contents of Amazon Appstore are just a fraction of those on Google Play and App Store. So, there’s a great chance that your prospective money-making app might not work on Fire OS.

The same logic applies to desktop apps, although most of them have Windows and macOS versions.

Double-check your chosen software’s supported technologies early on. You wouldn’t want to waste your time learning about software you couldn’t run on your device.

Ease of Use

Assess how easy or hard the app is to use.

Due to differences in feature sets, some money-making programs are more complicated than others. But irrespective of functionality, a good app should be painless to navigate.

Look for apps for earning money that render key capabilities one click away and are super responsive.

To be considered usable, an app’s interface must be clear, concise, efficient, intuitive, and forgiving. Any program that lacks two or more of those characteristics is likely to cause stress while in use.

Customer Support

Learn how you can reach the app provider’s help desk.

The best money-earning apps have customer support reps available 24/7 and across multiple channels. Some vendors are active on social media, whereas others prefer to have back-and-forth within the app only.

What matters is that there should be systems in place to fix disputes between users and resolve payout-related concerns ASAP.

Otherwise, you should presume that the money-making app developer might leave you hanging.


Verify data security claims.

Any software vendor that requires signup and/or facilitates payments collects and stores user data. In other words, you may have to share sensitive information.

If stolen, your personal data like an email address or credit card details would make you prone to identity theft.

Data custodians have the serious responsibility of keeping malicious actors at bay. That’s why you ought to use a vendor that makes every effort to boost its cybersecurity.

No company can be 100% proof against cyber attacks. But complying with relevant industry standards and regulations is key to becoming less vulnerable to hacking.

Company Legitimacy

Scrutinize the app vendor’s credibility.

Many providers don’t have your best interests in mind. They might have developed apps to steal and sell your data on the black market or defraud you in unexpected ways.

The internet is full of shady characters that prey on those who want to make easy money from apps. Unfortunately, such users are more likely to walk into the trap of cunning criminals than average individuals.

So, do your homework, especially when everything the app promises sounds too good to be true. To evaluate a software’s legitimacy, follow these steps:

  1. Find out the name of the company.
  2. Read testimonials about its money-making app on credible sources.
  3. Check out whether trusted organizations like the BBB and established publications recognize it.
  4. Learn about its competitors to have a point of reference for verifying its claims.

If you spot red flags, the company might be hiding something that could compromise your money or identity.

There are always legitimate apps to make money, so don’t settle for anything suspicious.

Wrap Up

Not all that glitters is gold. So, hopefully, you found this guide helpful to avoid betting on the wrong horse.

Most of our picks won’t make you filthy rich. However, they can give you something more important than the almighty dollar: peace of mind.

All of our featured apps can provide financial security to weather future economic storms. So if you’ve found some that suit your goals and lifestyle, get out of here and start earning!


What is a money-making app?

It’s a web-based, desktop, and/or mobile app designed to help you generate income remotely.

Money-making apps are useful for finding side hustles, breaking down barriers to investing, hunting shopping deals, and more.

Do money-making apps really work?

Yes, the legit ones do!

Unfortunately, some software vendors scam hapless users. To the uninitiated, it can be difficult to spot apps that are as phony as a $3 bill.

So, be diligent in comparing your options to avoid getting ripped off in unexpected ways.

What apps make the most money?

Generally, the best money-making apps with the highest earning potential are those for freelancers, investors, and traders.

If you have marketable skills and are willing to put in the work, they can give you financial security.


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