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Romj Amon
Romj Amon

Updated · Oct 09, 2022

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This VPN has been in the game for 10 years. Could it go for another 10? Read my SlickVPN review to find out what its present tells about its future.

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Best for: Torrenting

Strengths Torrent-friendly network
Strengths Dynamic IP addresses
Strengths Multi-hop functionality
Strengths No traffic data logging
Weaknesses No free trial
Weaknesses No native mobile apps
Weaknesses Outdated client design
Weaknesses No live chat support

SlickVPN is a virtual private network service registered in both the United States and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Founded in 2011, this vendor is no rookie. However, in recent years many users have found its performance to be less than stellar.  

A fair amount of the SlickVPN reviews (360) on Trustpilot give it a “poor” two-star rating.

On G2, reviewers have been kinder, scoring the service with an average of 4.8 stars. This rating though is based only on six testimonials. 

It’s simply unfair to base judgement on this decade-old piece of software with fewer than 370 reviews. So I couldn’t help but wonder how a VPN with such longevity can be so unpopular.

Only one way to find out.

Join me, as I learn why hundreds of users believe SlickVPN hasn’t been doing a slick job!

SlickVPN Features

SlickVPN doesn’t have a sufficient set of features to challenge the top VPNs. And it doesn’t provide enough convenience to make up for these holes in functionality.


On a positive note, this service is compatible with most major desktop and mobile platforms. Unfortunately, SlickVPN only has downloadable clients for Windows and macOS.

For other operating systems, you’ll have to tap into the device’s native VPN functionality. Or, you can install a third-party app like OpenVPN Connect or Viscosity.

Another thing to note is that there are no SlickVPN WireGuard configuration files. For the most part, you’ll need to find ones for OpenVPN. This is due to reasons that I will dive deeper into later.  

Additionally, this VPN service provider extends support for Android and even the now-discontinued Windows Mobile. It has setup guides for use on iPhones and iPads too. You can also include Nokia on its list of supported technologies.

Moreover, SlickVPN router configuration instructions are available, especially for devices running DD-WRT and Asus-Merlin.

In terms of SlickVPN Linux installation tutorials, this vendor has resources for Ubuntu and Mint.

Despite having no custom SlickVPN Android and iOS clients, this VPN is quite versatile. Still, its lack of “plug and play” capabilities makes it difficult to consider for inclusion on the best Kodi VPN roundup.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Data usage won’t be an issue with this VPN.

SlickVPN doesn’t care about how much you use the internet. Additionally, it imposes no restriction on the amount of data you transfer, enabling you to use it as much as you want.

Unlimited Speed

In the name of net neutrality, SlickVPN doesn’t intentionally slow down connection regardless of its network load.

SlickVPN advertises “blazing fast speeds” and isn’t the first one to make such a bold claim. Many factors though can negatively impact your online experience.

For example, the concentrated SlickVPN distribution of servers and its limited network size could become a bother if living in regions sparse of its hardware.

Unlimited Server Switching

This vendor mentions nothing about any server switching constraint. So, it’s safe to say that it permits you to change locations at no extra cost.

By and large, the VPNs we’ve reviewed consider unlimited server switching a basic function and as such, not even worth discussing. With that said, every once and a while, you’ll encounter a vendor like nVpn that believes that it should be a privilege.

IP Shuffling

SlickVPN has thousands of dynamic IP (internet protocol) addresses.

Thanks to them, you can utilize a fresh IP whenever you connect to this service. This capability not only helps hide your real public IP address for anonymity but also aids in obscuring your online activity.

What’s more, you can set the SlickVPN macOS or Windows client to change your fake IP at specified time intervals. Shuffling your IP every five minutes (or more) makes life harder for snoopers to track what you’re doing online.

Five Simultaneous Connections

There are two kinds of SlickVPN accounts: PRO and CORE.

  • The PRO account is accessible when you buy a subscription directly from SlickVPN’s site
  • A CORE account is accessed when you buy this VPN from NewsDemon.

With a PRO account, you can simultaneously use SlickVPN on up to five devices. Complimenting this, users also have access to all server locations. 

With a CORE account, you can secure your traffic on just one device at a time. Adding to this limitation is the restricted number of locations. 

You can work around the CORE account’s single-device limit with a SlickVPN router setup. However, this type of VPN installation can’t protect you when you connect outside of your home’s private network.

IP and DNS Leak Protection

The standard feature of leak protection provided by the vendor helps keep your DNS (Domain Name System) requests from getting revealed. Keeping your DNS queries a secret from your ISP matters greatly when maintaining internet privacy.

SlickVPN likens its leak protection to a kill switch, which is totally different and is not currently available.  

During the research for my SlickVPN review, I found out that on one occasion, the vendor actually markets their leak protection as a more robust form of data protection than a typical internet kill switch. Perhaps it’s just a tactic to cover the fact that they lack this critical security feature.

Any VPN worth its salt shouldn’t make you choose between leak protection and a kill switch.

With that said, there are things Slick VPN can do that many VPNs don’t.

SlickVPN Advanced Features

Optimizing your VPN is key to ensure your anonymity and fortunately, this vendor is up to this task with its many features.


A HYDRA connection enables you to route your traffic through several gateways over a secure VPN tunnel.

SlickVPN chooses a random server node. This way, the origin of the request becomes harder to pinpoint when it reaches the public internet.

NordVPN, Surfshark, Trust.Zone, and Whoer are some of the other vendors with similar capabilities.

HYDRA seems like textbook VPN multi-hop functionality. But unlike the latter, HYDRA doesn’t encrypt traffic numerous times, resulting in a less significant decrease in speed. 

To establish a HYDRA connection, look for the HYDRA option on the server list. Leave the “CORE only” option unchecked. This likely refers to the limited number of SlickVPN CORE servers that are only accessible by CORE account holders.

Speed Tests

SlickVPN allows you to perform tests to identify servers with the lowest ping response times and fastest download/upload speeds.

By default, this VPN connects you to the nearest server based on your geographical location. And with access to speed data through its performance tests, you can see which gateways promise the best performance at any given time.


SlickVPN’s balancing settings provide additional control over which server you wish to connect to.

You will find three options: 

  • Load Balance,
  • Closest Balance,
  • Random Balance.

Picking the first option enables SlickVPN to automatically choose a gateway based on server load. Clearly the second option provides use of the closest server to your IP’s physical address. And finally, the third signals that you lack commitment to any specific server during each VPN session.  

IP Address Checker

This option helps you verify whether your real IP address is hidden. You can compare this information with the one SlickVPN displays during any active connection. This provides users with additional reassurance that their IP address is indeed masked.  

SlickVPN Locations and Servers

SlickVPN has 150 gateways in as few as 43 countries and territories. Its network covers 90 locations, 33 of which have multiple gateways.

Like most VPNs, this one houses the vast majority of its servers in Europe and North America. In fact, it has 62 gateways on each continent.

In Europe, the United Kingdom has the highest concentration of servers, at 15 (including one on the Isle of Man).

In North America, the US is home to 52 gateways, while Canada has 9.

India and Australia have four servers apiece, the most in Asia and Oceania, respectively.

Save for Israel and Turkey, SlickVPN has no presence in the Middle East. In Africa, sadly only South Africa has a gateway.

SlickVPN Speed

To get a solid understanding of the actual speed differences for this SlickVPN review, we went ahead and tested a number of servers.    

From our European home base, our benchmark speed went down 20% after connecting to a Czech Republic server.

Across the pond, I saw a speed loss of about 47% after connecting to a US gateway.

An even worse experience was expected with a server in Australia. Surprisingly though, only 50% of our unprotected bandwidth was still usable.

As such, if you live in Europe or North America, you’ll have numerous SlickVPN locations to minimize any speed loss.

While if you reside in the Middle East or Africa or other global regions, you most likely won’t have that luxury.

SlickVPN Privacy and Jurisdiction

SlickVPN has a complex corporate structure, most of which is kept under wraps.

From available resources, including some relevant SlickVPN reviews that I came across, it seems that this vendor has ties with numerous nameless business entities, including offshore holding companies and subsidiaries.

SlickVPN’s dubious background isn’t as sketchy as the alleged Chinese ownership of SuperVPN. But it’s up there.

What it’s willing to disclose is that it operates in St. Kitts and Nevis, while its marketing arm is in the US.

Are these places safe for VPNs?

The short answer is yes.

VPN use is legal in both countries and the internet is accessible to their citizens without extreme censorship.

Here’s the long answer:

In 2018, St. Kitts and Nevis passed the Data Protection Act which helps safeguard the personal data of private and public entities, including VPN vendors. 

Under this law, companies can collect personally identifiable information only when necessary and only with the consent from the targeted individual.

Also, data custodians can’t keep the information beyond its intended purpose.

Data retention laws like St. Kitts and Nevis’ are reassuring for VPN users.

The US is a different story, though, since it’s hardly a poster child for internet privacy.

It doesn’t censor the internet - geo-restrictions though are commonplace.

Uncle Sam actively participates in the Fourteen Eyes Alliance and is a founding member of the Five Eyes coalition. These memberships enable US law-enforcement and intelligence agencies to widely exchange information with their international counterparts.

Is SlickVPN Good for Internet Privacy?

Here’s where it gets confusing:

A closer inspection of SlickVPN’s privacy policy reveals that it does more than just marketing in the US. This vendor’s systems are also in the country.

As such, users must allow for their personal data to be processed under relevant US laws.

Considering that SlickVPN operates in Russia, Turkey, and Hong Kong, the US suddenly feels like a safer VPN jurisdiction.

With that said and contributing to the confusion, SlickVPN does some data logging too. When you create an account, expect the company to collect a minimal amount of information for billing and analytics purposes. Such information may include your IP address.

Before you freak out, SlickVPN does say that it monitors no user activity outside of its site. As such, it doesn’t track browsing history, while it says nothing about keeping a record of session data.

Moreover, SlickVPN has a weekly warrant canary, which can provide insight into any data requests it may receive.

You can customize your SlickVPN client with a data logging option. Enabling it will provide the vendor with your app usage details. With the company’s privacy policy clearly stating that browsing history is not collected, the details saved are likely for the app’s optimization only.  

SlickVPN Security and Protocols

SlickVPN primarily uses OpenVPN as its tunneling protocol. Therefore, it benefits from 256-bit AES encryption to protect connections from hackers and brute force attacks.

Moreover, SlickVPN iOS and macOS setups use 128-bit L2TP/IPSec (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol over Internet Protocol Security).

This VPN service provider has ceased to support PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol).

I applaud SlickVPN for doing this, as this outdated protocol’s major vulnerabilities render it susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks.

I hope more vendors will follow suit. WiTopia, HideIPVPN, UFO VPN, and PrivateVPN are some that still use PPTP.

SlickVPN Leak Test Results

I’m happy to report that SlickVPN didn’t leak my real IP address and DNS queries.

However, faulty setups could result in DNS leakage.

If this VPN sniffs a potential leak, it will display a warning and offer a fix.

I appreciate SlickVPN’s effort to provide instructions to ensure leak-free connections. But even average users will be challenged to follow them.

Fortunately, if something does go wrong, VPN users can seek capable customer support to help identify solutions.

SlickVPN and Streaming Services

Is SlickVPN good for streaming?

It’s not known for being one of the best streaming VPNs. But with that said, it can beat the IP blockers set in place by Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other major platforms.

I put this vendor’s SlickVPN Netflix unblocking chops to test. And they didn’t totally fail me. They were just inconsistent. Some US servers worked, while others didn’t.

How Good Is SlickVPN for Torrenting?

SlickVPN allows P2P (peer-to-peer) traffic on all gateways. If you like file sharing, its entire fleet of VPN servers will be at your disposal.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Some countries in SlickVPN’s network like the UK, Germany, and France penalize torrenters.

To help protect yourself, you are strongly recommended to use torrent-friendly jurisdictions like Spain and Canada when selecting VPN locations.

Can SlickVPN Bypass Geoblocks?

Yes, it can.

Getting around geo-restrictions is one of the basic benefits of using this VPN service.

Having said that, the current SlickVPN distribution of VPN servers limits your ability to access restricted sites throughout the world.

You won’t be able to bypass IP blockers in jurisdictions outside of this vendor’s network.

The good news is that SlickVPN’s coverage continues to grow. Considering its infrastructure expanded in the past few years, the selection of countries and territories may increase even more in the future.

Hopefully, it will prioritize global expansion instead of doubling down on its server concentration in popular markets.

Ease of Use

The design of the SlickVPN client shows its age. It eats up significant screen space and displays conspicuous tabs.

I doubt this vendor will ever revamp the look of its app. For sure the client could have been simplified a time ago if desired.  

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t take considerable effort to customize SlickVPN’s functionalities to suit your preferences.

However, you should feel comfortable with your technical knowledge to install it on platforms other than Windows or macOS. 

These days, casual users aren’t prepared to get their hands dirty just to enjoy a functional VPN service.

Manual configuration is inevitable sometimes. But not everyone has the patience to execute DIY SlickVPN Android or iOS configurations.

Customer Support

SlickVPN has no live chat agents, but it delivers highly responsive email support.

I submitted two tickets and delightfully received insightful, no-nonsense replies in less than 24 hours.

Despite using a masked email from Blur to help conceal my identity, the vendor didn’t ignore me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get an answer to one follow-up question.

If you like to read about SlickVPN’s functionality and installation, you can consult plenty of self-service resources.

This VPN service provider’s knowledge base is rich in tutorials. It has a dedicated FAQ section, and it addresses more questions on its Press page.

SlickVPN’s blog is 11 pages of interesting reads. But it hasn’t seen a fresh entry since May 2019.

This vendor claimed its Trustpilot profile in June 2016. Normally, it’s a sign that it’s keen on directly engaging with testimonial authors.

Unfortunately, the company has ignored every single negative SlickVPN review on Trustpilot over the past 12 months.

SlickVPN Price

SlickVPN’s Pro account is available for purchase in three billing options:

  • 1 month: $10
  • 6 months: $5/month
  • 1 year: $4/month

The company markets these prices as “special,” creating an impression that they’re merely limited-time offers.

This though isn’t true. SlickVPN subscriptions have cost that much for quite a while.

With that said, you don’t have to purchase this VPN service only in USD. Prices in EUR and GBP are available too.

In terms of payment methods, this vendor offers an abundance of options, including:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • bitcoin

If you live in the US, you may also pay with cash, check, or money order.

SlickVPN’s monthly subscription auto-renews as long as you pay accordingly. You can prepay your plan too.

On the downside, there’s no SlickVPN free trial.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered which helps reduce the risk of this purchase. If unsatisfied with the service within the first 30 days, you may ask for a refund. 

Take note, this guarantee is conditional.

Your choice of payment method has the potential of complicating the approval of your refund request.  

For instance, using a cryptocurrency to buy this VPN may render the plan non-refundable.

Something out of the box, as a customer or simply an interested party, SlickVPN offers membership to their #SlickVPNSwag.

With this weekly giveaway program, you could win prizes like gift cards from Amazon and Netflix as well as pre-configured Wi-Fi routers.

To be eligible for such prizes, no purchase is necessary, simply sign up for SlickVPN’s mailing list. 


It’s not a mystery why SlickVPN has lasted for so long.

This vendor’s P2P-friendly network and dynamic IPs are a godsend to torrenters. Its multi-hop functionality is also highly appealing to those who yearn for greater anonymity.

You can’t take advantage of any SlickVPN free trial for now. As such, you can bet that it doesn’t live off advertising revenue.

Also, its policy not to log traffic data helps offset the dangers that come with its presence in the US.

However, the status quo paints a bleak future for SlickVPN. Having no custom mobile apps, no modern client aesthetics, and no chat support in 2022 is a crime.

I hope to write a more positive SlickVPN review when given the chance to assess this product again. With that said, I’m not too optimistic.

I feel that this vendor is set in its ways. And it has stopped trying to impress new users for a long time.


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