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Romj Amon
Romj Amon

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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With its current functionality, this old VPN seems like a newcomer. But ruling it out is a huge mistake. Read this AzireVPN review to discover why you should consider it.

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Best for: Torrenting

Strengths Open-source software
Strengths RAM-only infrastructure
Strengths No traffic data logging
Strengths Fully-owned and self-maintained servers
Weaknesses No free trial
Weaknesses No chat support
Weaknesses Unreliable streaming support
Weaknesses Below-average number of locations

AzireVPN is the virtual private network controlled by Netbouncer AB, a Swedish company that’s big on privacy.

This software has been active since 2012. You might think that it’s a fledgling VPN, though, for it has no presence on Capterra and G2. Only 8 Trustpilot users have posted AzireVPN reviews and have rated it 4.1 out of 5 stars.

On Google Play, this VPN’s batting average wasn’t as high. According to 34 AzireVPN reviews, its Android client was good for just 3.4 stars.

Testimonials reflect the sentiments of impassioned, actual users. But 42 user-generated AzireVPN reviews don’t carry significant weight. They’re too few to meaningfully explain why this established product doesn’t have the brand recall of 2022’s first-league VPNs.

Is Netbouncer AB not too desperate to grow its user base fast? Has it been focusing way too much on R&D and paying less attention to marketing?

Let me shed light on how AzireVPN compares to the leading VPNs for torrenting, gaming, and streaming.

AzireVPN Features

Before I touch on the impressive things that make this VPN special, here are the basics to expect from it:

Wide compatibility

This VPN is compatible with the most used desktop and mobile operating systems.

The AzireVPN for Windows and macOS installers are downloadable from the VPN’s site. To set up AzireVPN for PC seamlessly, your hardware must have NET Desktop Runtime beforehand.

AzireVPN for iPad and iPhone is still in the beta stage. To give it a whirl, you must have TestFlight on your device first.

What’s ready for prime time is the recently released AzireVPN for Android. It should be available on Google Play.

Moreover, AzireVPN works with Linux distributions, including:

  • Alpine
  • Arch
  • Desbian
  • Fedora
  • FreeBSD
  • Gentoo
  • Ubuntu
  • Void

You can find setup instructions and commands on GitHub.

Likewise, Netbouncer AB provides router support. Any product that runs OpenWrt, DD-WRT, or pfSense (like many of the hottest routers on the market) is AzireVPN-friendly.

I didn’t find any downloadable AzireVPN browser extension, though. So, it’s impossible to mask your IP (internet protocol) address when just browsing the Web. Instead, this VPN spoofs your location at the system level.

AzireVPN is quite versatile, but there’s one catch: you may have to install extra software to use it. The special app you need would depend on the tunneling protocol or proxy you intend to use.

For instance, you’ll need azclient (NetBouncer AB’s custom OpenVPN client) to encrypt Windows, macOS, and Linux data.

Things are about to change, though. 

In 2020, the company announced that it would work on a new WireGuard-friendly AzireVPN desktop client. This app would be compatible with all platforms and replace azclient.

There’s no word on its rollout yet. But, judging by the company’s achievements of late, it might hit the market before we know it.

Configuration generators

Netbouncer AB has two browser-based generators of configuration files, one for OpenVPN and another for WireGuard. They’re the two main tunneling protocols AzireVPN currently supports. More on them later.

The company built both tools with simplicity in mind.

Even without deep technical knowledge, you’ll be able to generate custom OpenVPN and WireGuard configurations in no time. If you consider yourself an advanced user, you can go beyond the defaults and explore more options.

Unlimited bandwidth

With AzireVPN you’re free to use the service without worrying about getting your subscription cut short or incurring any additional charge. In other words, this VPN has zero data cap

Data usage restriction is inconvenient. But VPN vendors impose bandwidth limitations to offer usable free licenses. We’ve reviewed many of them. But the ones I personally tested were Avira Phantom VPN and Urban VPN.

Unlimited server switching

With this VPN service, you can change locations as many times as you want. You may not necessarily need to access its entire network. But you’d be glad that you’d switch AzireVPN servers whenever you want to obtain IP addresses from less popular cities.

Simultaneous connections on multiple devices

With AzireVPN, for every VPN premium subscription, you can secure the traffic data of up to five different devices all at once. Thanks to its wide platform compatibility, there’s a great chance that you can use it on most of your electronics.

Here’s a pro tip: install this VPN on a supported router in order to protect more devices simultaneously.

A router counts just as one connection. So, you won’t have to purchase extra subscriptions to cover six or more pieces of technology.

Private DNS

To keep your DNS (Domain Name System) requests, you can use the company’s own DNS servers.

Hiding your browsing activity to snoopers can not only safeguard your privacy. It can also help keep your ISP (internet service provider) from throttling your connections.

Netbouncer AB hosts its global nameservers in Stockholm. And its local ones are accessible while connected to VPN servers from the same location.

AzireVPN Advanced Features

Not-too-old AzireVPN reviews on TechRadar and Macworld have criticized this VPN service for lacking advanced capabilities.

And such an observation was spot-on.

AzireVPN doesn’t have multihop and doesn’t support traffic obfuscation, to name a few. At least not yet.

More features are reportedly in the works.

Nevertheless, AzireVPN is deceptively powerful in its current form. The qualities that separate it from many of the top VPNs for Windows, macOS, Android, and Kodi are as follows:

Open-source software

The Azclient source code is available on Github. Any white-hat hacker could examine this AzireVPN app to spot any vulnerability a malicious party could exploit.

Not all VPN vendors are bold enough to let the public peek under the hood of their technologies. But Netbouncer AB has taken the opposite route to demonstrate its commitment to privacy and transparency.

Company-owned servers

Netbouncer AB takes pride in owning all of the hardware in its advertised locations. It claims that it doesn’t rent any server on its fleet. So, its entire network must be physically present as intended.

If true, AzireVPN is the opposite of NordVPN whose network of servers is 100% virtual.

Moreover, Netbouncer AB has a self-maintained server environment. In short, it doesn’t entrust the upkeep of its hardware to any third party. Its certified in-house technicians exclusively handle the job themselves.

RAM-only hardware infrastructure

Like Surfshark and ExpressVPN, the AzireVPN app uses diskless servers.

Netbouncer AB removes its servers’ hard drives and CD-ROM drives and seals their VGA, USB, and serial ports before installation.

The beauty of a setup with no physical storage is that it ensures data loss upon reboot. In the event of a seizure, AzireVPN hardware won’t leak the activity of its users because it can’t.

Public and shared (NAT) IPv4 address modes

When using its client or generating OpenVPN configuration files, you can freely choose between public IPs and shared IPs.

A lengthy explanation of the difference between the two is beyond the scope of this AzireVPN review. But in a nutshell, the ports are opened when in public IP address mode, whereas they’re closed when in NAT.

When in doubt, Netbouncer AB recommends going with shared IP addresses.

IPv6 compatibility

Netbouncer AB has IPv6-optimized private DNS servers. They can lower the odds of DNS leakage.

Blind operator mode

A rootlike Linux kernel module, this security feature can neutralize network monitoring tools, especially tcpdump.

In addition, Blind Operator mode disables the display of the endpoint’s content and WireGuard’s allowed IP fields.

Service status

Netbouncer AB shows the status of its entire network in real-time. It can illustrate which servers are experiencing tremendous load and which ones promise optimal performance.

Other VPN vendors that provide server utilization data (like RUSVPN and CyberGhost) would only display info by location. But you can see the amount of bandwidth coming in and out of AzireVPN’s individual servers at a glance.

AzireVPN Servers and Locations

At the time of writing this AzireVPN review, this VPN has 65 servers in 19 locations across 14 countries.

AzireVPN's small global network reminded me of the Switzerland-based Perfect Privacy. Although its server count was higher than its Swiss counterpart, its coverage was not as wide.

Then again, it’s only a matter of time before AzireVPN’s fleet outgrows Perfect Privacy’s. Netbouncer AB has been expanding lately.

The company announced eight new locations in 2020. Its latest addition was New York, which went live in early 2021. Considering that it doesn’t rent third-party servers, increasing its international footprint in the middle of a pandemic was quite remarkable.

Currently, the AzireVPN server network encompasses three continents: Europe, North America, and Asia.

However, it only offers an IP from just one location in the Asia-Pacific. And it’s neither Australia nor New Zealand.

AzireVPN Speed

From our HQ in Central Europe, we tested AzireVPN servers in the US and the UK. We saw speed losses ranging between 60% and 85%.

Other than physical distance, network size might be a major factor in these results. The grand total of Netbouncer AB’s servers in four cities across the said two countries was 12.

This number is just as high as its fleet in Amsterdam and 25% less than what it houses in Stockholm.

AzireVPN Privacy and Jurisdiction

What’s the privacy of AzireVPN servers?

The base of Netbouncer AB’s operations is in Sweden. So, it has to comply with the relevant laws in this Nordic country and, by extension, the European Union.

This internet privacy company has to obey the rules in all of the jurisdictions that host its physical servers.

Despite having a small network, about 79% of Netbouncer AB infrastructure is in the Fourteen Eyes Alliance territory. This group of Western democracies invades personal privacy through extension online surveillance.

Outside of this notorious coalition, Netbouncer AB has to deal with the Thai authorities too. VPN usage is legal in Thailand, but this kingdom likes to censor the internet and suppress freedom of speech.

Fortunately, Netbouncer AB can maintain its principles without violating domestic and regional laws.

The company relies on its diskless infrastructure to avoid permanently storing data that political forces could abuse.

The AzireVPN server fleet may not be confiscation-proof. But its memory gets wiped whenever it shuts down. As a result, it won’t leak the online activity of its users.

Netbouncer AB has an uncompromising zero traffic logs” policy. It doesn’t keep a record of the following:

  • IP addresses
  • DNS queries
  • User activity
  • Timestamps
  • Server bandwidth
  • Active and total sessions

However, the company will temporarily save your email address if you provide it. You may have to share it for username and/or password recovery or customer support.

Thankfully, you can use a masked email address from Blur to protect yourself from identity theft.

Also, you can request to remove your info from its records. Even if you do nothing, the company will automatically delete your email address and messages after three months of inactivity.

AzireVPN Security and Protocols

Is AzireVPN safe?

AzireVPN can tunnel traffic data using either OpenVPN or WireGuard when connecting to any location. Therefore, it supports AES-256 and ChaCha20 for encryption. Both tunneling protocols can fend off brute-force attackers.

Also, AzireVPN supports SOCKS5. This well-rounded internet protocol can be useful for gaming, streaming, and torrenting.

Netbouncer AB’s SOCKS5 proxy servers don’t do encryption and require no authentication. You must connect to AzireVPN’s VPN server to use this proxy and get around geo-restrictions.

This VPN doesn’t have a built-in kill switch functionality yet. But this feature should be part of Netbouncer AB’s upcoming AzireVPN desktop client.

At the moment, your best hope is to use AzireVPN for Android and activate the OS’s native kill switch.

When enabled, this Android feature can stop all connections when AzireVPN is down, be it briefly or indefinitely. Losing your VPN service could happen without warning.

Not being able to go online is a sure way to protect yourself from identity thieves on the internet.

When it comes to malware protection, Netbouncer AB didn’t specifically mention incorporating it into its upcoming desktop client. But the company might adopt DNS filtering to block domains used for ransomware, phishing, and other forms of cyber attacks.

Despite the lack of standard security features in AzireVPN, its developers don’t take cybersecurity lightly.

As I’ve implied multiple times in this AzireVPN review, Netbouncer AB goes the extra mile to make its infrastructure impregnable. Owning 100% of its server network and handling everything from installation to upgrade is confidence-inspiring.

AzireVPN Leak Test Results

Okay. So, AzireVPN has a reliable zero-log policy, RAM-only infrastructure, safe tunneling protocol, and private nameservers. But can it actually mask IP addresses and hide DNS requests?

My test results say that it can. I connected to an OpenVPN server in Miami and found no IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks.

AzireVPN and Streaming Services

Is AzireVPN a good VPN for streaming?

Not exactly.

Netbouncer AB admitted to me that its VPN doesn’t guarantee successful unblocking of major streaming services.

According to its customer support team, success would depend on how a video-on-demand service provider views VPN users.

Many streaming platforms censor content by location to enforce licensing agreements. But not all of them are sophisticated enough to counter IP blockers.

When I tested this VPN, I had mixed results.

There are no dedicated Netflix AzireVPN servers. I was still able to unblock the streaming giant’s regional content, albeit inconsistently. I had no luck with BBC iPlayer, though.

Optimizing its hardware for this activity wasn’t high on Netbouncer AB’s agenda for the time being. Hopefully, I’ll be able to try streaming-friendly servers in another AzireVPN review down the road.

How Good Is AzireVPN for Torrenting?

How reliable are AzireVPN torrent downloading capabilities?

First off, this VPN’s entire network allows P2P (peer-to-peer) traffic and is BitTorrent-friendly. And both of its supported tunneling protocols are good at torrenting.

Netbouncer AB doesn’t treat file sharing any differently. So, it won’t throttle your speed when downloading torrents.

Unlike the zero-log policy of PIA, AzireVPN’s hasn’t been put to a test. But on paper, you couldn’t ask for a more reassuring pledge of internet privacy.

Can AzireVPN Bypass Geoblocks?

Yes, it can.

However, the problem is that its small network limits the geo-restricted sites it can unblock.

So far, 83% of the company’s servers are in Europe. And the number of its US locations has been on the rise.

Nothing’s surprising here, for such concentration of hardware is characteristic of practically all VPN vendors.

Nevertheless, I’m confident that the AzireVPN app is going to have broader coverage soon. Adding more locations has been one of its top priorities of late.

Ease of Use

Netbouncer AB’s native apps are readily downloadable. If you prefer to use a third-party OpenVPN client, you can quickly generate and obtain configuration files.

In terms of router-VPN integration, you can consult setup guides for pieces of supported firmware.

When it comes to account creation, AzireVPN’s registration procedure couldn’t be more simple.

You can come up with a random username with one click. After entering your password twice for confirmation, you can buy your subscription immediately.

I would prefer to be given a chance to make a purchase before creating an account, though. Running into a paywall can be frustrating to anyone who doesn't know that there’s no AzireVPN trial up for grabs.

As far as the AzireVPN user interface is concerned, I had no complaints. It looked clean and found no cumbersome aesthetic detail.

Customer Support

Every AzireVPN review reader is interested to know what assistance can rely on when using the service. 

Netbouncer AB offers various customer support options.

Inconveniently, the company lacks chat representatives. But its team responds to queries via email from 8 AM to 9 PM UTC. I can attest that its reps can reply to messages satisfactorily in less than 24 hours.

This VPN vendor offers an abundance of resources for installation and guides about WebRTC deactivation on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

I already talked about its OpenVPN and WireGuard configuration generators. But I haven’t mentioned its web-based DNS and WebRTC leak checker. Loading it can instantly detect leakage and display info about server downtimes.

Moreover, Netbouncer AB has decent FAQ and blog pages. Both could use a search feature, though.

The company uses the blog to announce the latest news about its business and service. And it occasionally publishes insightful reads about general topics. This VPN vendor has ceased to post monthly updates since June 2019, though.

Aside from Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, Netbouncer AB can engage with users on Trustpilot too.

In September 2020, it claimed its Trustpilot profile. It’s a sign that it’s planning to reply to feedback more actively moving forward.

AzireVPN Price

Right of the bat, there’s no available AzireVPN free version you can download to give this software a go with no financial risk. For this reason, you’ll have to buy a premium subscription first.

This VPN vendor doesn’t use a tiered pricing model. So whatever plan you choose, you’ll get to enjoy AzireVPN’s full functionality.

The billing options you can choose from are as follows:

  • 1 month: €5
  • 3 months: €4/month
  • 1 year: €3.75/month
  • 2 years: €3.25/month

Netbouncer AB prices its plans in three currencies: US dollar, euro, and Swedish krona.

As an advocate of internet privacy, this VPN service provider supports anonymous payment methods along with traditional ones.

AzireVPN plans are not recurring. According to Netboucer AB’s Terms of Service, you’ll have to renew your subscription before it expires to avoid cancellation.

To help offset the financial risk of purchasing an untested premium VPN, Netbouncer AB offers a seven-day money-back guarantee.

However, this guarantee doesn’t apply to the monthly AzireVPN subscription. Also, cash, Swish, and crypto payments are non-refundable.

Notably, Netbouncer AB had an AzireVPN free trial until recently. Asked about the reason to seize the option, the company told me that it stopped offering the AzireVPN trial due to abuse.

AzireVPN Review - Verdict

It’s mind-boggling that a VPN service that has been active for about ten years doesn’t even cover 15 countries.

Maybe it’s the price Netbouncer AB has to pay for trying to do things right. Considering how protective it is of its servers for security’s sake, I can forgive it for not taking shortcuts.

Unfortunately, we all have to wait longer to see a streaming-optimized AzireVPN server selection.

But if torrenting and private browsing is more important to you, strongly consider this VPN.

After all, you don’t see one that uses diskless hardware, saves absolutely no traffic data, and is open-source every day.

Regarding its nonexistent chat support, it might offer real-time assistance once its user base grows big enough.

Ultimately, everybody would prefer VPN services with a free trial to those without one. But given AzireVPN’s commitment to internet privacy, I wouldn’t mind subscribing.


Is AzireVPN good?

AzireVPN is good for torrenting and can be useful for private browsing and streaming.

Does AzireVPN work with Netflix?

It does, but its Netflix unblocking prowess is undependable at this point.

AzireVPN has no optimized servers for streaming and can bypass geo-restrictions in 19 locations only.

Is AzireVPN free?

No, it isn’t.

It used to have a free trial, though.

Find out why it’s now a purely premium service (and more) in this AzireVPN review.


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