Hoxx VPN Review

Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Oct 11, 2022

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Free VPNs aren’t flawless, but are they even worth it? If you’re looking for a freemium service, you may find this Hoxx VPN review handy. Let’s see what the company offers and does it deliver on its promises.

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US, Florida

Number of servers


Zero-log policy


Customer support


Stealth VPN


Double VPN









Shadowsocks (proxy) and HTTP tunneling


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Minimum Price Free

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Visit Website

Best for: Quick plugin VPN

Strengths Free version
Strengths Easy configuration
Strengths High speeds
Strengths No bandwidth cap
Weaknesses Stores all your data
Weaknesses Outdated encryption
Weaknesses Weird torrent and Tor policy
Weaknesses Doesn’t unblock most streaming services

When you need a Virtual Private Network to access content on the Web, you can choose between free and paid services. Hoxx VPN offers both.

This US-based vendor has come up with a program that’s more of a proxy than a VPN. The fact that the Hoxx VPN Chrome extension shows up first when you Google search it proves this.

The company claims it offers everything from strong encryption to 100% safety. That’s all you’d want from a VPN, right?

However, when you check out user-written online Hoxx VPN reviews, it turns out it’s not as effective as advertised.

That’s why I had to take a look at it myself.

So, how did the program perform in my tests?

Let’s check it out in this Hoxx VPN review.

Hoxx VPN Features

Hoxx VPN has several basic features listed on its website. These include:

Cross-platform support

One of the things I like about Hoxx VPN is that it’s available on all major operating systems.

It has desktop clients for Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can also get Hoxx VPN for Android and iOS.

But there’s more.

If you want the ability to quickly switch servers while browsing the web, there are browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge.

Sort by best server

Finding the best server to connect to isn’t always easy. If you need all the speed you can get, it’s best to let the app choose the server it believes will perform the best.

So rather than having locations listed alphabetically, Hoxx VPN sorts them by performance. However, this feature is available to premium users only.

Also of note is that I found the “sort by best server” function on the Hoxx VPN proxy Chrome extension. Yet, there was no such option on the Android app.

Zero configuration

Another thing Hoxx VPN mentions as one of its key features is easy configuration.

If you want to use it as a browser extension, you can set the plugin up in just a few clicks. Plus, it’s the first thing that shows up on Google when you look up “Hoxx VPN.”

No bandwidth cap

Usually, everything’s limited with free plans. However, this VPN offers unlimited bandwidth regardless of whether you’re a Hoxx VPN premium or free user.

And since your ISP doesn’t have an insight into what you’re doing when using a VPN, it won’t purposely slow down your connection speed.

Simultaneous connections

Most users want to hide their digital addresses on all devices they’re using. This program lets you do so as it provides unlimited simultaneous connections on multiple devices.

So, if you want to use Hoxx VPN for Windows and Android at the same time, nothing is stopping you.

Hoxx VPN Advanced Features

Hoxx VPN doesn’t offer an extensive list of advanced features. The following, however, is worth noting. 

Prevent tracking

Hoxx VPN ensures malicious and insecure advertising cookies don’t reach you.

That way, it prevents tracking in your country of origin.

Hoxx VPN Servers and Locations

This is one of the issues I came across when writing this Hoxx VPN review.

If you look at the company’s website, you’ll find information claiming there are over 50 locations available. The section doesn’t mention which of them you can access with the free version, though.

If you use Hoxx VPN for Chrome, there are 16 locations you can choose from.

And when you run it on Android, only the Netherlands shows up for free users. For premium users, there are 13 locations available.

On Windows, the free plan comes with six locations, while there are 12 for the paid plan.

The problem is, none of them have drop-down menus where you can select different servers. This makes it look like each location has only one server, which doesn’t correlate with what the provider says on its website.

This indicates an obvious lack of transparency.

Plus, the provider mentions it adds new servers every week. That means that by now, there should be a lot more of them than it seems, right?

I got a hint that there are more servers than it looks only on Hoxx VPN proxy Firefox and Chrome extensions when testing them. When you choose a location and fail to connect, the plugin informs you it couldn’t find any servers in the specified location to hop onto.

Hoxx VPN Speed

The company claims it offers ultra-fast service.

I tested this for my Hoxx VPN review on speedtest.net.

First, I checked the results with my base speed.

Hoxx VPN base speed

Then, I tried connecting to a nearby server in Italy. The download speed was almost the same, while the upload speed went up.

Hoxx VPN Italy speed

The test with the Netherlands-based server went the same. This time the download speed increased as well.

Hoxx VPN Netherlands speed

The only part of the testing it failed at was when I was connected to a server in Russia. That’s where both download and upload speed went down drastically.

Hoxx VPN Russia speed

Overall, the speeds Hoxx VPN offers are high, especially for a free service. That’s fast enough to stream content from the Web. The only problem is that this VPN doesn’t unblock most streaming services, so your options are limited.

Hoxx VPN Privacy and Jurisdiction

Hoxx VPN is extremely honest about its privacy policy. This isn’t always the case with companies that offer parts of their services for free. Quite often, you’ll see them mention they provide a no-log policy but still store all of your data.

So, is Hoxx VPN a good VPN in terms of internet privacy?

Not so much.

While the vendor is transparent about privacy, you’re not going to like the way it handles this part of the service.

If you head over to the FAQ section, you’ll get an idea of what information the company keeps. There’s no mention of a no-logging policy, and the Hoxx VPN lists all the data it stores. This includes:

  • Browser type and language
  • Access time
  • Page views
  • IP address

So, is Hoxx VPN safe when it comes to your personal info?

No, not really.

Not only that, but Hoxx VPN works with legal authorities. This means that if you access or download something illegally, the operator will inform authorities without even letting you know.

Hoxx VPN is owned by VPN1 LLC., whose other service is SetupVPN. The company is based in the US, Florida. Being one of the founders of the Five Eyes surveillance program, the country has the right to keep track of your browsing sessions and even share them with other members.

Another thing to mention in this Hoxx VPN proxy review is that there’s an issue if you want to go full undercover with Tor.

Hoxx VPN wants to cling to strict legality, meaning that it doesn’t work with this popular free software.

Hoxx VPN Security and Protocols

Nowadays, most VPNs use 256-bit AES encryption to ensure their users’ data stays safe. But Hoxx VPN doesn’t.

Instead, the operator chose to go with the 4096-bit RSA encryption. This used to be a popular option, but researchers cracked it way back in 2013. That’s why everyone in the industry moved away from it.

Well, everyone but Hoxx VPN proxy.

Poor encryption is the reason why you shouldn’t feel safe when relying on this VPN to help you hide your real IP. 

This is also why the operator doesn’t bring up encryption on the website.

Protocols the service uses also impact how safe you are during your internet sessions.

Hoxx VPN again chose not to go with the standard option — OpenVPN. Instead, it utilizes the Shadowsocks, which isn’t a protocol but a proxy. On Hoxx VPN Firefox, Chrome, and other browser extensions, it uses HTTP tunneling.

That’s why Hoxx VPN is somewhat between a VPN and proxy.

The main difference between the two is that VPN connections encrypt and secure all of your network traffic, unlike proxy servers.

Hoxx VPN Leak Test Results

I used ipleak.net to check how effective Hoxx VPN is when it comes to protecting your identity and activity when browsing the Web.

So, how did it perform when I tested it for this Hoxx VPN proxy review?

Let’s check it out.

Before we start, here are the results I got with my base IP.

Hoxx VPN base IP and DNS

Next, I ran a test while connected to the Hoxx VPN Italy-based server.

Hoxx VPN Italy IP and DNS

The third test I conducted was with a server in Japan.

Hoxx VPN Japan IP and DNS

Hoxx VPN and Streaming Services

Some media offered by streaming services like Netflix isn’t available to all users. Depending on where you are, some movies, TV shows, sports events, and similar content may be blocked.

So, can you use Hoxx VPN for Netflix?

The streaming giant is the ultimate VPN blocker. Therefore, it can only be unblocked by premium services. Unfortunately, Hoxx VPN isn’t one of those.

If you try engaging in content unavailable in your region with this service, you’ll most likely fail.

When it comes to other streaming services, this program is also struggling.

It doesn’t unblock Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and some other popular platforms.

I only found it to be effective when unblocking YouTube restrictions.

How Good Is Hoxx VPN for Torrenting?

So, can you use Hoxx VPN for torrent downloading?

The company has a torrent policy that doesn’t let you download copyrighted or non-copyrighted content.

This is a bit weird since it knows there’s a lot of data that you can access using torrenting software legally. For example, companies like Blizzard let you download their games using the popular P2P sharing program.

The service is at a disadvantage because many users looking for a VPN want to download torrent files safely and securely.

Therefore, Hoxx VPN isn’t safe for torrenting, so getting a premium VPN is a much better idea.

Can Hoxx VPN Bypass Geoblocks?

From the information available on the provider’s site and Hoxx VPN reviews left by users, the service can go around some of the strongest geoblocks out there.

If you want a VPN that can beat geo-restrictions set by some countries, you need a service with a kill switch function.

The problem is that Hoxx VPN doesn’t have one.

So, the fact that this service can bypass the Great Firewall doesn’t help much.

If you hop onto a server while in China, and your connection drops, your actual data would be entirely exposed.

The same goes for other countries with similar restrictions.

Ease of Use

One of the positives when using Hoxx VPN is that the app is available everywhere.

The Hoxx VPN Windows and Mac versions are relatively easy to set up. There are two versions available on the company’s site. One lets you sign in with login and password, while the other one only supports auto code.

The mobile app is available on both Android and iOS. Although there’s only one server on it, the application comes in handy. It’s easy to use and gives you more information on the pricing plan than you can find on the company’s website.

Hoxx VPN extension is available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. You can set up the plugin in just a few clicks and easily connect to a server you want.

Just have in mind that before you start using it to hide your IP, you have to register on the Hoxx VPN website. Then, as soon as you log into your account, you’re good to go.

Customer Support

If you need help using Hoxx VPN, the only way to receive it is to turn to the company’s customer support team via email.

Some VPNs with free plans don’t offer quality customer support. Judging from user-generated Hoxx VPN reviews, this service is one of them.

I came across comments left by users who turned to the company’s agents via email to learn more about the available servers. The numbers don’t correlate with what the site claims, remember? However, none of the queries was addressed by the company reps. 

When writing this Hoxx VPN review, I tested the customer support myself. 

I sent an email on a workday and received a response in about 24 hours, which is relatively long. Also, the email I got wasn’t as detailed as it was with some other services I’ve tested.

There are mentions of Hoxx VPN offering a live chat function to premium users. However, it doesn’t seem that way, as I didn’t find the option either on the site or the Android app. Even if you’re a premium user, there’s only the button that takes you to the email ticket form.

On the bright side, the FAQ section is really helpful as there is a bunch of questions both new and advanced users might have.

Hoxx VPN Price

Let’s start this section by mentioning that the Hoxx VPN free version isn’t all this service is about. You can use it at no cost or upgrade to a paid plan.

The number of servers free users have access to is somewhat questionable. There are multiple servers on the Hoxx VPN Google Chrome extension but only one on the Android one for free users.

Hoxx VPN is a bit weird when it comes to transparency. While the operator offers enough information on the way it logs data, finding everything about the pricing system is tough.

The website mentions pricing plans start at $1.99 per month, and that’s all about it.

I had to turn to the Hoxx VPN Android version for more info. According to the app, the pricing plans you can choose from include:

  • 1 Week/$3.5
  • 1 Month/$8
  • 3 Months/$19
  • 6 Months/$31
  • 1 Year/$50

A good thing is the company has a no-exceptions 7-day money-back policy. So, if you don’t like the premium version, you can cancel your subscription as long as you’re quick enough.

Hoxx VPN Review - Verdict

There are quite a few problems I came across when testing this VPN.

You definitely shouldn’t use it if you don’t want your data to get exposed. There’s an extensive list of information the operator stores.

Also, using Hoxx VPN isn’t safe. It doesn’t offer military-grade encryption, but an outdated one. There’s also no kill switch and double VPN. And although it’s fast, you shouldn’t use it for torrenting, and it won’t unblock most streaming services.

With all that and everything else I covered in this Hoxx VPN review, we can conclude the service just isn’t worth it.

Whatsmore, it carries over its negative traits from the free to the premium version. Ultimately, you can find better VPNs in the same price range.

However, if you want a plugin for any popular browser you can set up quickly, you can give the free version a go and decide for yourself.


Dejan Cvetnarevic

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