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Romj Amon

Updated · Oct 11, 2022

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Is AVG VPN any good? Or is it just another VPN you can easily skip? Keep reading this AVG VPN review to learn about its good and bad sides, and decide for yourself.

Company Location

Czech Republic

Number of Servers


Zero-Log Policy




Stealth VPN


Double VPN


Ad Blocker





OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2/IPSec, and Mimic

Customer Support

Chat, phone, email, knowledge base, FAQ, blog, and forum


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Minimum Price $3.99/month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Budget-friendly, basic VPN protection

Strengths Affordable mobile-only plans
Strengths Fully refundable within 30 days
Strengths Free trial for all supported platforms
Strengths 10 simultaneous device connections
Weaknesses Limited device compatibility
Weaknesses Out-of-service chat support
Weaknesses Buggy Netflix unblocker on Android
Weaknesses No built-in malware and ad stoppers

AVG Secure VPN is the virtual private network solution made by AVG Technologies, a cybersecurity giant from the Czech Republic. In 2016, Avast, a fellow online security titan, acquired the company for $1.4 billion. So, this is a service similar to HMA and Avast Secureline VPN. It's more closely related to the latter than the former, though.

Avast is one of the few antivirus brands that operates its own network, which is proof of the seriousness of its commitment to the cause. Many of its peers rely on white labeling instead.

However, AVG Secure VPN’s connection to Avast could be more of a curse than a blessing. I’ll circle back to this matter later to expound on the possible security and privacy concerns you should keep in mind.

So, how well has AVG Secure VPN been received?

Well, its users have been quiet on Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra, some of the go-to places for publishing software-related testimonials. But on Google Play and the App Store, it’s a different story.

According to more than 36,000 AVG VPN reviews, Android users have rated it 4.3 stars (out of 5). Based on 7,400 AVG VPN reviews from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners, the service has scored 4.7.

These overwhelmingly positive testimonials are encouraging. But is it in the same league as the best VPNs for streaming, torrenting, and gaming?

Only one way to find out. Let’s begin!

AVG VPN Features

Here’s what I found out about this VPN’s functionality:

Cross-Platform Software

For this AVG VPN review, I tested the software’s Windows and Android versions. However, it also works with macOS, iOS, and iPadOS.

The operating systems that AVG Secure VPN requires are as follows:

  • Windows 10, 8, or 7
  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and later
  • Android 6 and later
  • iOS 12.0 and later
  • iPadOS 12.0 and later

If you have a Mac computer that runs at least on macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or any newer OS iteration, you can use advanced features like Smart VPN.

Moreover, this VPN service isn’t compatible with any device that doesn’t run any of said platforms. In other words, you can’t use it on any router, smart TV, IoT (internet of things) device, or gaming console.

If you use Linux-powered hardware, you won’t have any luck setting AVG Secure VPN up, either.

If you plan to set up Kodi on an unsupported device or platform, you must consider other VPNs, as this one won’t work.

This VPN has no Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Edge extensions either. This means that using it exclusively from your web browser isn’t an option.

We regularly update our VPN reviews to ensure accurate information. So, we’ll keep you posted when an AVG VPN for FireStick, Android TV, or any similar app becomes available.

Simultaneous Connections on Multiple Devices

Starting April 2021, new subscribers can enjoy AVG VPN protection on up to 10 devices simultaneously. It’s the same as what PIA permits but can’t beat the unlimited simultaneous connections offered by Perfect Privacy and Surfshark.

The 10-device limit applies to multi-device subscriptions only, though. If you buy a mobile-only subscription, you won’t get as many slots.

For instance, buying this VPN on Google Play entitles you to just two Android device connections all at once.


When enabled, this Windows feature launches AVG Secure VPN in the background when your computer powers on. You should be able to find it as one of the hidden program icons on the taskbar.

If it’s missing, make sure that it’s not disabled on your computer upon startup. You can verify this by checking the Startup tab in the Task Manager.

Auto Connect

With this functionality, you can create rules on when AVG VPN for Android or Windows automatically connects or disconnects.

On Windows, you can make this VPN secure your traffic whenever you go online. Or, you can tell it to ask you to turn it on every time you connect to the internet.

On Android, this feature can protect your device when you connect to any Wi-Fi connection, only unsecured ones, or even when you use mobile data

You can create exceptions and implement the auto-connect by network feature, which will automatically engage the VPN on specific networks that you connect to.

On Windows, you can label Wi-Fi networks as either private or public.

Private networks are the ones you can trust. So, this VPN won’t automatically mask your IP and hide your DNS requests when you connect to any of them.

Public networks are those you deem unsafe. Here, AVG Secure VPN will automatically obscure your online activity and encrypt your data on any of them.

On Android, you may only identify your trusted Wi-Fi networks. Therefore, the VPN would consider any unselected one questionable and safeguard your privacy and security on autopilot.

Local Device Access

When activated, your PC becomes discoverable to local devices like a printer when connected to a private network. This means you’ll be able to use your computer for printing and file sharing.


The AVG VPN Android and Windows apps can alert you about important events.

On Android, you can set this VPN service to notify you about download and upload speed statistics. Likewise, it can inform you when it sniffs that your mobile device is connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

On Windows, a notification can kick in whenever your VPN is switched on and off.

Optimal Location

With the AVG Secure VPN Android client, you can connect to the fastest server based on your geographical location. This is useful if you only care about data encryption and don’t mind getting an IP from a random city.

Technically, finding the optimal location isn’t part of AVG VPN for PC’s feature set. You can still use the one-click VPN feature, but the Windows client’s choice of location is quite arbitrary.

In my experience, AVG Secure VPN connected me to its servers in Brazil even though I was in the Philippines. From my physical location, this South American country was literally on the other side of the planet.

Kill Switch

This VPN has a kill switch for Windows, which is deactivated by default.

Supposedly, this feature should stop my internet connection after disconnection from AVG’s VPN server. In my case, it didn’t always work as intended, though, and I was still able to browse the Internet on some occasions. There’s no kill switch on this VPN vendor’s Android app.

Split Tunneling

This feature is available in the Android client and enables you to specify which apps can get AVG VPN protection.

When you activate split tunneling, the data of all of your mobile device’s programs gets encrypted automatically. But you’re free to exclude the ones you feel won’t endanger your identity while using them online.

If you need to, split tunneling gives you the flexibility to run excluded apps like normal, albeit they will be unprotected.

AVG VPN Advanced Features

If you’re keeping track, you’ll remember that Mac users whose devices run at least macOS Catalina can enjoy advanced functionalities when using AVG VPN software.

However, this VPN’s iOS, iPadOS, and macOS versions were outside the scope of my AVG Secure VPN review. So, I wasn’t able to verify any unique VPN features for Apple devices.

On the Windows and Android clients, I found no extraordinary capabilities like multi-hop.

Despite being controlled by an antivirus juggernaut, neither app comes with malware, tracker, or ad blocking. These features are built into the standalone, free AVG Secure Browser. It’s compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android.

At the time of writing this AVG VPN review, an iteration of the browser for iOS and iPadOS was underway.

AVG VPN Servers and Locations

AVG Secure VPN has a network of more than 700 servers spread across 36 jurisdictions.

This vendor offers 59 locations only, about 80% of which are in Europe and North America.

Most top-tier VPN services for Windows and Android provide virtual IP addresses from at least 80 cities. But AVG Secure VPN has the edge over TunnelBear in this department, at least.

Moreover, the AVG VPN service offers multiple locations in seven countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • The UK
  • The USA

Speaking of Russia, this service provider has VPN servers in places that strictly police VPN use. It’s admirable that the company still has hardware in such areas.

I can attest that AVG Secure servers in Istanbul, Saint Petersburg, and Moscow worked for me. But its service has already been disrupted in Turkey, so your mileage may vary.

AVG VPN Unavailability in Turkey

How about AVG VPN torrent downloads and streaming support?

This VPN vendor does have specialized servers for P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing (Windows only) and streaming in eight and six locations, respectively.

Here are the server lists:

AVG VPN Streaming Servers AVG VPN P2P Servers

As you can see, the company has a sense of humor.

Gotham City provided me with a New York IP address, which was unsurprising. Gotham was the Big Apple’s other popular nickname.

AVG VPN Gotham City ConnectionAVG VPN Gotham City IP Address

Wonderland was probably an allusion to Lewis Carroll, the British author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It gave me an IP from England, Carroll’s birthplace.

AVG VPN Wonderland Connection AVG VPN Wonderland IP Address


Using Speedtest by Ookla, I checked how much speed loss I’d get while using the AVG VPN service. Have a look at the results below.

Base Speed

AVG VPN base speed

Salt Lake City Speed (download speed: -77.03%, upload speed: -31.43%, ping: 834.62%)

AVG VPN Salt Lake City Speed

Glasgow Speed  (download speed: -66.20%,upload speed: -60%, ping: 857.69%)

AVG VPN Glasgow speed

Melbourne Speed  (download speed: -75.93%, upload speed: -34.29%, ping: 938.46%)

AVG VPN Melbourne Speed

AVG VPN Privacy and Jurisdiction

The Czech Republic (the base of both AVG Technologies and Avast) isn’t part of the Fourteen Eyes Alliance. This international network of democracies, including the US and the UK, is infamous for spying on their citizens and conducting large-scale online surveillance

Despite the Czech government not posing a threat to internet privacy and cybersecurity firms, the country (along with eight out of nine Fourteen Eyes member countries located in Europe) is under the jurisdiction of the European Union. Therefore, companies operating in the Czech Republic must comply with the EU’s data retention laws.

Does AVG VPN keep logs?

Like many VPN vendors, AVG does log some personally identifiable information and service data for various purposes. Account creation and management, billing, service delivery, and marketing are the primary reasons.

Normally, such practices would make a VPN unsafe. The good news is that it keeps data processing to a minimum.

Here are some of the types of data it processes:

  • Email address (but you can register with a masked email address from Blur)
  • Connection timestamps
  • Data usage
  • Application and connection events
  • Crash data

The types of data that it doesn’t send to its servers are as follows:

  • Originating IP addresses
  • DNS queries
  • Browsing history
  • Uploaded and downloaded files from the internet

What’s more, this VPN service provider uses its own DNS servers. In other words, it won’t expose your DNS requests to third parties.

Also, AVG stores service data on its servers for 35 days only.

AVG VPN Security and Protocols

When it comes to tunneling protocols, AVG Secure doesn’t offer much choice.

Here are the protocols this VPN uses to establish secure data tunnels:

  • OpenVPN in UDP (User Datagram Protocol) mode for Windows and Android
  • L2TP/IPSec (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol over Internet Protocol Security) for macOS
  • IKEv2/IPSec (Internet Key Exchange v2 over Internet Protocol Security) for iOS and iPadOS

The company uses 256-bit AES encryption. With this encryption algorithm, your traffic data will be resistant to brute-force attacks

For PC, there’s a new protocol available to use: Mimic. It’s so new, in fact, that it has been covered by recent, high-profile AVG VPN reviews from the folks at PCWorld and TechRadar.

Developed by AVG’s in-house cybersecurity experts, this experimental protocol supports military-grade AES-256 encryption and promises up to 300% faster connection speeds.

The Mimic protocol duplicates your connection to all the sites you’re visiting. According to the company’s customer support team, “it mimics VPN traffic.”

Supposedly, it makes it extra difficult for detectors to spot your VPN connection and activities. But Mimic doesn’t do traffic obfuscation.

Solving connection issues is the main objective of Mimic's unique traffic processing method. If OpenVPN fails, this proprietary protocol will take the driver's seat and try different ports until it succeeds.

As an Avast-controlled product, AVG Secure VPN’s security requires a closer look.

To bring some insight into this AVG Secure VPN review, it’s worth noting that Avast has been breached multiple times in recent memory.

As of late, two of the prominent cyber attacks it succumbed to involved CCleaner. The second one was neutralized in time, but the hackers managed to infiltrate Avast’s network through an employee’s compromised VPN credentials.

AVG VPN Leak Test Results

In terms of IP and DNS leak prevention, is AVG VPN good?

To find out, I tested this VPN’s Melbourne (Australia), Glasgow (UK), and Salt Lake City (US) servers on my PC.

Here’s my country of residence:

AVG VPN Original IP address

I loaded Ipleak.net with this VPN on and checked if I was able to spoof my location. Here’s what I saw:

AVG VPN Melbourne ConnectionAVG VPN Melbourne IP Address
AVG VPN Melbourne DNS Address

AVG VPN Glasgow ConnectionAVG VPN Glasgow IP Address
AVG VPN Glasgow DNS Address

But how about WebRTC leakage, the kind that exposes your IP address through a browser? To see whether AVG Secure’s Salt Lake City server can deliver, I used the WebRTC leak checker from ExpressVPN.
AVG VPN Salt Lake City ConnectionAVG VPN Salt Lake City IP Address
AVG VPN Salt Lake City DNS AddressAVG VPN Salt Lake City WebRTC Leak Test

Here’s the result:

The evidence is indisputable. AVG Secure VPN does provide credible IP, DNS, and WebRTC leak protection. Only the data from the servers you connect to will be publicly visible, while your own connection is obfuscated.

AVG VPN and Streaming Services

This vendor has no optimized servers for specific major streaming services like Disney+. So, you won’t find any AVG VPN Netflix server in its selection, unlike, say, CyberGhost. Nevertheless, AVG Secure can unblock Netflix without problems, as you can see below.

Here are the screenshots I took after accessing the platform’s US and Australia content libraries on my PC:
AVG VPN Netflix US Unblocked

AVG VPN Netflix AU Unblocked

Although there are dedicated servers for streaming (but not for specific streaming platforms), regular ones will get the job done, too.

However, I had a slight problem with AVG VPN for Android. It helped me access Netflix shows that would be unavailable otherwise.
AVG VPN Gotham City Connection AndroidAVG VPN Netflix UK Incorrectly Unblocked Android

But I erroneously got UK content after connecting to Gotham City.

How Good Is AVG VPN for Torrenting?

To recap AVG VPN’s torrent downloading capabilities, the service includes P2P-friendly servers. Also, the company doesn’t do downloaded and uploaded data logging.

But will it leak your IP address on BitTorrent?

If my experience in spoofing location with this VPN’s Salt Lake City server is any indication, it won’t. Here’s the proof:
AVG VPN BitTorrent IP Address

Can AVG VPN Bypass Geoblocks?

Is AVG VPN any good at getting around geo-restrictions?

To put AVG Secure VPN’s IP masking prowess to test, I went to the Peacock site on my Android device.
AVG VPN Torrent Address Detection

Currently, this new video streaming platform is available in the States only, so I expected geo-blocking. And I was right.

Thankfully, this VPN service came to my rescue.

Check out my before-and-after screenshots below.
AVG VPN Peacock BeforeAVG VPN Peacock After

Ease of Use

It would be lying if I said that I didn’t experience any issues. The apps that I tested had moments of bugginess. The AVG VPN Android app gave fewer headaches than the Windows client did.

Normally, AVG Secure VPN took a while before it connected my PC to its server. The mobile app established connections quickly almost 100% of the time.

Setup-wise, the Android installation procedure involved more steps.

Google Play wouldn’t let me use the AVG VPN free trial without providing some payment information first. More on this later.

On my PC, I was able to set this VPN faster, and I didn’t need to enter those details right away.

When it comes to design, it reminded me of the aesthetics of Avast Secureline VPN.

Customer Support

AVG offers an abundance of customer support options.

This brand has 24/7 sales hotlines for callers in the US, UK, and Australia.

If you’re located elsewhere, you can chat with a live agent instead. Unfortunately, chat support wasn’t available when I was writing this AVG Secure VPN review.
AVG VPN Chat Support Down

If you have any technical concerns, you can get in touch via email. You can submit a support ticket as a guest after creating an account. As a registered site visitor, you can post questions on AVG’s community forum.

Either way, I was able to get a fast response in general and never had to wait for more than 24 hours to get a decent answer.

Admittedly, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the replies I received. AVG’s customer support team liked to give generic answers even when I asked for clarification about a specific app.

The company’s knowledge base is a one-stop shop for all things related to AVG products. You have to search entries using well-thought-out keywords to get relevant results.

Moreover, the AVG Signal Blog is quite substantial. If you like to know more about internet privacy and cybersecurity, it’s the place to go.


Is AVG VPN free?

No, but it can be for at least a while, as a trial version is available for all supported operating systems. More on that later.

So, how much does AVG VPN cost? It would depend on where you buy your plan and the length of your subscription.

If you want to purchase this VPN from AVG itself, you’ll get access to a recurring multi-device plan in three billing options. Here’s much one each one costs per month:

  • 1 year: $4.99/month
  • 2 or 3 years: $3.99/month

As you might have noticed, you can’t buy this software on a monthly basis. Plus, going with the three-year subscription comes with no discount.

However, the beauty of a multi-device subscription is that it’s good for ten simultaneous device connections.

To purchase this product, you can use:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal

VPNs are some of the more popular digital products you can buy with Bitcoin today. But AVG doesn’t support cryptocurrency payments yet.

If you need this VPN service just for Android, you can purchase a mobile-only plan on Google Play. This plan is also available in three billing options, only with shorter terms.

Google will charge you in your native fiat currency and accept popular local payment channels. Here’s the AVG Secure VPN price list that was available to me, converted to US dollars:

  • 1 month: $3.10
  • 6 months: $2.40/month
  • 1 year: $1.65/month

AVG Secure VPN’s cost for Android only is significantly cheaper across the board. But what you save in money, you lose in simultaneous connections.

This mobile-only plan allows you to use this VPN on no more than two Android devices simultaneously. It may be perfect for couples, but it is not flexible enough for families.

If you buy the software from Apple’s App Store instead, you’ll get to choose between the mobile-only and multi-device options.

AVG VPN Free Trial and Refund Policy

Although there’s no AVG VPN free version, the software is available for trial use, irrespective of the platform.

Unlike the Android app, the Windows version allowed me to enjoy a seven-day free trial with no payment information required.

AVG also has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Canceling your service due to any end-user license agreement changes entitles you to a partial refund. Sending a refund request within 30 days from the date the notice of amendment was sent is the only condition.


Before diving into a more detailed comparison of AVG VPN vs NordVPN, let me list their similarities. They are:

  • HQ outside of the Fourteen Eyes territory (The Czech Republic vs. Panama)
  • Optimized servers for P2P traffic
  • Streaming support (AVG Secure VPN's specialized hardware vs. NordVPN's SmartPlay)
  • Private DNS
  • Kill switch and split tunneling
  • Common and proprietary tunneling protocols
  • AES-256
  • No activity data logging
  • Varied customer support options
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

The advantages of NordVPN over AVG Secure VPN are:

  • More versatile (native desktop and mobile apps, browser extensions, router support, Windows 10 mobile hotspot, Kodi add-on, etc.)
  • More servers (5,200+ vs. 700+)
  • More locations (78 vs. 59)
  • More security features (CyberSec, Dark Web monitoring, tapjacking protection, etc.)
  • More privacy features (double VPN, Onion over VPN, VPN obfuscation, etc.)
  • Less storage period for timestamps (15 minutes vs. 35 days)
  • Dedicated IP address (add-on)
  • Acceptance of crypto payments (Bitcoin and major altcoins)

Here are the areas where AVG Secure VPN has the upper hand:

  • Free trial for all supported OSes
  • Higher simultaneous device connection limit (10 vs. 6)
  • Cheaper plans (minimum regular price: $1.65/month vs. $8.25/month)

Undoubtedly, NordVPN can do more than AVG VPN. But without any free trial for most NordVPN apps, AVG Secure VPN is the less risky bet to take.

AVG VPN Review - Verdict

It’s not hard to find reasons to dislike AVG’s VPN solution.

The need to download a separate app for built-in malware protection and ad blocking while using the VPN service can be frustrating. Its live chat support service was a disappointment for me, too.

However, the faulty Netflix unblocking capabilities of AVG Secure VPN’s Android app was forgivable.

The software also must become compatible with more platforms In the future. But at least you can use it on up to 10 supported devices at the same time. 

The program’s biggest strength lies in its affordability, especially if you can get by with its mobile-only subscription.

In addition, the availability of a free trial and money-back guarantee considerably diminish the inherent risk of using a premium VPN service.

I encourage you to give the service a go, as it’s workable and, frankly, there’s no harm in trying it.


Does AVG include VPN?

This cybersecurity brand offers a standalone VPN called AVG Secure.

Since Avast now owns AVG Technologies, AVG Secure is a sister VPN of HMA and Secureline.

Is VPN Free with AVG?

There’s no available AVG VPN free version at the moment. But you can try this VPN service at no cost for a week on any of the following devices:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Android-powered smartphone or tablet

How much does AVG VPN cost?

If you subscribe to a multi-plan device plan for Windows, you’ll spend either $3.99 or $4.99 a month, depending on how long you sign up for. A mobile-only plan for Android will set you back $1.65 to $3.10 a month only.

How do I install AVG VPN on Windows 10?

Here’s the installation process:

  1. Download the installer from the AVG site to your PC.
  2. Double-click the setup file to run it.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Start your free trial, or buy a premium subscription if you haven’t purchased one beforehand.

Afterward, you should be able to start using AVG Secure to mask your IP and encrypt your PC’s traffic data.

To learn more about what you can do with this VPN, read my AVG VPN review above.


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