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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 11, 2022

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You might’ve not heard of VeePN, but it’s more than just a clever name to it. Read our VeePN review to find out if this is the tool for you.









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Best for: Cheap long-term VPN service

Strengths Has free trials
Strengths Supports double VPN
Strengths Boasts a large server fleet
Strengths Offers incredibly affordable multi-year plans
Weaknesses Advertises inconsistent plans and prices
Weaknesses Has unbalanced feature sets across apps
Weaknesses Offers no optimized servers for streaming and torrenting

What Is VeePN?

VeePN is one of the lesser-known virtual private network (VPN) providers on the market. It ticks almost all the boxes. VeePN has an expansive global network of servers. It offers flexible premium plans with affordable prices, not to mention the free trial.

Moreover, its headquarters are located in Panama - a country that isn’t a signatory to a major intergovernmental intelligence-sharing agreement with the West like the Five Eyes Alliance. The government has also legalized VPN use.

While VeePN’s provenance is reassuring, the company isn’t exactly open about its corporate structure. Its site doesn’t provide such information. The highest-ranking officer on LinkedIn is its Chief Marketing Officer, Sergio Burret - at least at the time of writing of this VeePN review.

Read what else we uncovered in our VeePN review below.

VeePN Features

Let’s get down to brass tacks. Millions gravitate toward VeePN because it gets the job done. Here are the basics:

Multi-Platform Support

VeePN works on major operating systems for personal computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and digital media players. You can install it on gaming consoles, streaming platforms, and routers. You also get configuration files for VeePN Linux distributions.

The problem is that the availability of VeePN features is rather unbalanced. Key settings must be present on whatever device you want to connect to this VPN, but certain functionalities are missing in some platforms.

For instance, the VeePN Android app has no security and privacy features except for Kill Switch, while the company’s Windows client practically has them all.

Speaking of inconsistency, the company still claims that it has a VeePN extension for Opera. We, however, couldn’t find it. We asked customer support rep about it via live chat. He explained the app doesn’t have an Opera extension. Still, you can see it listed as an option on the company’s homepage. While not exactly a fatal flaw, it sure does leave a sour taste.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Traffic

VeePN imposes no limit on data usage. It’s useful not only when you’re outside using public Wi-Fi, but also when you want to avoid bandwidth throttling at home. This happens when your internet service provider (ISP) intentionally slows down the speed of your connection to regulate its network traffic.

Although you still won’t be able to help you cheat your ISP’s data cap with any of VeePN’s servers, at least you'll get a stable internet speed all the time.

10 Simultaneous Connections on Multiple Devices

When you sign up for VeePN premium for PC, or whatever device for that matter, you automatically get 10 slots. This is the maximum number of devices you can connect to the service all at once. The company, however, counts web browsers separately.

If you run out of slots, you can remove the ones you have on file to make room for the other devices you want to connect. Or you can buy more slots.

Unlimited Server Switching

The company takes pride in its numerous servers across different locations. With a VeePN premium account, you can switch VPN servers freely.

Kill Switch

When enabled, Kill Switch automatically disconnects your hardware from the internet, if there are any issues. Though highly ill-advised, you may switch this off if you want.

Kill Switch is a standard VPN functionality, but VeePN had some problems with it on the earlier versions. It was the most complained-about feature in VeePN reviews.

However, good news is the kill switch works great on the latest version

Latency Meter

Unique to the VeePN Windows app, this feature lets you go through the list of servers and conveniently see which ones have the least latency.

Optimal Location

VeePN recommends the fastest server to connect to before turning your VPN on. Although this feature is available for both VeePN Android and Windows apps, it’s more useful for the former - it doesn’t have the Latency Meter.

VeePN Advanced Features

VeePN’s feature set isn’t the most comprehensive out there, but it does offer advanced functionalities that set it apart from the rest.

Double VPN

Using a mix of two protocols, the app doubles the VPN your traffic has to pass through in order to encrypt your data twice.

VeePN doesn’t choose random servers for double encryption. It has nine fixed pairings:

  • Sydney > California
  • Singapore > New Jersey
  • California > Quebec
  • Quebec > New Jersey
  • Singapore > Sydney
  • Frankfurt am Main > Warsaw
  • Roubaix > Warsaw
  • London > Frankfurt am Main
  • London > Roubaix

Our testing showed that the same list appeared on VeePN Windows and Android apps. Double VPN wasn’t an option when we used VeePN for Chrome, though.

Extra Slots

If the standard 10 simultaneous connections that come with any paid VeePN subscription aren’t enough for you, you can buy more.

Personal Servers

Paying for a dedicated server minimizes the likelihood of connection fails, which can trigger the Kill Switch. Without sharing traffic with other VeePN users, you can experience maximum VPN speeds with little to no interruptions.

Static Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses

A personal VeePN server comes with a static IP, enabling you to surf incognito. Since it helps maintain internet access stability too, you stream, play games, browse, etc. without any hiccups.

Smart (Domain Name System) DNS

When activated, it lets you set up VeePN on your PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV Stick.

Accessible through the dashboard, Smart DNS is likewise essential when adjusting your hardware’s DNS configuration settings. You can use it to watch otherwise restricted streaming content from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more.

VeePN Servers and Locations

In terms of server network size, you can put VeePN in the same category as ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and NordVPN.

With a VeePN premium account, you can access no less than 2,650 VPN servers scattered in 80 locations across 53 countries and territories—which is actually way more than what the company’s site advertises.

Although all regions are well represented, Europe and America house the vast majority of those servers. The Asia Pacific and the Middle East have decent regional networks while there are at least 30 servers in Africa.

VeePN Speed

From Europe, our base 80Mbps download speed dropped by at least 10Mbps after connecting to a UK server. Across the pond, the dip worsened to 40Mbps. When we connected to VPN servers in Australia, the average speed we recorded was just 15Mbps.

Clearly, the lesson here is to use the closest VeePN server to keep your download speed above 25Mbps.

VeePN Privacy and Jurisdiction

VeePN does have a no-log policy. But it does collect personally identifiable information from you on registration, even without signing up for a paid account. Names and email addresses are a good case in point.

In addition, the company uses cookies to gather data from you that doesn’t necessarily reveal your identity.

VeePN needs information about your devices, usage, location, transactions, connection timestamp, and session duration. The company shares said data with select third-parties to improve its product and service and detect fraud.

So, is VeePN safe? Yes - it doesn’t store your IP addresses, devices' metadata, browsing history, DNS queries, and any information you download or share.

Plus, Panama isn’t part of the Fourteen Eyes Alliance - a group of countries, carrying out internet surveillance and comparing notes with each other.

Unlike the case with Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Israel, there’s no evidence that this Central American state exchanges intelligence data with the West.

VeePN Security and Protocols

VeePN employs various security measures to keep malicious parties from snooping, neutralize cyber threat actors, and safeguard the privacy of its users.

256-Bit AES Encryption

This is the most robust encryption method invented. With it, your data is secure as a bank document or a confidential military file.

Anonymous IP

With or without a personal server, VeePN will change your IP address to help conceal your true identity and location. That hides you from hackers, and it also helps stop marketers from watching your online activity.

More importantly, browsing the Web without exposing your real IP address can help shield you from distributed denial-of-service attacks.

DNS Leak Prevention

Available in VeePN premium for PC, this feature prevents any leakage of DNS queries. Instead of allowing your device’s DNS requests to reach the servers of your ISP, the company routes them through an encrypted tunnel. This way, nobody would know what you do on the Web.

Custom DNS

Another unique security option in VeePN’s desktop app! You can pick your preferred and alternate DNS servers. Custom DNS can be instrumental in boosting your VPN speed and increasing DNS leak protection.

WebRTC IP Detection Blocker

If you get the VeePN extension for Firefox or Chrome, this toggle allows you to use sites properly by not having to manually disable WebRTC. When enabled, this feature can block detection.


NetGuard gives you the power to stop web trackers, omit annoying ads, restrict cookie banners, deny access to known sleazy domains, and avoid unreliable content. You can set them all individually. It’s available for Chrome and Windows.

Multiple VPN Protocols

You can choose from 3 tunneling protocols. The setting is on Automatic by default, but you can switch to OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, or IKEv2 as you wish.

The company boasts its enhanced VeePN OpenVPN protocols, VeePN SmartUDP and VeePN SmartTCP, on its site. But neither of them is available at the moment.

The protocol setting has a fourth option: Shadowsocks. It doesn’t actually encrypt your data. It disguises traffic and reroutes data through a proxy server in order to move past geo-restrictions.

VeePN Leak Test Results

We ran a couple of tests on VPN servers from multiple locations outside our home region, and no results returned with our real IP address. Enabled DNS Leak Protection didn’t expose our DNS requests too. We recorded the same findings with the free version.

VeePN and Streaming Services

This VPN can be used with the following streaming platforms:

  • ABC
  • Amazon Prime
  • BBC iPlayer
  • HBO
  • Hulu
  • NBC
  • Netflix
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV
  • YouTube Premium

Although it doesn’t provide setup tutorials for Chromecast and Kodi, VeePN claims to support them too.

Trying to unlock some of said streaming services was what we anticipated most while researching for this VeePN review. We failed to access the geo-restricted content of Netflix, YouTube TV, Hulu, and Amazon Prime at first. But we ultimately made it after trying different servers.

VeePN’s lack of specialized streaming VPN servers is also a frequent complaint in most VeePN reviews. 

How Good Is VeePN for Torrenting?

VeePN appears to be neutral when it comes to torrenting.

The company isn’t an advocate of cyber-piracy, but it won’t stop any VeePN premium subscriber who likes to download and distribute torrents. It has no optimized servers for file sharing, but any of its tunneling protocols as well as Shadowsocks can do the job if you use a peer-to-peer network.

Moreover, VeePN has servers in 79% of countries that ban torrenting outright.

We were able to download some content using a popular torrenting client, using the Windows and Android versions.

Can VeePN Bypass Geoblocks?

VeePN has presence in Belarus, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey, some of the most censored countries in the world.

The company doesn’t have a server in China, but it has some footprint in Hong Kong. You can use this one If you visit mainland China.

If that doesn’t work, you can try Shadowsocks. Originally developed to exploit the cracks in the Great Firewall of China, this protocol masquerades data as HTTPS traffic. It’s the closest thing to stealth VPN VeePN has in its arsenal.

Shadowsocks doesn’t implement different layers of military-grade encryption, though. So using it can be a roll of the dice.

Ease of Use

During the test for this VeePN review, we found the Android app was the most responsive. The Windows and Chrome options were also good.

The PC and mobile apps support 13 languages. VeePN for Chrome is available in 20. You can translate the default content in English its web-based account management dashboard to 14 other languages.

In terms of customization, the Chrome extension and the Windows app let us pick your favorite VPN servers. On your desktop, we were able to arrange the server order by location or latency.

From signup to payment, everything was straightforward. Registration was painless, and we were using the service in less than a minute.

When we signed up for a VeePN premium subscription, we were greeted by four options: credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express), PayPal, Paymentwall, and CoinPayments.

Customer Support

Support isn’t VeePN’s biggest strength.

It has live chat. Other VeePN reviews claimed it's available 24/7. That was far from our experience. The company won’t even tell you its office hours. At least the agent we got replied to the message we left when they were offline in less than half a day.

If you don’t mind reading some materials about general product information, setup, and troubleshooting, you may find the Knowledge base helpful.

Its design is impeccable, and it comes with a search engine with suggestion capability. It will recommend an article that best matches your query or some other keywords to return better results.

Frankly, we were expecting a larger database. We couldn’t find a relevant solution to what we’re looking for. If you don’t have the time or patience to dig up some literature, you can simply submit a support ticket and wait for an answer to your inbox.

VeePN Price

VeePN offers 2 free trials, but there’s hardly any mention of them on the company’s site.

The first one is good for 1 day. You can learn about it when you register through the desktop or mobile app since it’s proactively offered. You’ll be asked to create a VeePN premium account when this is over.

The second one is 7-day long. It is tied to a weekly VeePN subscription, which you can only purchase through a mobile app. It requires payment information because the corresponding paid plan is activated immediately after the free trial period ends. You can avoid a charge if you discontinue the service prior to the initial payment schedule.

Moreover, VeePN’s plans and prices are inconsistent on many levels. Here, take a look:

  • 1 Month: $10.99/month
  • 1 Year: $69.99 ($5.83/month)
  • 5 Years: $99.99 ($1.67/month)

Additionally, there’s another set of VeePN premium plans and prices for Android:

  • 1 Week: $9.99/week
  • 1 Month: $10.99/month
  • 1 Year: $69.99/year

Only weekly, monthly, semiannual, and annual plans auto-renew once the term expires. Although you can’t buy a VeePN lifetime subscription at the moment, choosing a multi-year plan requires just a onetime payment and isn’t supposed to reset the clock upon expiration.

The company offers 14-day and 30-day money-back guarantees, too. The former applies to monthly plans, while the latter is designed for the lengthier subscriptions.

When we used a VeePN for the first time, we were elated to know that the Chrome version allowed us to give the software a whirl without a signup requirement and time limit. This VeePN extension gave us access to servers in 7 locations: 4 in Europe, 2 in Asia, and 1 in the US.

VeePN Review - Verdict

VeePN has lots of things going for it. It has a healthy mix of standard and advanced functionalities, an impressive network of servers, and incredibly cheap multi-year plans.

We’d like to see some improvement on the customer support front. And those pricing plans really need some work.

If there’s anything we learned when writing this VeePN review, it’s that this service comes with many practical internet privacy tools and delivers reliable cybersecurity. Test out its free version or sign up for its free trial to experience it firsthand.


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