Ace VPN Review

Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Oct 11, 2022

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The folks behind this VPN looked to create an affordable solution to protect your data while browsing the Web. But did they succeed? Let’s find out in this Ace VPN review.

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Best for: Unblocking Netflix

Strengths Can unblock Netflix
Strengths Smart DNS function
Strengths Strong security
Strengths Cheap Premium plan
Weaknesses Difficult to set up
Weaknesses Expensive Ultimate plan
Weaknesses Torrenting not available on UK and US servers
Weaknesses No simultaneous connections on multiple devices

Ace VPN is a relatively small virtual private network company that first entered the market in 2009. The owners claim their app can unblock more than 115 streaming sites while offering top-notch security.

But, is their service as good as advertised? Read this Ace VPN review to find out.

Ace VPN Features

The tool comes with a variety of features.

Here are the ones you should know about:

Device Compatibility

Let’s start by saying that it is available on virtually all devices.

It lets you hide your IP address when using:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android. 

Plus, it could be set up on a router, meaning you can use it on your gaming console or smart TV as well. 

What a blessing! 

Now, you’d like to learn about the Ace VPN security level?

Read on to get to the crux.

Kill Switch

We’ll start with the most essential security features.

Ace VPN has a kill switch, which keeps you protected if you suddenly lose connection to your VPN server

How does it work? 

Put simply, it blocks all network traffic to and from your IP the moment your VPN stops. 

And no Internet connection, no leaking risk. 

As simple as that. 

No-logging Policy

Now, to the question: Does the Ace VPN app log your data?

Luckily, the answer is no.

It doesn’t keep any personal details or information about visited sites, downloads, and browsing history. 

And that is exactly what you’d want from a VPN. 

The no-log policy and the kill switch cover the basics security-wise. 

But there’s more:

Our Ace VPN review will give you the whole picture.

Ace VPN Advanced Features

Here’s what else Ace VPN has to offer:

Smart DNS

Good news for binge-watchers!

Ace VPN employs Smart DNS - a technology that makes it easier to bypass geo-restrictions on streaming platforms.

It spoofs your location by using a different domain name server (DNS). A smart DNS doesn’t hide your IP, though. 

So, you ask:

But why do I need it then? 

Because it doesn't slow your connection while watching Netflix or any other similar platform. So, using a Smart DNS allows you to stream HD content without buffering.

The feature is added as a free option to all Ace VPN subscribers. It is a bit awkward to set up, but the good thing is that there are instructions on how to do it on the official site. 

Keep reading this Ace VPN review to learn more about the app’s unblocking power.

Ace VPN Servers and Locations

Ace VPN offers servers in over 50 locations in more than 26 countries

Not a super impressive number but a decent one.

You can choose from:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Rusia
  • Turkey
  • Egypt 
  • Australia
  • South Africa. 

Simultaneous Connections

Unfortunately, neither of the Ace VPN subscription plans offers simultaneous connections. True, you can connect it to a router and use it on all your devices at home.

Yet, when out and about, your smartphone or tablet will be unprotected. And this, plus the lack of an ad blocker, explains some of the negative user-written Ace VPN reviews. 

Ace VPN Speed

Here’s some detailed information about speeds. 

The Ace company boasts of providing fast servers to its subscribers. 

But how fast?

I turned to to find out.

When I connected to nearby servers, my speed dropped by up to 10%. This is normal when using a VPN, and you can still download stuff fast and stream media without buffering.

Usually, a more distant server means lower speeds. If you choose the wrong location, you might experience a decrease of as high as 60%. 

So, stick to “neighboring” Ace VPN servers, and you’ll be more than fine. 

Ace VPN Privacy and Jurisdiction

The Ace VPN company is based in the US. Thus, it falls under the country’s internet privacy laws. 

And this isn’t that great. 


For starters, the US is one of the founders of the Fourteen Eyes intelligence alliance. This is a treaty that allows participating countries to exchange sensitive information about their citizens (including traffic data). 

Another thing to keep in mind is that, as a US-based company, Ace VPN is under the jurisdiction of the NSA and FBI. And both have great power when it comes to surveillance and investigation. 

On a positive note, the Ace VPN app keeps no logs, so tracking your data can be challenging even for the government.  

Ace VPN Security and Protocols

Is Ace VPN Safe?

I’ve already answered this question to a certain extent when discussing the basic features of the Ace VPN app. The kill switch feature and the no-log policy provide a great level of security. 

But there’s more to that. 

It ticks all the boxes in terms of both encryption and protocols. 

  • For OpenVPN, it utilizes UDP and TCP. Available ciphers are ECC, RSA 4096-bit, and AES 256-bit encryption
  • For the IPsec IKEv2, the app uses UDP protocol, and the available ciphers are 384-bit ECC and AES 256-bit encryption.

The latter is also known as “military-grade encryption.” 

The name tells a lot, doesn’t it? 

It is one of the most secure encryption keys out there. Ask the FBI - they have been using it for a while. 

Stick to the end of this Ace VPN review to learn more about the app’s advanced features.

Double VPN

As the name suggests, a double VPN encrypts your connection twice. When testing the Ace VPN app, I was a bit disappointed to see that it didn’t have it. 

However, the stealth VPN and the type of encryption offset this downside. 

Ace VPN Leak Test Results

Running leak tests is one of the best ways to check how effective a VPN is.

So, I connected to servers in Romania, Denmark, and the US to see how they performed.

Luckily, the tests showed no signs of IP and DNS leaking.

Ace VPN and Streaming Services

The company takes great pride in its power to unblock a myriad of streaming websites. And this isn’t just advert-speak.

You can use Ace VPN for Netflix but also other platforms such as: 

  • Hulu
  • BBC
  • iPlayer
  • Rai
  • Sky
  • Go
  • Eurosport

And more.

Overall, Ace VPN boasts unblocking over 115 channels in total, which is not surprising given that it can bypass Netflix restrictions. The website is extremely unfriendly towards VPNs. So,  a VPN that can “destroy” its shields can unblock the majority of other streaming platforms out there

The secret of Ace VPN?

Its stealth technology.

Let me explain. 

A stealth VPN disguises your connection to look like a regular one. This doesn’t let VPN-blocking platforms like Netflix recognize you’re using such a tool. 

Of course, the Ace VPN app doesn’t have a 100% success rate. Even more expensive options don’t. But it performs just fine when you find the right server.

How Good Is Ace VPN for Torrenting?

So, to be completely honest - torrenting with this solution is a bit complex.

What do I mean?

Ace VPN torrent speeds are great but not available on all servers.

If you’re a Premium user, you only get the basic set of features, which doesn’t include any type of P2P sharing. To enjoy torrenting, you have to buy the Ultimate plan, which is thrice as expensive (scroll down for pricing info).

The problem is that UK and US servers don’t support torrenting.

To sum up, as long as you have the Ultimate plan and you connect to servers on which P2P is allowed, Ace VPN is safe for torrenting. Yet, this feature proves disappointingly limited given the plan price and the lack of support on certain servers. 

Can Ace VPN Bypass Geoblocks?

You bet!

I already mentioned that Ace VPN has a stealth VPN, which works miracles for unblocking streaming websites.

But it also deals with geo-restrictions quite successfully. 

Some jurisdictions like China, Russia, or Turkey tightly monitor external internet traffic and are prone to blocking VPN users. With a stealth VPN, you can bypass all sorts of politically exposed geo-restrictions, including the Great Firewall.

Good news is, the company also provides OpenVPN in China for local macOS and Windows users. 

Now, coming to one of the most important questions when choosing a VPN:

How easy is it to use Ace VPN?

Ease of Use

The tool is available across all platforms. There’s Ace VPN for Windows as well as Mac and Linux. It also works on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. 

You can also use it on a gaming console or a smart TV.

Unfortunately, setting up the Ace VPN app is a bit challenging. You have to follow an entire set of instructions (posted on the official website) to start using it. However, they are not as easy as you might imagine.

So, how to use Ace VPN?

Believe it or not, you need to set up the VPN connection manually.

And this can be daunting for some users. If you’re not tech-savvy, chances are you’re unfamiliar with all the processes and the terminology involved.

What’s worse, the sign-up process on the website is more complex than what is deemed normal.

This manual setup thing led me to conclude that:

Nope — this app does not rate well in terms of user experience.

Ace VPN Customer Support

Most Ace VPN reviews praise the customer support that the company offers.
I also think it is doing very well regarding that matter.

The Ace VPN website has a support page where you can find lots of troubleshooting information. The FAQ section is short, and on point, so it is worth going over.

The company doesn’t offer 24/7 live chat support, meaning that you can’t get instant help. However, most VPNs in the same price range don’t, so I wouldn’t take that as a real negative.

In fact, you can contact the customer support team via email only. No phone call option is available, yet this isn’t necessarily bad.

When writing this Ace VPN review, I reached out to customer support to see how helpful the agents were.

I received a detailed response in less than ten minutes. 

So, although there isn’t a phone call or a live chat option, customer support rates super good. 

Ace VPN Price

A great level of security plus almost unlimited power to bypass geo-restrictions. Perhaps you’re now interested and asking:

Is Ace VPN free?

Unfortunately, Ace VPN has no free version, but some of the prices aren’t as high as with some other services. 

Like most VPNs on the market, this tool offers two subscription plans to choose from. Each comes with six billing cycles, ranging from 1 month to 3 years.

The Ace VPN Premium plan starts from $3.89 per month, while you can buy the Ultimate Plan at a minimum rate of $11.67. The latter comes with torrenting support, a remote installation option, and extra locations.

There are no hidden fees involved, and you get unlimited bandwidth with both plans.

And if you’re not satisfied with the service, you can get your money back. A good option provided there’s no Ace VPN free trial.

Note that you can ask for a refund up to seven days after purchasing the app. 

Ace VPN Review - Verdict

We’ve tested a lot of VPNs here at TechJury.

The Ace VPN comes just somewhere in the middle.

The service is advertised as cheap, but the Ultimate plan isn’t exactly that. I find that to be the biggest issue with it, especially since the Premium package doesn’t cover torrenting.

The app doesn’t support torrenting or simultaneous connections, and it doesn’t have an ad blocker, either.  

On the other hand, I liked its top-notch security level and decent privacy policy. Speeds are just as you’d expect from this type of service.

The Ace VPN app outperforms some cheap alternatives and is definitely better than any free option out there. 

However, the service just isn’t as good as it is with some of the top VPNs on the market.

There is no free or trial version of the service. However, everything I covered in this Ace VPN review should be enough to help you decide whether or not to give it a go.

If you do so and don’t like it, you can get a refund within seven days after purchase.


Dejan Cvetnarevic

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