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Updated · Oct 11, 2022

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Looking for safety and privacy while on the internet? We have just what you need. In this AirVPN review, we’ll look at its features to help you make an informed choice.

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Best for: Users looking for more control via customization.

Strengths Unlimited trial
Strengths Advanced killswitch
Strengths Limitless torrenting
Strengths Zero traffic logs
Weaknesses No ad blocker
Weaknesses Clunky interface
Weaknesses Fourteen Eyes member

AirVPN’s 2021 inception has quite a fascinating tale. 

Its founders (a group of hacktivists, activists, and advocates) met during Rome’s Pirates Festival and came together to build the popular virtual private network, AirVPN.  

Initially, it started as a free service. But to keep it sustainable, it had to have a source of income. The result was the AirVPN premium version.

At this point, it only had two servers in one country. But it has now grown in leaps and bounds, with more than 200 servers in 22 countries. Moreover, its initial handful of Mbits has now risen to 24K+, serving tens of thousands of users worldwide. 

AirVPN Features 

Here are some features that you’ll get to enjoy with this tool:

Kill switch 

So if your network suddenly drops, this will expose your IP. As a result, hackers could take this chance to mount malicious software like spyware into your machine.

Unless, of course, you have a reliable VPN with a kill switch

AirVPN has one and it calls it Network Lock. You must enable it from Eddie’s settings for it to work. 

Wait. Eddie?

Well, this is what AirVPN for Windows and other operating systems calls its client portal.

Unfortunately, activating the kill switch on this solution isn’t as straightforward as it is with other tools.

First of all, you have to locate Network Lock under Preferences. 

You then have to choose some parameters, such as whether you want to terminate incoming or outgoing traffic. 

Remember that once you activate it, always keep your client on to keep it active.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is essential. 

With it, you can choose where to route your traffic.

With my free AirVPN trial, I defined the traffic that I routed to my gateways by hostname or IP addresses. I wasn’t able to do that based on the apps that I connected to, however.

This sucked because it can be challenging trying to figure out what hostnames and IP addresses applications connect to. 

No-log Policy 

AirVPN doesn’t store any logs. 

So it won’t keep histories of your browsing, which could be a goldmine for marketers.  Or perhaps snoopers wanting to know if you’ve used Bittorrent, the files you accessed, etc.


But is AirVPN safe


It uses 256-bit AES encryption which offers the highest protection possible.

Encryption is vital for making data incomprehensive to prying eyes. That means hackers, marketers, or nosy people that like to mind other people’s business.

Shared IP Addresses

Another reason why Air VPN is safe is that it doesn’t issue unique addresses to its users.

Every server on Air on has an entry and exit IP address that everyone shares for heightened protection. 

The company can give static or dedicated IPs on request, however. 

AirVPN Advanced Features 

So, what extra features does this solution offer?

Let’s find out. 


This solution lets you whitelist your favorite VPN servers and blacklist those you dislike. That saves you the headache of manually finding them every time. 

Bitcoin Payments 

To further conceal your identity, AirVPN lets you pay in Bitcoin. Additionally, you can use other types of cryptocurrency such as Etherium, Litecoin, Dash, Doge, and Monero. 

Judging by other AirVPN reviews, users are quite pleased with this option.

Limitless Bandwidth and Server Switches

Users get access to all exit nodes. Therefore, you won’t have traffic or time limitations.

Another fantastic thing:

It gives you unlimited server switching. That means that you can change servers as often as you want. 

That’s vital because sometimes they might not work as effectively as you want, hence the need to change.

Personal Details Not Necessary for Registration

You really don’t need to enter your details to use the AirVPN free trial. All you have to do is enter a random string in place of your email address and name.

Perfect Forward Secrecy

This feature is all about the frequency through which a virtual private network changes its encryption keys. 

If they’re not changed often enough, hackers might get hold of them if they use them for too long and gain access to private messages, photos, or names.

AirVPN uses a key exchange from Diffie-Hellman. It does rekeying every 60 minutes. In addition, the client can lower the timing to maybe 30 minutes if need be. 

Tor Integration

Another reason why AirVPN security is top-notch is that it incorporates Tor Browser. With it, you get an extra layer of privacy.

You can decide to set up Tor over VPN or VPN over Tor if you like. The latter is the best approach since your ISP won’t tell you that you’ve connected to the network. 

Port Forwarding 

To avoid impairing the performance of some applications, like eMule or BitTorrent, Air uses port forwarding. Otherwise, it would be impossible for your device to be reachable on the internet. 

This is how it works:

Once you initiate remote forwarding, the VPN servers will open a port. AirVPN will go with whatever choice you make, whether UPD, TCP, or both. From then on, you’ll be able to reach the service via your server’s exit IP address. 

Note that you can only forward to 20 ports at once.

Launch at Start 

You never have to worry about forgetting to turn on your AirVPN app, thanks to this option. 

Note that it’s not active on default. You have to enable it from “Preferences.” 

Worry not; it’s nothing complicated. Just look for the Connect at Startup option and remember to click on save.

AirVPN Servers and Locations 

There are more than 200 AirVPN servers in 22 countries.

They include, but are not limited to:

  • The United States
  • Italy
  • Canada
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • The United Kingdom

This solution is the only one of its kind to share a real-time server monitor with the world. 

It updates it every 60 seconds with details like geographical distribution, user speeds, session traffic, session speeds, and pending issues. 

Another thing that I loved about this solution is that each server has a unique name. So, it’s easy to distinguish between the hundreds of options.

AirVPN Speeds 

You might have read in the different AirVPN reviews that it’s incredibly fast. I set out to find that out by conducting a small experiment. 

I started by testing my base speed and then compared it to what the solution offers.

Here’s the performance before connecting the tool:

AirVPN base speed

With Atlanta US servers:

AirVPN US speed

With London,  UK servers:

AirVPN UK speed

And finally, Shinagawa Japan servers:

AirVPN Japan speed

As you can see, the UK download speeds went up by about 29%.

Japan’s upload speed was the highest after a 24% increase.

AirVPN Privacy and Jurisdiction

AirVPN for PC and mobile has its head office in Italy. 

The country is a member of the Fourteen Eyes alliance. Therefore, it’s under a mandate to share intelligence regarding your activities with other members.

It does state in its privacy policy, however, that it will only respond to European laws.

Additionally, it doesn’t store any logs, so there won’t be any to give should someone ask for them. That’s unlike IPs in the area that must archive their user data. 

AirVPN Security and Protocols 

AirVPN uses OpenVPN

The protocol uses open-source technology, allowing various security experts to conduct security updates. That alone makes it one of the safest protocols around. 

AirVPN doesn’t discriminate against other service providers, however. So, whatever protocol you use, this tool will allow it. 

AirVPN Leak Test Results 

I used to see if this solution would protect my Domain Name Service (DNS) and Internet Protocol (IP). 

AirVPN DNS leak results showed that it does that very well. No leaks were detected. 

AirVPN Streaming Services 

So, can I stream Netflix on AirVPN?

Yes, you can. 

Of course, it’s not 100% reliable since Netflix has actively been blocking VPNs

For every five times I tried, three sailed right through. 

I was also successful in unlocking Hulu and Disney+. However, I failed miserably with BBC iPlayer.

How Good is AirVPN for Torrenting? 

So, is AirVPN torrenting any good?

Very good, as it allows unlimited P2P sharing.

The download and upload speeds are impressive. 

Its killswitch offers an advanced level of security if the network drops. Additionally, users have access to up to 20 ports at their disposal, so transfer speeds are higher. 

Can AirVPN Bypass Geo-blocks? 

Yes, using this solution is the perfect way to get around geo-blocks. It has excellent speed and latency when circumventing censored content, which other popular VPNs are still working on. 

Sometimes, it’s paramount to try different exit IP addresses as accessibility may fail from time to time.

Ease of Use 

AirVPN’s interface is a bit cumbersome and can be intimidating for beginners. That’s because its instructions are also a little too technical for the average user. 

Once I downloaded the tool for testing to compile this AirVPN review, the system prompted me to log in. From here, I could either go with the server the company recommended or pick a preferred one.

The interface is easy to navigate, so don’t worry about that.

You’ll see many flickering numbers at the top and center of your screen. The digits are public exit IP address, upload, and download speeds.

On the left is a list of the VPN servers, logs, stats, speeds, and countries.

Truthfully speaking, you will need some technical skills to perform most of the actions on this VPN. Configuring it to work in China, for instance, requires some skills. 

But don’t feel discouraged.

AirVPN is a good VPN because it has lots of screenshots and guides to help you out. 

That’s not all:

You can always reach out to customer support for assistance. Another option is to post your question in the forums.

Customer Support 

AirVPN’s client support is operational 24/7. Additionally, it takes a maximum of 24 hours to answer questions.

  • Email
  • Contact form

I reached out to them via the contact form and email with various questions. I got very detailed answers. The personnel was as professional as it gets; courteous, friendly, and willing to help.

A+ for this team!

AirVPN Price

AirVPN doesn’t have a free version. 

You can, however, make use of the 3-day AirVPN trial

Here are Air’s rates:

  • $2.36 per 3 days
  • $8.26 per month
  • $17.70 per 3 months
  • $34.22 per 6 months
  • $57.82 per 1 year
  • $93.23 per 2 years
  • $116.83 per 3 years

You’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee with each purchase. 

AirVPN vs. NordVPN 

AirVPN VS. NordVPN, which one is mightier?

Well, both are very reliable in terms of securing connections. They are also multiplatform and compatible with most operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Torrenting is one area where AirVPN hits the ball out of the park. It allows unlimited torrenting on all its servers, while NordVPN only has a couple of options available. 

But then again, Nord optimizes those same servers for P2P sharing.

Air has around 200 servers, however, which is negligible compared to NordVPN’s 5000+.

In addition, with AirVPN, you can only connect five devices, while NordVPN allows up to six device connections.

AirVPN requires lots of technical background hence suitable for techies. On the other hand, Nord has a user-friendly interface, ideal for both beginners and advanced users.

I’ll let you decide who wins.

ExpressVPN vs. AirVPN 

So, let’s now discuss another pair - ExpressVPN vs. AirVPN.

To begin with, they’re both well-respected in the industry. Their security features are also fantastic, with an inbuilt DNS. The two allow up to five ports and use 256-AES bit encryption. 

But it gets more challenging for AirVPN when it comes to rare split tunneling. While Air has 223 servers in 22 countries for this, Express has over 2000 in 94 countries.

Express VPN also has 24/7 live email and chat support, while Air only offers email.

Furthermore, Express uses different protocols, i.e., OpenVPN, PPTP, and IPSec, while Air only utilizes OpenVPN.

AirVPN Review - Verdict 

AirVPN’s biggest drawback is that it doesn’t have an ad-blocker. Something that can be annoying when streaming because ads tend to pop out of nowhere. 

In addition, it has a small server network of 200 compared to the top VPNs out there. But don’t let that fool you as it’s got impressive speeds. 

I also found that I could only connect five devices at a time. That’s on the lower side. 

Torrenting, however, is on another level compared to most solutions. It’s unlimited, and the company allows users to carry out the activity on all its servers. 

Another thing that I discovered during the test for AirVPN review was the number of customizations that I could do with it. For instance, I could choose my IP type, ports, favorite servers, amongst other things.

Yes, the learning curve is steep, and newbies might require some assistance at the beginning, but with time, it becomes easier. Besides, technical support is always available and very helpful. 

No doubt - this is a reliable tool. 




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