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Nick G.
Nick G.

Updated · Oct 12, 2022

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This Switzerland-based VPN provider bypasses geo-restrictions with ease. It’s one of the best VPN solutions if you live in China or any other country with controlled internet access. Find out what else they have to offer in this VyprVPN review.

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Number of servers


Zero-log policy


Stealth VPN


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OpenVPN / PPTP / L2TP / IPsec / Chameleon

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VyprVPN Review

MINIMUM PRICE: $8.33/month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Users from countries with restricted internet access.

Strengths Excellent for countries with restricted internet access
Strengths Own servers
Weaknesses No additional security features
Weaknesses No port forwarding

The time has come for the next one of our VPN reviews.

Like in many other VyprVPN reviews, I will tell you the main features of this VPN client. But unlike any other review of the kind, this one will show you the good, the bad and the ugly side of VyprVPN.

I was quite excited to test a VPN client that has its own security protocol and was eager to see it in action. Here we are doing our best to keep you informed about any interesting software features that we come across in the VPN area.

What is VyprVPN?

Founded in 2009 in Switzerland, VyprVPN is quite often a topic of discussion around the Web.

VyprVpn, a Golden Frog VPN service, is a secure virtual private network that allows you to access a free and open internet, to bypass restrictions imposed on sites and content. The company owns its servers and has created the proprietary Chameleon™ VPN technology.

Its purpose is to defeat VPN-blocking and to allow anyone using the VPN apps to avoid censorship from any location in the world.

VyprVPN Essentials – Speed, Security, and Privacy

Any VPN service that is slow, leaks the users’ IP address and sells their personal information is simply bad. How does VyprVPN fair in these essential categories?

1. Speed

The speed of VyprVPN’s servers can surely use an improvement.

The best results I received were from Europe, but still suffered more than 50% loss of speed (the test was made with 100 Mbps broadband connection).

In the U.S. and Asia things are even worse – a drop of more than 80%. While every VPN “eats” some speed in exchange for your online security, even VyprVpn pro showed the same results. It is still okay if you use the European servers, but I received higher speeds from other VPN clients we have reviewed, like CyberGhost and ExpressVPN.


VyprVPN Belgium speed


VyprVPN Germany speed


VyprVPN US speed

If you notice, all the tests I did had a rather high ping (delay). Probably this was generated by the amount of users on the servers, but such knowledge improves speed in no way.


VyprVPN Japan speed

Using the Chameleon protocol really kills the speed. Here is Tokyo again, using the Chameleon protocol. Your connection may be masked as a normal one, but you suffer yet another 5-10% decrement of speed, on top of the 85% already lost.

VyprVPN Japan speed with Chameleon protocol

Verdict: VyprVPN is not particularly fast, as even the closest locations brought the speed down by about 50%.

2. Security

After putting it to the test, VyprVPN showed no IP or DNS leaks.

Solid and secure performance.

Now let’s see the security features the software provides. For the purposes of this VyprVPN review, I tried them all and they worked fine.

The software has a killswitch, which stops all internet traffic whenever the secure tunnel drops. You can configure it to only work when using VyprVPN or at all times, no matter whether you quit the program, or not.

The software allows you to choose between four security protocols – PPTP (128-bit encryption), L2TP/IPsec (256-bit), OpenVPN (256-bit or 160-bit), and their own Chameleon protocol (256-bit). The latter uses unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol to mask VPN traffic so it cannot be identified as a VPN connection and blocked.

The company promotes it as ideal for users who are blocked in countries such as China.

Here is something, that bugged me, while writing this Vypr VPN review. While connecting to different servers to check speed and stability, the geo-location found me in the U.S. When connected to a German server, some of the IP tests showed my PC to be in Pittsburgh, US. Some of the other servers showed my PC in the US as well.

Outdated IP tables gave off misleading info. Keep in mind that some sites’ databases are outdated and the IP ascribed to you used to be in a different location. So I tried different geolocation tools, specifically created for this task alone, and was assured that everything is OK.

Took a while to get the proper info displayed.

Verdict: VyprVPN creates highly reliable and well-protected connections.

3. Privacy

If you have read any other VyprVPN reviews and saw that Golden Frog, the company behind the service, keeps logs, you’d be pleased to know they’ve abolished the practice.

Since November 29, 2018 VyprVPN became the world’s first publicly-audited, no-log VPN service. It used to log and retain information for 30 days about the user’s IP and VyprVPN IP address assigned to the user. After receiving complaints from customers, the company decided to change their policy and stopped logging this information.

Another good thing we can say in this Vypr VPN review is that the company owns and manages its servers (unlike even some of the best VPN services, for example, whose servers are rented from third parties). The overall number of servers is pretty good, too – over 700 machines in more than 70 locations.

The other good thing going on for it is that the company is based in Switzerland. Since 2010, IP addresses are considered personal information, and under Swiss privacy laws, they may not be used to track Internet usage without the knowledge of the individuals involved.

On top of that, you receive up to five simultaneous connections that will never be tracked with VyprVPN.

VyprVPN Pros

While not the fastest service I’ve seen, VyprVPN has a handful of features that make it a good offering.

1. Live chat support

I am quite impressed with the Vypr VPN support team. They answered all my questions in less than a minute. For more serious problems (like low speed, server issues, etc.) you have to communicate via email though.

The staff working there are friendly, competent and reply fast, which is everything you can desire from a support team.

2. The ultimate no-logging policy

VyprVPN recently switched from logging data to no log-policy, so thumbs up for that. On top of that, they paid an outside firm (Leviathan) to evaluate their no-logging policy. After all, the main reason anyone uses VPN in the first place is to be anonymous online. Keeping logs is a big drawback in that regard.

3. Chameleon

Golden Frog created its own VPN technology, called Chameleon. That does give VyprVPN a functional advantage in the VyprVpn vs NordVPN debate. The tech scrambles the OpenVPN packet metadata to ensure it’s not recognizable via DPI. It’s based on the unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol for the underlying data encryption to be able to bypass restrictive networks put in place by governments, corporations, and ISPs without sacrificing security.

4. Works with Netflix

Netflix works with VyprVPN, so the platform’s geo-restrictions are bypassed successfully. They don’t offer optimized servers for streaming services, but you can watch via any server in a location that is not prohibited by Netflix.

5. Good for torrenting

VyprVPN works well and is safe for torrenting. It doesn’t any data, so no one can say if you are transferring P2P data or just browsing.

In some Vypr Vpn reviews across the Web, I noticed some reviewers don’t recommend VyprVPN for torrenting, because of Golden Frog’s ToS, and particularly the copyright part in the “Prohibited Activities” section.

Most users would be confused if their account will be suspended if they engage in P2P file sharing. Since the company doesn’t log or monitor your activities you could torrent at will, using a random IP, assigned to you by the software. The FAQ section confirms as much.

6. Available for all devices

Like most VPN apps on the Web, VyprVPN is also available for several devices, running on different OS.

You can download VyprVPN for most major operating systems (not for Linux though, unlike Perfect Privacy VPN), but still, that’s more than enough. I tested the Windows and Android applications and on both of them look good and is easy to use, even for first-timers.

VyprVPN Cons

Other than the somewhat slow speed, VyprVPN has a couple of other drawbacks. They are not extremely severe but certainly can ruin the impression.

1. Takes too long to reach the servers (if ever).

This is the worst issue I had to deal with while testing. I classify it as one con, but it has two different aspects, which are annoying in their own right. This issue isn’t present all the time, but it’s there more often than not.

First off, before connecting to one of the 700+ servers, make sure you have something better to do, instead of staring at the screen for 5 minutes (like I was doing while writing of this VyprVPN review). Sometimes it took about a minute, sometimes more to establish connection.

As I mentioned above, there were times when it worked perfectly and connected me to a server in about 5-10 seconds, which is fine. Most of the time, though, it didn’t work that well.

Second comes the “Fastest Server”. While you can choose any server provided by Golden Frog’s software, you also receive an option to connect to the “Fastest Server” right away.

For a 2021 VyprVPN review, I wouldn’t think it’d be fitting to talk about being unable to connect to the “fastest” server, but reality showed me otherwise. All is good and well if you don’t want to waste time choosing a server. In my experience, however, 4 out of 5 tries to connect to the fastest server failed.

Finally – the software crashed a few times.

And if you get tired of these issues, and the support team isn’t able to help you and you decide to cancel this service, guess what?

Enter, con number 2.

2. Shady subscription plan.

You can test VyprVpn free of charge for 3 days on mobile devices. On day 4, the price of your chosen plan (see below) will be deducted from your bank account.

So far so good.

The problem arises when you actually want to cancel your account. The support team assured me that every refund inquiry is being processed on a case-to-case basis.

However, reading some users’ reviews and checking the comments on Google Play led me to believe that the chances of getting your money back aren’t great.

3. Buggy app

The only major issue I expericend with the app is the time you need to connect to a server. However the latest user VyprVPN reviews I read speak of buggy Android and Windows apps.

Good news is the company replies to each of its unhappy customers and (hopefully) addresses their issues.

VyprVPN Price

Like most VPN services out there VyprVPN's pricing plan gets much cheaper if you subscribe for a longer period.

Here are the latest pricing plans:

  • One month - $15.00
  • 12 months - $8.33/month

The company also offers two more plans for its business customers:

  • VyprVPN Business - From $299.00/year
  • Business Cloud - From $349.00/year

All in all, if you decide to subscribe for a three-year plan VyprVPN is one of the cheapest VPN services out there.

Do I Recommend VyprVPN?

To be honest, it’s really hard to say.

I enjoyed the software as a whole. It works fine and is easy on the eye, it’s safe, the price isn’t that high, and the support is great.

But while writing this VyprVPN review I was constantly annoyed by the impossibility to connect every time. What stops me from saying a definite “yes” is the problem with server connections and the serious drop in speed.

So, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend VyprVPN for now.

I will check again in the near future and if those issues are resolved, I will update my position on the topic. It is kind of like buying a nice car that won’t start every time. And if it does, it doesn’t go as fast as you hoped.


Is VyprVpn Safe?

Yes. No doubt about that. The no-logging privacy is tested by an outside company. The company runs its own (doesn’t rent) servers and uses all the familiar security protocols. It even developed its own (Chameleon), which is praiseworthy. You also receive a killswitch, malicious website blocker, and the VyprDNS, which is Golden Frog’s own zero-knowledge DNS, available exclusively for VyprVPN users. To top it all you also get a NAT Firewall, which provides an extra layer of security for your VyprVPN connection and offers additional protection on your router or mobile device.

How much does VyprVPN cost?

It doesn’t cost that much actually. On Android and iOS you can test it for free for a few days. After the 3-day free trial you can purchase the software for a month or buy the yearly plan. If you don’t want to spend much money on VPN software you can purchase the monthly subscription of VyprVPN for $6.47. This will get you one more month for free. The 18-month plan costs $2.50/month, while the three-year package will set you back by $1.67/month. You can pay with credit/debit card, PayPal, and Alipay.

How do I cancel VyprVPN?

You can cancel your account when you enter your information in the login page. From the control panel there, you choose “Account”. You will see your account details and the service you have. On the right of the service is situated the the “Cancel service” button. Next, you have to choose the reason for cancelling your account and click “Continue cancellation”. Then you are ready to quit using VyprVPN. There could be an issue with your refund if you want one, but the company promises that each refund inquiry will be reviewed and answered.

What is GoldenFrog?

Golden Frog develops software and services in the security sphere. It was founded because of the “Room 641a” scandal, (in this room the NSA was conducting surveillance on the AT&T networks). It builds tools that help preserve an open and secure internet experience, while respecting user’s privacy. The company’s founders are Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis, internet veterans who have owned and operated online businesses since 1994, and were the creators of one of the first ISP in the US.

Where is VyprVPN based?

The company is based in Switzerland. That’s because Switzerland’s favorable privacy laws make the operation of a VPN provider easier. The right to privacy is guaranteed by Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution. Privacy protections for online activities are provided for under Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO). The VyprVPN technical support team, however, is located in Texas, but the VPN company doesn’t house any department in the US.

What is VyprVPN cloud?

The VyprVPN Cloud is Golden Frog’s solution for adding an additional layer of security when using cloud servers.

If you have ever configured a VPN you already know it’s really irritating. With VyprVPN Cloud you don’t have to get annoyed, setting it up and running it. You receive your own dedicated server and IP.

It is a business solution, so the price is business-like : the plans start at 349$ per year. If you don’t want to rush paying you can request a free-trial. The VyprVPN Cloud supports the DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services and VirtualBox platforms. Most VyprVPN reviews fail to mention this.


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