Keeper Password Manager Review

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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In today’s online world, keeping our passwords secure should be a top priority. Keeper vault, an excellent password manager for businesses and families, makes this a straightforward task. In this Keeper password manager review, we’ll show you all it has to offer.





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Keeper Password Manager Review

Minimum Price Free

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Best for: People looking for a safe password manager

Strengths Easy UI
Strengths 99.9% uptime
Strengths Encrypted cloud
Strengths Shared records available
Weaknesses Free version is very limited
Weaknesses Some features cost extra
Weaknesses Some packages are expensive

What Is Keeper Password Manager?

How many times have you gone to a website you haven’t visited for a while, only to see that your password is incorrect? You’re forced to go through the tiresome recovery process, plus having to remember the brand new one. All of this can be avoided by using a password storage app.

Keeper is a fantastic password tool with best-in-class security, flexibility, and excellent customer support. Plus, its intuitive interface helps you keep everything in one place, including your credit card numbers and other personal documents. This in-depth guide will show you all its benefits.

Keeper Password Manager Features

Keepers is more than just a safe password storage app. Let’s take a look at the features below.

Password Generator & Auto-Fill

You and your employees will never have to think of a new password again. This password vault software creates a random strong password, uses it on websites, and stores it for future use. All passwords will be different across used platforms for even better security.

Password Security Audit Report

Never take risks with a weak password again. The service tracks password security and reports on any issues. Keeper helps organizations meet and stay SOX-compliant, enforcing internal control to protect the organization’s digital data.

Zero-Trust and Zero-Knowledge Security 

Keeper utilizes zero-trust and zero-knowledge security. This implies that everyone within the organization must be authenticated and authorized before gaining access to any application.

Data breaches are mitigated, and the information is kept safe with on-premise, cloud, and hybrid-cloud environments for client’s password management. We’re not the only Keeper password manager review to point out that this is one of the best safety features.

Private Vaults

With Keeper, every employee will have their own private environment to store and manage passwords, files, and personal data. There’s also an option to create shared folders, sub-folders, or passwords across teams and individual users.

Secure File Storage

Besides keeping your password safe, Keeper’s digital vault is a highly secure encrypted environment where you can store all files, documents, and videos without worrying about cyber attacks and potential ransomware. Keeper Security Inc will never know any passwords or access sensitive information as all stored data is encrypted.

Admin Console

In the admin console, you can manage and monitor all Keeper accounts in the organization. It also allows you to enforce 2FA or other security policies for optimal protection.

Role-Based Access

Since passwords and documents can be shared through the software, team supervisors can also customize access to specific files based on a team member’s roles and responsibilities.

Custom Fields

Not only does this software act only as secure password storage, but it can also store your driver’s license or passport number and put this personal information in one safe place. You can also use the Keeper security vault to store your credit card information for faster checkout at websites.

Emergency Access

The Keeper program lets you set up five trusted emergency contacts to grant vault access in an emergency. With this feature, not a single password will be lost after the passing of a family member.

Version History

Changing passwords is essential for increased security. Keeper stores all user data in AWS. This feature allows users to access and restore previous versions of their records.

Private Messaging (Apple, Android, and Windows)

With this tool, you can contact friends and family while maintaining a high level of security. Private messages are stored in a secure digital vault that you can access using your fingerprint biometrics. Messages can be retracted or set to self-destruct. Keep in mind that this feature has to be purchased separately.


BreachWatch will alert you if your passwords are stolen. To start using this feature, you have to set up records in the vault to perform the scan. This tool is also purchased separately, but you can always use the Dark web scan to check your data status for free.

Keeper Chrome Extension

Another handy way of using Keeper is by installing the Google Chrome extension. It protects and auto-fills passwords with ease. It also lets users:

  • Generate passwords
  • Protect confidential files
  • Share passwords
  • Access history 
  • Easily switch between multiple accounts 
  • Sync passwords

Keeper Mobile Apps

Since mobile devices are a huge part of our lives, a Keeper app for iOS and Android is available. It has similar features as a desktop client and web extension, and many Keeper reviews agree that it’s easy to use. The email and master passwords are used to login and gain access to:

  • Vault
  • Chats
  • Identity and payments
  • 2FA codes
  • Security audit
  • BreachWatch 

It’s one of the best password protection apps on today’s market. Its interface is sleek, and it’s effortless to use it when it’s synced on all devices.

Keeper Security

When it comes to security, Keeper utilizes PBKDF2 with HMAC-SHA256. Its Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 is used to reduce vulnerabilities and attacks.

HMAC-SHA256 is a specific type of message authentication code with a secret cryptographic key. It’s used to provide complex digital signatures as it converts the master password into an encryption key.

At the record-level encryption, all stored credentials have a unique record identifier. The private keys are also encrypted before transmission. For users who log in with a master password, the key is derived from the password itself.

For enterprise users who log in with an SSO identity provider, encrypted keys are sent to the device after successful authentication. Then, the user’s private keys are used to decrypt other vault keys.

The Cloud Security Vault itself is physically hosted with Amazon Web Services in multiple data centers worldwide. Keeper also stores a complete encrypted version history of every stored record, meaning that the data is never lost. A point-in-time restore is always available in case any passwords get deleted.

Ease of Use and Interface

All you have to do to start using Keeper is register at its website by entering your email and setting up a master password. Once you’ve registered, you can transfer all your existing passwords into the software. Finally, you can set up two-factor authentication, which we recommend.

Ours isn’t the only Keeper password manager review that speaks highly of its interface. Users love its simplicity. It’s clean, and all needed functions are found on the left side of the screen.

You can download the client from the Keeper website, and installation is quick and straightforward. The desktop interface looks the same as a Keeper password app for mobile devices.

Customer Support

Keeper support provides 24/7 customer support via email, phone, and live chat. When using the live chat, you’ll be welcomed by a chatbot. Once you enter your email address, you get through to a customer support representative. We found the team to be very responsive and knowledgeable

The knowledge base provides you with user guides, FAQ, and the option to check the apps for system outages.

If you want to learn more, there’s a free Q&A webinar you can register to. Additionally, there are tutorials, blog posts, and a resource library available. It doesn’t surprise us that other Keeper reviews join us in rating the customer support very high.

Keeper Plans and Pricing

Keeper offers a very limited free version for one mobile device per account. To unlock most features, you can upgrade to one of its paid plans:

  • Personal: From $2.91/user/month
  • Business: From $3.75/user/month
  • Enterprise: From $5/user/month
  • Family: From $6.24/user/month

All plans come with a free 30-day trial. Keeper software doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re a student, you can enjoy 50% off all plans.

Verdict – Is Keeper Worth It?

Our Keeper password manager review concludes that it’s one of the safest password management tools on today’s market. By utilizing the PBKDF2 and HMAC-SHA256 encryption, all passwords and sensitive information will continuously be protected. As it’s available on multiple platforms, it’s the right choice for individuals, families, and businesses.

Its interface is simple and easy to navigate. Storing passwords, credit card information, and using the auto-fill feature is straightforward from any device. Users can save time and generate passwords with just a few clicks.

The downside is that you’ll have to use some features separately. While some are free, you’ll have to purchase others, but the price is not clearly stated on the website. Some users also complained that the auto-fill pops up randomly and not in the right places.

Still, this Keeper password manager review shows that the software is a fantastic tool. For everything that Keeper offers, we find the price very reasonable.


Is Keeper a good password manager?

Yes, many Keeper reviews state to be happy with the software. They love its interface, ease of use, and features. Storing your passwords in a safe environment is crucial, and Keeper takes security seriously. It creates and keeps secure passwords, helps you share files, shows historical changes, and adds additional protection online.

What happens when Keeper free trial ends?

Once your free trial expires, you can continue using Keeper with minimal features. All your data will be stored on one device and won’t be transferred if you lose or damage it.

How much does Keeper password manager cost?

Keeper has a free version with limited features. To unlock all features, you can upgrade to the Personal tier which costs $2.91/user/month, or the Family plan at $6.24/user/month. If you’re a business owner looking to use the Keeper password vault for employees, you’ll have to pay $3.75/user/month. Enterprise solution costs $5/user/month.

Which is better, Keeper or LastPass?

Keeper is better than LastPass. While LastPass is hosted on its own data center, Keeper is hosted on AWS. The users of LastPass have complained about its repeated downtime, but Keeper reviews never mention this issue.

Keeper’s customer support is top-notch, while it seems nonexistent with LastPass. Keeper is also the safest password manager app on the market with the longest standing SOC2 and ISO27001 certification. Keeper offers more features for a lower price than LastPass. 

Has Keeper been hacked?

At the time of writing this Keeper password manager review, Keeper has suffered one vulnerability. In 2017, there was an issue with its browser plugin that enabled hackers to steal passwords. The company reacted instantly and 24 hours later released the fixed, updated version of the software.


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