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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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It's a hassle to keep track of all your login details and keep them secure. RoboForm, a robust password management tool, can take those problems away. Check out our RoboForm review below to see how it stacks up against its competitors.

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RoboForm Review

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Best for: Business use

Strengths Powerful business features
Strengths Many free functionalities
Strengths Competitive prices
Weaknesses Android app can be glitchy
Weaknesses Lengthy personal plans
Weaknesses Passwords might still need to be entered manually

Founded over 20 years ago, RoboForm turned from being a form-filling software to a reliable password management tool. While RoboForm’s longevity suggests effectiveness and reliability, this password vault software can’t hide its age behind its slightly outdated interface.

Although the product lacks some advanced features you can find in the top password apps, this cross-platform password manager has established itself as a powerful substitute for primitive password books and management tools.

Can this multi-platform password manager walk the talk? Let’s find out in this RoboForm review.

RoboForm Features

Here are some of RoboForm’s functionalities.

Random Password Generator

The random password generator enables you to create new credentials to replace weak, old ones. Under the advanced settings, you can also increase the default character count from 16 up to 512.

You can set this password generator to use uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers, or symbols only, or any combination of the above while excluding similar characters.

Multi-Platform Support

RoboForm is compatible with all major desktops, mobile devices, and web browsers. The software has dedicated versions for Windows and macOS and also comes in an extension form for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Likewise, there’s RoboForm for Android and iOS, too.

To use this encrypted password storage solution on Opera, use the RoboForm Chromium extension. But if you’re a Linux user, you can download RoboForm for Firefox or Chrome.

Data Import and Export

You can import your logins from many other password protection apps and web browsers to RoboForm. 

If you can’t automatically import your external vault, you may export it as a CSV file. When you export your data from this software, you can choose between HTML and CSV formats.

Free Unlimited Logins

RoboForm lets you save login details for free, making it an excellent password storage app for first-time users. It encourages more people to take steps toward increased cybersecurity.

Windows App Logins

You can also save your Windows application credentials on RoboForm. It’s great to see that this PC password manager expands its functionality beyond web browsers, as not many competitors do.

One-Click Logins

RoboForm wants to free you from the hassles of entering login details manually. Whether you use the software’s autofill or log into a saved site, access to password-protected places on the internet is just one click away.


Driven by the RoboForm extension, this tool pops up whenever you visit a web page, offering to save logins or bookmark them. The password capture and replay feature lets you store your credentials and also with frequently used pages.


Other than storing login details, RoboForm enables you to create a list of bookmarked web pages. This way, you can find your favorite sites on any device. And no other cross-platform password manager provides this.


You can create an Identity, which is a set of personal data generally entered in web forms, including these eight categories:

  • Person
  • Business
  • Passport
  • Address
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Account
  • Car
  • Authentication

There’s a ninth category (Custom) that lets you create a unique template. But if you want to save several identities of the same kind, creating multiple identity elements will generate a new sub-category under the main one.

Form Filler

Using your saved identities, RoboForm can help you quickly fill out web forms. To clarify - this means you can efficiently complete account registrations, exit ecommerce checkout pages, furnish tax-related details, build resumes, join online contests, and more.

This multi-platform password manager doesn’t have a monopoly over this feature, but many other RoboForm reviews have attested that this software is the best.


RoboForm also works as a digital phonebook. It lets you encrypt your contact’s data too, so you can quickly recover them in case you lose or break your device.


This main tab is reserved for safely storing miscellaneous text data that doesn’t conform to any other categories. Your Wi-Fi password and software license keys are an excellent example of this.

This password-encryption app has a built-in search engine for login lookups, making it easy to find the right credentials.

Device Synchronization

If you upgrade to a paid plan, you can manually or automatically sync your files across all platforms.

Cloud Backup

As a premium user, you get backups stored in RoboForm’s cloud. This feature guarantees and simplifies data recovery in case something happens to your hardware.

Web Access

Upgrading to a premium plan also lets you access your files through the RoboForm site.

Unlimited Number of Admins

RoboForm lets you set unlimited administrators and group managers at no extra cost.

Offline Access

RoboForm stores your data on its server. But if you use a RoboForm app, be it desktop or mobile, you can access your items offline. Non-business versions of the software also allow local-only storage to ensure that none of your encrypted data leaves the hardware.

Centralized Policy Deployment

Admins can define the password parameters, so every member of the organization can adapt to satisfy its security needs.

Centralized Employee Onboarding

Business plan admins can create a RoboForm account for new employees. So, by importing CSV files, authorized personnel can set up accounts individually or all at once.

Active Directory (AD) Connector

RoboForm supports AD integration. By linking the master password of every user with Microsoft’s proprietary directory service, RoboForm becomes a single sign-on solution.

Advanced Reporting

Administrators can obtain reports to monitor the internet usage of all users. These documents contain all access points, timestamps, IP addresses, and statistics about platform type and browser used.

That concludes the fantastic features offered by RoboForm. So, let’s now look at what else this software has got to offer.

RoboForm Mobile Apps

The RoboForm Android and iOS apps are almost the same as their desktop counterparts. While you can’t save app login details, using this cross-platform password manager on your smartphone or tablet delivers a similar experience


Many RoboForm reviews agree that security is one of this password app’s strong suits. Below are the features used to safeguard your privacy and online safety.

Master Password

With RoboForm, you only need one password to access all of your credentials. The master password should be secure and memorable but hard to guess. RoboForm provides alternative means to access your data when you get locked out, though.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Besides the master password, RoboForm also lets premium subscribers use a one-time password as a secondary factor to authenticate their identity. Those on the business plan enjoy custom 2FA method integration.

You can integrate your app with Authy, Google Authenticator, and also other third-party 2FA solutions.

Fair warning, though - you might still need to enter some passwords manually.

Biometric Login

If your mobile device supports biometric authentication, you can log into RoboForm using just your face or fingerprint. Microsoft users can take advantage of this 2FA option with Windows Hello. But if your Windows 10 hardware lacks this built-in biometric login system, you can set up a PIN instead.

Ours isn’t the only RoboForm review to point out that this app doesn’t, however, support all viable 2FA methods. We hope that the company decides to add more in the next RoboForm update.

AES 246-Bit Encryption

To ensure safe password storage, RoboForm uses AES 256-bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256. This is the same technology used by the most vigilant government agencies and financial institutes. RoboForm doesn’t transmit your master password on its server.

The password manager uses local encryption and decryption, which means that the software is already encrypted by the time it reaches the company’s server. RoboForm derives the encryption key from the master password, and this information never leaves the client’s device.

Security Center

RoboForm’s password auditing feature uses the open-source algorithm “zxcvbn” to determine your credentials’ strength based on uniqueness, complexity, and randomness.

It rates your passwords as weak, average, good, or excellent. The Security Center calculates the overall score, identifies reused and duplicate credentials, and displays your logins’ age.

Secure Sharing and Sending

Using public-private key encryption, you can transfer data with another user in the RoboForm ecosystem. You can send or share individual logins, form templates, notes, and folders with miscellaneous data. When you send data, the recipient won’t have access to future changes to it. But when you share it, the RoboForm password manager syncs all updates to it with the recipient.

When sharing folders with contents of various types, you can choose from three permission settings: login only, read and write, and full control.

As a free user, you may only send one password at a time and have no access to the share feature. As a premium subscriber, you can send and share folders. Authorized business users can transfer data to groups of users.

Emergency Access

With the RoboForm password manager, you can grant trusted pre-approved contacts emergency access to your account. This feature can come in handy when you get locked out of your account, lose your device, or become incapacitated.

You can set a period from 0-30 days that determines when your emergency contact will be able to access your account. Until this waiting period is over, your chosen individual can’t touch your password vault.

But even if your emergency contact gains full access to your account, you can revoke this privilege whenever you want.

Role-Based Access Permission

RoboForm for Business has four access permission levels: admins, group managers, regular users, and limited users. You can enjoy flexibility when it comes to issuing clearances to different employees.

RoboForm Policies

Admins and group managers have the power to dictate how all users can use RoboForm for Business. The latter can’t override the policies set by the former, though. Authorized personnel can enable and disable features for the sake of protecting the organization’s data.

Ease of Use and Interface

RoboForm doesn’t have the flashiest user interface among password protection apps. Although other RoboForm reviews yearn for a sleeker look, we don’t have a problem with its practical design.

Moreover, the RoboForm download page automatically recommends an app version based on the device you’re on. The setup doesn’t take long, and you can create an account in a few clicks. Importing your credentials may take a while if the software doesn’t support your old password manager, though.

Familiarizing yourself with all of RoboForm’s functionalities won’t happen overnight. But each password tool and user setting is relatively straightforward. You should be able to get a handle on most of them quickly.

Customer Support

RoboForm provides adequate customer support.

Free users have access to the software’s manual, which explains how each feature works. If this document can’t answer your question, you can consult the Help Center. To speak with a representative through email, you can submit a support ticket.

Premium subscribers enjoy priority live phone, live chat, and round-the-clock email support.

RoboForm provides those on the business plan with dedicated tech support through a US-based team accessible through the same channels.

RoboForm Pricing and Plans

The app has a free plan for personal users only. If you want to upgrade and experience the software’s full functionality, you have to sign up for a 12-month commitment.

RoboForm has two personal plans:

  • Everywhere: $23.88/year
  • Family: $47.75/year

RoboForm Everywhere gives you one license, but the family plan extends that to five.

Regarding the Business plan, the company charges per user and gives a discount for more extended contracts.

  • 1 to 10 users
    • One-year subscription: $39.95/user
    • Three-year subscription: $33.95/user
    • Five-year subscription: $29.95/user
  • 11 to 25 users
    • One-year subscription: $35.95/user
    • Three-year subscription: $30.95/user
    • Five-year subscription: $26.95/user
  • 26 to 100 users
    • One-year subscription: $34.95/user
    • Three-year subscription: $29.95/user
    • Five-year subscription: $25.95/user
  • 101 to 1,000 users
    • One-year subscription: $29.95/user
    • Three-year subscription: $25.95/user
    • Five-year subscription: $22.95/user

To get a license for more than 1,000 users, RoboForm’s sales team will give you a tailored quote.

Further, RoboForm Everywhere subscribers get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Business licenses are nonrefundable, but the company offers a 14-day trial for up to 30 users.

When it comes to discounts, university and college students and professors can get an upgrade for free for a year. After that, these customers can enjoy a discounted rate of $12/year. A military discount reduces the price of $16.70/year for active-duty members, veterans, spouses, and families. 

RoboForm Review - Verdict 

RoboForm is a fantastic tool; it may even be the best password manager for business. The sheer volume and quality of the software’s features for teams are undoubtedly impressive.

But even as an individual user, you should also consider this app. It may not have the most comprehensive collection of functionalities. Still, its feature set is ample enough to achieve your privacy and online security goals whether you use the free or paid version.


Is RoboForm free?

Yes, RoboForm has a free version. Without subscribing to a premium plan, you can save credentials with no limits, use your account on countless platforms, and access robust security features.

How much does RoboForm Everywhere cost?

RoboForm Everywhere costs $23.88/year for one license. The Family plan gives you five licenses for only $47.75/year.

These rates aren’t the highest on the market, but it would have been great if the overall pricing structure had more variety.

Is RoboForm safe to use?

Yes, RoboForm implements different security measures, including the most reliable data encryption tech used in the industry. While we’re happy to know that 2FA is an option with the app, we hope to see simple multi-factor authentication methods in the future.

Is RoboForm a good password manager?

Yes, it’s almost impossible to find a RoboForm review stating this is a bad password manager. It’s not without criticism since there are other apps with more advanced features. But if you’re not a power user, you probably wouldn’t find RoboForm inadequate.


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