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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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LogMeOnce is among the top password apps. But why? Our LogMeOnce review explores its features, ease of use, customer support and all the important factors to consider, if you want to try it.

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Best for: Free advanced password management

Strengths Has an unbeatable range of tools
Strengths Free plan available
Strengths Numerous 2FA options
Weaknesses Has no desktop app
Weaknesses Provides questionably practical tools
Weaknesses Expensive paid version

LogMeOnce has an enviable array of copyrighted, patented, and patent-pending tools, which is indicative of its commitment to research and development.

Since the company entered the scene in 2011, it has never shown any sign of complacency. LogMeOnce has continuously improved its already mind-blowing features and fine-tuned its plans to offer more value.

This password management solution is suitable for enterprises of all sizes, managed service providers, and government agencies. But we focused on personal plans only for our LogMeOnce review.

While we decided to save the distinctive features for organizations for another day, we touched on the prices of business plans nevertheless.

LogMeOnce Features

LogMeOnce’s free password management tools outnumber and outweigh many of its competitor’s comparative premium features. Paying users could unlock even more functions for just a little extra.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

The LogMeOnce password management software uses this secure authentication method to simplify the login process. SSO eliminates the need to enter your credentials, so you can surf the Web with no friction.

Other than sheer convenience, this auto-login feature helps you avoid keyloggers and reduce your chances of falling victim to phishing.


With LogMeOnce, accessing your account with a master password is more of an option than a requirement. This password manager provides multiple first-factor authentication offerings, including some based on biometrics.

Below are the PasswordLess access choices:

  • PhotoLogin
  • Facial Recognition
  • Fingerprint
  • PIN

Each has its own merits and isn’t feasible at all times. However, being able to authenticate your identity without using a master password gives you more latitude in securing your private data.

Unlimited Device Integration and Sync

With LogMeOnce password management, you can save as many items as you want and connect every single one of your devices for free. Even better, this tool syncs your logins across all hardware in your own ecosystem.


With this feature, you won’t have to fill out boring web forms repeatedly. The software looks for fields with common tags and automatically enters the necessary details, such as name and credit card number, in their designated places.

Application Catalog

LogMeOnce can detect when you’re logging into new secure sites and offer to save your credentials, so you won’t have to re-enter your details again

But there’s another way to save your login details in advance.

This solution has a catalog of 4,500 sites. You can manually type in the logins you can’t import from other cross-platform password manager apps.

Password Dialer©

LogMeOnce password generator produces unguessable phrases based on randomness and with emphasis on length.

The Password Dialer is fun to use too! To generate stronger passwords, you just have to put your finger anywhere on the circular dial, rotate it, and release it. Copy the new one and save it in your account.

Secure Password Sharing

This basic (yet vital) feature enables you to securely share your credentials. With end-to-end encryption, you can rest assured that no one could get a hold of your password during the process.

Further, you have complete control over the private information you want to divulge. With Closed Share and Open Share toggles, you can hide your data or reveal it to its intended recipient at will.

Secure Password Sharing is available to all, but only Ultimate and Family plan users can enjoy it with no limits.

Secure Note

Think of this feature as digital sticky notes. This password-protected notepad encrypts any sensitive information you wish to save on LogMeOnce locally on your hardware. Aside from creating and editing notes, you can also color them to make them more distinguishable and searchable.

If you have LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium, which is confusingly the free edition, you may save up to three notes only. A Professional user gets 50 while being an Ultimate user entitles you to unlimited note storage.

Secure Wallet

This password-protected, double-authentication feature lets you store your payment information, so you can conveniently shop online.

With Secure Wallet, you can save your credit card, debit card, and loyalty card numbers. Likewise, you can keep your IDs such as driver’s license and passport as well as your insurance card.

If you use the free edition, you may store up to three credit cards only. This limitation disappears once you upgrade to any paid LogMeOnce Password Management Suite plan, though.

Moreover, you can securely create a backup for your personal information and take notes.

Unlimited Encrypted Password Storage

In terms of secure password storage, you have three options to choose from: your desktop, LogMeOnce secure cloud service, and LogMeOnce SecureUSB.

The only difference between desktop and cloud storage modes: degree of accessibility. The former lets you access your encrypted files through the hardware where you originally installed the LogMeOnce password software. Whereas the latter makes your files accessible through multiple devices.

If you’re on desktop storage mode, you ought to create your own backup.

Further, LogMeOnce SecureUSB allows you to shred, encrypt, and hide your files in a drag-and-drop manner, take them anywhere with you, and covertly create secure backups in your personal computer or in the cloud.

The contents of this locked, password-protected USB flash drive are accessible and readable only when you launch its software.

Password Beneficiary

With this feature, you can pass down your digital legacy to someone you trust.

Password Beneficiary lets you pick multiple heirs, giving them the right to manage your digital assets when you’re gone.

Likewise, you can take away the privilege from someone as you wish. The software has safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized or premature access.

With LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium, your heirs can only access individual apps. But you can have someone else take over your account after your untimely demise if you choose to be a paying user.

Security Reports

LogMeOnce can generate various reports that reflect your mobile, Mac, and PC password manager usage, revealing opportunities to improve your overall password hygiene and security posture.

You can access a bunch of security reports on LogMeOnce, but below are the most notable.

Activity Report

This report provides a panorama of your activities by event, client, and date of creation. With numerous filters available per category, you can review password changes on Chrome, failed logins on iOS, and the successful device unlocks attempts over a certain period.

The Activity Report can get really comprehensive, you can generate advanced reports only if you subscribe to LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Professional, Ultimate, or Family.

Security Summary

This report presents a snapshot of your daily login activities over a one-week period. The Security Summary is color-coded, so you can easily view how often you’ve opted for SSO or two-factor authentication (2FA). You can also see how many successful and failed logins LogMeOnce has counted every day.

Daily Journal

This password assessment report provides a visual representation of your security posture. The Daily Journal holds key statistics - numbers of strong, average, weak, and old passwords, unprotected logins, and instances of auto-login and 2FA, recorded over the past 24 hours.

Security Scorecard

LogMeOnce measures your password success factors (and then some) and uses this report to share its findings.

With the Security Scorecard, you can see your Overall Password Strength as well as an overview of the number of credentials The software considers strong or weak based on its length and combination of characters.

If you use a master password, this report gives you an idea of how hard it is to guess. It provides the criteria that can increase or decrease the overall score, so you can make changes accordingly.

This scorecard features the Hybrid Identity Score, measuring the security of your ID based on notable milestones, such as enabling 2FA, using the LogMeOnce Android app, and making the average password length longer than 15 characters.

Moreover, the Security Scorecard contains the Live Password Tracker. Available to paying users only, this graph shows your daily password strength in order to see whether your Total Security Status is plateauing or trending in the right direction.

In addition, you can see your five most-used apps, so you know which credentials you should give priority to. This scorecard provides a list of all of your passwords sorted from weakest to strongest.

Identity Risk Scorecard

This advanced scorecard provides you a 360-degree view of important metrics that help define your likelihood of being an ID theft and fraud victim. The Identity Risk Scorecard includes:

  • Overall Password Strength
  • Master Password Strength
  • Hybrid Identity Score
  • Password Policy
  • Compromised Credential and Unprotected Login Warning Lists

This feature is part of the company’s Identity Protection plans. More on that later in our LogMeOnce review.


This account safety system helps ensure that you don’t get locked out of your personal computer via the web browser extension. As long as you can authenticate your identity through PasswordLess access, you can reclaim your account.

But first, you have to use a mobile device as your account recovery tool. Pair a trusted smartphone or tablet of yours with your desktop, so the multi-platform password manager can grant you access.

With Anti-Lock, you can use as many mobile devices as you can. Since having more than one account recovery tool is beneficial, we encourage you to add a lot.

Device Management

With the unified dashboard, you can see key data about each of your devices on one screen. In separate tabs, you can view your hardware’s last location, system info, list of apps installed, and remotely executable commands.

LogMeOnce Mobile Apps

You don’t have to download LogMeOnce for Android or iOS, but doing so is imperative to maximize the identity management features of this password software.

You can only get by with the LogMeOnce extension for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox for so long. At some point, you have to pair any of the password manager’s mobile apps with your desktop to improve your statistics in your security reports.


The biggest criticism voiced out in other LogMeOnce reviews was a borderline compliment: an overabundance of online security features. Having more choice to keep your credentials secret is a better problem to have than working with scarce tools to prevent data breaches.

Let’s explore the branches of LogMeOnce’s product tree to see and appreciate the company’s seamless defensive layer.

Military-Grade Encryption

LogMeOnce employs the NIST cybersecurity framework and incorporates AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256.

Zero-Knowledge Technology

If you use the LogMeOnce password management software, your encrypted data stays in your hardware. This means none of the company’s employees or machines can find out your passwords and encryption key.

Customized Security Question

Upon sign-up, you can create your own security question, which calls for an even harder-to-guess answer. Serving as another layer of protection to privacy, this option makes it more difficult to invoke certain features for anyone other than yourself.

Password Policy

The software gives you the freedom to craft a password policy to adopt what you think are online security best practices - like when it’s acceptable to reuse an old password. Although it’s pre-configured, there’s a template you can use as a guide when building your own.


With LogMeOnce, you can not only set up 2FA but also choose from a variety of ways to do so. This password manager actually has the richest selection of 2FA offerings.

  • Selfie
  • SMS Message
  • Voice Call
  • Email Message
  • Google Authenticator
  • USB Token
  • X.509 Certificate

If you use LogMeOnce for free, you may only choose between Email and Google Authenticator. The Professional plan users get SMS and email messages, voice call, and Google Authenticator 2FA. 

The other paid plans unlock all available 2FA options. 

However, Family plan owners can't enjoy the SMS and voice call credits. Professional and Ultimate users get 10 and 30 free credits every month, respectively, but more credits are available for purchase.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Paying LogMeOnce users can set up at least three layers of authentication that can frustrate even the most determined cyber thieves.

Encrypted File Storage

If you use any third-party cloud platform, LogMeOnce can shred and encrypt your data stored there with your own AES key.

As a LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium user, your limit is just 1MB. But you can easily increase this to 1GB by upgrading to the Professional plan or to 10GB by switching to either the Ultimate or Family plan.


Exclusive for Ultimate and Family plan subscribers, this collection of tools can help you recover your missing device or remotely wipe out your sensitive information.

With Anti-Theft, you can also remotely ring your device, trace its whereabouts, get directions to locate it, provide a message to its finder, lock it, and log it out of LogMeOnce.

Emergency Access with Photo

Another exclusive feature for Ultimate and Family edition users, this enables you to grant a trusted person 24-hour access to your LogMeOnce account without having to reveal your master password.

For authentication, you can verify the other party’s identity through a photo and GPS location. In lieu of a photo, you can validate a request with a visual one-time password.

Password Recovery

If you need to recover your LogMeOnce account, you have many multipurpose and intuitive ways to authenticate yourself. You can generate an emergency recovery key as well as add a recovery email and phone number.

Scheduled Login©

Proof that LogMeOnce is arguably the safest password manager, this extra-cost feature adds unpredictability to your account usage.

With Scheduled Login, you can specify the time when you want to access your credentials. So even if your LogMeOnce gets hacked outside of that window, the hacker wouldn’t be able to control your account.

Profile Photo

Clicking on your profile photo on LogMeOnce triggers a pop-up containing key information about your session. You can find out your idle time and enable auto-logout to protect your data in case you leave your personal computer logging off and reduce the risk of unattended access.

Automatic Password Changer

The software can help you change your passwords regularly to boost your defense against brute force cyber attacks and save you a ton of time.

Ease of Use and Interface

Whether you use the solution’s web-based dashboard or mobile application, expect a clean and user-friendly interface. With quick links to the apps you saved, the web browser extension has reduced logins to a single-action procedure: clicking the icon of the site.

At the beginning, you can choose between strictly using just the password toolset and accessing the complete package.

The centralized dashboard seemingly has just a handful of icons, but the rest is easily accessible from the Smart Menu. Ultimate and Family plan subscribers can customize the featured tools. All paying users get Productivity Dock, which provides quick access to favorite apps for easy launch.

Customer Support

Email is your only option to talk to a live person unless you upgrade at least to the Ultimate plan. Professional users enjoy priority email support, but subscribers that are willing to pay more also get chat.

Logmeonce.com’s Support Center is a massive knowledge base, featuring FAQ for personal and business plans, video tutorials, and a request submission form for your unanswered questions.

Likewise, the site has a chatbot, and the company has 800 numbers in its US and Spain offices.

If you like social media, you can engage with LogMeOnce on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The company’s YouTube channel has no shortage of how-to clips too!

LogMeOnce Pricing and Plans

LogMeOnce is available in a no-cost version, paid editions with and without free trial, and Identity Protection bundles.

Here’s the pricing structure of its personal plans:



Personal, 1MB of file storage, unlimited password storage, 2FA, email support, etc.



Personal, 1GB of file storage, unlimited password storage, 2FA, priority email support, etc.



Personal, 10GB of file storage, unlimited password storage, 2FA, priority email and chat support, etc.



6 members, 10GB of file storage, unlimited password storage, 2FA, priority support, etc.

Teams and Business


Dedicated secret vault for each member, multiple login options, unlimited device access, priority support, etc.



Access control, provisioning, advanced password policy, 1GB encrypted storage, priority support, etc.



The company has started to offer separate plans for its Identity Protection Suite. That’s why you won't find some of the advanced tools, such as Mugshot, Account Freeze, and Password SHOCK© in our LogMeOnce review.

The good thing is that the Dark Web Monitoring plan ($1.67/month) under Identity Protection includes all features from LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium. The free edition of the password encryption app is also part of the currently unpriced Cyber Threat Monitoring plan.

Moreover, LogMeOnce Premium is included in the soon-to-be-available personal plan of Cloud Encrypter ($4/month), a third product category.

Back to LogMeOnce Password Management Suite, here’s the pricing for the business plans:

  • Team and Business: $3/user/month
    • with 14-day trial
  • Enterprise: $4/user/month
    • with 14-day trial
  • Identity and Password Manager Bundle: $7/user/month

The trial use of this multi-platform password manager requires no credit card information. You won’t be subscribed automatically after the free period and be billed for the regular price.

There are no prices advertised for managed service providers and government agencies. Instead, the sales team provides estimates for interested parties.

Also, LogMeOnce offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Verdict - Is LogMeOnce Worth It?

A cross-platform password manager that offers advanced features without asking for a paid subscription in return is hard to come by. So, yes, LogMeOnce deserves serious consideration. It has a lot of neat features, is extremely affordable and will get the job done.

This password software delivers unnecessary tools like Weather Forecast, though. But excessiveness of features is characteristic of LogMeOnce.

The company listens to user requests and has an obsession with eliminating the necessity for multiple vendors for privacy protection. You have to pay a premium to get all the bells and whistles, but doing so can be cost-effective if LogMeOnce is all you will use for personal identity management.

Overall, we’re quite happy with how the tool behaved during the tests for our LogMeOnce review. Why don’t you give it a try yourself? You won’t be disappointed.

If you want to check out some LogMeOnce alternatives, feel free to read our other password manager reviews.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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5 months ago
Thanks for the informative review. While quickly reading through, I noticed: 1. Typo: Pro storage is (and has been) 1 GB, not 1 MB. 2. SMS and voice call credits is dated information (Ultimate is 30 now; IIRC the Family plan has been no credits since soon after it was created). 3. 2FA details for the various plans is also not quite correct. 4. _Family_ dashboard features deserve a paragraph. My summary: Family plan is 6 Ultimate plans plus the family dashboard, except no SMS/Call credits and 10 GB total storage (not 6*10). Overall, now that LastPass free is so limited (lost features twice), BitWarden and LogMeOnce may be the two best free password managers. Both have limitations and UI quirks but allow syncing across devices. Unfortunately, neither checks passwords and accounts for free (see haveibeenpwned.com Home, Notify, and Password). Browser built-in password managers also work for those who do almost everything inside a browser and also only use one browser (or have a strict segregation by purpose -- e.g., general browsing in one and just a few high security bank/broker/email sites in another -- and are willing to cut and paste links and credit card info between browsers and ID/pw to installed apps).

Deyan Georgiev
4 months ago
Hi Bill, Thank you for your comment. 1. The Premium plan storage is (and has been) 1MB of encrypted file storage. The Pro plan is 1 GB as shown above. 2. Thank you, we've updated the credits information. 3. Updated the text for clarity regarding the 2FA details. Thank you for your valuable input!