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Jacquelyn Bulao
Jacquelyn Bulao

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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Is Swagbucks legit? How does it work, and is it safe? These are just some of the burning questions this in-depth Swagbucks review aims to answer. Let’s take a look!

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Weaknesses Many broken links and empty web pages
Weaknesses Can’t perform web search with tracker blockers on

What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a renowned rewards program that helps you make money by monetizing your everyday internet activity. You shouldn’t confuse it with Swagbuck, a slot machine game app.

The program lets you earn SB, its virtual currency, without dramatically changing how you normally use the internet. You only need a valid email address to set up a free Swagbucks account. As long as you’re over the age of 13, you can register.

Major brands partner with Swagbucks to incentivize customers, generate engagement, gather market intelligence, and give away special offers. Amazon, Walmart, Target, Uber, Starbucks, and PayPal are just some of the 1,500+ companies in the program’s network.

But is Swagbucks legit? Or is it too good to be true?

We dug into the brand’s corporate structure and discovered that it’s a subsidiary of Prodege, LLC. This internet and media multinational is headquartered in El Segundo, California, and has four other United States and Europe locations.

Prodege also controls InboxDollars, MyPoints, and ShopAtHome. Although it’s a separate entity, Swagbucks practically consolidates the businesses of its sister brands.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) vouches for Prodege, as evidenced by its accreditation. The company also has an excellent rating of A- and BBB reviewers have given it 4.1 out of 5 stars

To date, Swagbucks has paid out more than $517 million in gift cards and other rewards. On Trustpilot, about 20,000 users have given it 4.3 stars on average.

Did we also think highly of this program? Check out our full Swagbucks review to find out.

How Tco Make Money With Swagbucks

While it’s free to sign up for the program, SB points don’t just fall from the sky. You still have to make an effort to earn them. This includes filling out Swagbucks surveys, answering trivia, watching videos, and performing internet searches. You typically earn extra points while buying other products, so you still have to spend money to make money occasionally.

The good news is that you may not have to change your online habits significantly. You don’t necessarily need to spend beyond your usual budget to benefit from Swagbucks’ point system.

While testing the platform for our Swagbucks review, we noticed that Swagbucks is big on gamification. The company engineered its program with game-like elements to satisfy the reward system of the brain. But finishing an activity on this platform won’t instantly earn you reward points. The company sometimes needs days or weeks to award you SB, and you can redeem only the points awarded to you.

The Activity ledger on My Account tracks your completed and unfinished actions on the platform. As follows are some of the most popular ways to earn SB points.

Completing Email Signup

Out of the gate, the brand will give you points for registering and verifying your email address. You can immediately see these bonuses in your account.

Using the Swagbucks Search Engine

Yes, you can earn reward points for doing something as mundane as performing internet searches. Swagbucks has a built-in search engine. It uses Yahoo! to generate results for web pages, images, and videos on Web mode. 

Like other search engines, Yahoo! has pros and cons. But the main criticism about it is that it doesn’t label ads. If you’re not attentive enough, you might click on a paid ad instead of an organically ranked page.

Surfing the internet through Swagbucks won’t automatically turn Yahoo! into your browser’s default search engine. But to get as many reward points as possible, you can download Swagbucks Search. Once you install this Swagbucks extension, the platform will perform any search you do on your browser’s address bar.

You won’t receive SB for every search, but Swagbucks will notify you once it happens. You just have to answer a CAPTCHA to claim them.


Swagbucks is a marketplace in itself. When on Shop mode, its search engine can return results based on its retailer partners’ current promotions. You can earn SB points for every purchase or every dollar spent.

On the homepage of the cloud-based Swagbucks app, you can find a bunch of featured stores. Alternatively, you can search them by category on the left side of the screen.

Taking Advantage of Offers

Swagbucks dedicates space for retail partners sharing their promotions. You can get exclusive discounts, gift cards, cashback, or even freebies. Since you also earn SB points in the process, foraging the links to these deals can be worth the trouble.

Watching Swagbucks Videos

Swagbucks curates video playlists and gives points for consuming them.

Taking Paid Online Surveys

Swagbucks is the place to go if you want to take online surveys for money. If you like to participate in market studies and influence brands with your opinions, this may be an excellent option for you. You’ll receive SB points in exchange for your time and energy.

Every poll and survey is different, ranging from 3 to 29 minutes. The number of points also varies.

Playing Games

In partnership with GSN (Game Show Network), Swagbucks lets you play games and earn reward points through in-game purchases. You can also choose from original free games on the platform.

Swagbucks LIVE is another option. Formerly known as Swag IQ, it’s a multiplayer live trivia game show. The mechanics are simple: answer ten questions correctly to win SB points. It’s free to join on the Swagbucks mobile app for Android or iOS. It also has a referral feature so that you can invite others to play and take a cut from their winnings.

Downloading the SwagButton

SwagButton can alert you whenever there’s a Swagbucks survey up for grabs, an opportunity to earn cashback from a retailer, or a valid coupon you can apply at checkout. Merely installing this Swagbucks Chrome extension or its Firefox or Edge counterpart will automatically earn you SB points.

Snagging Swag Codes

A Swag Code is a string of text that can give you bonus SB. It can appear anywhere on Swagbucks’ website or the company’s social media accounts. Every Swag Code is case-sensitive, contains no space, is worth a certain amount of SB points.

Collecting Coupons

Swagbucks can be a couponer’s paradise giving you tons of digital and printable coupons. You’ll earn SB points when you redeem them.

Referring a Friend

When you invite your friends and family to use Swagbucks, you’ll get 10% of each of your referred users’ earnings. You can enjoy this benefit as long as they’re active on the platform. The company won’t credit you for referral’s sign-up bonus, Swag Codes, daily goal bonuses, and MyGiftCardsPlus bonuses.

Getting SwagUps

SwagUps are SB bonuses the company rewards to users by promoting an activity or a relatively unpopular feature. Generally, these bonuses come in two types: Award SwagUps and Rebate SwagUps.

You can earn Award SwagUps for consuming a particular Swagbucks video, completing certain Swagbucks paid surveys, or doing other activities the company promotes. Alternatively, you can get Rebate SwagUps when you redeem select gift cards.

SwagUps have expiration dates. If you have multiple bonuses of the same type, the company will apply the set to expire first.

Joining Swagstakes

The company’s version of Sweepstakes, Swagstakes, is another means to turn your SB points into more valuable rewards. Using your SB points, you can convert them into an entry for a chance to win.

Historically, nearly 1.4 million users have won in the Swagstakes and have collectively taken home about $3 million worth of prizes.

Hitting Daily Goals

Swagbucks sets a daily SB goal you can target. If you achieve this goal within 24 hours, you’ll earn a bonus. You can earn extra SB points when you sustain a winning streak.

Ease of Use and Interface

Swagbucks interface is akin to a typical ecommerce site. There are eight main pages: Home, Answer, Shop, Discover, Search, Play, Rewards, and My Account. Each page is self-explanatory, except for Answer and Discover. Answer shows the available Swagbucks surveys, while Discover is dedicated to special offers.

The platform’s search engine has four modes: Web, Shop, Rewards, Swagstakes. It’s easy to navigate. But for the Yahoo!-powered search engine to return results, we had to turn off some tracker blockers.

The header displays vital information like your daily goal or your total SB points, along with quick links to the referral page and your in-app inbox. If you hover over the SB counter, you’ll discover an entire menu featuring useful pages for managing your account.

The Swagbucks app might induce sensory overload at first but doesn’t take long to understand and is relatively easy to navigate.

Onboarding takes minimal effort. Most of the pages have a one-minute virtual tour. As a newbie, Swagbucks sets milestones to help you earn SB points and get the hang of the platform quickly.

But the problem is that Swagbucks has many broken links and empty pages. The How It Works page still talks about its curated videos, but the link to them sent us back to the homepage. The page for games exists, but it has no information whatsoever.

Some pages have geo-restrictions. We had to use a virtual private network (VPN) to conceal our real location and find offers available to select customers. But we understand the reasons behind this, as not all of its retailers served non-US consumers.

Our fortunes changed when we went to the site’s mobile version. We’re able to find links to these seven Swagbucks mobile apps:

  • Swagbucks MOBILE
  • Swagbucks LIVE
  • Swagbucks WATCH
  • Swagbucks ANSWER
  • MovieCli.ps
  • Sportly.tv
  • EntertaiNow

While you can download Swagbucks for Android without any issues, four out of the seven apps aren’t available on iOS.

How to Redeem Points

You convert your SB points into gift certificates for ecommerce sites and PayPal credits. But you can’t transfer them to other users. One hundred points are equal to $1.

To discover all available prizes, go to the Rewards Store. When writing this Swagbucks review, we found 25 rewards (16 Amazon gift certificates, seven PayPal e-gift cards, and two Zalando gift cards). The prizes were displayed in three different currencies: the US dollar, British Pound, and Euro.

SB redemption is only two clicks away from the Rewards Store: select the prize you want and hit the Claim a Gift Card button. If you have insufficient funds, you’ll see a pop-up message that tells you how much more SB you need to afford your chosen prize.

Swagbucks vs Survey Junkie

Comparing Swagbucks to Survey Junkie is almost impossible. The former is a rewards program that supports diverse activities, whereas the latter is a market research community that focuses on studies and surveys only.

Let’s concentrate on the only thing both businesses share: offering surveys for money.

Survey Junkie is owned by DISQO and gives its members three ways to participate in its studies: answer surveys, join focus groups, and agree to share digital activity. Looking at it from this side, Swagbucks is one-dimensional.

Both brands ask survey-takers to create a profile, although Swagbucks is less transparent about this. Survey Junkie and Swagbucks allow you to back out of paid surveys midway and impose a minimum point requirement when redeeming rewards.

In terms of redemption, both companies let you convert your points into gift cards. But only Survey Junkie gives you the option to turn your earnings into actual cash through bank transfers.

Swagbucks vs PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is one of Swagbucks’ biggest competitors, and there are many parallels between them. 

Both platforms have point-earning videos, referral programs, and feature many offers from retailers. Swagbucks online surveys and browser extensions are similar to the PrizeRebel counterparts. The two brands use games of chance. Swagbucks has Swagstakes, whereas PrizeRebel has a Lucky Numbers Jackpot and holds raffles.

Swagbucks uses gamification across its entire platform. PrizeRebel, on the other hand, uses Offer Wall, Survey, and Referral contests with point incentives to create competition among its members.

What’s unique about Swagbucks is its free games and native search engine. It’s also the superior platform for couponing.

PrizeRebel lets its members earn points for watching videos on a web browser. You’ll need to have the right Swagbucks apps on your smartphone or tablet to do the same with Prodege’s rewards program.

In terms of prize quality and quantity, Swagbucks has nothing on PrizeRebel. PrizeRebel has dozens of reward categories (not just options). The company doesn’t limit you to PayPal credits and ecommerce gift certificates only.

With PrizeRebel, you can also redeem your points for gift cards from recognizable brands from fashion, food and beverage, music, gaming, gas, automotive, hospitality, and many other industries.

Verdict - Is Swagbucks Legit?

Swagbucks isn’t the only rewards program of its kind and has some tough competition to beat. It could improve its usability by ridding the website of broken links and empty pages. Increasing its range of redemption options could help too.

Understandably, some of its content is restricted in select countries. But its search functionality should work smoothly even when a device uses tracker blocking, which it doesn’t.

Nevertheless, its rewards for playing games and conducting web searches are unmatched. We enjoyed finding bonuses while using the platform. Its dedicated mobile apps likewise helped enhance our experience.

You won’t regret registering, especially if you want to earn some extra bucks at home. It’s free, so there’s no harm in giving it a go.


How does Swagbucks work?

You earn Swagbucks for performing various online activities, including completing paid online surveys, watching videos, using coupons, and playing games. Once you have enough SB points, you can exchange them for prizes like Amazon or PayPal gift cards.

How many Swagbucks can you earn a day?

It depends on how much time you can dedicate to the platform. While it’s possible to earn over $100 when maximizing Swagbucks apps, an average user makes a few dollars per day.

Is Swagbucks safe?

Swagbucks is legitimate and recognized by the BBB. However, you have to turn off certain tracker blockers to make the most of the program. The Privacy Policy of Prodege, Swagbucks’ parent corporation, says that the company may share your personally identifiable information with its affiliates. That’s why we recommend using a VPN while you’re on this rewards program.

Is Swagbucks worth it?

It depends. If you’re hunting for coupons or want to use the internet to make a few extra bucks, it may be a good option. But earning does take a while, and you won’t get rich from it. To have a complete understanding of what this rewards program is all about, check out our Swagbucks review.


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