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Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Oct 11, 2022

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Want to make a bit of extra cash online? You’ve probably heard about paid survey sites. There are numerous options, but we found one filled with tasks - which translates to earnings. In this PrizeRebel review, we look at the various ways you can utilize the site.


Surveys, Videos, Offers



Ease of Use


Free Registration


Bots Permitted


Referral Program


Suitable For

Students, Stay-at-home parents, Retiree

Payment Method

PayPal, Gift Cards, Products


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Minimum Price Free

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Students and younger adults

Strengths Lots of tasks
Strengths Free to sign-up
Strengths Well established
Strengths Lots of payout choices
Weaknesses Slow user support
Weaknesses Low earnings rate
Weaknesses Geared towards younger westerners

What Is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is an online survey site where you can get paid in PayPal cash, gift cards, or physical products to complete online surveys and other online tasks. Many businesses are willing to pay to conduct market research or carry out data collection - PrizeRebel brings these together on an easy-to-use platform. Read our PrizeRebel review below to learn how it works. We’ll also teach you how to make a PrizeRebel withdrawal via PayPal.

PrizeRebel Account Levels

Completing PrizeRebel surveys and other tasks does not translate directly to cash. Instead, you earn points which can then be redeemed for cash via PayPal, branded gift cards like Amazon or Uber, online game codes, and physical products. PrizeRebel supports Steam Wallet for games, while redeemed physical products are typically shipped from Amazon. 

500 points are equal to $5 in Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash. One point is the equivalent of one cent. Your very first survey will earn you 77 points.

The catch is you can’t start redeeming points until you reach 1,000, which is $10.

You also get a percentage of the points earned by anyone you refer to the site via a special link. I.e. you tell your friend on Facebook to join and they earn 1,000 points, you will get at least 150 points or $1.50.

The points overall also represent your account level. Each level comes with certain perks, though everyone starts at Bronze.

  • Level 1 - Bronze: 0 - 999 points, with a referral percentage of 15%.
  • Level 2 - Silver: 1,000 points - you can start redeeming, with a referral percentage of 20%.
  • Level 3 - Gold: 2,500 points - redemption of codes and gift cards are processed immediately rather than within 24 hours. You get 25% per referral, 1% bonus points on monthly earnings, and a 1% discount on redemptions.
  • Level 4 - Platinum: 7,000 points - You get 25% per referral, 2% monthly points bonus, and 2% discount on redemptions.
  • Level 5 - Diamond: 16,000 points - 30% per referral, 3% bonus, and 3% discount.

How to Make Money with PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel online surveys are the main way to earn points and make money on the site. However, they’re not your only option.

When you first sign up you can earn small amounts of points by doing simple things like completing your profile, verifying your identity, and liking and sharing the PrizeRebel social media accounts. This helps kick-start your earnings potential.

But that’s hardly all.

Online Surveys 

Help companies with their survey research by completing their questionnaires. This might be anything - from your thoughts on a new tech product, politics to information about your diet. This is the best way to make the most money.

Right after signing up, we counted around 10 different survey companies. Depending on your location, age, and gender, you should be able to find new surveys every single day. You’ll know If you’re eligible and how many points you’ll get before starting a survey. You’ll also be told the average time it takes to complete, so you can plan your day efficiently.

Note: It’s important to do the survey right until the end - a ‘Thank you’ page, else your points will not be credited. 

It is also important to be honest and logical in your answers because you are assigned a quality score. If this score drops too low, you’ll only be eligible for a limited number of surveys, if any, in the future.

For example, surveys often have dummy answers to test whether you aren’t just speeding through clicking random choices to get paid faster. E.g. if you answered ‘cheese’ to a question about what smartphone you currently use, your quality score will drop.

The actual data collection system and questions that help form the quality score are a bit more advanced than that, but you get the idea. Don’t try to cheat the system because you won’t get paid.

Companies will only pay you for genuine answers because junk answers ruin their statistics and the whole purpose of conducting empirical research. Using a PrizeRebel survey bot will quickly get you banned from the site.


Many companies give out special offers and free trials in hope that you’ll love their product or service so much you’ll stick around. Or at least that you’ll forget to cancel a subscription and get billed at least once. Either way, they are willing to pay a small amount for you to sign up. 

In the case of a trial that requires a credit card, don’t forget to cancel the subscription before it runs out.

Other offers are much simpler - joining a mailing list, for example, but they will also generate fewer points.

Watch Videos

Ever wonder how some videos get so many views? Sometimes the creators will literally pay for views, and in turn, you can get paid for being one of the viewers. That’s why PrizeRebel has an online video section.

Depending on the video, there may be certain requirements that must be met before you’re credited with points. This might be watching the whole video for at least several minutes, ensuring the sound is on, etc.

Some videos are more like commercials or promos. Companies hope that by paying you to watch, you will be inspired enough to purchase a product or service. Of course, it’s all up to you. 

Simple Tasks

The online economy can seem strange, but you can even earn money by doing simple online tasks such as using a specific search engine, browsing a list of sites, entering CAPTCHAS, filling out data, etc. 

We’ll be honest - sometimes we weren’t sure what the end goal is. It’s usually to create views or hits from real people (you) or to display adverts to you while you browse or complete a simple task. Some, however, remain a mystery.


As noted, PrizeRebel runs a referral program that allows you to earn points if you get someone else to register and earn points. Depending on your account level, you can get between 15% and 30% of all the points they earn.

For example, if your friend earns 1,000 points, you’ll earn between 150 and 300 points. This converts to $1.50 - $3. During our tests for this PrizeRebel review, we found that referral data and points are summarized and allocated at the end of the month.

If you have a strong social media presence or your own websites, promoting your PrizeRebel referral link is a great way to generate ongoing income. Even just a handful of dedicated referrals can really boost your earnings.

Promos, Contests, and Raffles

PrizeRebel is one of the more generous survey sites. It often just gives away free points via promo codes. You can also take part in contests with other users or gamble some of your points in a raffle or lottery for the chance to earn more.

Offer Walls and Shopping

The offer wall is a list of products or services you might genuinely want to purchase, and if you do so, you’ll be credited with some points. The trick here is to only buy something that you would probably have bought, anyway. That way you can recoup some of the cost in the form of PrizeRebel points, but overall it's not a way to make money.

Ease of Use and Interface

The PrizeRebel platform is browser-based and can be accessed on any computer or phone that’s connected to the internet. It works well on desktop and smartphone, with minimal need to zoom in when navigating or filling in surveys. There isn’t currently a dedicated PrizeRebel iPhone or Android app.

Signing up takes seconds and can be done via email or Facebook. It will take a bit longer to fully complete your profile and verify your identity. In some rare instances, you may be asked to scan and digitally send a copy of your passport, driver’s license, and/or a utility bill to prove your identity.

This is a fraud prevention measure and used when other verification methods have failed. If you’ve never encountered this before it might seem odd, but it’s a common and safe practice that’s also often used by online gambling sites and financial services. 

On the site, everything is laid out intuitively and you can easily browse the latest tasks. You can view your points, redemption history, get alerts, and manage your profile on your account page.

The site runs relatively quickly, and we only had a few instances of surveys or videos not loading. This may be because PrizeRebel often relies on external sources, and sometimes those may be experiencing downtime or heavy load. Either refresh or move on to a different task for the time being.

Our only true negative is that user support took a day to respond to our test query. A quick look at other PrizeRebel reviews suggests similar experiences. The good news is not much goes wrong, and we had no trouble redeeming points and getting paid within 24 hours. 

How to Redeem Points

Once you’ve reached the 1,000-point initial threshold, redeeming points is easy. Simply go to the rewards catalog section and choose from the many branded gift cards, eVouchers, online game codes, and physical products. Your choice will be processed within 24 hours with notification by email.

The best option if you want plain cash is to choose PayPal, which pays out in denominations of $5 (500 points).

If you have reached the Gold level (earned a cumulative 2,500 points), most digital rewards will be processed automatically. You can access them via a link within your account or via the confirmation email. 

Redeeming points instantly removes them from your bank (i.e. you’ve spent them) but not your cumulative total, which goes towards the various account levels and bonuses. 

PrizeRebel Security

PrizeRebel uses a secure connection and is not blacklisted by Google or any of the leading security sites as being unsafe. It has never had any major security or data breaches.

According to PrizeRebel user reviews, points remain secure in your account. The only real scenario where they might be rescinded is if you are suspected of fraudulently obtaining them via bots or other methods that are against their policy.  

The algorithms easily detect automated bots and using one will usually get your account completely banned. There are also scams and bots - like the PrizeRebel online generator that claims to hack points - that you should steer clear of for security reasons.

PrizeRebel vs Survey Junkie

Although they are similar and have the same minimum cash out of 500 points/$5 once your account is established, we give the advantage to PrizeRebel. It provides more variety and gives more opportunities to earn points. Survey Junkie has slowed down in recent years. 

PrizeRebel also gives you a nice kick-start with simple tasks like completing your profile or following them on social media, while Survey Junkie is more basic. It sticks to surveys over everything else.

Currently, PrizeRebel also has more registered users and seems to be the more active site.

PrizeRebel vs SwagBucks

Beginning as a paid search platform, SwagBucks now competes strongly with PrizeRebel by offering surveys. However, PrizeRebel still has more surveys each day and is more organized in the way it presents them. The choice mainly depends on whether you prefer earning via search, which Swagbucks excels at, or surveys, which PrizeRebel dominates.

The two are neck to neck when it comes to redeeming points in a variety of ways, including PayPal and gift cards. However, we give the edge to PrizeRebel for having a higher point value. It takes more time to earn the same amount via SwagBucks.

Design-wise SwagBucks has a more modern feel and has an app, whereas there is no PrizeRebel app - you have to use your in-phone browser. Nonetheless, the latter worked perfectly while we were researching for our PrizeRebel review. There’s no real advantage to using an app over a website in this case.

Where SwagBucks really stands out is its strong emphasis on mobile games. You can earn points for installing and/or playing, although micro-transactions often cancel out these earnings. The preponderance of casino-style games means you also stand a high chance of losing points as well.

Ultimately, SwagBucks is more modern-looking and can be more fun to engage with, but in terms of raw earnings potential, we give the edge to PrizeRebel.

PrizeRebel Review - Verdict

Overall, the PrizeRebel point system is easy to understand. It also allows for payment via PayPal or Amazon gift cards - a big plus. There are ample opportunities to earn points each day, whether that be via surveys or other tasks, and no shortage of ways to spend your points.

The fact that they allow users worldwide is encouraging, though it’s still mainly younger English-speaking western users that get the most surveys. 

Furthermore, as with every site of this type, per hour earnings potential is low and in no way a replacement for a regular job. It is intended for getting money on the side or ‘passive income’. For that, it is one of the best sites out there.

If you take the train to work or school, are bored at the weekend or want to make money while binging Netflix instead of scrolling through Twitter - try PrizeRebel. 


Is PrizeRebel legal?

Yes, PrizeRebel is completely legal and a registered company operating out of California, USA. It uses reputable and legal payment methods. It has never been implicated in any criminal proceedings, as PrizeRebel user reviews show. 

The platform gives an incentive to users to complete surveys and other tasks for businesses that are already paying for that information. You are, in effect, selling your opinion, personal data, and time

While they are open to a worldwide user-base, local laws may differ. All income made via PrizeRebel is subject to taxation and should be declared as such. This is up to the individual, as you are not employed by PrizeRebel.

Anyone under the age of 18 but older than 13 can use the site, but they must have parental consent.

Is PrizeRebel com legit?

Yes, PrizeRebel is a legitimate site that really does pay you when you earn enough points. This can start as low as $5 for 500 points and reach hundreds of dollars a month if you put in the time.

A lot of negative PrizeRebel reviews tend to be from users who have not fully grasped how the points system works, are annoyed that they cannot cash out right away, or expected to earn more. You will not get rich, but PrizeRebel legit lets you earn a small amount of extra cash on the side

PrizeRebel also reserves the right to verify your identity before paying out, which is a legal requirement in many countries, much like gambling websites. Reports of accounts being frozen or payouts being put on hold are often from people who have refused to confirm their identity. 

Is PrizeRebel safe?

Yes, PrizeRebel is a safe site that uses SSL encryption and protects your account. It has been in business since 2007 and never had any data breaches.

It is worth noting, however, that when signing up to do a PrizeRebel online survey or offer, you are agreeing to pass on certain personal details and data about yourself. This might include everything from your email address and home address, to your credit card details for some trials and offers.

This isn’t inherently unsafe, but you must also be prepared to receive an increase in emails and possible junk mail from these companies. Many people use a new separate email address for using survey sites.

When it comes to special offers or trials that require your credit card details to sign up. These are also 99% safe. If they mention anything about billing you upfront, then don’t do that particular task. If it’s a free trial that then rolls over to be paid, make yourself a reminder to cancel the trial before you are billed.

How much can you make on PrizeRebel?

Realistically you can make a few hundred dollars a month if you dedicate several hours a day to PrizeRebel and are in a prime demographic for receiving surveys. It is not meant to be a full-time job or to make you rich. But it’s a cool option for some extra cash or gifts.

The amount you can make ultimately depends on how much time you spend completing tasks and how well you fit certain demographics. 

While doing our PrizeRebel review, we found that some tasks tended to favor younger demographics so this could stifle the maximum earning potential of older users.

Surveys also seem to be more readily available to those living in the United States, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia, whereas users in Pakistan report having fewer options.


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