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Updated · Oct 12, 2022

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If you’re looking for your ideal client or contractor, Fiverr is just what you need. I tested it out to compile this Fiverr review, just for you! The goal was to give you a reference point so that you can make an informed decision whether this is the right freelance marketplace for you.



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Minimum Price $5 per gig

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Best for: Small one-time projects.

Strengths Affordable
Strengths 24/7 customer support
Strengths Easy to use
Weaknesses Oversaturated with freelancers
Weaknesses No hourly rates
Weaknesses Takes 20% commission

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace for digital service buyers and sellers. Although its origins are in Israel, it has a global reach.

You’re probably wondering where the name Fiverr came from, huh? 

I’ll explain.

The starting price for services is $5. Hence, the site’s creators naturally gravitated towards the name Fiverr. 

Fiverr offers more than 300 services, organized into nine categories

How Does It Work?

So, we’ve already covered what it is.

But, how does Fiverr work?

I’ll tell you all about it. 

Fiverr functions as a gig economy marketplace

A gig is temporary work delivered by independent contractors. While gig work encompasses many types of work arrangements and industries, Fiverr specializes in digital services.

Here, buyers don’t have to worry about passing through a middleman to get what they need. Neither do sellers. Therefore, they can sell and buy gigs at any time.

And how does Fiverr payment work?

Notably, buyers have to pay freelancers in advance.

But there’s the catch:

The site holds the money in escrow for 14 days. An escrow is a legal agreement where a third party holds funds or assets. It only releases them when the receiver has fulfilled a contractual obligation and the sender has okayed it. 

Paying before getting the service may sound unusual if you’ve never used a freelancing marketplace that requires advance payment. 

However, the system aims to protect you, eliminating fraud on both sides. 

This is what I mean:

If you’re a client, you will have to give the go-ahead for a Fiverr payment release, only if you’re happy with a deliverable. Note that the funds will automatically go to the worker’s account if you don’t file a dispute within two weeks. 

In the same breath, if you’re offering freelance services, no one can scam you by refusing to pay your hard-earned cash. 

Fiverr works both ways. That means that contractors can turn into clients and vice versa if they wish.

Now, let’s find out how to buy and sell on this fantastic site.  

How To Buy on Fiverr

Purchasing on the Fiverr app is as easy as ABC.

So, let’s say you’re looking for business plans.

This is what you do:

Head over to the search bar at the top left side of the website.

Type “Business Plans,” then hit search.

The system will display a list of sellers in neat rectangular boxes (gigs) resembling business cards. They contain the following details:

  • Seller’s name
  • The number of orders they’ve completed so far
  • Freelancer’s level and rating
  • Starting price
  • A brief description of what the service entails

Click on the individual gig to see more details, for instance: 

  • Turnaround time
  • Number of revisions
  • A list of Fiverr reviews on the worker plus their details (what previous clients liked or disliked about their work)
  • Package extras
  • Samples
  • Contact info

Just to mention a few.

And if something is unclear regarding a contractor’s profile, you can always message them for clarification. 

To be sure you’re on the same page with the freelancer, ensure that you give detailed instructions regarding the job. Periodically request to see the deliverable’s progress. That way, you can ask for changes promptly to save you both valuable time. 

And, most importantly, always pay through the platform to avoid losing your money to scam artists. 

How To Sell on Fiverr

When writing this Fiverr review, I also tested the platform as a seller.

Here’s the best practice as per my findings:

Create an account, and start posting your gigs after that. Make sure to go through the pointers that the site provides during sign-up to help you shine.

That means:

  • Tips on how to create a profile and make it outstanding 
  • How to publish your first gig

Ensure that you add links to your previous work to showcase your abilities and for credibility. In addition, add a clear picture to personalize your profile.

That’s not all:

To make money as a Fiverr freelance writer, designer programmer, etc., be as straightforward as possible when describing your services. That way, there will be no confusion, which might otherwise cause clients to skip your gig.

By the way, creating one isn’t hard.

The site already provides a template that you can fill in in a matter of minutes. 

This is very important:

Remember to optimize your gig using relevant search terms. This is because buyers will be using the phrases to find the ideal candidate.

If you have no idea where to begin, try looking at what top freelancers on the site have done for inspiration. That will give you an idea of the proper tags, keywords, and descriptions to use. 

Once you’re done, hit Publish, and voila!

And Now, Another Important Question About Fiverr: How to Make Money?

First off, start by marketing your gigs on social media. Note that you can’t message buyers unless they initiate the conversation. However, once you establish a working relationship, you can contact them down the line.

There are tons of ways for you to earn a decent sum on this platform. Some lucrative options are: 

Also, note that you can earn more with Extras (those that show up on Fiverr business cards). For instance, instead of charging $30 for a 500-word article provided in three days, you can create an Extra package that will enable you to request $60 and deliver it within a day. You can also offer to do three revisions instead of one to justify the price. 

As a freelancer, there are rules that you’ll have to follow. For instance, you can only have one account. In addition, you can’t solicit other members for work, and you must never accept payments outside the platform. 

What Is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr Pro is a separate package that has the creme de la creme contractors. 

The company handpicks them based on their ability to submit quality work. 

If you’re a buyer, you’ll be happy to know this:

Sellers in this category go through a thorough verification akin to job interviews. So you’re sure you’ll be getting top talent.

There are several ways to spot a pro seller, and here they are:

  • Typing “Pro” in the search bar
  • Looking for the words “Proverified” next to their gig. 
  • Clicking on “Fiverr Pro” at the top of the home page.

The most significant difference between Pro and regular accounts is that payment is per milestone rather than per project. This ensures that you check every stage of the work to see if it's meeting your requirements. 

Ease of Use and Interface

Joining the Fiverr marketplace is very simple. All you have to do is create an account, provide a profile picture, and you’re in!

If you’re a minimalist, you might find the interface a little crowded. But remember that it offers over 300 services!

Having said that, you won’t get lost trying to get what you need. The search bar will make it so much easier for you

Ordering for service is very easy, too. I tried getting an SEO expert by using the search bar and instantly got hundreds of available freelancers after hitting the “Search” button.

I also signed up for an account as a seller. 

Here was my experience:

The platform provided me with a template to advertise my services. Aside from my name, the site needed links to my work, profile photo, and video. It took me about two minutes to complete the process. It would have taken shorter if I knew what the process required beforehand.  

Is Fiverr Legit?

It’s normal to wonder whether this is just another scam site purporting to be a reputable freelance marketplace

After reading numerous Fiverr reviews and testing the platform myself, I can tell you that for sure, Fiverr is safe

Aside from escrow, which certainly reduces the risk on both sides, you can always report questionable characters. That means clients who ask for refunds despite delivering quality work or freelancers who don’t submit work according to the gig description.

The customer service is responsive and responds to complaints and queries within 24 hours. 

That’s not all:

Fiverr has an SSL certificate. It helps protect private information such as banking details from hackers.

Fiverr Fees and Payments

All Fiverr fees are per project. This means no joining or membership fees, so you only pay for what you order. 

In other words, as a buyer, you pay: 

  • Freelance rate: From $5 to $10 000
  • Service charge: $2 for purchases of up to $40 and 5% for above $40

And what percentage does Fiverr take from sellers?

The company takes 20% of your earnings. 

And that includes tips.

So if, for instance, a client pays you $10, you will get $8.

It might sound like you’re losing a lot.

But considering Fiverr is a business that has to pay back-office staff to ensure the site is always up and running, it makes sense. 

Remember that despite working remotely, you should be as professional as possible. That means politeness, courtesy, and above all, communication!

Life happens, and sometimes you might be unable to deliver your order on time.

In such cases, always be straightforward with your clients instead of just disappearing.

Most buyers will be kind enough to extend your delivery date. 

By now, you must be wondering: 

How do I Get Paid on Fiverr?

The site has three payment options, namely: 

  • Bank transfers (US)
  • Fiverr Revenue Card
  • PayPal

You can withdraw your money in different currencies, including US dollars, Euro, Pound Sterling, Israeli Shekel, Australian dollars.

However, note that Fiverr will deduct the conversion fees from your earnings.

Fiverr Review - Verdict

This Fiverr review sheds some light on what it is like for both clients and workers. The marketplace is a solid option that’s safe, affordable, and easy to use.  

Note that the site doesn’t allow hourly payments. However, you can pay your service providers per project. 

Now, is Fiverr good?:

Fiverr has lots of freelancers. Therefore, getting jobs can be challenging. 

But, there are ways to make sales sooner, such as advertising your gigs on social media. Another tip is to price your gigs as low as possible when starting, then deliver quality work for five-star ratings. You can always raise your rates after you start getting consistent orders.

And if you’re a buyer, having so many workers to choose from is definitely a positive.

The best thing of all: 

It has an Escrow to eliminate fraud. It stores funds for 14 days which is beneficial for both clients and freelancers

With it, the buyer can request a refund in case the work they got wasn’t satisfactory. And for service providers, that means that they never have to work for scammers who disappear without making payment.   

The biggest downside for contractors is that the platform takes away 20% of every Fiverr freelance job.

So, is Fiverr worth it?

If you’ve been freelancing for some time now, then you know how challenging it can be to find clients on your own. Not to mention the risk of not getting paid for your work. 

Fiverr makes it easier for you to get clients. Also, you get the opportunity to showcase your work and build a reputation. Last but not least, the increased payment security is certainly worth the Fiverr fee.


Does Fiverr really work?

Yes, the Fiverr freelance marketplace is a reliable platform that works well for both buyers and sellers.

Does Fiverr really pay?

Yes, Fiverr really pays.

The site secures payments in escrow to avoid scammers, so there’s that assurance that you’ll receive it at the end of the project. 

In addition, there’s a common misconception that contractors can only make $5 per gig. However, the truth is that that’s just the lowest price. Fiverr lets sellers set higher rates depending on the amount of work they need to put in.

Is Fiverr safe to use?

Yes, the platform is safe to use. 

While writing this Fiverr review, I personally tested its safety. I checked out if it has a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL is essential for protecting private information like banking details from prying eyes.

In addition to an SSL certificate, Fiverr has a padlock icon next to its web address. The URL itself has “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP”.




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