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Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Oct 09, 2022

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With a wide variety of plans to get you logged on to Usenet, TweakNews is easily one of the best Usenet provider choices for beginners and experts alike. For our TweakNews review, we put its services through their paces, looking at all the factors you need to know.

Free Trial

Yes, 10-day unlimited speed

Newsreader Included



Over 11 years

Search Function



50 Mbit to Unlimited

News Servers

US and EU

Encrypted Connections

Yes, up to 60




linux mac-os windows
TweakNews logo

Minimum Price € 7.95/mo

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Cheap Usenet provider for Europe

Strengths Good download speeds
Strengths Newsreader & VPN
Strengths Affordable regular plans
Weaknesses No crypto payments
Weaknesses Ambiguous privacy policy
Weaknesses Pricey block plans

What Is TweakNews?

Founded in 1998, TweakNews is one of the best and most affordable monthly-model Usenet internet service providers in Europe. It offers a good set of plans, while the TweakNews free trial gives you 10 days of unlimited speed and a 50GB download data limit. While block plans are an option, we particularly overpriced them compared to others. It’s best only to use them if it’s a one-and-done scenario.

You get a powerful TweakNews newsreader program that works on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. This allows you to browse the Usenet area of the internet, and easily download binaries (files) like film content, gaming files, images, music, etc. You can also read discussions on the classic boards, much like the more well-known internet forums of the regular web. It covers all the major newsgroups and stores data going back over 11 years.

You can also use the TweakNews ports and server details to set up with your own third-party news client - whether you have a Usenet browser for Mac or Linux waiting in the wings.

In terms of security and overall privacy, no breaches in data have ever been known. In most TweakNews reviews, it is hailed as a long-running and reputable company. It uses SSL encryption, which is the standard these days but still secure. It allows you safe passage through browser newsgroups and the binary Usenet.

The TweakNews privacy policy is a little open-ended, declaring never to sell customer data to third parties. It’s not quite specific enough to be 100% clear that there’s zero monitoring at all. The fact you can’t pay in Bitcoin suggests you won’t be completely anonymous. Usenet file-sharing of copyrighted material rarely results in anything more extreme than a warning or account ban, however, so there’s nothing to worry about.

If you are concerned about privacy, you can use your own Virtual Private Network (VPN) at the router level or sign-up for a plan that includes the zero-log VPN. That simply means the VPN service itself does not hold any logs on its users while hiding your browsing and Usenet traffic. You can get a TweakNews iOS app or TweakNews for Android as it pertains to their VPN service.

TweakNews Retention

If you want access to the complete Usenet archives and terabytes of data, then you need a Usenet provider that covers all the main newsgroups and has a high retention rate. This is the amount of time it stores text and files on its servers for you to access.

TweakNews gives you access to over 100,000 classic bulletin board system style newsgroups going back 4,200 days. That’s over 11 years. Your subscription will allow you access to copies on the TweakNews servers, and you can download them via one of the many Usenet clients for Windows and operating systems.

TweakNews boasts a 99% completion rate, which means they hold everything on their Usenet servers that text and binary newsgroups have. The 1% is usually just files that have always been corrupted or dangerous spam that has been filtered out.

In short, if you want practically complete access to the Usenet internet, then the TweakNews Usenet service is worth considering. 

TweakNews Speed

It’s no good having access to newsgroup servers if browsing is sluggish and your downloads cut out. Fortunately, TweakNews is known for its stable connections and high speeds. Depending on the plan you choose, you can go from 50Mbit to no speed caps at all.

Of course, lots of different factors determine your real-world speed, including your own ISPs limits. I.e. do you have slow mobile broadband or a super-fast fiber connection? Likewise, your location to the Usenet server TweakNews connects you through can also play a role.

As with all top Usenet service providers, TweakNews has large farms of news servers or ‘data centers’ throughout the United States and Europe. This ensures good global coverage without much impact on speed.

Furthermore, they provide between 30 and 60 secure connections, depending on your plan. This means you can download multiple Usenet binaries (files) and browse Usenet forums without your speed being throttled. This too is at the higher end of the scale when it comes to what most Usenet internet services offer.

While doing this TweakNews review, we found out you could get over 60Mbps download speed from a relatively close server, which is not bad at all. 

Another factor involving speed is whether you decide to use a VPN or not. On the top plan, TweakNews has a VPN especially prepared for your Usenet habits. If you opt to use a third-party VPN, however, depending on the quality of the service, it could slow down your speed considerably. It’s worth checking the extensive help pages to learn how to set things up properly. 

Ideally, get the plan with the VPN, then you can also make use of a Tweaknews app and don’t even have to be using Usenet. Just look for TweakNews iOS or TweakNews Android to get it.

Customer Support

TweakNews has a genuinely helpful support page full of FAQs and all the information newcomers might need to get things started. 

The support section has dedicated tabs for general account information, Usenet software, instructions, etc. For example, if you need help with TweakNews on Linux, you can easily find it.

If you need personalized support from a real member of staff, you can use an email web form. Paying customers also have a more formal ticketing system from within their online dashboard.

Based on the various TweakNews user reviews and the tests carried out by our team, the company is prompt to respond to your emails and will do all they can to solve your issue. Nine times out of 10 you won’t experience any serious problems when using Usenet. TweakNews has never been known to have any shady billing practices.

TweakNews Pricing

Rather than a money-back guarantee, whatever plan you choose can start with a 10-day no-obligation trial:

TweakNews Free Trial: 10-Days, 50GB

Note: There is no TweakNews VPN trial.

Regular Plans

All regular plans come with unlimited download data. The Tweaknews price is based on how much you pay upfront, the speed, and the number of connections. Most savings are made by purchasing a plan for one year in advance.

TweakNews Trial

Free for 10-Days

Features include: 50Mbit speed, 30 connections, and Unlimited Downloads



Additional subscriptions include: half-year: €6,49 per month and one-year: €5,83 per month. Features include: 50Mbit speed, 30 connections, and Unlimited Downloads



Additional subscriptions include: half-year: €8,33 per month and one-year: €7,50 per month. Features include: 100Mbit speed and 40 connections

Ultimate + VPN


Additional subscriptions include: half-year: €10,36 per month and one-year: €9.07 per month. Features include: uncapped speed and 60 connections

Block Plans

All block plans give you a set amount of download data with no time limit – once it’s gone, it’s gone. Each one has a fast 100 Mbit speed cap. Nonetheless, compared to others, these are quite expensive prices.

  • 10GB: €2 
  • 50GB: €7
  • 100GB: €13 
  • 250GB: €30 
  • 500GB: €45

TweakNews Review – Verdict

If you’re looking for a cheap but high-end option in Europe particularly, this Usenet service provider is a great one. It slips up a bit in its block offerings in terms of pricing, but at least that’s an option. Today, it can be hard to find a good Usenet internet service that even offers that model at all.

As a long-running and respected provider, there’s not much bad to say about the company. It has great speeds and stability, and even when capped speeds are high enough not to really make a difference. 

It also gets an extra star for bundling its own VPN and newsreader software. The company also gets the nod for letting you use your own choice of news software.

With a great retention length and no data download limits, we could hardly find anything negative to mention in our TweakNews review. Privacy advocates may struggle with the lackluster privacy policy and lack of crypto payment methods, however. 


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