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Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Oct 09, 2022

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Supernews deserves a spot on our best Usenet provider list, thanks to its impressive text retention length, unlimited usage, and excellent customer support. Read our Supernews review to learn more about why this might be the perfect Usenet service provider for you.



Free trial

Yes, three days

News servers

US and Europe



Search function


Newsreader included



17+ years text / three year binaries

Encrypted connections

Yes, 30


linux mac-os windows
Supernews logo

Minimum Price Free

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Finding old text content

Strengths 10GB free trial
Strengths No download limits
Strengths No speed throttling
Strengths Good customer support
Weaknesses Lacks different plans
Weaknesses Low binary retention
Weaknesses Doesn’t accept crypto payments

What Is Supernews?

Supernews has been offering Usenet server access since the mid-90s and has become a trusted name amongst its users. With so much experience, let’s see how it holds up.

Depending on what you’re looking for and your experience level, it does a good job. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t bundle software or VPN services with their plans. While this isn’t an issue for those who already use Usenet indexers, browsing, and download software, newcomers can expect a learning curve.

Although you can easily pull up posts from 10 to 15 years ago, the same retention doesn’t apply to physical files. Still, with 30 simultaneous connections, no speed or download caps, and pretty good speeds – it’s worth checking out.

Supernews Retention

Supernews retention days can reach up to 6,205. Retention is the number of days a provider keeps access to the Usenet internet archive and binaries. Binaries are files that you can download with a news client or Usenet software. Text-based posts, which are similar to what you’d find on traditional internet forums, can be read via the same software or dedicated Usenet browsers.

Supernews seems to have spectacular retention of 17+ years, but this is only for text newsgroups. You only get around three years for binary newsgroups. As this is much lower than other Usenet service providers, it isn’t suitable for heavy downloaders.

But if you want to read old news, research articles, or general posts on a Usenet-style bulletin board system, Supernews is one of the best Usenet services.

Supernews Speed

Supernews is relatively fast and provides solid access to all the main active newsgroups. All Supernews connections are SSL encrypted, and you can make up to 30 simultaneous requests. In practice, this means it’s unlikely to get disconnected from a Usenet news server.

Since there is no Supernews VPN, we were only able to test direct speeds. During the tests for our Supernews review, we saw an average of 700kbps in Europe when downloading a 1GB file. While this is quite fast when ISPs can only manage broadband of a few Mbps, it’s undoubtedly a drop for those with Fiber connections.

It is important to understand that while the company doesn’t limit or throttle speeds, it doesn’t have the fastest capabilities.

Customer Support

The Supernews online support team gets good coverage in other Supernews reviews, and we understand why.

Their 24/7 support answered our questions within minutes at different times of the day. All you have to do is fill out an online contact form, and a knowledgeable staff member will get back to you.

There is also a detailed FAQ page for newcomers with information about different Usenet clients for Windows, Mac, or Linux. It also includes information on how to set up the Supernews SSL port.

Supernews Pricing

Supernews Usenet keeps its pricing plans simple. They offer one overall plan with no speed or download data caps and 30 SSL connections. There is one difference in price, but it depends on how long you’ll commit:

  • Monthly: $11.99/month
  • Annual: $99.00/year ($8.25/month)

There are special discounts for first-time subscribers, giving you 50% off the first month on the monthly plan, or 25% off your first year on the annual subscription.

Both options give you a 3-day trial with 10GB of download data to see whether this particular Usenet internet service works for you. We highly recommend trying it before because there is no money-back guarantee. 

Although the plans are straightforward, many Supernews reviews show that users would like more options. Block data plans would also be an excellent addition for those that don’t want to be regular users.

Supernews Review - Verdict

Supernews is simple and straightforward but slightly limiting for certain users. With a high emphasis on text-based browser newsgroups instead of binary downloads, this isn’t the best Usenet internet service provider for file sharing. While the uncapped speeds and download data are fantastic features, it’s almost wasted as there isn’t much to download.

But it works perfectly if you simply want to browse Usenet forums for historical posts. With a staggering 17 years of text retention and Usenet servers in the United States and Europe, it’s more than sufficient.


Keelan Balderson

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