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Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Oct 09, 2022

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Giganews is a great option when looking for one of the best Usenet providers. It offers simple plans that appeal to heavy users. In our Giganews review, we’ll check the speed and features, including the VPN and the Giganews browser. Let’s dive in.





Free trial

Yes, 14-day



News servers

North America & Europe

Search function



3+ years binary and 17+ years text

Newsreader included



linux mac-os windows
Giganews logo

Minimum Price Free

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Unlimited usage

Strengths Fast VPN
Strengths Long text retention
Strengths Fast and stable servers
Strengths Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux
Weaknesses Crypto not accepted
Weaknesses No bundles available
Weaknesses Pricier than some competition

What Is Giganews?

Giganews has been building a solid reputation as a leading Usenet internet service since 1994. While most modern Usenet services are essentially resellers, this company has its own Giganews servers across North America and Europe. This gives you next to no slowdowns or downtime. On top of that, you get unlimited speed and data on all plans.

We looked at all aspects of the service for this Giganews review, and we were particularly impressed with the included VPN. They partnered with VyprVPN to keep your internet connection encrypted whether you’re browsing newsgroup servers or the regular internet.

The Giganews VPN works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. But you can also use it alongside a Usenet app for mobile devices. Keep in mind that the Giganews newsreader to browse the Usenet internet and download binaries is only available for Windows and Mac. 

Regardless, the site gives you more than enough information on how to set up third-party browsers. It also recommends the SABnzbd open-source news client for accessing binary newsgroups. Alternatively, you can find mobile newsreaders on the Google Play and Apple App stores. The Giganews accelerator allows you to apply SSL encryption to third-party reading software and improve speeds.

You can fully access 110,000 newsgroups and get 100% competition. In other words, there isn’t just one Giganews server or one copy of a file. They store multiple copies of everything, so you’ll always have access to what’s out there.

Giganews Usenet Retention

Out of all the Usenet service providers we’ve reviewed, Giganews has some of the highest retention rates. We’re talking 17+ years. Keep in mind that this promise is for browser newsgroups or Bulletin Board System style posts, not physical files. 

Giganews binary retention is actually on the shorter side – only three years. This is shorter than the average Usenet service provider and isn’t the best for Usenet file-sharing of older files.

Our retention tests hold the statements to be true. A couple of videos coming close to three years were easy to download, but we couldn’t access some gaming files beyond that. Meanwhile, we happily browsed the classic Usenet-style internet forums going back over a decade. The 100% completion promise is legitimate.

Giganews Usenet Speed

Giganews connections and speed are other areas where the company excels. In theory, you can reach over 1,000Mbps. While that might not be realistic, it has no inherent speed limitations.

The speed you get depends on several factors, such as your network/ISP’s limitations and your geographic location. However, since they have a broad range of Usenet news servers across Europe and North America, most users can connect to a server close to their physical location. 

Furthermore, Giganews owns its Usenet server, and they are set up specifically for accessing Usenet data. In that sense, it is also very stable. You’ll get 100 simultaneous connections on all plans, which avoids any drops in service or the inability to download a file. Many Giganews reviews show praise for its stability and speed.

There might be a slight decrease in speed when used in conjunction with the VPN, but you’ll still get good performance. Furthermore, VyprVPN is a certified no-logs VPN service. They can’t and won’t store any data about you or your internet traffic.

All of this finely tuned in with Mimo from Giganews, their Usenet browser for Mac and Windows. It works as an Usenet search engine and download manager.

Customer Support

Giganews customer support is top-notch, as attested by many Giganews reviews. The team has experience going back to the early 90s. The site has many helpful articles and FAQs to help you understand Usenet and access news servers.

When you sign up, you get access to a dashboard with more details about Giganews’ servers and how to set everything up. If you have to contact the support team, you can contact them through a live chat or ticketing system. While testing both, we received quick and helpful answers.

Giganews Pricing

All Giganews plans come with unlimited download data, no speed caps, a free Giganews VPN with VyprVPN, and SSL encryption. You also get Giganews Mimo, their native news software. All subscriptions come with a 14-day free trial.

  • Monthly: $9.99/month
  • Six months: $9.17/month
  • One year: $8.33/month

The pricing differences simply reflect your upfront commitment. It’s cheaper if you pay for an entire year. Therefore, it’s best to use the generous Giganews trial to test whether you enjoy the service first. Especially since there is no money-back guarantee.

Giganews Review - Verdict

Giganews is undoubtedly one of the most well-known names in Usenet. Not just because it has been around for so long, but because it has straightforward plans, unlimited usage, and a powerful Giganews browser. Extras like excellent customer support, a fast VPN, and the Accelerator software give it even better recognition.

However, it is not perfect. We recommend checking out a different Usenet internet service provider if you need good retention for binary files.

Nonetheless, our Giganews review shows that it’s one of the best options out there.


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