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Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Oct 09, 2022

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Usenet Farm is well-priced and offers a block payment plan, plus extra privacy. While this doesn’t come in the form of a VPN, you can sign-up completely anonymously. This, in our eyes, makes it one of the best Usenet provider choices in 2022. Read our full Usenet Farm review for more details.





Free Trial

Yes, 10GB


Over 8 years



News Servers

The Netherlands

Search Function


Newsreader Included



linux mac-os windows
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Minimum Price €4.95/Month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: User Privacy

Strengths Extra privacy
Strengths Good free trial
Strengths Unlimited speed plans
Strengths Bitcoin payment accepted
Weaknesses No Usenet VPN
Weaknesses No Usenet software
Weaknesses Data download limits

What Is Usenet Farm?

Usenet Farm is a Usenet internet service provider with servers based in The Netherlands. It stands out thanks to good pricing. It lets you purchase a one-off block of 500GB download data for €15.00 a month. This type of pricing plan has often been overlooked by other Usenet service providers who try to lock you into yearly or monthly contracts.

It also puts its user’s privacy first. 

Let us elaborate.

There’s no bundled virtual private network to protect your entire internet browsing habits.

All you need to sign-up is an email address that can be confirmed, however, and we all know how to create a throwaway one. They do not ask for your name or any other personal details and do not collect data when using their service. 

You can choose to pay by credit card. All data is encrypted and not shared directly with the Usenet service provider. Plus, you can pay with Bitcoin or Paysafecard for even more protection and anonymity. PayPal is also an option.

In terms of other features, it has a fairly standard, if not slightly poor, set of Usenet services. There are data limits on most plans and no Usenet clients for Windows or otherwise. Plus, although you could set one up yourself quite easily, they are not partnered with nor bundle a VPN service. That just seems odd considering their privacy mantra.

Privacy aside, retention and overall access to text and binary newsgroups are a bit lower than what most other Usenet internet service providers offer. 

Here’s what we discovered when we were researching this Usenet Farm review:

Usenet Farm Retention

Usenet Farm servers are promoted as ‘Smart state’ with full access to the Usenet internet. In reality, however, they offer one of the lower retention lengths of just 3,000 days or over 8 years. That’s not necessarily terrible, but it’s certainly lower than the 12+ years offered by other leading providers.

In simple terms, anything on browser newsgroups or Usenet binaries that were posted before this will not be accessible via Usenet Farm connections. Of course, not everyone is looking for really old files or information, but it’s still worth keeping in mind.

Usenet Farm Speed

Speed is not much of an issue as the Usenet Farm backbone of servers is dedicated and responsive. Nonetheless, if you choose the Stingy plan, you will be capped at 12.5Mbps. The other two main plans allow you to go as fast as your own ISP will let you. We had no speed problems even though its Usenet server farm is in the Netherlands and we aren’t.

There is also no shortage of stable simultaneous connections, as you’ll get between 40 and 50. In fact, this is more than most other Usenet internet service options we’ve reviewed. In reality, that many are not really necessary. It’s still reassuring that you’re not going to get a dropped service or struggle to download multiple binary Usenet files at the same time.

You’re limited in the data you are permitted to download each month. This ranges from 500GB to 6TB. So, again, it all depends on your usage habits. If you’re going to be constantly downloading tonnes of huge files, you might run into a problem. Most people won’t even come close to the limit. 

Customer Support

When we tested Usenet Farm for our review, we found their customer support team to be very accessible. You can reach out to them on Twitter, Facebook, and Messenger. This is on top of direct email or a typical ticket system which can be found within your online dashboard.

You can also view your payments and billing information. Meanwhile, the Config tab gives you all of the Usenet news server information so you can set up your Usenet browsers, Usenet app, or other kinds of news client. There’s also a bit of info here to help you do that.

Usenet Farm reviews suggest the team is fast, knowledgeable, and generally listens to feedback from users. We can confirm. 

Usenet Farm Pricing

All Usenet Farm online plans start with a 10GB free trial with no speed caps. Once the block is used up, you must then select from the following:



For 40 simultaneous connections, and 4 terabytes of download data.

To the Max


For unlimited speed, 40 connections, and 6TB of data.

Prepaid Block


For unlimited speed and 500GB of data until it runs out.

Once you use up all of your monthly data, you are still allowed access, but you will face speed limits until the next month rolls around.

All of your usage stats can be found within your online dashboard.

Usenet Farm Review - Verdict

Looking for binary files like film and video files, gaming, music, images

Definitely give Usenet Farm a try.

Its ability to allow anonymous and crypto-paid accounts is a massive plus for some, especially those involved in Usenet file sharing (though this is technically against their TOS). 

Usenet Farm user reviews are filled with compliments for this modern provider. It lets you access newsgroup servers with prepaid blocks of data rather than a monthly or longer contract. 

On the other hand, there’s no bundled Usenet browser for Mac or Windows. You also won’t find Usenet search for sites or Usenet indexers. All of that must be set up using their news servers using third-party news software. The same goes for a VPN.

All things considered, the plans are good and only a fraction of users will reach the data download limits. Just don’t expect petabytes of files.

Ultimately, our Usenet Farm review is a positive one. You can gain a lot from it, just make sure its unique packages suit you before properly signing up. 


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