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Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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Looking for an affordable and fast Usenet internet service? Read our XLNed review to learn everything about this provider. A sneak peek: it has a great Usenet search engine and over 11 years of binary retention!


Up to 120Mbps

Free Trial



Over 11 years





News Servers


Search Function


Newsreader Included



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Minimum Price €2.24/mo

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Variety of pricing plans

Strengths Fast top package
Strengths Download and post
Strengths Good value for money
Strengths Accepts Bitcoin payments
Weaknesses Faster in Europe
Weaknesses No VPN services
Weaknesses No bundled software

What Is XLNed?

XLNed is considered a relatively fresh Usenet service provider, even though it was found in 2007. Usenet itself was an early private bulletin board system, still active among Usenet file-sharing users or those that prefer Usenet forums as their form of internet communication.

XLNed accommodates both, allowing you to just read ‘news’ or download, post, and ‘upload’. In fact, it uses separate servers for both so that your overall speeds are not interrupted. This is great news if you pay for the top package, though speeds are limited on the cheaper plans.

It is a European Usenet internet service provider, so you probably can guess where the servers are. While they do not exclude customers based elsewhere like the United States, Usenet servers are likely to be a bit slower. Also, pricing is in Euros. 

Furthermore, XLNed does not provide a full-blown Usenet software solution or news client, so you will need to configure your own if you want the best experience with binary newsgroups. Fortunately, there are many Usenet clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even mobile devices.

Nonetheless, XLNed does let you search over 110,000 browser newsgroups from your account and promises 99% competition. 

In other words, it guarantees that the newsgroup servers it connects you to are still active. Often, a Usenet provider will boast of having thousands of more groups, but these are inactive or lack content. 110,000 is about the current limit when it comes to getting the full experience.

One of XLNed’s major benefits is that all of its plans come with unlimited monthly data. You can download as many Usenet binaries as you desire.

As is standard with almost every Usenet internet service, your connection is protected by SSL encryption. Unfortunately, they do not offer their own or bundle a third-party Usenet VPN service. You will have to pay extra for your own and have the know-how to configure it.

XLNed Retention

Regardless of your XLNed server, you get a competitive retention rate of 4,100 days, which is over 11 years. Any content on any supported Usenet news server or binary Usenet server is accessible for 4,100 days before it is deleted and/or replaced.

This is in line with many other top Usenet service providers, though some others do offer slightly longer retention rates. Whether this matters to you really depends on whether you’re hunting for a specific rare file or post. A 12.5-year-old post simply won’t be there. If that’s not an issue, 4,100 days are more than adequate. 

XLNed Speed

XLNed has great speed capabilities, though they do limit your speed based on the plan you pay for. For example, the top Gold plan allows for up to 120Mbps, which is more than enough. The Lite plan, however, doesn’t get any higher than 2.5Mbps. This is still relatively fast, but if you’re used to super-fast fiber broadband or 5G, you might want to consider a faster solution. After all, it’s one of the most affordable of its kind, anyway.

Speed may also be impacted by your location since XLNed’s Usenet server farm is exclusively based in Europe. XLNed reviews from US users and further afield state that this is the case.

Customer Support

XLNed customer support is straightforward and helpful. For common queries you need answering if you are a beginner to Usenet services, you can check out its FAQ page. This is very basic and deals with things like what Mbps means or various error codes you might run into.

There is also a private member’s forum where you can ask other users and administrators for. Just searching the forum will often bring up a relevant topic, so that’s an option, too.

For advanced queries, you can contact a member of staff directly by email. As part of the tests for this XLNed review, we sent a handful of mock questions and found them to be fast and responsive. Whether it’s a billing or technical issue, they will work through the problem with you.

We checked other XLNed user reviews and didn’t see any massive support-related complaints.

XLNed Pricing

We looked closely at all the packages. They come with unlimited download data and the same retention. Pricing is based on the number of simultaneous connections and connection speed.

XL Lite


Additional offers include €2.24/mo (1 year upfront) and €2.24 (6 months). Features include 2.5Mbps and 2 connections.

XL Small


Additional offers include €3.74/mo (1 year upfront) and €4.37 (6 months). Features include 5Mbps and 2 connections.

XL Basic


Additional offers include €4.49/mo (1 year upfront) and €5.24 (6 months). Features include 10Mbps and 4 connections.

XL Plus


Additional offers include €5.24/mo (1 year upfront) and €6.12 (6 months). Features include 20Mbps and 8 connections.

XL Gold


Additional offers include €7.49/mo (1 year upfront) and €8.74 (6 months). Features include 120Mbps and 12 connections.

Unlike most Usenet internet suppliers, there is not any kind of free XLNed trial, nor a promoted money-back guarantee. 

XLNed Review - Verdict

There’s a lot to like about XLNed, it’s affordable and it offers an abundance of price plans. You will get unlimited download data regardless of your plan. Speeds are excellent, especially in Europe where it is based.

Where it slips up is a lack of news software or any true Usenet browsers or Usenet app solutions. You can search, but third-part Usenet indexers and Usenet search sites do it better. In that sense, it’s not the ideal choice for beginners.

You can pay for your subscription with Bitcoin which couples well with the anonymity provided by SSL encryption. Yet, there is no VPN service with any of the packages. Hopefully, the provider listens and fixes this. We’ll be sure to update this XLNed review, once new features are added.


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