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Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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UseNeXT is an accomplished Usenet service provider from Germany. If you’re looking for good speed, lots of access, and VPN level privacy, you’ve found it! Our experts shared their UseNeXT reviews after thoroughly testing its key features.



Free Trial

Yes, 14 Days


Over 7 Years


Yes, 256-bit SSL/TLS



News Servers


Search Function


Newsreader Included



linux mac-os windows
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Minimum Price €7.95/Month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: High speeds

Strengths Fast
Strengths Use with any device
Strengths Usenet VPN included
Strengths 30 secure connections
Weaknesses Confusing pricing
Weaknesses Difficult to cancel
Weaknesses Retention could be longer

What Is UseNeXT?

The UseNeXT provider has carved itself a trusted reputation among the niche user base over the past 16 years. It provides 30 simultaneous SSL connections, a solid 800Mbps top download speed, and access to over 200,000 newsgroups. This is about the maximum you will come across. So, if there are posts and binary files out there, you’ll find them with the UseNeXT software.

Usenet is a long-running internet communication platform, a bit like regular web-based forums or a bulletin board system. All of these were popular prior to social media. Their archives still have terabytes, or perhaps even petabytes of info and files. They can be accessed via a Usenet news server and accompanying news software

While writing this UseNeXT review we found that you have a great selection of newsreaders:

  • – Works on all major desktop and mobile operating systems via a web browser. You do not need a specific UseNeXT newsreader for android or iOS, for example. There is no Usenet app.
  • Momentum – Has one of the best Usenet search engine features, allowing you to home in on audio, videos, gaming, e-book, film, software, etc. You can also search by genre (e.g. Erotic, Sports, TV shows). This makes it excellent for binary file downloads.
  • Phantom – A Client that offers a powerful search engine for text posts and files.
  • Unison – Easily the best UseNeXT MAC option.
  • SABnzb – The best newsreader for Linux users, which also supports Usenet streaming.

If you wish to experience Usenet streaming in a slightly more user-friendly way, consider a third-party news client like Snelnl.

Retention is good, but not the highest. You can choose from plenty of plans, but they can be a bit overwhelming for some. 

One big plus - VPN access via the SpyOFF service. This includes little impact on speed, multiple logins from different devices on your network, and the ability to spoof a location from anywhere.

Since it only provides access to newsgroups, UseNeXT is legal, as are the majority of Usenet search sites and services. The only real alternative to Usenet is torrents, which is much more questionable.

UseNeXT Retention

The length of time an Usenet internet service allows access to forums is called retention. UseNeXT has a respectable retention time of 2,705 days, which is more than seven years. This allows you to go back deep into the archives of newsgroup posts to find old information and rare files. 

Compared to some other Usenet services, this is lower, but you can still find most of the decent files. By using the free UseNeXT trial, you can test whether the retention rate suits your needs.

The good news is that you get a high 200,000 plus uncensored newsgroups on its Usenet servers. We definitely found some needles in haystacks thanks to them and the excellent newsreaders. All of these have good search functions. Even complete beginners won’t struggle to get to grips with how to access Usenet in 2021.  

UseNeXT Speed

UseNeXT also has respectable speeds. Although you won’t be flying at Gigabits of transfer, 800Mbps can accommodate the average user’s own top internet speed. Plus, 800Mbps is far from slow, even if your regular web or torrent downloads are faster.

The speeds are consistent and stable. You’ll be able to make use of six Usenet server centers across the United States and Europe. 

Furthermore, you can have up to 30 secure SSL/TLS connections at any one time. This is more than double the amount you need before speed and stability become an issue.

During our UseNeXT review tests, we experienced no capping or throttling of speed. The only time you’re cut off from downloading is if you use all of your allotted data within the month. And even then you can still browse, just not download any files. It’s also easy to upgrade your account if you need more data.

Customer Support

For an Usenet internet service provider, customer support is generally good. It has a vast knowledge base to answer most common queries. If you really need to talk to a member of staff, however, you can use the ticket/contact form system. It allows you to upload screenshots so they can see exactly what’s going on.

The response isn’t always fast. UseNeXT user reviews, however, show that the staff was genuinely helpful and knowledgeable. We totally agree. And, even if the first port of call couldn’t help, they soon passed us along to somebody who could.

The whole process is straightforward and user-friendly, and we cannot foresee many problems once you’ve mastered the basics of how to access the text or binary newsgroups

Furthermore, there is an active discussion forum where users and admins help each other out. You can even give general feedback and suggestions.

UseNeXT Pricing

While UseNeXT’s pricing is competitive when you dig down, it’s also a little bit confusing. It has a lot of plans and different yearly and monthly billing options. We were also quite disappointed that users can’t purchase blocks of one-off data. The best Usenet service providers are more versatile and fairer with their plans.

Committing to a year often means you’re paying for months of data you don’t end up needing. It’s important to assess whether you’ll be a high-volume user or not before parting with any cash.

Note: While pricing is in Euros, UseNeXT accepts customers from all over the world. When you reach checkout, the exchange rate will kick in. 

Here’s a closer look at each plan:

  • Free Trial
    • 14 days
  • Yearly Plans – Equivalent Monthly Cost
    • Rookie+ €7.95/mo
      30GB data
    • Rockstar+ €9.95/mo
      80GB data
    • Legend+ €19.95/mo
      250GB data
  • Monthly Plans – Billed Monthly
    • Rookie €13.95/mo
      60GB data
    • Rockstsar €16.95/mo
      120GB data
    • Legend €26.95/mo
      300GB data

The former UseNeXT Smart+ plan is no longer available.

Whatever plan you choose comes with an 800Mbps maximum speed and free Spy Off VPN access.

The free trial is risk-free and can be canceled at any time, but you do have to enter your credit card details. If you don’t cancel within 14 days, you will be billed. An aggregate of UseNeXT reviews suggests users have had trouble, at least in the past, canceling their trial and have been prompted to call customer services instead of being able to cancel easily online. Keep that in mind when signing up.

UseNeXT also does not advertise a traditional 30-day money-back guarantee, which helps put users’ minds at ease.  

UseNeXT Review – Verdict 

The Usenet internet service is fast with plenty of newsgroup servers. It’s also stable, with retention going back over 7 years. The partnered Usenet software can be easily used by any computer or mobile device. All you really need is a web browser and you can find binaries and text at the click of a mouse.

Its slightly questionable free trial and no money-back guarantee knock half a star off. Nonetheless, they have been providing consistent services for many years and we don’t think that should be a dealbreaker. It’s considered a trusted service and there are few outright negative UseNeXT user reviews. 

It mainly misses out on top-tier status because there are no block data options. We also found there to be a few too many details required to sign-up despite your privacy being secured by a VPN and SSL encryption.   

But overall, it’s a good one. It scored well in the tests for this UseNeXT review. If you want to see it for yourself, take a look at the free trial.

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