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Selma Citakovic
Selma Citakovic

Updated · Aug 17, 2022

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Want to edit out backgrounds in your pics with as little hassle as possible? This PicWish review can lead you in the right direction, then. Let’s see what else this app has to offer!

Free version




Ease of use


File format support


AI tools

Background removal, upscaling, sharpening, retouching, compressing, and cropping


2x and 4x

Resolution limit

up to 4096 x 4096

File size limit

up to 10MB


mac-os android windows
PicWish Logo


Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Free background removal

Strengths AI-powered tools
Strengths Accurate background removal
Strengths Free
Strengths Excellent ease of use
Weaknesses Occasionally stuttery
Weaknesses Mobile app and web version aren’t synced
Weaknesses Doesn't work with files over 20MB

What is PicWish?

PicWish is an online image editor that specializes in removing backgrounds. It can also handle:

  • Upscaling
  • Retouching
  • Compressing
  • Cropping
  • Sharpening.

It’s no Photoshop, but it will do basic touch-ups just fine. The thing that makes it stand out from similar services is that it’s AI-powered

The best part: it’s free!

Other than the web and desktop app, you can use it on your phone (iOS and Android).

For the sake of this PicWish review, I’ve tested it on copious amounts of cat pics. Let’s find out if there are any impurrfections with the service!


Online image editors are only as good as their tools. Here’s what you can expect from PicWish: 

Background Removal

This feature is in the spotlight of all PicWish reviews — and for a reason. It can erase simple and complex backgrounds flawlessly with just one click.

It works on products, humans, animals, graphics — you name it. That makes it great for eCommerce and marketing purposes, and even ID photos.

So, how does it work?

First, you’ll need to upload your image. Once it’s loaded, the editor will automatically delete the background. In most cases, the AI is impeccably precise. But, you can finetune rough edges with a brush. The whole process takes just a few seconds.

Finally, you can download the finished product.

For my test, I made PicWish remove the background on this picture.

original unedited picture

As you can see, it handled the furry outline very well. 

ready edited image

Photo Retouch

Ever taken a pic, and this passerby is photobombing your perfect vista? Well, PicWish has just the tool for you.

It allows you to edit out unwanted objects. That includes:

  • People
  • Clutter
  • Watermarks
  • Timestamps
  • Logos.

All you need to do is upload your pic and select the problematic areas. The app will then automatically delete them.

Here’s what I did: 

Pic with some problematic areas


deleted problematic areas

Photo Enhancer

This AI-enhancing feature is the cure for blurry pictures. It can transform low-res photos into crisp, high-definition ones. It works on portraits, groups, landscapes, logos, and more.

It’s a fairly simple affair.

You upload your image, and PicWish will instantly unblur it.

unblurred image

Image Enlarger

The Image Enlarger is another mighty tool in PicWish’s arsenal. The name says it all. You can upscale pics by 200% and 400%

Unlike traditional upscalers, this one won’t impact the quality thanks to its deep learning technology.

I’ve used it on the tiniest cat in the world that’s totally real and not photoshopped.

This is the original:

picture before enlarging

And this is the 2X upscaled result:

Enlarging the image option

Image Compressor

PicWish’s compressor can work with formats like:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • TIFF.

The upload size is unlimited, which is awesome. You can choose what you prioritize: size-first, normal compression, or clear-first. Either way, you can balance photo quality and file size.

Image Cropper

The PicWish app can also crop your pictures. Your options are:

  • Freeform
  • Preset ratios
  • Crop to exact size.

The presets are optimized for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 


Developers will be glad to know that there are three image processing APIs:

  • Background removal
  • Objects removal
  • Photo enhancing.

You can integrate them into your workflow and edit pictures on the fly.

They support PNG, JPG, and BMP files. Admittedly, the range could be better. On top of that, the resolution should be less than 4096 x 4096, and the file size less than 10MB.

Mobile App

PicWish is also available as a free Android and iOS app. However, many users have complained in their PicWish reviews about its incompatibility with the desktop version.

That’s because they are two independent products developed by different teams. That also means the membership systems are separate, and you can’t switch between the mobile app and the Windows/Mac version.

So, there’s zero connection between the two, which is very unfortunate.

Ease of Use and Interface

PicWish is incredibly straightforward. You can find everything at a glance, and using the tools requires no technical knowledge whatsoever.

PicWish Interface

There are tutorials on the website, but I doubt you’ll need them. 

It’s that simple!

The editing process wasn’t as smooth as it could’ve been, though.  The PicWish photo enhancer was stuttery at times, and I had to retry some pics. But, other than that, I don’t have any complaints.


You can use PicWish for free. But, you’ll have to pay for API functionality. The pricing scheme is based on credits.

You can get a monthly subscription, starting from 100 credits per month for $9.90, up to one million for $8999.

Or, you can pay as you go: $0.39 per credit. 

I like that you can choose depending on your needs and commitment! 

PicWish Review — Verdict

All things considered, PicWish is a nifty little background remover. As long as you don’t expect professional Photoshop-level edits, you’ll be satisfied with the results. It’s quick and novice-friendly, and not to mention free.

My biggest issue is that the mobile version doesn’t sync with the desktop app. That’s just disappointing. 

Otherwise, this editor works exactly as described!


Selma Citakovic

Selma Citakovic

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