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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 18, 2022

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DesignEvo is a popular online logo creation software. Read this DesignEvo Review to learn about its pros, cons, and features. By the end, you’ll know if it’s the right tool.

Ease of Use


Money-back guarantee

7 days

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Minimum Price Free

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Visit Website

Best for: Small businesses, startups, and freelancers.

Strengths Easy to use
Strengths Numerous templates and icons
Strengths Free plan available
Strengths Cloud storage
Weaknesses PC and mobile versions are independent
Weaknesses Limited free plan
Weaknesses Can’t upload your own images and fonts

What Is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a design creator software for logos developed by PearlMountain. Its simplicity allows novices to create professional-looking logos with no graphic design knowledge about their businesses. 

The platform offers many templates and fonts that can be customized and modified and millions of vector icons. These features enable users to get creative and build high-quality logos with minimal effort.

DesignEvo is perfect for small businesses and freelancers. Using it is often cheaper than hiring a graphic designer, and it provides quality results. 

DesignEvo Features

Here’s what you can do with the DesignEvo online logo maker:


When creating a logo, you can choose from standard and gradient colors. The website has a Logo Color Ideas page, where you can find information on color meanings and combinations.


The software offers over 100 different style logo fonts. You can also choose from many handwriting fonts and word art.


You can make your logos with transparent, solid, or gradient backgrounds. 

Icons and Shapes

The DesignEvo free logo maker has an extensive library of shapes and millions of customizable vector icons. The SVG format of the latter allows users to increase or decrease their size without losing quality. You can find specific icons by typing a keyword in the search bar.


The software’s editor is fairly simple to use. You can easily change the layout of your logo and undo or redo your progress. 

Also, there’s a helpful preview option that provides a visualization of how your finished logo will look on:

  • business cards
  • contracts
  • planners
  • your website
  • T-shirts
  • a corporate branding wall


While you can start designing from scratch, and if it seems too tricky - begin with a template. You can search through the available DesignEvo logo maker categories for something that catches your eye or just type a keyword in the search bar. For sure, you can find something amongst the over 10,000 constantly updated templates. 

By hovering your mouse on a template, you can choose to go straight to customizing it or start searching for similar ones. When you see one you like, you can add it to Favorites for later use. 

Save To Cloud

You can save your designs to your cloud storage account. And for as long as you are connected, you can access and edit them anytime. Just log into your account and go to the My Logos panel. 


With the DesignEvo online logo maker, you can download your logos in high-resolution JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF files at a maximum size of 5000 x 5000px. You can also export your design with a transparent background. Much of this requires you to have a premium plan.  

Ease of Use and Interface

The logo maker is very intuitive and beginner-friendly. The interface looks clean, and everything is easy to find. With no complicated features, you can make a logo in just minutes. 

Additionally, the website offers a Getting Started Tutorial if you need some guidance.

Customer Support

On its Contact Us page, you can send the support team a message if you are experiencing issues or looking to provide feedback. 

After creating an account in DesignEvo for your PC, a chatbox shows up in the lower right corner. With a few clicks, you can send your message to an agent. In my experience, they replied right away and were helpful. However, keep in mind that some DesignEvo reviews express mixed opinions about their customer support. 

Before asking for help, you can check out its FAQ page. Subscribers can also find a FAQ section in the chatbox. 

Who Is DesignEvo Best For?

The DesignEvo free logo maker is best suited for: 

Small business

Small businesses with limited budgets typically can’t hire a professional graphic designer. As such, DesignEco comes in handy since you can create high-quality logos on your own. Also, the reasonably priced Plus plan is very beneficial because it provides copyright ownership over the result.

The tool provides users with professional-looking logos without spending tons of money.

A freelancer or blogger

If needing an icon or logo for your profile, DesignEvo can help you craft a simple, eye-catching one. Its free plan should satisfy most project needs, especially if not looking for larger size designs. 


Since the DesignEvo logo maker targets the inexperienced, professionals may find little use for it. However, beginners in graphic design could use the platform as a stepping stone to more complicated graphic design software, like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter

DesignEvo Pricing

Here are the three plans offered by the platform:

Free Plan


If you choose not to pay, you can download your project in low resolution with no problem, but the high resolution is limited to 300px. Furthermore, you don’t have access to transparent PNG, vector, or font files. Editing and downloading also have limitations. If you choose to use a logo you’ve made for free, DesignEvo for PC requires you to give credit on your social media, blog, or website.

Basic Plan


With this plan, you can download high-resolution files with a maximum of 5000px in JPG and PNG file formats. You get transparent PNG files, lifetime support, print-ready files, and unlimited editing and design downloads. If you buy this plan, you don’t need to give credit.

Plus Plan


Here’s where you get all the good things DesignEvo offers. In addition to the Basic Plan features, you also get PDF and SVG vector files and font files. This plan offers you logo copyright ownership.


20% off on all DesignEvo paid plans.

All you have to do is use this code - techjury20off That way, you'll get a 20% discount on both of the paid plans. The code is active until 16.05.2023.

Fortunately, both plans offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

It is important to note that the DesignEvo programs for Android and iOS are independent of the PC version. These mobile apps offer fewer free templates, and their premium plan pricing differs from its PC editions. 

DesignEvo Review - Verdict

If you need a logo for free or at a reasonable price, DesignEvo can help you out. 

With its intuitive interface, you don’t need any knowledge or experience in design to use this tool.

While its free plan may not meet everyone’s needs, its paid plans are capable and economical.


Is DesignEvo legit?

Yes, DesignEvo is a bona fide software that can help you make professional-looking logos for your business. There are many positive DesignEvo reviews online from users who found the tool valuable.

How does DesignEvo work?

You can use its editor, templates, and other features to create logos with minimal effort. After drafting your logo, pick a plan, and download it for your use. 

Is DesignEvo free?

Yes. As covered in this DesignEvo review, there are three available plans, one of which is a Free Plan. However, it’s very limited. If you require more features and higher quality capabilities - you must choose a paid subscription.


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