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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 18, 2022

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Whether you're a vlogger or a business pushing products in clips - you need an apt and affordable video editing software. This Filmora review will explore key features and help determine whether this app fits your needs.

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Best for: Editing and creating high-quality videos

Strengths Intuitive
Strengths Beginner-friendly
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Strengths Excellent support
Weaknesses Expensive add-ons
Weaknesses Watermarked free version
Weaknesses Buggy social media imports

What Is Filmora? 

Filmora is easy-to-use video editing software that’s compatible with Windows and macOS, as well as on mobile. Developed by Wondershare in 2015, this app was initially called the Wondershare Video Editor. Today, with an increasing number of features, both novice and more advanced film enthusiasts can edit high-quality 4K videos

In addition to its numerous customization options, you get the popular tilt-shift feature to blur out parts of your videos.  And on top of that, the Filmora video editor app can create animations, throw in overlays, and add voiceovers, among other capabilities. 

The best thing is, you can intuitively accomplish everything through its drag-and-drop interface - making it beginner-friendly

Considering its stiff competition, what makes this software worth a shot? 

Filmora Features

The Filmora app continues to impress film editors with its many features. With each new project, I discover new ones that advance the quality of my videos.

Let's dig into some of these to assist you in determining whether this software meets your needs.


This feature allows up to six clips to play simultaneously on a single video frame. You can achieve a wide range of results with Filmora’s 30 split-screen templates or opt to develop a custom one. 

Filmora split screen

Users often incorporate this feature to express subject relations or cause and effects.

Importing and Exporting

With this video editing software, you can import and export most file types and formats. 

media import

All subscription plans support standard HD video formats. This includes the Filmora free video editor. These formats include MP4, AVI, MKV, M4V, 3GP, MPEG, VOB, and many more. 

You can also import and export audio and image files in several formats. These include MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, AC3, and WAV. Formatting for pics include JPG, PNG, GIF, and others. 

Editors receive the necessary flexibility from this range of formating, as expressed in many Filmora reviews.

While everyone loves complimentary products, editors shouldn’t get too excited with this one.  

This is because when exporting a file from the Filmora free version, a paywall pops up. You can export videos up to ten times with a watermark

exporting options

But if you prefer your videos to be absent of such, you can purchase a subscription.

The paid versions provide direct file sharing with YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You can also burn the file directly to a DVD.

Creator Academy

Filmora Creator Academy is a series of tutorials hosted on YouTube that assists in creating better video content and maximizing potential. And while the academy’s establishment was only in April 2021, its comprehensive resources cover filmmaking techniques and editing instructions, tips, and tricks.

It’s an easy way for beginners to learn advanced techniques and how to use Filmora more effectively.

Instant Mode

This feature makes video editing quicker and is perfect for creators with little to no editing experience. It is available with all Filmora subscription plans. 

Instant Mode comes with over 100 customizable templates for creating various instant videos. You can select from the many categories, including business, family, cinematic, holiday, vlog, education, and others. 

After choosing the Instant Mode template that best suits your needs, you only need to import content. With its pre-loaded music, text, and transition samples, you can count on Filmora to do all the heavy lifting.  

Depending on the size of your media files, this process can take some time. With that said, when complete, Filmora provides editors with quality content that is ready for fine-tuning. This includes text editing, content trimming, music revisions, and even template changes. 

Instant Mode also lets you select the video dimensions. For example, you can choose square, portrait, and landscape options to fit your requirements. 

With so much flexibility, how can you go wrong?


To improve your video’s flow, Filmora transitions are available. You can insert these short segments between clips to assist in conveying your message and ensuring viewers are attentive. You can apply one or more types of transitions throughout your videos, depending on your style.

And that’s not all. 

Filmora allows you to add transitions to your favorites for easy future uses. 

Special Effects

This software provides 300+ special effects that aid in producing professional-level videos. To name just a few, there is the jump cut, mosaic, picture-in-picture, slow-motion, and the exciting neon dance effect.  

With the Wondershare Filmora green-screen effect, you can use many cool virtual backgrounds for your video. 

And get this, they are all available for free!  

Color Editing 

This feature allows you to color correct your clips. Always helpful when working with numerous sources to ensure consistency. You can select a tone from one of the many Filmora filters and edit all clips to match it. With before and after viewing - you gain a clear perspective of any changes.

Filmora color correction

Text and Title Effects

The Filmora editing app has predefined text and title templates that you can explore. Once selected, you can customize your text and file titles' size, font, and color. You can also animate the text.

text and title editing

Screen Recording 

With the Filmora app, you can easily record your device's screen. You can adjust various quality levels, audio options, and implement motion tracking. 

As it’s simple enough to import screen recordings into your media library, you can easily add them to your projects.

Noise Removal

The noise removal feature helps perfect your video’s sound quality. With just a few clicks, you can remove background noises such as wind or nearby conversations. How cool is that?  

So, if you are a vlogger struggling to find a quiet space for recording, you can relax. Filmora’s editing capabilites have your back.

Speed Control

This Filmora feature lets users easily speed up or slow down a video’s playback speed.

speed control

This is important because the rate at which a camera captures the frames in a video usually determines how fast or slow the output will be. 

In some cases, the output is not satisfactory. To change the speed of a clip, you can simply click the Speed and Duration option from its menu or use the related shortcut keys.

And while perhaps not for everyday use, this feature also allows you to play video clips in reverse.

Ease of Use and Interface

In agreement with most other Filmora reviews, I can confidently say that the app is intuitive. And while specifically tailored to serve amateurs, it also offers enough features to meet more advanced users’ expectations. 

The software’s simple drag-and-drop interface allows editors to arrange, edit, and trim different media elements. And to get newbies off to a productive start, there are numerous tutorials on the Wondershare website.

For editors working with macOS, there are certain limitations related to its premium effects and plug-ins. This is because Filmora software is not native to Apple’s M1 processor chip. Wondershare makes this known in its pricing, and hopefully, Filmora will receive the necessary updates to improve its macOS capabilities. 

Filmora Pricing

Perhaps you are wondering whether Filmora is free or not

And the simple answer is yes, there is a free version that allows editors to test-drive its basic features. However, you are limited to only ten video exports - all of which have watermarks. Additionally, the free download excludes users from Filmora’s add-on content packs.

So if wanting to check out Filmora - there isn’t anything to stop you. And if you determine that it's the right service for you, it's best to consider a premium subscription.  

Filmora’s pricing plans vary depending on whether you are an individual, business, educator, or student. Each subscription has a 30-day money-back guarantee and offers unique benefits. 

Perpetual Plan


With the Filmora lifetime plan, you receive the current software version for life. You also qualify for senior technical support, and your exported videos will be free of watermarks. Plug-ins and special effects are available for an additional cost of $36.96/month.

Annual Plan


This plan gives you access to the software and any updates or upgrades during your subscription period. Similar to the Perpetual Plan, you receive senior tech support and can export videos without watermarks. Likewise, you can expect to pay additionally for plug-ins and effects.

Educational Plans

From $19.99/month

For students and educators, Wondershare offers discounts. Students need to verify their enrollment through a third party to access these. Educators wanting to purchase a plan for a class of 20 students or more need to contact sales personnel.

Team and Business Plans

From $155.88/year

If working jointly or professionally on video projects, it’s best to consider one of these plans. The Team Plan gives access to all editing features, updates, multi-user capabilities, volume discounts, company permissions, and many other useful options for up to five individuals. And if you need Filmora for more than five people, you can contact Wondershare’s sales team for a quote-based Business Plan.


From $60.78/year

Filmora offers numerous bundles to meet a variety of needs. These include the current Filmora version, along with add-ons, cross-platform capabilities, on-the-go mobile functionality, image editing, and numerous other options. At the time of writing, when purchasing a bundle, you can save up to 49% off the listed price.

Hopefully, the above rundown gives you a good sense of how much Filmora does cost.

Filmora Review - Verdict

It is safe to say that Filmora is an excellent video editing tool. With a free plan and 30-day money-back guarantee, you can easily give it a try. Its features are enticing, and its beginner-friendly approach provides access to most without compromising quality. 

However, I noticed that the software starts to encounter some problems when you try to import from social media platforms. Direct imports from Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and others often become buggy. At the same time, most other functions are effective. 

I also don’t appreciate the price of the add-on content packs. Some cost almost half the software price. 

Additionally, the watermark on the output of the free version is very prominent. This makes it almost impossible to use. I would recommend using the free version for practice, and once you are ready to dive in, you can switch to a paid plan.

So if you require an intuitive video editing tool that provides professional output, this is the app for you. This Filmora review is proof of that.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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