Wix Logo Maker Review

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 09, 2022

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Wix’s Logo Maker is a potent tool for beginners. Its ease of use and welcoming layout requires zero graphic design knowledge. For my Wix Logo Maker review, I dive in and uncover whether this service is worth using.

Ease of use


Free samples




Offline version


Money-Back Guarantee


Suitable for

Beginners, start-up businesses

File types

PNG, SVG (Advanced only)

Business model

One-time purchase or monthly subscription


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Wix logo


Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Creating professional-looking logos

Strengths Simple interface
Strengths Professional-looking results
Strengths Large selection of fonts and icons
Strengths Free to design
Weaknesses No free download trial
Weaknesses Limited design features
Weaknesses Occasional UI bugs

What Is Wix Logo Maker?

You have likely heard of Wix before. It is a popular cloud-based software company allowing users with no technical expertise to create websites. And now they have come up with a similar tool for designing logos.


I know what you’re thinking.

Graphic design is hard and I’m no professional. 

Yes, making logos is difficult. But the Wix Logo Maker is aimed at absolute beginners.

Its robust user interface produces quick results. You can customize your logo using the graphic editor. Or you can let the program automatically come up with designs for you.

While it might not replace Adobe Photoshop anytime soon, it serves as a solid introduction to graphic design for beginners.

Wix Logo Maker Features

Still not convinced?

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do with this tool.

Automatic Templates

Feeling uncertain in your abilities? 

Then let Wix create a professional logo for you

You can start off by simply typing in your company’s name. Afterward, Wix asks you questions. This ranges from the style of your brand to the feel you want your logo to capture. Should it be modern, or formal? Or more playful and fun? 

Wix Logo Maker logo templates

This is all done so the program can get a better grasp of your corporate identity. Wix then shows you a bunch of random logos and asks you to pick which ones you like better. In my experience, this was the best part of the process.

Based on the answers you give, Wix will design templates for your company. You can then pick one and edit it yourself.

This feature is commonly praised in many Wix Logo Maker reviews, and it’s obvious why. It gives you a good starting point, and it can act as inspiration for what you want to do next. And of course, it requires zero graphic design experience.

Design Editor

Once you’ve selected a template, you are free to edit it directly using the online graphic editor. You get direct control over each element. The text, the line art, the emblem, the colors, all that can be individually changed.

The logo creator Wix provides has most of the basic functionalities. Elements can be resized and moved around. Fonts and icons can be changed too.

Wix Logo Maker design editor

But here is the thing:

It definitely has its limitations. Because of this, it likely won’t be useful for anyone who can use graphic design software.

For one, you cannot create a custom icon yourself. You have to select one from a list of premade assets.

Now granted, there are hundreds of icons to choose from. And most of them look good. But at the end of the day, they are finite. This means you can get a logo that looks derivative. Or that it uses some of the same assets as other Wix-made logos out there.

And a word of warning, the Wix logo designer also seems prone to some technical bugs. The most common one is where the scroll bar on certain menus becomes unresponsive. Other times, the webpage wouldn’t let us save our logo and choose a pricing plan.

Brand Guide and Merchandise Kits

With Wix, you get a lot of kits with different versions of your logo, like monochromatic and transparent.

What are these good for? 


They are perfect for business cards, posters, and merchandise

Wix also provides you with a brand guide in PDF with details about the colors and elements that make up your brand. It comes in handy if you can’t be bothered to make your Wix logo transparent or a different size. It’s all done for you automatically, all the while you are in full control.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you can print out 250 custom business cards with your logo and information on them. The cards are then shipped to an address anywhere in the world.

In addition, you get vector files of your logo. With them, you are free to resize and manipulate your emblem any way you see fit.

Wix Logo Maker Brand Guide and Merchandise Kits

However, there’s a catch.

These functionalities are not included in the Wix basic plan. You only get them as part of the advanced package. But if you are being serious about your business, it’s a very solid deal.

Hire a Professional Designer

Sometimes we just feel better when we leave it to the professionals.

And that’s exactly what this tool lets you do.

As an alternative to designing your own logo, you can leave your name and phone number. Afterward, you will receive a call from a professional Wix designer.

But there’s more.

You can also get an expert to take a look at and improve a logo you have already created. By purchasing the Deluxe plan, you gain access to a one-time professional touch-up. The downside is this is exclusive to the most expensive option, and it’s a monthly subscription plan.

At the end of the day, professional freelance designers are easy to find online. So at least if you find Wix’s model unsatisfactory, you have plenty of other choices.

Ease of Use and Interface

This tool is incredibly easy to use.

Creating templates only takes a few seconds and all it requires you to do is answer a few questions. The graphic editor has a similar low barrier to entry. If you have used simple programs like PowerPoint, you should feel some familiarity with the Wix logo designer.

The design editor has similar UI elements that allow you to resize, add text, shapes, and icons. All it takes is a few minutes to get used to it.

The huge list of fonts and icons available can be a bit overwhelming at first. Thankfully, they have a search bar that you can use to find just the elements you’re looking for. The interface also looks slick, although it does have the occasional performance hiccup.

Customer Support

Here’s some good news: any purchase you make from Wix’s Logo Maker includes customer support. That is to be expected, of course. But Wix does customer support differently. 

How, exactly?

Say you’re experiencing problems with your Wix logo design. Naturally, you can request a live chat with a support agent. Now, this does require you to navigate through pages of menus and chatbots before you get the option, but still.

Here is where things get interesting, however.

Wix also gives you the choice to leave your phone number and receive a callback. It’s a bit unconventional, but it works. And the good thing is, you don’t have to wait on hold for minutes on end.

Based on other Wix Logo Maker reviews, the wait times for callbacks vary. Generally, you will get a call whenever a support agent is available. This can be as short as a minute. In our experience, it was closer to twenty.

If you’d like to do things more old-school, email support is also available. However, one irksome thing is that you don’t always get to use it. Instead, based on your conversation with the chatbot, you will be offered several ways to talk to a human. But you can’t just select the email or callback option straight away.

Who Is Wix Logo Maker Best For?

Simply put, Wix Logo Maker does its best to make graphic design accessible to the masses. This can be both a blessing and a curse.


Obviously, Wix lets you create a logo in the easiest way possible, and that’s great if you’re running a start-up. But it also means its capabilities are fairly rudimentary. This makes it only suitable to those with no experience in image editing. So it’s a bit pointless if you already know your way around illustration software.

Despite that, Wix’s Logo Maker has a specific target audience in mind. 

Small Businesses and Enterprises

If your business is just starting out, you will benefit a lot from making a logo yourself. The results look clean and professional, yes, but that’s not everything. You can use the logo you made with Wix on business cards, social media, merchandise, and everywhere you see fit.

Thanks to the many file formats Wix provides, the emblems you make are easily resizable. If you think this is something you can benefit from, the Deluxe package is a good choice.

Personal Blogs and Websites

Wix’s Logo Maker is perfect for creating modern, minimalist logos. 

The great thing is, it has templates and options for just about any type of website you can think of. The Wix logo generator will shower you with possibilities.

And here is the kicker:

Wix lets you bundle your brand logo with a website, ready to use.

That’s right, the logo plus website subscriptions include commercial usage rights, as well as a free domain for a year. That way, you will have all the necessary tools to begin your enterprise right away.

YouTube Creators and Streamers

The images you make with the Wix logo creator are perfectly suited for digital content. The social media kits the website gives you come in handy for social media sites. Meanwhile, the transparent PNG files are suitable for video content and merchandise.

The minimalist style that Wix is known for also makes for fantastic watermarks. The images will stick out easily if you place them on a video or a live stream.

Wix Logo Maker Pricing

Here’s the question we’re all thinking about: is the Wix Logo Maker free?

The truth is: not if you’re looking to actually download your creations. You get free access to the graphic creator and can mess around with as much as you want. Wix also permits you to download a free sample of your logo in PNG format. However, that sample is only 4 KB in size and is 198 by 198 pixels... which is not exactly useful.

If you want to use your logo for commercial purposes, you have to select a plan. Here are your options:

Logo sample


Basic/Logo only


A pretty simple package which only contains eight full-scale PNG files of varying colors and full commercial usage rights.

Advances/Logo only


Includes full-scale versions of your logo in two file formats - PNG and SVG. It also includes the social media kit and the usage rights.



This monthly subscription is pretty much the Basic plan, but with a website domain bundled in. The domain is yours for a year and you get 3 GB of storage.



Contains everything the Advanced pack does, but with an additional unlimited website plan. Furthermore, you can print out 250 custom Wix business cards with your logo and information.



Contains everything from the Professional pack, but you are also entitled to a one-time touch-up from a professional graphic designer. In the case you need customer support, your tickets are given priority.

It is important to note, the money you paid for the logo files is non-refundable. You are, however, entitled to a partial refund on your premium website for up to fourteen days.

Wix Logo Maker Review - Verdict

The Wix Logo Maker is a potent, albeit sometimes buggy tool for beginners. 

Its simple and slick interface is easy to navigate and has a selection of hundreds of assets. Designing your own logo is entirely free. But if you want to actually download and use your creation, you will have to subscribe to one of its plans.

There is no question, the results can be impressive. But the customization options are a bit shallow. Fortunately, the service allows you to directly consult professional designers to assist you with the process.


Deyan Georgiev

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