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Nero Peña
Nero Peña

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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The LANDR online mastering software claims to work wonders for artists. So, we chimed in to see if it’s any good. We took a deep dive into its features, strengths, weaknesses, and close competitors for you in this LANDR review.



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Best for: Homegrown artists, producers, and record labels.

Strengths AI mastering
Strengths Seamless collaboration
Strengths Artist-friendly distribution
Strengths Free royalty-free samples
Weaknesses Too basic for pros
Weaknesses Extra fees for covers
Weaknesses Confusing price structure

What Is LANDR?

Making music is hard.

Mastering it is even harder.

Luckily, the LANDR software aims to change that. This tool for music makers simplifies the process of mastering tracks.

Using AI-powered algorithms, you can fine-tune your mixes without doing all the dirty work yourself. It’s all about getting the right blend of vocals, instruments, stereo image, and sound design – fast and cheap. You can even use LANDR for free!

On top of the mastering tools, there are LANDR music distribution features that help you get your music out into the world.

So, who uses LANDR? The platform has over 1.8 million active users all around the globe. That includes world-famous artists like Diane Warren, Machinedrum, and Caleb Groh. Major record labels such as Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, and Walt Disney also use LANDR mastering and distribution tools.

Now let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

LANDR Features

When you’re working on your latest track, these are the tools that can help you out:


Every artist takes inspiration from others – that’s no secret. LANDR understands this and gives you access to its massive library of audio samples. All these packs come in a high-quality stereo WAV format.

You can browse through thousands of sound packs – kits, loops, synths, vocals, and many more. From pop to soul to hip hop, LANDR music samples can greatly influence your tracks. New sounds are continuously added.

The content you’ll find in the library is derived exclusively from music creators around the world. And the best part, they’re all royalty-free. You can download and use them for personal or commercial projects. And because you operate under a LANDR Samples license, you won’t get in legal trouble for doing so.

While there is no option to use LANDR for mixing, you can always import and edit these sounds to a digital audio workstation (like Avid Pro Tools).

Collaboration Workflows

You can get insights from other artists, producers, and professionals by taking advantage of LANDR collaboration. The program provides a space for you to share your masters with collaborators and collect their feedback.

To do this, you can just send them a custom private link to your track. Or, you can invite others straight to the LANDR app and listen to your songs right there.

Guests can add comments, mark timestamps, and inserts along the timeline for more time-specific insights.


What’s better than a quick collaboration? Video collaboration

If you use the program’s sessions, you can connect with other users in real-time. When working remotely with another artist, this feature comes in handy. It’s also an excellent tool for previewing your tracks to clients, or sharing lessons with other collaborators.

But it’s not a built-in feature. You’ll have to download and install it as a plugin. Luckily, it’s one of those LANDR free plugins that won’t cost you extra unless you want to upgrade to Premium.

Bulk Upload

If you have an entire album to master, you want each song to sound consistent and coherent. This tool helps with that.

LANDR lets you upload in bulk, allowing you to drag-and-drop multiple files at once. The program will master them automatically. You also have the option to work with tracks in singles or folders.

Volume Match

Numerous LANDR reviews praise this feature, and all for a good reason. It makes previewing tracks much easier!

If you’d like to compare your master to the original, you can toggle the Volume Match switch. You can listen to both tracks at the same volume for more accuracy. There is no need to open a separate playback for the tracks when trying to spot some differences.

This feature is exclusive to LANDR Pro and Advanced subscriptions.

LANDR SoundCloud

LANDR is SoundCloud-friendly. It’s possible to link your SoundCloud and LANDR accounts to efficiently distribute your music to one of the biggest streaming platforms. And you can do it without any restrictions.

You still go through the process of uploading your tracks on the interface. But since your account is already linked, you can directly release your music without all the shenanigans. Plus, it uses the same AI algorithms to optimize your music for SoundCloud users.

On top of that, this service doesn’t come with extra charges.


Marketing gives you the power to introduce your content to a broader audience. Luckily, you can do that from the same interface. Aside from LANDR music mastering, the software offers tools that can help you promote your music.

One great example is using a promolink. It’s a custom link that contains your mastered track, and you can share it on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

Cloud Backup

LANDR is cloud-based, so your files and projects are synced across all connected devices. You also don’t have to worry about losing your work since the program automatically backs them up to your cloud storage.


LANDR is more than just a mastering software. It also provides free educational content for budding artists and producers.

The program’s Academy section is filled with learning materials, tips, and tricks for those new to mastering, mixing, distributing, and promoting tracks. It also features various interviews with prominent creators to help you take hints from their technical and creative processes.

Music Stats

Aside from using the LANDR mastering features, you can monitor your music’s performance when it goes live. Once you’ve released your music, you can keep an eye on how many people have listened to your track, replayed it, or downloaded it.

Although the reports are limited, you can review your Trends. It shows the number of your music streams and the stats for each streaming platform.

LANDR Mastering

Now, let’s talk about this software’s forte – the mastering process.

LANDR offers instant mastering, which uses Artificial Intelligence to carry out the entire process in a flash. You can upload your original mix through a simple drag-and-drop setting, sit back, and let the program refine your track with its own technology.

The tool analyzes your track components using computer algorithms. Then it adjusts the proper audio effects to suit your music style. This post-production process usually involves manipulating the track’s equalization, compression, reverb, and stereo image.

But here, everything is automated.

We tested it – and the results were pleasantly surprising. The software delivered a mastered track within minutes, and the sound output is noticeably different from the original mix. It balanced out all the audio elements, which created a more unified sound.

Once you have your master track, the LANDR audio effects presets are saved for future reference. You can choose from three different styles: Warm, Balanced, or Open. You can also select the Intensity level from Low, Medium, to High according to your liking. It’s also possible to add a reference track – here’s where the free samples come in handy.

The great thing about LANDR is that it uses machine learning while executing the process. The program learns from your preferences and applies them to your next projects. It gets better with each master.

LANDR Distribution

If you’re an independent artist, it can be tough to introduce your music to a bigger audience. LANDR Distribution can help. You can use the platform to upload, release, and sell your music to major streaming platforms, including:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube Music
  • Tidal
  • Pandora
  • Deezer
  • TikTok

The system will review your music first. It usually takes up to two days before the program sends your track to these platforms. To speed up the process, make sure you have the essentials:

  • A fully-mastered WAV track
  • Artist info and track details
  • Your original album art
  • Clearance for the sample/s you used (if any)

After your song appears on your chosen platforms, you can keep track of the statistics. You get access to detailed reports of your streams, including what platforms are popular, how many streams your tracks get, and how many downloads they received.

You can also collect your earnings on this software. And great news – you get 100% profits from your music if you’re on the Unlimited Plan, which makes LANDR music distribution very artist-friendly. On the lower plans, LANDR takes a small percentage of your earnings. 

For cover songs, the platform charges a license fee that costs $15. This accounts for securing the rights to the original song and paying the royalties on downloads.

LANDR Plugins

The software’s instant AI mastering is good on its own. But you can spice up your tracks even further – by adding some plugins! These add-ons come as Virtual Studio Technology (VST) tools, which give you more artistic control with your masters.

There are lots of LANDR free plugins you can maximize on the platform. Boogex, for example, lets you add more depth to your guitar tracks by reproducing the sound of a real guitar amplifier. MH Thump is also a free plugin that gives you that low frequency you hear in a drum machine.

There’s a mix of amazing paid plugins, too. The software offers them rent-to-own tools. Rather than having to buy an expensive plugin outright, this is a much more budget-friendly option.

All paid plugins come with a three-day free trial, which is a nice way to test them before committing financially.

LANDR Network

The LANDR collaboration features are easy to use and extensive. Aside from getting insights from other artists, you can also hire them for a project. The platform makes it easy to connect with a pool of professionals – songwriters, producers, musicians, vocalists, audio engineers, designers, and so on.

Just like using project management software, you get tools that allow you to:

  • Manage your projects
  • Assign tasks
  • Set deadlines
  • Process payments

If you’re on the other side of the spectrum, this is also a great tool to grow your music career. You can set up your own profile, add your portfolio, and customize your artist page. LANDR lets you get your work in front of other artists, allowing you to grow your network fast!

Ease of Use and Interface

Mastering with LANDR is incredibly easy. It is web-based software, so you can simply pop a new tab on your browser to start mastering or distributing your tracks.

As we’ve mentioned in this LANDR review, drag-and-drop options make it user-friendly for starters. Cloud saving keeps your files safe and accessible as well. The fact that you don’t have to pay studio rates or invest in expensive plugins to master your tracks makes this the perfect tool for beginners.

What makes it more convenient is that you can download it as a desktop app for Windows or macOS. This gives you easier access and more comfort since you’re not switching between multiple tabs on your browser. Whichever operating system you’re on, the program works seamlessly. But heads up – you will need Internet connectivity to use the platform.

It also integrates well with digital audio workstations. If you’re using another software to record, edit, and mix your tracks, you can export them directly to the LANDR music app for instant mastering and releasing.

LANDR vs Emastered

Let’s talk competition: Emastered vs LANDR.

These popular pieces of music software offer powerful technology for mastering tracks. 

Both programs include automated and smart audio processing. Their mastering abilities are equally impressive, as they can process audio effects that can match your style preferences. Overall, they can give you well-polished tracks ready for release.

Emastered just does it a little faster as it has less turnaround time. It also offers cheaper plans.

While that may be enticing, LANDR audio mastering still has the upper hand. With it, you can deal with multiple uploads and finish your masters at once. In Emastered, you can only process one file at a time.

Another advantage is the distributing service, which is something Emastered lacks. LANDR also offers more collaborative features.

LANDR vs Distrokid 

When it comes to music distribution, LANDR and Distrokid are neck and neck in their offerings.

Both programs have distribution services that are artist-friendly. Distrokid gives artists 100% of their earnings, and LANDR does the same on its Unlimited Plan. If you are on the Lite or Complete subscription, the platform does take a small percentage of your earnings.

So – between LANDR and Distrokid, who wins?

Distrokid has an easier price system, including a one-off payment. LANDR prices are a little confusing because of the multiple variants.

However, we’ll still go with LANDR. Distrokid tends to charge you separately for extra features. It also has an additional annual fee for YouTube monetization. On top of that, LANDR is better for collaboration with other artists.

LANDR vs Cloudbounce

Cloudbounce is another audio editing software that comes close to LANDR’s instant mastering capability.

Let’s first tackle some similarities. 

Both platforms use advanced technology to automate your mastering process. Each software also has its own free content library that you can use for your music production. If you’d like to work with audio samples, they can both cater to your needs.

But certainly, there’s a clear distinction. In choosing between Cloudbounce and LANDR, we’ll have to go with the latter. Here’s where we can draw the line:

Although the former has affordable and flexible daily plans, it’s not enough to match the latter’s massive suite of features. Cloudbounce can only support single-track uploads, whereas LANDR can accommodate multiple tracks at once. The drag-and-drop setting also makes the interface much more intuitive.

LANDR distribution services are a huge plus, as Cloudbounce doesn’t offer these. It also has an advantage when it comes to promotional tools and collaborative features.

LANDR Pricing

If you’ve reached this part of our LANDR review, you’re probably wondering – how much is LANDR?

Right off the bat, the software might give you a hard time figuring out the pricing. That’s because the cost varies for mastering and distribution. There are also additional charges for some of the plans, depending on what audio files you require. 

To give you an idea, we’ve simplified the LANDR mastering prices below:



Two LANDR free mastering per month, unlimited cloud storage, and collaboration tools. However, you only get 85% of your profits; 15% goes to LANDR.


$6/Month or $48/Year

On top of the key features above, this plan gives you unlimited LO-MP3 projects and unlocks the Reference Mastering feature. With this plan, you have to pay extra for HI-MP3, WAV, and HD WAV files.


$14/Month or $108/Year

This subscription includes unlimited LO-MP3 and HI-MP3 projects. It also comes with extra features like Styles, Volume Match, and Mastering preferences. You do have to pay extra for WAV and HD WAV files.


$39/Month or $299/Year

LANDR Pro is the highest tier, and it gives you unlimited usage to all the features – including each sound format.

There is separate LANDR distribution pricing, with a couple of yearly plans available. Some come with additional charges for releasing music:

  • Lite (Free): The free distribution plan doesn’t make you commit to any yearly costs, but you only pay for the number of single or EP/album releases. Keep in mind that you do give a large percentage of your earnings to LANDR on top of that.
  • Single release: $9
  • EP/Album release: $29
  • Commission: 15%
  • Complete ($20/year): You can cut down the prices for releasing singles and albums for a small annual fee. You also give a smaller percentage of your earnings to LANDR on the Complete Plan.
  • Single release: $5
  • EP/Album release: $19
  • Commission: 9%
  • Unlimited ($89/year): The unlimited plan lets you release as many tracks and albums as you want, and all the money you make is yours to keep.
  • Single release: Free
  • EP/Album release: Free
  • Commission: 0%

Lastly, there is a LANDR subscription for using the premium session features.

  • Intro (Free): Included unlimited video sessions, up to six collaborators, and 15 minutes of HQ DAW streaming.
  • Premium ($5.75/month or $39/year): Includes unlimited video sessions, up to 17 collaborators, and unlimited HQ DAW streaming.

Compared to other programs above, the pricing is steep, and there is no LANDR free trial. But for its rich suite of features, the price is still generally justified.

LANDR Review - Verdict


We all know that the last bit of music post-production can get a little tedious. But that’s what LANDR software is for – to turn a time-consuming and expensive task into an easy and practical venture.

If you’re an independent artist, you’ll love this platform. Mastering your tracks using AI technology won’t cost you a lot of resources. The ability to distribute your music to major platforms is also the key to launching your music career. And the best part is, you get to keep 100% of your earnings if you’re on the Unlimited Plan.

Indeed, the LANDR mastering reviews were correct – it’s a program that’s very artist-friendly.

However, it may not be the best platform yet for releasing song covers. The $15 charge for cover licensing can be a bit steep, especially for new artists. Audio experts used to pro-grade software will also find its mastering process a little lackluster. Almost everything is pre-programmed.

With these low points, is LANDR worth it

Absolutely. Why don’t you give it a try?


Is LANDR distribution good?

Yes, the software offers the best distribution packages on the market. It can deliver your music to major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and more. It also offers a unique SoundCloud feature that directly uploads your track to the channels and optimizes it for better quality. Read our LANDR review for more information about the platform.

Is LANDR safe?

Yes, and loads of LANDR reviews online say the same thing. Its sample library is filled with royalty-free content, so you can reference these tracks or modify them without fear of getting copyrighted. It’s a cloud-hosted platform as well, so your files are automatically backed up into the system.

Is LANDR mastering free?

LANDR mastering has a Lite version, which lets you master up to two tracks per month for free. The plan also gives you access to unlimited storage and collaboration with other creators. You can check our LANDR review above to get a better view.


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