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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 12, 2022

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If you’ve been searching for a great photo editing and graphic design tool, then you’ve come to the right place. We came across a lot of positive PicMonkey reviews, so we decided to test it out and see if it’s worth the hype. 


Yes, in-built

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PicMonkey Review

Minimum Price $7.99/Month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Creatives of all graphic design levels

Strengths Features a tutorial blog
Strengths Comes with in-built storage
Strengths Extensive photo editing capabilities
Strengths Wide selection of templates, effects, and filters
Weaknesses Does not support printing
Weaknesses Extremely limited basic plan
Weaknesses Only supports videos in mp4 format

What is PicMonkey?

PicMonkey is a photo editing and graphic design software, founded in March 2012. It enables users to create professional designs and image edits.

You can crop, resize, retouch your pictures, add filters, graphics, effects, and text to elevate your visual arts. PicMonkey also boasts of a wide selection of design templates in different categories that you can use to exercise your creativity.

PicMonkey Features

The PicMonkey online editing software comes with a number of interesting features. Some of them include: 

Photo Editing

This is what the PicMonkey image editor is best known for. 

You have three options. The first is Canvas edits, which allows you to perform the most basic editing functions, such as cropping and resizing. 

The second is called Basic edits. You can essentially retouch an image using the exposure, sharpen, and color options. 

In the Advanced edits section, you’ll be able to color correct, duplicate or delete selected objects, blur certain areas, and most recently - remove the background from your PicMonkey images

You can also remove blemishes and wrinkles, change skin tone, apply eyeliner, and choose lipstick shade. And of course, what photo editing tool is complete without a selection of fun filters? PicMonkey has quite a few.

Design Assets

One of the best things about using the PicMonkey photo editor is its extensive selection of design options. 

When using this monkey image editor, you’re given the choice to either create your designs from scratch or make use of one of the software’s many design templates. They have been created by professional graphic artists, and come in a wide range of categories including, but not limited to:

  • business cards 
  • Instagram posts 
  • Facebook posts 
  • logos
  • posters
  • invitations 
  • banners  

Regardless of whether you design from scratch or choose a pre-made template, PicMonkey offers additional options to elevate your creation. You can add graphics, photos, fonts, PicMonkey frames, and text to your work. You can also add gradient layers or text layers, and apply effects.  


You can collaborate with other users in real time. All your designs and projects are stored in one accessible place. This makes sharing a lot easier. 

Users can also create teams. You can invite people to join your shared space by either sending them an email or a link. Once they’ve accepted your invitation, you would be able to co-design a project. Team members can add comments to project files, share their design ideas, and request feedback.

Built-in Storage 

According to PicMonkey reviews, users enjoy the software’s built-in storage called ‘Hub’. All your sketches, designs, and photos uploaded to PicMonkey are stored here, meaning that you never have to lose your design progress, and you can always go back to your edits. 

Besides, Hub is available both for desktop and on the PicMonkey mobile app. You can instantly share your desktop creations to your mobile device without having to go back and forth between devices.

The Hub also allows you to share your albums. You can upload them to a social network of your choice, or grant access to family and friends to view the album. 

Videos, GIFs, and Collages

Over the past year, PicMonkey has included several additional features to make its software more attractive to users. One is the improved collage function. It comes with loads of new layouts. It also allows users to resize their collage cells for more flexibility and add effects and textures to individual images in their collage. 

PicMonkey added a new animated GIF library, with a wide selection of fun options to add to your images. You can also import and export your own gifs if you want. 

The video effects have been added to the PicMonkey mobile app. Users can create designs with videos from their phones. 

Ease of Use

If you’re not a professional graphic designer, then you’ll probably be looking for the easiest, least complicated software to work with. The PicMonkey image editor is a great option for you to explore. This tool is very straightforward.

You can start by checking out the blog - it has useful tutorials. They cover everything you need to know about basic and advanced image editing. You’ll also learn how to navigate all the functions and features on the graphic art software

When you eventually start using the platform, you’ll need to provide your name, email address, and password. The registration process is short.

Once you’ve been registered, you can go straight to creating your designs. You can start off with a blank canvas and create from scratch. Or you can make use of the many templates and stock images provided for free. You can also easily upload files from your computer, Google +, or Facebook.

Navigating your way around the software is easy. It has a very simple user interface. The editing tools are divided into several thematic tabs, and you can switch between tabs from the left side of your computer screen. 

Honestly, the whole testing process for this PicMonkey review was a joy. We had no difficulties whatsoever.

If you, however, want some guidance, there’s a wonderful and very rich Help base. If you need additional help, you can submit a ticket. This reminds us - the lack of support options is often something users complain about in PicMonkey reviews. It wasn’t a problem for us, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

PicMonkey Mobile App

The PicMonkey mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Once you open the app, you can either upload images from your phone’s gallery or from Facebook, Instagram, Google +, or the Hub storage. If you choose the Hub, you’ll be prompted to sign in using your PicMonkey account.  

Both apps have pretty much the same features as their web counterpart. If you get the mobile version, you’ll get some additional templates for Instagram and Facebook Stories, and Snapchat. 

An important thing to point out about the mobile version is free, unlike the web option. However, you may need to pay for access to specific tools like touch up, paint stroke packs, and spring effects. Access to these additional tools, at the time of writing of this PicMonkey review, is $1.99.

PicMonkey Pricing

So, how much does PicMonkey cost

The web version has three plans:



Or $7.99/month - and includes: 1GB of Hub cloud storage, JPG or PNG download options, video support, expansive library of top tier fonts, primo effects, templates, and touch up tools,  real time collaboration, shared folder, and commenting.



Or $12.99/month and includes everything in Basic, plus: unlimited Hub storage, JPG, PNG, or PDF download options, Smart Resize, Brand Kit, animation options, one-click background remover, iStock by Getty Photos, priority email support, and personal fonts support.



Or $23.00 per month and includes everything in Pro, plus: discount for 3 or more users, team seats, and permission management. 

PicMonkey is free for 7 days if you use the desktop version. Once the trial is over, you’ll have to choose one of the aforementioned plans. The mobile app is free.

You can use most of the features from the web version for free forever, but you won’t be able to download your files.

PicMonkey vs Canva

The two photo editors are somewhat alike, in that they allow inexperienced designers to create images, graphics, and art that come across as professional. 

That said, Canva offers two paid subscription plans and a free plan. PicMonkey has three packages and a very limited free option. 

Both editors offer extensive design templates and free stock images. They also both feature graph and chart makers, logo creators, and mobile apps. 

Canva is better for designing logos, banners, etc. The PicMonkey image editor comes with features that allow users to retouch their photos- color correction, skin tone adjustment, and wrinkle blurring, for example.

PicMonkey only supports video files in the form of MP4, Canva has more options. Finally, Canva has printing options, PicMonkey does not. 

 Which one is better for you depends entirely on the project you have in mind.

PicMonkey Review - Verdict

There are many things to love about PicMonkey. 

It’s easy to navigate and has numerous impressive features. From creating a collage to airbrushing your photos into perfection, there’s little that this tool can’t do.

The lack of a free desktop version is a bit discouraging. And, as we saw in many PicMonkey reviews, users would like more options to get in contact with the support team.

It’s not that often that we enjoy using software so much. But this tool definitely won us over, as you can see from this PicMonkey review.

Give it a try today! It does everything it promises to and then some.


Is PicMonkey safe to use?

It is! The company takes all measures, recommended by the data protection law to keep your information safe. 

Is PicMonkey free to use?

If you’re using the mobile app - yes. All other options have a 7-day trial. The web version will let you edit your photos for free, but you can’t download them unless you pay.

How long is the PicMonkey free trial?

7 days for the Pro plan. After that, you’ll have to choose a package.

Which is better: Canva vs PicMonkey?

It depends on what you need. If you want to create banners, business cards, social media posts - go with Canva. But if you want photos that will wow your Instagram audience, PicMonkey is the best.

Is PicMonkey easy to use?

Extremely! PicMonkey reviews praise it for that.

The interface is very intuitive and most features are self-explanatory. If you’d like some guidance, the Help base has numerous articles.


Deyan Georgiev

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