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Updated · Oct 12, 2022

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If you've had it with freelancers that take ages to deliver your order, we have good news. Design Pickle is here to hasten the process. It does an outstanding job creating fabulous designs. Design Pickle reviews are mostly positive, but is the company really that good?  






1 to 2 days

Software used


Stock photos


Customer support

Yes, 24/5

Designated designer


Money-Back guarantee

Yes, 30 days


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Minimum Price $499/month

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Visit Website

Best for: Unlimited graphics and revisions.

Strengths Fast turnaround
Strengths Unlimited requests
Strengths Unlimited revisions
Strengths Designated designers
Weaknesses No free trial
Weaknesses No support on weekends

What Is Design Pickle?

Design Pickle is a graphic design company that Russ Perry founded in 2015. It was born due to the need to introduce a quality platform at reasonable rates compared to hiring designers.  

To date, the company has over 500 staff and has completed over 830,000 requests and counting. It has helped thousands of businesses. Some leading organizations that use the platform include Levo, Poshmark, Pacific Retail, Unilever, Trainual, and Sock Fancy.

The company will assist you in creating stunning brochures, flyers, GIFs, book covers, online ads, social media banners, postcards, mailers, or infographics.  

In this Design Pickle reviewyou'll discover its remarkable features such as unlimited requests, native stock files, professional illustrations, and more. 

What You Get With Design Pickle

The company offers an array of features that you’ll love. We’re talking about:

Professional, Dedicated Designers

There are lots of companies in the market offering similar services. However, very few will assign you a dedicated designer to work long-term for recurring projects. 

Design Pickle does things differently:

You get the chance to work with the same professional on multiple projects. Therefore, you will have someone that understands your brand, which will translate to consistency.

Users love that you can place as many orders as you like, as seen in Design Pickle reviews. The company has hundreds of employees, enabling you to make a choice that suits you perfectly.  

You can either send emails or use Slack to collaborate with your designers in real-time if you have the pro package.  It's refreshing not having to wait for responses overnight because of different time zones. 

With Design Pickle, you get to choose business hours that work for you, i.e., Eastern, Pacific, Greenwich/Western European, Australian, Mountain, or Standard times. 

Note that you can reach the staff working on your project from 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. Unless, of course, there's a major holiday. 

So how does Design Pickle work

All you have to do is send instructions to your designer. No interviews, no waiting time. Getting straight to work is the name of the game.

Quick Delivery

It's frustrating waiting for freelancers to complete your work for weeks or even months after making an order.

Luckily, Design Pickle is one of those graphic design companies that understand the real meaning of urgency. In the course of writing this Design Pickle reviewwe discovered that 1 or 2 days is enough for you to get quality deliverables. 

Unlimited Request and Revisions

You no longer need to pay extra cash every time you need to make an additional order. With Design Pickle, you can request edits as many times as you want. 

It doesn't matter whether you already have over 50 orders with the company. The designers will tweak your work until it meets and even exceeds your expectations. 

Design Pickle is one of the best web design companies because it allows you to communicate with the creators directly.

Free Stock Photos

Oh, the joy of not having to pay extra for images!

The company offers free and gorgeous imagery via Fresh Stock integration to help you save that extra buck. The library is diverse, allowing your Design Pickle designer to find something fitting.

The company's designers also publish templates and vectors weekly to give you variety. These cover a wide range of categories and industries, so you’ll surely find what you need.

The organization is in a partnership with Adobe Stock to give your designer access to a vast library of vectors and photos. Note that they cannot download them and send them to you. The staff is only supposed to use them to design elements in the Design Pickle's platform.

Different File Formats

Your designers can use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator to make creative graphics

Adobe Photoshop is advanced software that gives creative control for 3D and 2D images. It’s suitable for editing raster images and create digital art or graphic design

The platform uses layering for easier manipulation of pixel pictures. Think airbrushing, filters, or photo effects. In a nutshell, you can get imagery beyond your wildest dreams. 

Although the tool has limited vector functionality, you can still use it to edit logos in PSD

Adobe Illustrator is perfect for you if you're looking to create vector images. It's also a great vector graphics editor with scalable vector lines. With it, you can make marvelous icons, logos, and illustrations. 

If you're going through different Design Pickle reviews show that its designers are great for building multi-page layouts, which is a great option. By using Adobe Indesign your designers create graphics on magazines, booklets, or books.

Once the creative software professionals finish your work, they can send it to you in different file formats such as EPS, JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, SVG, or PPT. 

Custom Illustrations

Note that this service comes as an add-on. 

If you're looking for artwork that is unique to your business, you can request custom illustrations. The Arts Director assesses every request to award the work as the best illustrator. 

After that, the designers will follow your instructions to deliver precisely what you want. 

There are many options Design Pickle offers and examples include:

Cartoon Art

Cartoons offer a playful and laid-back style. They’re easy to digest.  


If you need a bust or face rendition, this technique works in place of a photograph.

Realistic Art

This feature uses shadows and colors to produce work that simulates the real world


This style uses line art to create abstract looks. In other words, the output is not cartoony. 


These comically mimic cartoons, but with extra-large body features, for instance, bulging eyes or feet.

Mascot Pose or Character Creation

If you're looking for a personalized cartoon-like way to humanize your business, Design Pickle can help. 

Photo to Vector Conversion

Changing the sizes of pictures is hard because they're raster images. If you have a photo whose size you want to adjust, it's possible to convert it to vector format thanks to Design Pickle. 

This feature will make it possible for you to do a clean resizing without distorting the original look. 

Floor Plans/ Blueprints

Design Pickle produces clean drawings from rough drafts.

Complex Vector Edits

If you have existing vector items, then you can use this solution to customize them to your current requirements. 

Merch Illustration

This service is ideal for showcasing the technical features of your merchandise.

Manual Illustrations

Guides with images are so much easier to understand since they reinforce written content. Design Pickle will help you create incredible ones.  

Children's Storybooks

Can you imagine how boring children's storybooks would be without fun illustrations? Thankfully, the company can help you develop imagery that kids will love.

Tattoo Work

Tattoo lovers, this one's for you!

You express yourself using the form of art. 

And it doesn't matter whether you're a novice or an expert. 

If you want to try out some DIY, Design Pickle can help you. It uses a four-step guide to explain how to create the images stress-free.

For experienced tattooists, this is the best place to help you come up with unique designs.

Animated GIFs

This feature falls is available in the Design Pickle Pro package. However, note that creators can only do simple rather than complicated animations. Here are some examples:

  • Floating
  • Bouncing
  • Glowing
  • Sliding
  • Blinking

Advanced Infographics

The designers can create both simple and advanced infographics. All you have to do is provide the company with your data, brand colors, font, or logo, and they'll do the rest.

You can offer examples of work that you prefer. That will offer some inspiration and will help creators conceptualize what you want. 

Design Pickle Web Design

One of the reasons why websites or blogs take forever to load is because of large images. 

Yes, they look great and all, but they can increase your bounce rate because of speed. The snail-like opening of your site will frustrate visitors enough for them to leave without any action. 

The good news is that Design Pickle offers website design options. Your designer can optimize your images. That will ensure that they're all within the 100 KB threshold. 

Editing Old Images

So, you'd like to update your logo to switch things up a bit?

Design Pickle is ideal for the job. The company can edit the fonts, images, resolutions, name it. Just send over your old ones and a set of guidelines regarding the new look. 

Unlimited Brand Profiles

If you run different businesses, worry not.

This tool lets you open as many profiles as you need. Therefore, you can run a bunch of projects simultaneously without the need to juggle between different software. A definite user-favorite feature, according to Design Pickle reviews.

API Integration

You don't have to stop using tools that your business is already familiar with to share data and workflows.

Via Zapier, you can use the APIs, and you don't need to be a professional. All you need is a few clicks to set things up. 

The following are some apps that you connect Design Pickle with:

  • Asana
  • Slack
  • Google Drive
  • Airtable
  • Trello

White Label Service

If you want to scale your design efforts, Design Pickle white label a.k.a Jar can help. It automates processes such as managing, updating clients, handling files, requests, or collaborations

Instead of your designer spending countless hours on redundant tasks, they can have more time to work on your orders. You, on the other hand, can keep track of the project via your dashboard. 


Designers can create presentations for you and send them to you in PNG, JPEG, PDF, or PPT formats depending on your plan. You can order up to 25 slides with minimal graphics and simple backgrounds.

You can make:

  • Brand guidelines
  • Sales decks
  • Pitch decks
  • Product introductions
  • Business proposals
  • Report deck sales
  • Course decks

Note that the company only uses Adobe for such projects. In addition, your work won't have animations and other effects which most Design Pickle reviews fail to point out

Ease of Use

Using Design Pickle to create graphics is a breeze from start to finish. You don't have to deal with HR when making an order. The system does a good job matching you with the right professional almost instantly. 

The software has an incredible project management system, making it easy to keep an eye on workflows. 

Its integration with Slack and other apps also makes it so for you to communicate with creators without having to log out. That means stress-free sharing of files, asking for revisions, submission of complete work, amongst others. 

Once you issue your instructions to the employee you're working with, just sit back and relax. The designers here are always eager to deliver quality work within the deadlines.

It was a real joy to use, and we had no difficulties while testing for this Design Pickle review.

Design Pickle Pricing

Design Pickle doesn't have a trial period. However, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. In other words, the organization is ready to refund you in case the service doesn't meet your expectations. That's how you know a company that isn't out to swindle you.

You can choose from:

  • Essentials - $499/month for small businesses and solopreneurs
  • Pro - $995/month for medium to large enterprises and agencies
  • Premium - $1,695/month - in addition to graphic design, custom illustrations, and presentation design, this plan also unlocks motion graphics. 

Design Pickle Review - Verdict

As we said, Design Pickle reviews are full of praises. 

It's all true.

The offers unlimited requests and revisions, dedicated staff, and different file formats. It also has fast turnarounds, custom illustrations, free stock photos, API integrations, photo to vector conversion, amongst many others. 


The price is on the higher side. However, it offers a lot of value regarding its services. Note that Design Pickle has a flat cost per month or year, hence no need to pay extra for anything. 

Using it is akin to hiring a designer who works for you part-time, but at a cheaper rate. 

Another thing:

Although the company doesn't offer support over the weekends and public holidays, it makes up for the lost time during the weekdays. The company's customer service staff is always available to you 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. 

Since you're here reading Design Pickle reviewswe might as well give you some tips.

Remember to give your designer as much detail as possible regarding the outcome that you expect. That will keep both of you on the same page and prevent excessive back and forth, which will translate to quick delivery.

Additionally, it doesn't hurt to send some inspiration. Presenting an idea of what you want right from the word go will limit the conceptualization window when the creator tries to come up with different possible ideas.

Ready to see your wildest designs come to life?




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Yvonne Coleman
3 months ago
Using Design Pickle was so easy and our illustrators were so helpful. The pictures for our childrens book were more than we could have imagined. If we do another book, we will certainly use this company.