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Romj Amon
Romj Amon

Updated · Oct 12, 2022

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Does this video creator deserve over a hundred five-star ratings? Check out our Lumen5 review to find out how we really feel about it!

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Best for: Social media marketing video creation

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Weaknesses Limits videos to five minutes
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Weaknesses No trial options and refunds

What Is Lumen5?

Lumen5 is a video creator packed with powerful tools for producing engaging social media content. As a piece of cloud-based software, you can use it on any browser as long as you have a stable internet connection.

The company behind it (which goes by the same name) is based in British Columbia, Canada. Since it entered the scene in 2016, its app’s user base has grown to more than 800,000 organizations.

Primarily, Lumen5 is for businesses with global social media marketing teams. However, it has plans for individual storytellers too. That’s why casual video enthusiasts and independent content creators can find it useful.

When it comes to testimonials, you can find 200+ Lumen5 reviews on Trustpilot, Capterra, and G2. Most of which are positive.

Although the company has claimed its Trustpilot profile, it hasn’t responded to the two negative Lumen5 reviews it has received since July 2020.

Why? It’s anybody’s guess.

Nevertheless, its average ratings from dozens of Lumen5 reviews across the said trusted platforms have been either 4.5 or 4.6 stars.

But is this software really as good as what hundreds of users have touted it to be? Continue reading this Lumen5 review to find out!

Lumen5 Features

So, here are the things you can do with Lumen5:

Video Creation

Using Lumen5, you can practically do anything with videos.

You can drag and drop photos and videos from any storage device like an external hard drive. With one click, you can combine several video clips (or images) into one.

If you don’t have your own recordings, you can use stock footage and add text to it. More on this later.

Every Lumen5 video can last up to five minutes only. Although this limits some content creators, it’s not fatal. For example, such a maximum video length is good enough for social media marketing campaigns.

With Lumen5’s video cutter, you can trim scenes to the optimum length. You can also resize your videos to achieve your desired dimensions. You can compress your work to reduce its file size easily without sacrificing quality too.

If you wish, you can remove the original sound from your recording and replace the audio with something new. We have a list of the best audio editing software if you need one. 

To put the finishing touches on your video production project, you can adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast settings. The tool lets you add vignettes and fade effects too.


Unfortunately, You can’t create and publish an unlimited number of videos with the Lumen5 software. But we will tell you more about the maximum monthly limit per plan in a few paragraphs.

But during our research for this Lumen5 review, the company wasn’t actively implementing its video creation caps. As a result, we’re able to produce more video clips than our plan was supposed to allow.

Lumen5 doesn’t have a lifetime deal though, so don’t get your hopes up. So, the company may decide to strictly enforce such limits across all accounts in the future. But we're able to confirm that such a possibility isn't likely in the near term.

Video Formats

As follows are the types of content you can do with the Lumen5 video maker.

  • Facebook
    • Newsfeed (16:9, 60 seconds)
    • Newsfeed (1:1, 60 seconds)
    • Story (9:16, 20 seconds)
    • Carousel ad (1:1, 30 seconds)
  • Instagram
    • Post (16:9, 60 seconds)
    • Post (1:1, 60 seconds)
    • Story (9:16, 15 seconds)
    • IGTV (9:16, 120 seconds)
  • Twitter
    • Timeline (16:9, 140 seconds)
    • Timeline (1:1, 140 seconds)
  • Snapchat
    • Story (9:16, 10 seconds)
  • YouTube
    • Landscape (16:9, 180 seconds)
  • LinkedIn
    • Newsfeed (16:9, 60 seconds)
    • Newsfeed (1:1, 60 seconds)
  • Pinterest
    • Landscape (16:9, 120 seconds)
    • Square (1:1, 120 seconds)
  • Custom
    • Landscape (16:9, 90 seconds)
    • Square (1:1, 90 seconds)
    • Vertical (9:16, 30 seconds)

The Lumen5 video editing software uses these standard formats and video lengths to meet the content requirements of social networking platforms.

With the right subscription, you can get to publish videos in 480p, 720p, and 1080p. As you know, having full control over video quality is key to producing professional-looking content.

Lumen5 supports major file formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, and VOB.

Audio to Video

If you sign up for at least the Business plan, you’ll be able to upload your own audio tracks. Using unique recordings can make your videos original and compelling.


This Lumen5 tool allows you to include subtitles for all video clips quickly. This way, you can send your message across even when viewers consume your content with no sound.

Text to Video

Lumen5 also enables you to turn text-based content into a video. You can add a link to the source article or copy and paste the words into the app’s video builder.

Thanks to this capability, you can produce tons of insightful content with readily available text-based material in no time.

Automated Workflow

Lumen5 uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create meaningful drafts using text.

As a result, this software blends machine learning and natural language processing to highlight keywords within sentences.

Also, Lumen5 leverages its AI to dynamically determine scene lengths and strategically position text based on your chosen media file.

Lumen5 Templates

You can use premade, customizable Lumen5 templates to get started in seconds. Even as a Community user, you can access a selection of more than 50 options.

Immediately after choosing a template, you can import your script or web page and generate a storyboard quickly.

You can also create saved templates, each one which can apply a set of customizations per brand. It can spare you from having to style your videos from scratch whenever you create one.

Usually, you can save just one template at a time. But the Business plan can extend this limit to five.

Instant Videos

With the Lumen5 video maker, you can turn your blog posts into instant visual content automatically every day.

So, all you need to do is plug in RSS feeds into the system. Since it’s an automated capability, it can be a huge time saver and stress reliever.

Media Library

The Lumen5 software has an extensive library of media files.

You can access millions of free audio tracks, photos, videos, and GIFs to enhance your content. There’s a handy search engine on tap. But the app provides recommendations based on the template you chose as a starting point.

You can conveniently preview files. The separate music database even sorts options by mood! So, you can choose from 10 emotions, such as Calm and Funky, to inject the vibe you want for your video. 

Lumen5’s library is also the place to go to find your imported photos and videos. The Uploads, Recent, and Favorites tabs can help you locate certain files.

Image to Video

Speaking of which, you can upload your own photos if you buy a subscription.

It doesn’t have to be high-resolution images. You can incorporate your company logo into every Lumen5 video you publish to reinforce your brand.

Media Marketplace

If you’re a Business plan subscriber, you’ll be able to access Shutterstock’s exclusive stock media collections.

Every month, you’ll have 25 credits you can use to redeem digital assets marked with a crown icon. You can use your chosen premium image or video over and over without trading an additional credit repeatedly. 

If you sign up for the annual subscription, you’ll get 12 months’ worth of premium media credits right away.

Credits reset at the start of every billing cycle, which is the day when Lumen5 is set to charge your credit.

Sadly, you can’t roll over unused credits. Your next set won’t be more than what’s allotted even if you didn’t use up all of your previous ones.

If you run out of credits, you can purchase some more ahead of the replenishment date. Lumen 5’s support team will help you.


In this video creator, you can record your own voiceovers on the spot and lend more character to your content.

At the time of writing this Lumen5 review, this feature is available for all users. Its limited-time nature is a hint that the company may convert it into a premium functionality.


You can also use a call-to-action along with your logo in the outro.

If you go with the Business plan, you’ll be able to upload and piracy-proof your content with your own watermark. It will appear in the corner of your videos and stay there from start to finish.


Lumen5 lets you customize certain elements of your videos if you buy a subscription.

With Creator, you’ll also be able to import your own animations or images as the ending sequence of your content.

If you have a Lumen5 Premium account, you can unlock more than 35 popular fonts to tweak existing templates.

In addition, you can go beyond standard palettes and access custom colors so that your brand can shine through.

If you subscribe to the Enterprise plan, you’ll be able to customize almost everything.


Normally, only one user can access a Lumen5 account. But if you buy the Business plan, you can get two additional seats.

Being able to invite more users can translate into higher productivity.


Every Lumen5 dashboard is one workspace, which can compile multiple related video production projects.

With the Business plan, you can set up to five dashboards and invite different users to form teams.

This way, authorized users can collaborate with one another and accomplish more with less time.

Team Management

If you’re a Business or Enterprise plan subscriber, you can serve as an account admin.

You can have a Lumen5 toolset for team management at your disposal. It enables you to assign user roles and dictate permissions to control what video editors can do.

Likewise, you’ll be able to create brand-compliant saved templates users in different workspaces can use.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Ordinarily, a user only needs to enter login details to access the Lumen5 video editor and content creator.

But when you enable 2FA, a password alone won’t be enough. Users will have to enter a security code from an authenticator app upon login.

This extra requirement can protect your Lumen5 account in case a malicious party gets ahold of your login credentials.

Unfortunately, you need more than a Lumen5 premium account to get 2FA. It’s reserved for Enterprise subscribers only.

Ease of Use and Interface

You can get started with this social media video creation software in a minute or two. Setup is straightforward, so you should be able to explore and familiarize yourself with the Lumen5 dashboard in no time.

Thankfully, the interface isn’t heavy on visuals. It has lots of white space and minimal icons.

At the time of writing this Lumen5 review, it doesn’t have a dark theme yet, unfortunately. But its light color palette should provide good visual performance.

The content on the Lumen5 site and user dashboard is slightly different, though.

Usually, the company’s support representatives tend to use the information on the site. Nevertheless, the inconsistency is insignificant, though.

Lumen5 Support

You can reach the company’s customer support team via live chat and/or email. Lumen5 admits that it may take a few hours for its chat agents to reply. But we’re able to get a hold of a helpful rep in less than 20 minutes.

Lumen5’s chat service can also remember your past conversations. It doesn’t provide an option to email your transcript yet. But at least you can revisit your previous interactions with different support agents.

If you prefer to read and learn about this video creator at your own pace, you can consult the Help Center, too. It’s a compilation of collections (one of which is the FAQ) of bite-sized reads about various topics.

The best part about the Help Center is that you don’t have to navigate it manually. You can use its built-in search engine and/or chatbot using keyword-based queries.

In addition, you can browse Lumen5’s blog called the Learning Center. It dedicates itself to video creation tips, updates, and company news.

Lumen5 uses social media to excellent effect, too.

The company has video tutorials on YouTube. Also, its private community on Facebook (which you can freely join) has more than 7,600 members.

Aside from its Facebook page, you can also engage with the brand through Twitter, LinkedIn, and AngelList.

Lumen5 Pricing

The Lumen5 free edition is called Community. This plan’s limitations won’t hinder you from experiencing the basics of what the app can do.

Due to watermarking, any output from this license isn’t suitable for commercial use. But it lets you test-drive Lumen5 to determine whether it’s worth the expense before spending a penny.

When you’re ready to buy a paid subscription, you can choose from three standard plans: Creator, Premium, and Business. Each of them is available in monthly and annual billing options.

You can enjoy up to 27% off if you go with an annual subscription. Non-profits get a special discount too.

Lumen5 doesn’t offer a free trial with any of the paid subscriptions. So far, the Community plan is your only way to use this video editor risk-free.

Most of the app’s paying users are brands that concentrate on expanding their reach and growing their business. But Lumen5 can also serve the needs of large-scale video creation teams.

The Enterprise subscription centers on customization, so it has no fixed price. Everything about it is negotiable. You may schedule a demo to see it in action.

Pricing plans

So, the prices and features of different Lumen5 plans are:

Lumen5 Community


Offer includes: 5 videos a month, 720p video resolution, royalty-free images, audio tracks, and videos, voice-over, 1 saved template, workspace, instant video, and user, Lumen5 watermark.

Annual Lumen5 Creator

$11/month (paid annually)

Offer includes: $15/monthly payment option, all standard features in Community, 10 videos/month, 1080p video resolution, branded and custom outro, no watermark.

Annual Lumen5 Premium

$59/month (paid annually)

Offer includes: $79/monthly payment option, all features in Creator, 15 videos/month, 2 million Shutterstock images and videos, custom colors, and fonts.

Annual Lumen5 Business

$149/month (paid annually)

Offer includes: $199/monthly payment option, all features in Premium, 20 videos/month, personal watermarks, fonts, and audio tracks, team management features, up to 3 users, etc.

Lumen5 Enterprise


Offer includes: all features in Business, two-factor authentication, custom videos, saved templates, instant videos, workspaces, number of users, and Shutterstock media access, etc.

Lumen5 prices all of its plans in US dollars only.

We masked our IP (Internet Protocol) address using a VPN (virtual private network) to spoof our actual location. We wanted to see whether different Lumen5 pricing lists would appear to subscribers by region.

We’re glad to discover Lumen5 doesn’t use geo-blocking. Unlike some software vendors, it charges the same prices to all. So, you won’t deal with higher or lower Lumen5 cost dollarwise based on where you live.

Further, you can buy a subscription with your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

Whatever paid plan you choose, it’s subject to auto-renewal. At the start of every billing cycle, the company charges the credit card you originally used.

You can stop the recurring payment only if you discontinue your subscription before renewal. The same thing will happen if Lumen5 itself terminates your account.

All of the payments the company receives are non-refundable. So, make sure to carefully research everything before placing your order.

Lumen5 Review - Verdict

To sum up, this is a workable video creator, but it’s not without risks.

Lumen5 has no free trial and offers no refund. But you don’t have to jump in with both feet and buy a paid subscription right away.

With the software’s free edition, you dip a toe before you leap. 

So, you can benefit significantly from a huge array of agent-aided and self-service customer support options.

The company offers flexible plans to match your needs and budget. They can offset the inherent risk of making any non-refundable payment.

Lumen5’s advertised and unannounced specials, such as free voiceover capability and unlimited video creation, can bring you lots of value.

Not being able to create content longer than five minutes does limit the app’s use. But it’s understandable since it focuses on social media marketing only.

Down the road, we hope the company would offer an option to switch to dark mode for the benefit of users with visual impairments.

Overall, we recommend that you try this video creator!


Is Lumen5 free?

Yes, it is.

Lumen5’s Community plan is free for everyone forever. Its license provides access to a handful of features only. But it’s usable enough to explore the boundaries of what this video creator can do.

You can’t use this free license as a guest, though. You need to sign up and provide an email address.

Fortunately, Lumen5 accepts masked email addresses.

If you don’t want to give up any sensitive information, you can generate one with a free password manager like Blur.

How much does Lumen5 cost?

At $14 a month, the monthly Creator plan is the cheapest subscription you can buy to access premium Lumen5 features.

If you opt to pay for Creator annually instead, you can save $4 per month or $48 per year.

If none of Lumen5’s standard plans suit your needs, you can customize one and receive a quote.

How do you use Lumen5?

It’s a cloud-based video creator. In other words, you don’t have to install a Lumen5 iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS app to use it.

The only things you need are a browser like Chrome or Firefox and a good internet connection.

With Lumen5, you don’t have to upload any material to publish quality content. You can use its templates and stock files and insert text to create engaging videos from scratch.

Is Lumen5 good?

Lumen5 is good for what it aims to be: a video creation platform for social media marketing. It’s a capable app for producing content that doesn’t exceed five minutes.

This limit may be a turnoff for many content creators. But experienced social media marketers know that five minutes is more than enough to publish standard videos on many channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

To find out why we’re high on this software, read this Lumen5 review from the top.


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