WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Review

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 12, 2022

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In this WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe review, we will go over the features of this video converting tool and talk more about its abilities. We will discuss pricing, pros, cons, and share some tips and tricks.

Conversion speed


Video editing feature


System architecture

32/64 bits systems

Video codecs supported

210+ codecs

Download online videos


Support for large videos


Photo slideshow feature





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Minimum Price $19.95

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Converting video files to a wide range of formats

Strengths Free tech support
Strengths Plenty of features
Strengths Support for 1080p/4K/8K
Strengths Export to 420+ audio/video formats
Weaknesses Demo version is limited
Weaknesses Not the fastest converter

What is WinX HD Video Converter

The WinX HD Video Converter is a product of the Digiarty software development company, based in China. The program was originally released in 2010, and since then, has been used by thousands of users. We decided to test the new options and give you a detailed WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe review.

It offers more than 400 conversion presets, support for UD and UHD formats, 4K/8K video conversion support, and other tools to speed up the actual converting process.

The software won’t take too much space on your computer. It takes up 125 MB of hard disk space and requires 256 MB of RAM and video card performance, along with a 1GHz Intel/AMD processor.

Main Features Of WinX HD Video Converter

You can do video merging, video improvement and customize your output settings on both free and paid versions of the apps.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Video Conversion From/To Multiple Formats

You can convert video effortlessly from one format to another, with the software supporting most of the popular formats and then some. We’ll discuss those later in our WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe review.

High-quality Image Enhancement Technology

The image enhancement technology will be applied during conversion, and the improvements are visible and present in high-quality. Just make sure to enable it.

Functional Media Player

One of the things many love is the built-in media player that comes with usual functions. It also lets you see each file in the list, but limits you from scrolling – instead, you have to search for the desired time period manually. 

The media player lets you enhance sound, add subtitles from a file, crop parts of the audio, or trim its duration.


If you want to add and edit subtitles that match your content, the WinX Video Converter is the right tool for you. You can enable, disable, and choose the right subtitles for all your videos.

Auto Copying

If you want to reduce the time WinX takes to convert a file to another format, the Auto Copy function is for you. 

To test it for this WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe review, we chose an MP4 file with AAC audio codec and H264 video codec. It was successfully converted to a MOV file with the same codes. 


The power of deinterlacing lies in the ability to eliminate pixel lines that might have appeared in the original video by interlacing them (encoding them). Most things can be smoothed out, including blurry images.

Transcode 4K, HEVC, 60fps Videos

The app can transcode 4K videos, HEVC formats, and 60fps videos and optimize their formats for any device.

Download Videos From URL

You can use the WinX Converter to download videos that are embedded in web pages (URLs). Currently, there are more than 500 sources, and the software can identify all available video formats on a webpage, allowing users to choose the most fitting one.

Merge, Enhance, Split Videos From IPTV, CCTV

WinX HD Video Converter is great for merging, enhancing, and splitting videos from IPTV, CCTV as well as other camera models.

DSLR Support

Photographers often mention in their WinX Video Converter reviews that the app supports RAW and allows them to convert footage from DSLR cameras as well as mirrorless ones. After that, all you need is a reliable video editing tool and you can create a masterpiece in minutes.

Slideshow Creation

Love creating slideshows? WinX can help with that. The sorting order of files and the duration of the slides can be adjusted by default values, without any customization.

Conversion Options

The conversion options can be adjusted by every user. For outgoing files, you can choose 1 or 12 codecs for video, but also adjust the video resolution to a non-standard screen. Audio tracks also have bit rate and number of channels, which always affect their ratio and size/quality.


The software lets you know which formats work well on which devices. You can find this info on the Device Profiles tab. We’ve listed all of the formats towards the end of the review. 

Now. Speed.

Things could be better in that department. However, if you are customizing the video that you want to convert (like we did), you should know that the software uses Level-3 Hardware Acceleration. In other words, this is a great standard to have with very solid speeds for video conversion. There weren’t any lags, and we even tested the 4K video download from YouTube and Vimeo URLs - it worked well. 

To test how well it works with audio content, we converted an MKV to MP4. First, we added the MKV file, then selected the Output Profile, and chose MP4 from the list. There is also an option to select the desired quality of the output file (high or low). Once we were done, we pressed the “Run” button in the lower right corner. It took some time (nothing off-putting) and voila, we had our file. 

While all of these small lags can be fixed by the developers, WinX HD Video Converter still does a good job considering its price. Performance-wise, it could be better in terms of speeds, but it is definitely one of the best multipurpose video converters on the market.

But is the WinX video converter safe? There’s Level-3 Hardware Acceleration, which means you have absolutely nothing to worry about. It’s as safe as it gets. 

Interface and Ease of Use

The interface of the software is straightforward, making it easy for novices to navigate. The app supports six languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese. It might not be the best one visually, but it gets the job done. 

In the central area, there is also a drag-and-drop feature for incoming files. It lets you work with the files you have previously added, with the “Run” button visually standing out from the rest.

Once you add a file to the list, the output format preset window will appear. It is divided into 17 categories, with subcategories. 

Things can be perfect, though. The app has some limitations. First of all is the lack of a general list of all formats. You’ll see this mentioned quite often in WinX Video Converter reviews. We’ve got you covered on that front, but it took a lot of research for us to create a catalog. 

Also, the navigation in between the multi-level lists could use some upgrades, especially with keyboard support in the future.

Customer Support

Customer support options include email, technical documentation (FAQ), phone support, and social media.

We tested a few of these support channels for our WinX HD Video Converter review. Email proved to be the go-to option for quick answers. If you have general questions about the tool, you can contact If you need assistance, you should email If you want to leave feedback or your issue is not that urgent, you can use

Besides email and the FAQ, you can use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Supported Formats 

Here is a list of supported formats:


When it comes to audio and video, the most popular formats used include MP4, MOV, WAV, AVI, 3GP, and FLAC. We found that the app supports SWF and FLV for creating optimized videos for web pages. The program does a great job converting videos in rare formats such as ASF, MTS, 3G2, and others. 

Even though video-to-image conversion is not supported, there are a few traditional formats for audio that the WinX converter offers. You can extract audio tracks from a video file and get quick audio-to-audio compression in 14 different formats.

As mentioned above, in this WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe review, the tool works with 9 HD video formats and supports conversion for files with 2K and 4K resolution. It also works with NTSC, PAL DVD formats, and many others.

The app supports 45 multimedia formats, with precisely 480 conversion presets

Here’s which devices you can use:

  • Basic: Mac, DVD, HD, Other
  • Apple: iPhone, iPad, iPod, AppleTV, iTunes, iDVD, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, ProRes, Air Playit
  • Android Pad/Mobile: HTC, Samsung, Amazon, Google, Huawei, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Amazon, Other
  • Microsoft: WP8 Pad, WP8 Mobile, Xbox, Zune, Surface
  • Other: BlackBerry, Nokia, PDA, ZEN
  • Web: YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Other

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Cost

There is no free version of the WinXD HD Video Converter, but there is a free trial. The trial, however, limits you in many ways and won’t work for files that are shorter than 5 minutes

The prices are:

  • $19.95 for One-year License (discounted from $29.95, WinX MediaTrans as Gift)
  • $44.95 for a Lifetime License

If you see that the discount is still on, you can save even more, opting out for the Lifetime or Family packages. It will also give you access to other tools in the WinX family. 

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Review - Verdict

The tool offers plenty of adjustments and customization options. For instance, the 480+ presets leave a great impression on everyone who is working professionally with media files.

Even though the interface is not as polished as most, it still gets the job done. Considering the number of upgrades that the WinX HD Converter has had over time, we expect a sleek design.

What we didn’t like were the issues with frame duration control in slideshows, the limitations of the free trial, and the overall speed of this program.

Even given the issues, the software does its job well. It lets you convert many files and has some secret features such as slideshows and audio trimming. At this price point, it’s among the top solutions.


What is WinX HD Video Converter?

It is a program that lets you convert videos in multiple file formats. However, it is more than just that – the software lets you download videos from URLs, convert them from/to 4K and HD, and even create customized slideshows. You can also edit videos, trim and crop, and add subtitles.

Is WinX HD Video Converter free?

Yes, there is a free trial version. We began the test for our WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe review with it. It became clear almost immediately that there are many limitations. For instance, you can only customize videos that are longer than 5 minutes. We recommend purchasing the app. 

How do I use WinX HD Video Converter?

Just open the program, choose the files you want to convert, and choose the desired format. You can choose videos from your local disk and URL, or browse through photos. Once you are ready, hit the “Run” button and wait for the conversion process to begin.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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