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Nero Peña
Nero Peña

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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Need a basic video editor? Movavi software offers simple yet creative multimedia tools. We’ll walk you through its features, strengths, weaknesses, and price points in this Movavi review. 

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Best for: Editing home videos

Strengths Many presets
Strengths Intuitive workspace
Strengths Built-in media library
Weaknesses Limited effects adjustments
Weaknesses Too basic for professionals
Weaknesses Minimal free content

What Is Movavi?

Movavi Video Editor Plus is a quick and easy-to-use video editing software. It’s great for producing, editing, and converting videos in full HD and 4K quality.

Even if you have zero editing experience, you’ll find no trouble using this app.

Movavi for Mac and Windows is a good match for rookie editors. Here, you can capture or import clips, photos, and sounds to make stunning video projects. There’s an in-program media library where you can get content too! You can easily add premade transitions, titles, filters, and other special effects to the timeline.

There’s also a mobile version where you can create a basic montage or slideshow. Although it has lite features, you can still maximize some of its editing tools on your smartphone.

Like other video editors for beginners, its tools are super simple to use.

How simple, exactly?

Let’s dive further into our Movavi video editor review for the answers.

Movavi Features

Video production often involves techie steps. But with Movavi, it’s a breeze. Take a look at its abilities:

Video Editing

Movavi is designed to deliver basic video editing. 

You’ll find all the essential tools needed for film editing, such as Trim, Rotate, Crop, or Cut. Just do a quick file import, and you can start working on your video timeline!

It features multi-track editing, which lets you add and edit your content in layers. The workstations have three tracks:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Titles (graphics)

You’re free to insert up to 99 tracks per section. There is lots of flexibility since it follows the process of non-linear editing systems. With multiple tracks, you can modify your clips without following a sequence!

Stock Content

Movavi Video Editor supports personal and commercial projects. Why? There’s a built-in media library where you can source content. If you’re short on footage during your post-production, you can just find what you need in the library!

This also makes it easier to produce video marketing projects. If you want to create social media ads, promotions, or announcements, just browse the catalog. 

Although a bit limited, you can choose from free sample videos, music, sound effects, and backgrounds. Don’t worry; Movavi Video Editor is safe from copyright – the content is royalty-free!

Aside from stock footage, the Effect Packages are also an excellent option. These are full templates designed for various use cases.


On that note, you do get access to the full suite of filters. Even if you’re on the Movavi Video Editor trial, you can mix and match all the filter sets and adjustments. You can add one-click effects like motion blur, sharpen, mirror, fisheye, and other sorts of video manipulation

On top of that, it’s possible to set a warm or cool mood by playing with the color filters.


Adding visual choreography to your project is as easy as it gets. Similar to other editing apps, you can choose from the transition presets available.

There are the basics, such as Fade, Wipe, Dissolve, Zoom, etc. But there are also some artistic ones, including Parallax, Geometric, Offset, and Blocks. Some options even come with their sound effects.

To add these, just right-click a transition. Then, choose whether to apply it at the beginning or end of a clip.


Movavi for Mac and Windows lets you play with moving titles. The mobile version lacks this feature. With it, you can add digital on-screen graphics to spice up your visuals. And unlike in pro-grade software, no keyframing is required here—everything’s pre-made for users.

Basic titles include Intros, Credits, Scrolls, and Fades. Artistic options include icons and graphics, such as 3D Placards, Runners, Ribbons, etc.

Special Effects 

Besides moving text, you can add stickers and objects too!

There’s also a dedicated window that gives you more tools for video and audio editing. 

Speed control is one of them. If you want to do a flashforward effect, you can use Movavi to speed up your video clips. Or, you can do a slow-motion effect for flashback scenes and detailed frames. Either way, all it takes is a slider to set the motion.

Another popular tool is the Movavi split-screen, which you’ll find in the Overlay section. You can place two videos side by side, which is great for dialogue scenes, contrasts, etc. Aside from the split-screen, other layouts include Overlap and Picture in Picture, which resembles a reaction shot.


If you have shaky footage, the app’s Stabilizer is a quick fix. This tool helps you remove camera shakes so you can polish your video movements. This comes in real handy, especially if you have clips shot from different points of view.

So, how to use the Movavi video stabilization feature? Easy – just set the Accuracy and Shaking level as you please. Don’t be too heavy-handed, though. Even though it works like magic, it won’t fix those heavy shakes and trembles. If you crank up the slider too high, your clips will get distorted.

Chroma Key

Did you know you can use Movavi to edit a green screen? Yes, this advanced Chroma Key feature comes in the Editor Plus. Videographers use this technique to film a video, then replace the background in post-production.

Based on our test runs, this tool works perfectly. All you need is an Overlay track, then adjust the Opacity, Tolerance, Noise, and Edges. It’ll change the media to your chosen background automatically.

Ease of Use and Interface

In this part of our Movavi review, we’ll talk about the app’s user-friendliness.

You can download Movavi Video Editor for Mac or Windows right off the website. After that, the program will walk you through the steps to create your first project. 

The workspace is highly responsive, and the interface supports drag-and-drop controls. The editing tools are all within quick access, and you can use them comfortably. Besides, there’s a ‘Favorites’ section where you can add your frequently-used filters, transitions, effects, etc.

You don’t need internet connectivity to work on your project, so it’s great for offline editing. But heads up – that only applies to imported content. If you plan to use the Movavi free stock footage, music, or backgrounds, you need the internet to download them.

Also, online editing is needed in cloud-based work. You have the option to save your videos to Movavi Cloud for 30 days. You can even share your videos directly to social media like Facebook and YouTube.

Movavi Support

Tons of Movavi video editor reviews sing praises about its features. But what about its tech support?

It’s pretty decent. There is a Help Center full of guides about activation, usage, and troubleshooting on the website. But as far as technical help goes, an email ticket is the only way to get in touch with the team. It’s a shame to see that it lacks live chat and phone support.

On the bright side, its Learning Portal offers massive help for beginners. Here, you can browse through lots of how-to articles and video guides – all about editing. Its Knowledge Base also has answers to all questions you may have about the software. 

Movavi vs. Filmora

We didn’t just do a Movavi review – we also compared it to its close competitors. 

Its best match is Filmora, whose workflow and tools are pretty similar to Movavi.

Both programs are beginner-friendly, with intuitive interfaces. The workspace layout is almost the same, and they both support drag and drop and one-click edits. Imports and exports are done quickly, too. 

Movavi is a bit easier to use since it has fully designed templates. These require minimal editing. Just customize the content, and you’re good to go.

The Filmora workflow has a steeper learning curve as it has more tools.

When it comes to preset selections (filters, special effects, and transitions), both offer a handful of options. Movavi has a lot, but Filmora has more.

So – between Movavi and Filmora, which app wins?

If you’re starting from scratch, Movavi is the better pick. It offers slightly more comfortable navigation, plus it’s cheaper. But Filmora will suit beginners who already have some knowledge about video editing.

Movavi vs. Camtasia

Camtasia is another basic video editing app that has similar features to Movavi.

Both offer the same range of pre-made titles, effects, and transitions. They are also appropriate for beginners. Their workflows feature the standard multi-track timeline for easy sequencing, layering, trimming, and filter application.

The difference is, Camtasia focuses more on animations. Movavi, on the other hand, is a little more versatile. You can use it for home videos, short films, trailers, ads, and marketing videos.

It also lets you share your videos directly to social media, while Camtasia does not. 

And finally, Movavi software is much cheaper.

Movavi Pricing

So, how much does Movavi cost?

It comes in three variants: a free trial version, a one-year subscription, and a perpetual license. You should know that all of the plans are for one PC only, though.



You can download a free version of Movavi Video Editor Plus from the website. The trial period lasts for seven days. This version gives you access to all of the tools and features, except the Effects Package. Exported videos get a watermark.

Perpetual license


It’s also possible to get the software with a one-off payment. All features are unlocked, and the program is yours forever. There are no extra fees, monthly or yearly dues.

One-year license


This plan gives you access to the full suite of tools and features for 12 months. After this period, you will have to renew the subscription for the same price.

There is no free Movavi Video Editor. However, if you want to try out the paid version, know that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Movavi Review - Verdict

After running all the tests for our Movavi Video Editor review, we conclude:

It’s beginner-friendly video editing software.

The filter presets, transitions, titles, and graphics give enough comfort and creativity to non-editors. The built-in media library also makes it easier for users to produce high-quality videos with royalty-free content. Professional editors, on the other hand, will find this program a little too basic.

But if you’re simply trying to make good videos effortlessly, Movavi video editor for Mac and Windows is the answer. The mobile app is also a great tool to use on the go!


Is Movavi safe and legit?

Yes, and hundreds of Movavi Video Editor reviews confirm that. It’s both safe and legit in terms of usage and reputation. It’s developed by Movavi – a company that’s been in the multimedia industry for more than 15 years.

Is Movavi a virus?

No, it's not. Although the website lets you download Movavi for free, it doesn’t transfer any virus or malware to your computer. Using an anti-virus checker,, the company guarantees that the video editor has zero threats. It also earned a Virus Free Award from Software Informer.

So, is Movavi safe to use on your computer? Absolutely.

Is Movavi completely free?

No, it’s not free. There’s a Movavi trial version, which you can use for free for seven days. While you can test most of the tools and features, your videos will get a watermark. If you want to upgrade to the paid version, you can choose to pay $39.95 per year or get a perpetual license for $59.95.

Is Movavi good for beginners?

Based on our Movavi review, the app is excellent for entry-level editors. Whether you’re compiling your clips from a trip or editing a simple marketing ad, producing videos with this app is quick and straightforward. There are loads of pre-made visual elements such as project templates, filters, transitions, titles, graphics, and more. It’s also cheaper than other video editing software for beginners.


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