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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create eye-catching materials. With infographics software like Visme, editable templates and powerful analytics are in your hands. Our Visme review will show you how to convert data into appealing presentations in minutes. 



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Visme Review

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Best for: Businesses and NGOs

Strengths Many free templates and tools
Strengths Powerful data analytics
Strengths Customizable brand kit
Weaknesses No mobile app
Weaknesses Small storage capacity
Weaknesses No auto-resizing

Visme is an all-in-one visual design tool. It lets you create, store, and share beautiful designs without any hassle. Despite running for only seven years, it has already gathered more than 4.5 million users across 120 countries

Continue reading our Visme review to determine why leading brands such as Unilever, IBM, and Golden State Warriors swear by it.

Visme Features

Learn all about Visme’s features and see how it performs in comparison to websites like Canva.

Content Types

Are you tired of creating slides from scratch? You can choose from hundreds of pre-designed Visme presentation templates. You can edit each one to your liking.

Visme infographic templates are available too. The content blocks are customizable, as you can add empty spaces or use formats for headlines, statistics, and diagrams. You can use the other layouts for videos, documents, printables, and social media graphics.

Sadly, Visme has a small storage capacity. Plus, except for infographics, the sizes of its templates are fixed. You can create a custom-size canvas, but it won’t work with any of the pre-made designs.

Tools & Widgets

Make easy-to-digest content with assets for interactive data visualization. You can insert links and edit the text’s color, font, and size. Paragraph settings include letter spacing, line height, text padding, background color, and popup animation.

Visme offers high-quality icons across four distinct styles: flat, multicolor, outline, and isometric. You can adjust these by rotating, changing the color, or mixing it with another icon. Shapes and animated icons are available too.

You can access royalty-free photos, too. You can crop them, use filters, and add texts with the Visme Editor. It has over 1 million stock images and 3D graphics.

Visme also has a wide range of statistical graphics. You can manually input information or import it from Google Spreadsheet or Excel and choose one of the 30+ widgets to display critical details.

Another Visme data visualization feature is its flowchart. You can edit your diagram with pre-made flowchart blocks, shapes, and endpoint elements to best illustrate your data. Geovisualization is also possible in Visme. You can turn geographic data, such as crime mapping and regional trends, into interactive maps.

All of these are customizable and are licensed for commercial and non-commercial use. Plus, Visme released new features regularly.


The brand kit is the best infographic tool that Visme offers. With this feature, you can stay true to your brand regardless of the material you create. It includes:

  • Brand logos: Upload your logos and determine where it should appear on your content.
  • Brand fonts: Set the default fonts for header and body text. You can upload your own or choose from the 120 available fonts in the Visme library.
  • Brand colors: Enter the hex value of your brand colors. You can insert up to six colors per palette and set a default background color.
  • Brand templates: Specify projects as the default template for each content type. You can choose from available Visme templates or select your own designs.
  • Brand links: Add your website and social media URLs and set them as default links.

You can enable restrictions on specific users, so they’re only allowed to use the brand settings. Take note that the brand kit is only available for Business and Enterprise subscription users.

Media Manager

The Media Manager is another unique feature that makes Visme the best infographic maker. All uploaded media files are stored and easily accessible. To locate assets faster, you can rename them, add searchable labels, or organize them into folders.

Moreover, Visme auto-updates infographics whenever a related media file is edited. All you have to do is replace the one in Media Manager with the new material.

Slide Library

Other Visme reviews failed to mention the Slide Library, but we find it very useful. With this feature, you can make a universal version of the standard slides you used. Whenever the original one is updated, the changes are automatically applied to every presentation.

Data Analysis

Aside from being an interactive infographic maker, Visme also works as a visual analytics tool. It tracks traffic for all of your projects so you can get information on who viewed it and for how long.

All you have to do is publish the infographics in public, and Visme will do the rest. The analytics feature will show you the reports containing:

  • Total visitors: The total number of viewers per project.
  • Average visit: The average duration of visits. 
  • Activity: The average percentage of viewed content per project. 

You can see the total number of people who visited in a given period by choosing a specific date range. You also get access to data per visitor, such as date/time, IP address, location (country), and the total visit duration.

Lead Generation

As data analysis software, Visme collects leads. Each time content is accessed, the viewer needs to fill out a contact form. You can export these as CSV files and import them to third-party programs like newsletter apps and CRM software. While only a few other Visme reviews have mentioned this feature, we think it’s one of its best.


Invite your teammates to give feedback and exchange ideas online. Your teammates can view, annotate, or edit depending on the access level you assign to them. You can leave clear instructions with the six annotation tools.

You and other collaborators can comment back and forth in a thread and mark it as resolve once completed. Unfortunately, the feature doesn’t allow users to work on the same project yet.

Voice Over 

You can create self-running presentations and audio how-tos by adding voice over to your Visme Presentation

You can pick from dozens of free audio clips across varied genres and moods, but you’re also able to upload your own audio files. These clips can be attached to one specific slide or be set as background music for the entire presentation. Recording audio is also possible.

Each audio can be edited per slide. You can trim the clip, add fades, adjust volume, and loop the audio. Thanks to the voice-over feature, you can transform any written content into a narrated Visme slideshow.

Publish Your Project

There are three ways you can distribute your infographics

  • Share online: Generates a shareable link that anyone online can access. You can use it to add the material to emails or websites. 
  • Share privately: Generates an encrypted link that you can share via email to your teammates.
  • Download: Converts your files into high-quality PDF, JPEG, PNG, PowerPoint, MP4, GIF, or Visme interactive infographic (HTML5).

Ease of Use

Visme can be used in just a few clicks and is easy to navigate. Its user interface design isn’t eye-catching, but it has a great workflow. Basic features are easy to spot and are separated cohesively.

Creating a new project is simple. Select a design and click on the right-side panel to see all the features you can use to edit it. Visme combines the drag-and-drop function and interactive features for easy formatting.


Don’t expect quick customer support from Visme. During the testing for this Visme review, its live chat was unavailable. Leaving a message on its chatbox is the only way to get in touch, but it’s hard to use.

Its knowledge base portal has all the step-by-step guides and video tutorials you will need to maximize Visme. Scheduled and recorded webinars are always available

Moreover, you can request new features. Thanks to these, Visme ratings for customer service remain optimistic despite the downsides.

Visme Pricing

Visme offers a free plan, but it has limited charts and widgets. It allows you only to export them into JPG files.

If you want to unlock all features, Visme offers three subscription tiers. Unfortunately, there is no Visme Premium free trial.


From $12.25/month (annual subscription)

Offer includes 15 projects, 250 MB storage, and the ability to download as PDF.


From $24.75/month (annual subscription)

Offer includes unlimited projects, 10 GB storage, brand kit, and integrations.



Offer includes unlimited projects, 25 GB storage, and analytics.

If our Visme review inspired you to upgrade, we suggest sticking with the yearly subscription as it gives you a much better monthly price.

Visme vs. Canva

Canva is more intuitive and modern than Visme despite having the same interface workflow. It has a larger number of free templates, and the premium plans are cheaper. Plus, it offers a platform called Canva for Education at no extra cost. Overall, Canva is the perfect multi-purpose infographics maker.

Both have similar graphic design tools, but Canva has gradient, icon importing, auto-resizing, and scheduling functions. In terms of storage capacity, Canva beats Visme. It also has mobile apps and can be deployed on Windows and macOS.

Meanwhile, Visme has more in-depth settings and data visualization widgets. Unlike Canva, it has a media manager, design collaboration, and analytical tools. These features make it the best infographic maker for businesses and NGOs. Visme can also be integrated with third-party programs, which is a feature Canva lacks.

Visme Review - Verdict

Like many other Visme reviews have concluded, it’s among the best infographic tools on today’s market. It’s intuitive and designed with many free templates, an editor, and data analytics functions that make graphic design an easy task.

However, these capabilities are only accessible on the web. It doesn’t have a mobile app. Visme also offers limited storage capacity, even if you subscribe to the most expensive plan.


What is Visme?

Visme is an interactive infographics maker that allows you to create stunning design pieces with ease.

Where is Visme located?

Visme’s headquarters is located in Maryland, USA.

Is Visme really free?

Yes, Visme has a free plan with no expiration. From our Visme review, you can conclude that the free version has many great futures, and we highly recommend you to try it.

How much does Visme cost?

Visme has a free version that allows you to use most of the features. Visme subscription costs $25/month or $15/month if you sign up for a year. The Business plan costs $49/month or $29/month on the annual plan. For the enterprise plan, you can get a quote from the Visme team.


Deyan Georgiev

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