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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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Spokeo reviews around the Web are somewhat contradictory, so we decided to test the platform ourselves.
So, does it work? Check out our Spokeo review to find out!

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Spokeo Review


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Best for: Searching personal contacts

Strengths Offers some basic features for free
Strengths Allows you to remove your data
Strengths User-friendly interface
Strengths Information gets regularly updated
Weaknesses High rate of inaccuracy
Weaknesses No unlimited people search plans available

What Is Spokeo?

Spokeo is one of the most popular background check companies in the US with more than 12 billion records and 20 million monthly visitors

The company was started by four Stanford graduates in 2006 as a social network aggregator. By 2008, the platform evolved into a social search engine and introduced its paid services. The people search engine website was launched in 2010.

In this Spokeo review, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the site and answer the burning question - is it worth it?

Legal Disclaimer – Spokeo isn’t a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The site can’t be used for employment, credit, tenant screening, or related purposes.

Spokeo Features

Spokeo comes with some pretty good features that will make your search for people’s background information, more accurate and easier.

From basic search options, updates on your contact’s social media platforms, access to criminal records, identity protection, to dark web monitoring and reverse background checks, this platform offers it all.

Standard People Search Options

Spokeo allows you to find background information on anyone at any time from anywhere, either by name, email, address or phone number. If you want to get a detailed report, we recommend going for one of the paid plans. Although the free version will give you some information, it’s not really that useful.

Geo-Grouping Algorithm

Spokeo has a great geo-grouping algorithm that organizes the search results based on geographical location. For example, if you are trying to find John Smith, you will get better results from your Spokeo people search, if you enter the state where he lives. 

Spokeo Connections 

Spokeo Connections groups all your friends’ social media profiles in one place. That way you can keep up with all of their updates, without switching between profiles. Spokeo currently has a 30-day free trial for the Connections feature, which you can try when getting a membership.

Public Search Directory

Spokeo public search has a huge public directory with over 300 million records. And all this data is publicly available, not user-generated or company generated. It also uses data from third parties like Google and Criteo in their platform, to help you get the most appropriate filtered results.

Identity Protect

Spokeo also offers personal identity protection. It can regularly monitor your personal data. You can also count on Spokeo for dark web monitoring.

In case you need it, the platform provides assistance from certified identity resolution specialists.

Crime and Court Records

Wanna check out someone’s criminal background? With Spokeo, you can get information on past or present convictions, public arrest records, serving time, offense locations, pending criminal cases. Plus you can also access court reports like citations, misdemeanors, and felony records, or even historical reports.

To use the feature, you need to purchase the add-on plans. Just keep in mind that, according to customer Spokeo reviews, it is not as effective as the options offered by other personal background check companies

Regularly Updated Reports

We live in a very dynamic age, and things constantly change. Luckily, the team behind Spokeo anticipated this. The platform will regularly give you updates on the reports you purchased, up until you cancel your subscription.

Reverse Background Check

Other than criminal records you can also check the education, ID backgrounds, or court records of the person you are searching for. However, according to Spokeo reviews most of the time the report fails in providing clarification, about the background data. 

Identifies Unknown Calls, Texts, and Emails

The Spokeo app helps you to identify unknown calls (similar to true ID caller), text messages, or even emails from fraudsters, marketers, or scammers, thus making it easy to block or ignore them manually. 

For now, unfortunately, the app is available only for Android users.

Table of Contents

To make reports easier to navigate, Spokeo has a table of contents. You can find it on your dashboard. Just click on it and choose the category that interests you most.
Say goodbye to endless scrolling!

Ease of Use

Spokeo people search has a simple-to-navigate interface, so it’s suitable for everyone - even those who are not so tech-savvy. Plus, it takes less than one minute to get a report! 

Spokeo Business

Spokeo Business is also a people search platform, but specifically designed for business customers. Businesses can access top-quality Spokeo data from reliable sources. 

Also, this professional background check platform allows administrators to manage all user and manager accounts through the same dashboard. 

Spokeo Business can be used in sectors like health care, legal, eCommerce, real estate, debt collection, and NGOs for locating and identifying people, preventing fraud, tracking criminal records, etc.

Other features of Spokeo Business include:

  • Customized search plans 
  • Unlimited download of detailed updated reports on individuals
  • Advanced search filter
  • Access to all search types


Spokeo offers a free 7-day trial. The paid plans are some of the most affordable on the online background check market currently. You can choose from:

  • Full Name Report: $0.95/report
  • 1 month: $23.76/month, now available for $13.75/month
  • 3 months: $56.41/month, now available for $23.76/month
  • Additional Add-Ons: $2.95 each to search court or historical records

Spokeo Business is a bit pricier:

  • Basic business: $35.95/month
  • Professional: $69.95/month, Up to 500 Reports
  • Enterprise: $119.95/month, Up to 1000 Reports

Spokeo Review -Verdict 

Spokeo is a decent platform when it comes to searching for people across the US. It is most effective when it comes to three things- finding friends or relatives, accessing background information, and filtering unwanted calls. 

A great thing about Spokeo is that it allows users to remove data they don’t want to share with the public. 

However, for deep background checks like criminal records, Spokeo is not that effective. Some searches don't even provide fully accurate or even up-to-date information. There are also too many complaints seen in Spokeo reviews by customers regarding their billing practices - payment automatically renewed and you will be charged within 7 days until you cancel your subscription. 

If you believe Spokeo isn't the right service for your needs, check out our other suggestions below:

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Can someone tell if you look them up on Spokeo?

Spokeo guarantees that the person you're searching for will not be notified. Only you- the account holder can view the search history, which can be disabled at any time.

What can Spokeo tell you?

Spokeo can help you find background information about anyone in the United States. Just use their name, phone number, email, or address. You can search property, business, historical, consumer, and court records, as well as social media networks. So whether you’re looking for personal details, criminal offenses, or just contact information, this platform can assist you. For more information, see our Spokeo review above.

With a paid membership, you’ll get more detailed reports, but the free trial can help if you’re looking for minor details.

Can you remove yourself from Spokeo?

Yes. You can use Spokeo people search to review your own public information. First, you need to find the listing and the corresponding report. Then, right-click on the screen to copy the link address. Now go to the opt-out page and paste the copied URL there. Now it’s time for verification. Provide your email address and click on the confirmation email sent to your inbox. That’s it, jobs done.

Beware that even if you remove your data, it will still be available on the underlying third-party resources.

Is Spokeo legit?

Spokeo people search makes use of publicly available information and third-party data, similar to other personal background check companies. None of the details are originally generated by the company. All the payments transactions are highly encrypted.

Spokeo operates within the legal limit. But, the company buys and sells data, putting your privacy at risk. 

Is Spokeo secure?

Spokeo keeps your personal data, account information, and payment details safe and secure. When it comes to payment transactions, the company uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. It’s often mentioned as a huge plus in Spokeo reviews.

The search history can be accessed only by the account owner. Also, the platform does not publish directory listings of children under 18 years old.


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