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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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Checkr reviews claim that it's one of the best HR tools a business can have at their disposal. It is one of the first in the industry to specialize in delivering valuable data for employers. We tried it and conducted our research to show you how it compares to other background check services.

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Best for: HR departments and recruitment teams

Strengths No clickbait offers
Strengths Useful adjudication tools
Strengths Quick request processing
Strengths Clean website and mobile app layout
Weaknesses Slow to update information
Weaknesses Checkr pricing is not publicly available
Weaknesses Customer care could be more accessible

What Is Checkr?

Checkr is a professional background check service that expedites the screening process while maintaining quality and quantity. It was founded in 2014 by software engineer Daniel Yanisse, who noticed the challenges businesses faced when it comes to fast and reliable background checks.

Unlike other background check companies, Checkr seamlessly works with other HR recruiting tools like Zenefits and Workable. Staffing agencies that serve large corporations with high employee turnover rely on Checkr's technology to boost their efficiency. But even Uber, Lyft, and Netflix utilize Checkr’s smart hiring solutions to filter out the best candidates. 

Checkr reviews from clients working in a variety of industries state that it has transformed their screening process. Let's take a closer look at these features, shall we?

Legal Disclaimer – You can use the reports only for employment purposes, as defined by the FCRA, including hiring and promotion decisions. Before ordering a report you must obtain a written authorization from the person you are about to check. 


Checkr's number one mission is to disrupt the online background check industry with top-notch features. Here are some of the key elements: 

Highly Customizable Reports

Checkr meets different employer needs by offering highly customizable reports where the user can select the type of background information needed. From a basic address lookup to a detailed criminal background check, you choose the data you need. 

Custom filters can be applied to the reports to reduce costs. This type of flexibility ensures you're not wasting resources.

Checkr can scan the following databases:

  • Public records
  • Education records
  • Public arrest records
  • National criminal records
  • County criminal records
  • Watchlists
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Sex offender registry
  • All counties of residence in the past seven years

Once the information is collected, the Checkr background check status will be labeled as clear or consider. Clear indicates that the candidate does not need further checking, whereas consider shows that the candidate may not match the hiring criteria. 

For more information see what does a background check consist of.

Positive Adjudication Matrix

The adjudication matrix is a differentiating feature that separates the Checkr background check from traditional vendors. By utilizing machine learning, Checkr automates the process of classifying offenses while filtering irrelevant ones. 

This feature is essential because countries use different ways of describing the same crimes, making it harder to determine whether it’s acceptable. The adjudication matrix removes any confusion by classifying them in a clear, understandable, and consistent manner.

Usually, a recruiter manually goes through background checks reviews. Using a software-based adjudication system, you remove human error and automate most of the process. That way you can do a background check way more efficiently.

Because Checkr background reports are highly customizable, you can clearly define which criminal charges are relevant.

Geos and Programs

The Geos feature is perfect for businesses that operate in multiple states or countries. Judging by other Checkr reviews, Geos helps segment candidates based on their location, ensuring compliance with state and local laws.

Is Checkr safe to use for cross-state recruiting? The Geo feature guarantees to deliver reputable background check reports that are governmental FCRA compliant and allows you to assign users to specific locations to increase efficiency while mitigating potential risks.

Additional Features

Checkr provides an estimated turnaround time for every report you request. The ETA feature provides you with a timeline that's updated in real-time and notifies you whether any additional steps are required. Compared to other service providers, Checkr background check time is slightly longer, but it varies depending on the report type. 

Training modules are also available. Checkr creates opportunities for those struggling to find employment due to a criminal record with their "Bounce Back" program.

The tool doesn’t come without flaws. Negative Checkr reviews are mostly about the time it takes to eliminate errors in the reports. While this is an issue many background check companies face, it doesn’t give Checkr a free pass.

Nonetheless, Checkr received an A-rating from the Better Business Bureau and is an industry leader. It is also accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and classified by FCRA.

Ease of Use

Checkr's interface has a minimalistic design that focuses on functionality. Users control the features from a simple dashboard that allows you to customize reports and add filters.

Checkr Pricing

Checkr doesn’t publicly show pricing due to its high customizability. The price is dictated by the type and volume of requested reports.

As Workable integrates Checkr's background screening into their applicant tracking system, we looked at their prices to get a better estimate:

  • Employment Verification: $9
  • Education Verification: $9
  • Employment Pro: $47
  • Standard background check: $21
  • Pro background check: $29
  • Driver Standard: $25
  • Driver Pro: $33

Checkr Review -Verdict

Is Checkr safe? Is Checkr legit

After thorough testing, we can say that Checkr is an excellent service. The company’s substantial growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, and online Checkr reviews are mostly full of praise.

Is it perfect? Definitely not, but we’re confident certain features will improve soon. 


Is Checkr background check legit?

Checkr is an easy-to-use background check service that is becoming an essential tool for making better hiring decisions. After conducting our Checkr review, we can safely say that it is indeed a legit service provider.

What kind of background check does Checkr do?

Checkr specializes in providing high-quality background checks for employment purposes. These include:

  • SSN Trace
  • Sex Offender Registry Check
  • Global Watchlist Records Check
  • National Criminal Records Check
  • Motor Vehicle Records Check

What companies use Checkr?

Checkr quickly grew from a small start-up company to one of the leaders in the background check industry. Apart from HR cloud solutions and staffing agencies, large businesses such as Uber, Lyft, Netflix, Instacart, Papa John's, and Kimpton Hotels also use Checkr.

Is Checkr secure?

Checkr is recognized by both NAPBS and FCRA, two entities that promote accuracy, fairness, and information privacy. It's safe to say this is a secure background check company. Many Checkr reviews also confirm the security of this service.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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Faith Mitchell
3 months ago
Checkr is broken because I submitted required documents for a background check and the last 15 hours it keeps giving a message to try back in a few minutes because of overload. June 22 and 23. No response yet from support and they did not respond with a email that they will respond back soon. Also, their phone number is a message service and you can never reach a person about your issue.