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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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InfoTracer reviews are singing praises about the site. But we don’t want to take other people’s word for it. So, we took it for a spin.
Read this piece to see the good, the bad, and the surprising things we discovered about it.

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InfoTracer Review


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Best for: Personal use and in-depth personal background research

Strengths Distinctive and targeted search options
Strengths Regularly updated databases
Strengths Good security
Strengths Varied prices
Weaknesses Occasional incomplete reports
Weaknesses No lookup tool for web accounts

InfoTracer may not have Google’s brand recall, but the platform’s lookup technology is practically all-encompassing.

Most InfoTracer reviews are happy with this criminal background check service - it gives you seamlessness of public info access, at a pretty affordable rate

We decided to test it for ourselves. Here’s our InfoTracer review:

Legal Disclaimer: InfoTracer is not a Consumer Reporting Agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The site can’t be used for employment, credit, tenant screening, or related purposes.

InfoTracer Features tries to go the whole nine yards to ensure that every search returns a meaningful result

Unique Search Choice

With InfoTracer’s robust search tools, you can find out someone’s public information by name, phone number, address, email, and username. It’s what most basic personal background check companies offer.

But InfoTracer does have a way to shine: facial recognition search. In fact, the company claims to be the only one of its kind to offer such a service.

So, what’s facial recognition search? It’s a way of identifying someone by using this person’s photo. 

But is this legal?

InfoTracer gets its data from public sources, so it is, indeed, legal.

Admittedly, the use of facial recognition tech to dig up some personal details about an individual may be unpermitted in certain jurisdictions. Find out if there’s any statutes in your area that disallow the use of facial recognition for people search to avoid violating the law.

If your jurisdiction doesn’t consider it illegal, upload a clear image of a face with no obstructions for best results.

Targeted Lookup

InfoTracer understands the concept of “too much information.” That’s why it allows stand-alone crime check searches and other lookup options.

For example, if you just want to know about the public arrest records of a sex offender or a domestic abuser, you can have a report that excludes the irrelevant details.

Can you look up people's license plates? Yes, you can.

If you wish, you could search by asset, lien, court judgment, warrant, criminal record, mugshot, and so much more.

As of this writing, doesn’t have a targeted search for public web accounts yet. But it does offer various methods or strategies to uncover people’s elusive social profiles, with its reverse phone number search and other lookup varieties.

More Substantial Reporting

InfoTracer says that each of its individual reports has 900% more data than the competition provides. It’s a bold claim, but it’s plausible.

An unabridged background report from includes forum posts, occupational licenses, business associates, and political donations

The company takes pride in its more than 3,500-strong pool of federal, state, and municipal sources throughout the US. Currently, over two billion records are within its reach. 

To be honest, though, some of the reports we received had come with blank spots. At times, the missing details (caused by data being “not on file”) were quite annoying. Other InfoTracer reviews also criticized the platform for it.

Data Recency

Another thing InfoTracer reviews mention was the depth of information packed in the platform’s reports. But what the company doesn’t get proper credit for is the recency of its records.

It matters because the integrity of a report is just as good as its latest information. If its contents are old or outdated, it won’t paint an accurate picture of a person’s background anymore.

Over a million people have paid for InfoTracer membership to be able to buy reports, access premium data, or both. The company updates its databases monthly. In some cases, gets new records on a daily basis.

Dark Web Scanning Capability

InfoTracer doesn’t do continuous dark web monitoring. However, it will do a dark web scan when you ask it to.

The platform can scan through the layers of the internet and unearth content buried deep on the Web. This tool can uncover or retrace a person’s hidden photos and videos, unindexed arrest records, hacked credit card credentials, and compromised documents.


This collection of interesting reads about all things personal data and public information was a pleasant surprise not because we haven’t stumbled upon something like it before. 

Made up of six categories (Crime, Cybersecurity, Law Enforcement, Dating and Relationships, Safety, and Privacy), InteliCenter is a must-visit corner of the site if you want to make sounder and more strategic search decisions.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation

We find it important to mention in our InfoTracer review the company’s serious efforts to attain the BBB’s vote of confidence for its way of doing business. The fact that it has maintained its accreditation since 2008 is impressive and praiseworthy.

Moreover, InfoTracer has an A+ rating—the highest in BBB’s book. Although the company has received InfoTracer scam allegations in the past, all issues have been resolved at this point.

DigiCert Site Certification

InfoTracer displays the Norton Seal at the bottom of its site. With the help of DigiCert, the company gets its platform tested for vulnerability and checked for malware every 24 hours.

InfoTracer’s partnership with the cybersecurity company ensures uncompromising user data protection through state-of-the-art traffic encryption. As a result, your sensitive information is much less likely to get stolen and sold on the digital black market when you use

24/7 Customer Care Availability

Whether you need assistance to finalize your subscription or inquire about the InfoTracer opt-out procedure, you can get help via call, email, or live chat. The company’s team of experts even offer search assistance on the spot.

Ease of Use

When testing for this InfoTracer review, we were a bit overwhelmed by the site. Most of the site’s dozens of pages contain lengthy content. At least jumping from one section to another was easy. 

InfoTracer has both mobile and desktop apps. In terms of pure data lookup and report generation, they’re more convenient than the site.

Although the company hasn’t released MacOS and iOS apps yet, at least is mobile-responsive. Since some of the platform’s attractive features have been rolled out fairly recently, we expect the app versions for Apple products to arrive sooner rather than later.

InfoTracer Pricing

Here are the plans you can choose from:

  • $3.95 for 7-day trial - provides unlimited search pass and unrestricted access to all reports
  • $19.95/month - unlocks premium search results

Clearly, the plan that involves unlimited background checks for a relatively low monthly fee offers the most value. However, if you just need a few reports, the 7-day trial is perfect for you.

InfoTracer Review - Verdict

It can be difficult to find a similar service that can surpass the platform’s set of fascinating features along with its competitive prices. Even though it is not perfect, it sure does offer some outstanding features - like the facial recognition search, for example.

But why trust InfoTracer reviews, when you can test the platform for yourself?

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What is InfoTracer?

InfoTracer is one of Accucom Corporation’s digital public background information retrieval platforms. CriminalPages, InfoPay, and Everify are its sister brands.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the company has been in business for more than 17 years.

Is InfoTracer com legit?

The company is a product of the Freedom of Information Act but does everything to avoid crossing the lines drawn by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The BBB itself gave InfoTracer a high rating, which says a lot about its legitimacy.

Even the media couldn’t get enough of InfoTracer. It has been featured on CNN, Forbes, VICE, and Lifewire, to name a few.

Is InfoTracer legal?

InfoTracer doesn’t pretend to be a professional background check company, nor does it encourage its members to use other people’s public information to commit identity theft, harassment, or any other crime. So yes, it is legal. InfoTracer reviews confirm it.

How can I check my background for free?

You can check out basic information about yourself, or about any person for that matter, at no cost. However, InfoTracer’s free service is pretty limited. You can see our InfoTracer review above for more information.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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