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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 10, 2022

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If you’re looking for a people search service, you’ve probably seen a lot of US Search reviews. That’s exactly why we decided to test it ourselves. It’s great for personal use, supports the most popular OS, and gives accurate reports. Read on to find out what else we discovered!

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Best for: Personal use

Strengths Affordable pricing
Strengths Accurate data
Strengths Detailed information
Strengths Well-organized report design
Weaknesses Limited marriage and divorce data
Weaknesses Occasional unavailability of recent information
Weaknesses Frequent duplicate data is one of the pioneering online background check and public people search providers. Owned and operated by Intelius, it has remained a relevant figure in the industry since it entered the scene in 1994.

As other US Search reviews, we are going to discuss the advantages of the service. We also explored the drawbacks to it in order to determine how it stacks up against the competition.

Legal Disclaimer: US Search is not a Consumer Reporting Agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The site can’t be used for employment, credit, tenant screening, or related purposes.

US Search Features

If you want to verify some background information about your new flame, locate an old friend or relative, is the site to visit.

While it has no dark web monitoring capability, the Bellevue, Washington–based company has intuitive tools can also be useful for identifying numbers, finding elusive social media profiles, doing some crime check on a suspected sex offender, and comparing properties for sale.

Let us tell you all the details in our US Search review below.

Great Search Options

The company lets you search by person, address, phone number, or email. The site’s robust system allows you to scour its rich databases to find the answers you want in no time.

Below are some of the site’s search options.

This excellent tool lets you find out the whereabouts of a person. If you enter the first and last name of an individual, it will reveal his or her past and current addresses as well as contact details.

In addition, this US Search people service can show an individual’s aliases and household members if these pieces of information are available. For best results, include an address with the state to your search.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Do you want to put a name to an unknown phone number? The reverse phone service allows you to have more information about its owner’s identity. You could also find out about where this person lives and has lived over time, who are the people living with him or her, and which utility he or she is signed up for.

Reverse Address Lookup

This powerful search engine enables you to determine the individuals who have been associated with a piece of real estate. Generally, you could just use a street address and a town for a search. But it’s advisable to enter a state, too, in order to get a more accurate result.

Need to ID someone using an ambiguous or cryptic email address? This US Search for people data service helps you get a hold of the real name, aliases, and contact information. It could also work in reverse; you can use it to uncover all the email addresses linked to an individual.

Can’t find a person on a social networking site? U.S. Search helps you find out whether a loved one, friend, or colleague is hiding from you on social media.

We encourage you to use as many determiners as you can for this tool to comb billions of accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc. The more details you have, the more accurate results you’ll get.

Property Records Lookup

Like the reverse address lookup service, this one can dig up property’s tenancy histories. The best part is that the tool can pull more specific real estate–related details, including home values, title deeds, maps, and many more. It’s closely similar to the tech financial institutions and appraisers consult.

Background Check

This search engine can reveal a person’s public arrest records, civil judgments (which may include traffic infractions), tax liens, and bankruptcies. However, when researching for this US Search review, we found that the company has criminal record access in just 43 states and can only return results from one state at a time.

Unlike other background check companies, US Search doesn’t verify people’s educational attainment and employment histories

No Customer Funnel

One of the reasons why US Search is nailing the user experience game is because it has no funnel. In other words, you won’t hit the paywall before getting the results you wanted.

This feature eliminates one of the most common pain points when using a website offering US information search services. Considering that many other personal background check companies require you to perform a search before asking you for card payment credentials, US Search promises convenience. Users are raving about it in US Search reviews.

Reliable Data Accuracy

When it comes to the accuracy of the information, most reviews show people are satisfied. The site is rarely wrong because it uses reliable sources.

However, some other US Search reviews have accused the site’s repository of information of being old and outdated and containing duplicates.

The conclusion is that you’re less likely to be disappointed if your search is more about history and less about recency.

Detailed Information

The tests for this review proved that the company’s reports are more insightful than anticipated. Although it doesn’t provide complete data 100% of the time, you can expect its reports to be brimming with useful information.

Whether you use US Search for people or addresses, chances are that you’ll get enough to satisfy your necessity and curiosity

Good Report Design

Practically every other USSearch review we’ve found reinforces our appreciation for the site’s pragmatism. Its reports could be guilty of information overload. Yet, they manage to organize everything in a logical manner.

Even if you’re not a visual learner, you’d see that the basic and advanced US Search background check reports are easy to digest. With excellent use of maps and color-coded sections, you’d tell that the designers behind them put a great deal of thought into avoiding overwhelming readers.

Affordable Cost

It’s not a coincidence that every US Search review you’d find praises the site for its affordability. US Search has established a reputation for offering a low background check cost.

Like many other comparative sites, it does offer subscriptions for high-volume customers. But they’re optional. You could just pay for the reports you want without getting tied to some kind of contract whatsoever.

There’s no denying that this site has its deficiencies. For instance, numerous US Search reviews highlight the unavailability of marriage and divorce records from many states.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a background check service that returns similarly accurate and informative results for the same cost.

Be wary about signing up for an OmniSearch subscription inadvertently, though. Not just one US Search review warns about accidentally clicking an ad for it and having a bill shock. 

Ease of Use

While we were testing to give a good review of US Search, we were amazed by its simplicity. In fact, we’d call it outdated. However, it makes up in user experience for what it lacks in aesthetics.

For what it’s worth, US Search has no frills. Its sign-up process is uncomplicated and its search mechanisms straightforward. It may not have an app version, but the site is mobile-responsive.

US Search Pricing

US Search doesn’t make people’s generic information and public search records free for all. But its pricing models are practical and offer some of the cheapest background check services. Here, have a look:

  • One-Off Purchases
      • $2.45/people search report
      • $14.95/1-state criminal check
      • $39.95/background check
  • OmniSearch Subscriptions (Unlimited Basic Searches)
      • $19.95/month
      • $49.95/quarter

US Search Review - Verdict

US Search has made a name for itself as a dependable site for people, email, social media, and property searches, reverse phone number and address lookups, and background checks.  The site is an attractive choice if you’re on a budget. Just keep in mind the limitations

US Search reviews are mainly positive and so is ours. Despite its downsides, it’s a good service - it regularly returns accurate results you can count on.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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