FlexiSpot E7 Standing Desk Review

Selma Citakovic
Selma Citakovic

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Looking to give your back a break with a standing desk? I’ll show you one of the most adjustable models on the market. Let’s see if it’s flexible enough for your needs in this FlexiSpot standing desk review.

Loading capacity


Adjustable height



Dual electric

Frame style

C-shaped and T-shaped legs

Optional accessories

Casters, keyboard tray, under desk storage, and drawers

Child lock


Memory presets



15 years

FlexiSpot Standing Desk


Visit FlexiSpot
Visit FlexiSpot

Best for: WFH users looking for a budget-friendly high-end desk

Strengths Amazing adjustability
Strengths Affordable price
Strengths Sturdy and stable
Strengths Premium build quality
Weaknesses Heavy
Weaknesses Tiny cable tray
Weaknesses Pricy accessories

If you’re a seasoned office worker, you know this occupational hazard — sitting for too long. Or rather, your back knows it, intimately so.

That’s why standing desks exist! 

FlexiSpot specializes in height adjustable models, standing desk converters, and desk bikes. This innovative company was founded in 2015. Since then, it has managed to rack up one thousand patents. The philosophy behind its designs is versatility and convenience without impacting productivity.

The FlexiSpot Pro Plus E7 illustrates that principle quite well. It promises:

  • premium build quality 
  • adjustability
  • stability 
  • an affordable price. 

Does that sound too good to be true?

Let’s find out if it's true in this FlexiSpot standing desk review.

Specifications and Features

Durability, flexibility, extra features — there’s so much to keep in mind while shopping. 

Can the E7 offer it all?

Flexispot E7 standing desk


Let’s start from the basics.

The E7’s frame is carbon steel, so it’s stronger than traditional steel. And it’s stylish! The minimalist design will fit your home/office perfectly. You can choose between three colors: black, white, and grey.

The desktop is just as sleek. Your options are:

  • Chipboard — black, white, maple, mahogany, graphite, and marble grey.
  • Bamboo - it’s, well…bamboo.
  • Fiberboard — oak, brown wood grain, black, and white.

Additionally, the tabletop has anti-wear and high temperature-resistant coating! That means color consistency won’t be an issue. This FlexiSpot adjustable desk will keep its good looks through the years.


As you’re placing your order, you can design your desk and choose the size of your tabletop.

Desktops can range 48’’-80’’ in width and 24’’-31’’ in height. Their thickness is the same, though: 1’’. Weight depends on the size and materials. But, the overall range is 22.0-62.7lbs.

What about the frame?

The min height is 22.8,’’ and the max height is 48.4’’. That makes it usable for both kids and (very tall) adults! Depending on the shape, it can weigh 76lbs or 81lbs.

Generally speaking, these FlexiSpot desks come in many sizes, so they’re fit for all workspaces — no matter how spacious or cramped.

One more thing:

When your packages arrive, you can expect them to be quite heavy. This can be impractical, especially if you have to carry them upstairs.

Build Quality

My first impression of the E7 was that it looks well-made and robust. As I looked longer, there was more and more to like about it:

It has two double cross beams under the tabletop that feel very sturdy. The three-stage frame also looks reliable. It’s laser-welded and holeless.

Best of all, this FlexiSpot height adjustable desk is powered by dual electric motors. They’re incredibly smooth and quiet — you can barely hear them.

Flexispot E7 build quality


The E7 has more in store than “just” excellent build quality.

It has an embedded cable tray, so your work area stays clean and organized. However, it’s relatively small. I can see it working for a simple setup, but you're out of luck if you have to plug in multiple devices.

Flexispot E7 cable management

The FlexiSpot standing electric desk also has an LCD Keypad that lets you save four height presets. You can get the standard Advanced keypad and the Premium one.

The Advanced model allows you to customize a sit-stand reminder. It has an anti-collision feature, too. Basically, it stops your table in mid-motion when there’s an obstacle.

Meanwhile, the Premium model adds a USB charging port and a child-lock button. It will keep your kids from fiddling with the table.

Flexispot E7 controller

And there’s more:

You can get a keyboard tray, casters, under desk drawers, and storage. But they’re all optional.

On the one hand, this is good because you can truly customize the FlexiSpot height adjustable desk.  On the other, the expenses for these add-ons (some essential) can pile up.


If you prioritize stability, this table is well worth checking out. It can hold up to 355lbs.

Let me illustrate:

It can hold the combined weight of two adults and more.

So, you can stack multiple monitors, printers, and whatnot — the E7 can take it. It’s BIFMA-certified, and it doesn’t wobble even at the highest level. 


Let’s see what the FlexiSpot electric standing desk does best!

As previously mentioned, it can go from 22.8’’ to 48.4’’. That means it can fit users who are 4’2’’-6’4’’ tall. You’ll need to get a monitor stand if you're taller than that.

All in all, the FlexiSpot adjustable desk can seamlessly transition from the lowest point to the highest. Spillage is also not an issue, thanks to the anti-collision feature and the smooth motion. The table will even slow down just before it assumes its position.

Furthermore, the frame’s width is flexible, too You can set it to be between 43.4’’-74.8’’.

The E7 also comes with two frame styles:

  • Legs in C shape — perfect if you need the extra under-desk space.
  • Legs in T shape — if you prefer a centered structure.

FlexiSpot E7 Desk Pricing

Naturally, this FlexiSpot Desk review wouldn’t be complete without looking into pricing.

The price will depend on the size, materials, and accessories. Overall, the range is between $579.99-$909.99. It's more budget-friendly compared to other higher-end desks like Jarvis Bamboo and Uplift V2.

Here’s a rundown on the extra costs of  materials:

  • Bamboo +$50
  • Fiberboard +$80
  • Solid wood texture +$100
  • Solid wood +$100.

And if you opt for the premium keypad rather than the default one, that's an extra $20.

The desk comes with an incredible 15-year warranty. Shipping is free for all US states, except Alaska and Hawaii. In that case, you’ll be charged the FedEx posted rate.

Finally, there’s a 30-day risk-free policy if you ever need to return your product.

FlexiSpot Desk Review — Verdict

Let’s summarize:

There’s a lot to like about the E7. 

The E7 is a high-end model with great attention to detail. It’s robust and wobble-free, even if you rest your full weight on it at the highest setting. Best of all, the adjustability is flawless, and the LCD keypad lets you program your desk with ease. 

On top of that, it has a very attractive price!

Of course, it’s not perfect. 

It’s on the heavier side, which could make transport difficult. The provided cable tray is also probably insufficient if you have multiple monitors, printers, etc. Of course, you can order a bigger one and more accessories, but it’s a pricy endeavor.

Still, the E7 is one of the top-rated standing desks for a reason. It’s a good candidate if you’re shopping for an affordable, premium-quality model.

Your back will thank you for it!


Is FlexiSpot desk legit?

Yes, the E7 is legit. It’s BIFMA-certified and has passed 20k motion tests in FlexiSpot’s lab.

How long do FlexiSpot desks last?

If the 15-year warranty is of any indication, they last quite a while! They’re also made of durable materials like carbon steel.

Are FlexiSpot desks good?

These desks have great value for the price. They’re reliable, surprisingly flexible, and easy on the eye. They also come with convenient extra features.

Check out this FlexiSpot standing desk review for more details.


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