New Bee Headset Review

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 18, 2022

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Like a pair of favorite shoes, finding the right fitting headset can set you ahead in your day. This lightweight headpiece offers comfort, durability, and good sound quality at an affordable price! Let’s welcome the queen of the hive with this New Bee headset review!



Earpad quality

Soft synthetic leather




USB A, USB C , 3.5mm jack

Sound quality


Recording capability


Control buttons




New Bee Headset


Visit New Bee
Visit New Bee

Best for: Conference calls

Strengths Numerous connectivity options
Strengths Rotatable mic
Strengths Great value
Strengths Long cable
Weaknesses No Bluetooth connectivity
Weaknesses 3.5mm jack comes out easily
Weaknesses Low sound quality during movie and music play

Today’s connected world requires fewer inperson meetings and much more time on conference calls. Fortunately, the ergonomically designed H362 headset provides crisp sound with durable comfort. But design and sound quality isn’t everything it offers.  

Let’s dig deeper into its capabilities in this New Bee headset review.

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Features, Accessories, Quality

There are a number of factors when considering which headset is most appropriate for you. Here are some that will lead you to a better understanding of what sets New Bee apart.

Sound Quality

When shopping for a headset, sound quality is often the decisive factor in choosing the best one. 

Fortunately, Nee Bee equips the H362 with 30mm speaker drivers in both earcups. It produces high-quality stereo sound with an effective frequency stretching from 20Hz to 20KHz. You shouldn’t, though, expect studio-quality sound.

It produces more treble than bass, making mid- and high-tones consistently audible. No doubt an excellent benefit for voice communications, while not as optimal for movie and music buffs. But with an affordable price, it's hard not to be satisfied.  

Mic Design and Audio Quality

New Bee headset microphone

While having high-quality sound is of utmost importance, equally so is having your voice heard. Mic quality is a must, especially if using it for conference calls.

Luckily, New Bee ensures this with its built-in microphone.

Its 270° rotatable design sports an inward curve - making for a perfect fit every time. 

While audio quality for the listener largely depends on their setup, the H362’s mic gets the job done. 

Tested on various apps and devices, it always provided a clear and distinctive sound. The mic sensitivity comes in at -42±3dB, producing crisp audio even with disruptive background noise. This helps compensate for the lack of a noise-canceling feature. 

Build Quality

While most office environments are tame, you still want your headset to endure the daily grind. Considering its intended use, the H362 stands tall among the cubicles.  

It delivers on this with durable materials and a lightweight design for long-term wearing comfort. While not as plush as some other premium headsets, New Bee ensures your ears remain comfortable with its soft leather earcups. And while they don’t encapsulate your ears, they do fit snugly. 

You can expect a sturdy and smart look from its polymer, steel, and leather composition, making up its adjustable headband and earmuffs.  


With its inline detachable controller, you can easily make changes. Optimizing your call experience is easy with its mute microphone, mute, and volume up and down buttons. An indicator light activates when the mute feature is on.

 New Bee headset remote

A 3.5mm AUX input and a fixed USB plug sit on the controller’s top and bottom, allowing for versatile connectivity.


You can connect it to almost any device with its 3.5mm jack and USB A port. The headset also comes with a USB Type C adapter, which comes in handy with newer devices. Also, it is compatible with numerous operating systems, including macOS and Windows XP.

Also, having a 270° rotating mic is handy for ensuring flexibility for when it's in and not in use. 


While premium headsets can put a big dent in your wallet, New Bee’s H362 is more modest. When writing this review, it is available at the discounted price of $35.99. You can receive an additional 10% off if you subscribe to the website’s newsletter. 

Shipping costs depend on the customer's location. However, there is free shipping throughout the US and a select few other countries with orders over $30. 

It has a one-year manufacturer's warranty, and you can return the product within 30 days if unsatisfied. You need to pay only the shipping costs.

Alternatively - you can find this headset for even less on Amazon at $19.99. Hard to go wrong with such an option.


This New Bee headset performs very well, considering its affordability. However, its sound capabilities don’t always meet the grade, while its impressive mic helps to compensate for this.

No worries for the many lovers of encapsulating headphones - you can easily adjust to the comfortable H362’s earcaps. With its lightweight, yet robust build, the user experience is long and pleasant.

While not the best choice for high-fidelity music or movies, this New Bee headset review provides plenty of other reasons to consider it for more office-related reasons.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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