Secretlab Magnus Review

Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Oct 07, 2022

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This desk is every gamer’s dream. It features smart cable management, a changeable leather top, and optional RGB lights that are unlike anything you’ve seen so far. Let’s check it out in-depth in this Secretlab MAGNUS review.

Modular magnetic ecosystem



1.5m (59”)x 70cm (27.5”)


73.5cm (29”)


40kg (88 lbs)

Supported weight

100kg (220 lbs)




Yes, 5 years

Refund policy

49 days

Secretlab Magnus


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Best for: Gamers

Strengths Magnetic cable organization
Strengths Extremely durable
Strengths Nice-looking metallic finish
Strengths Trusted manufacturer
Weaknesses Expensive
Weaknesses Accessories not included
Weaknesses Heavy

Founded in 2014, Secretlab quickly went from a startup to a global brand worth over $350 million. Both founders Ian Ang and Alaric Choo used to be eSports players, and they knew exactly what the gaming equipment market was missing.

The company primarily makes chairs for gamers. In 2020, it sold its millionth one, only six years after starting. Secretlab, however, also sells gaming desks and all sorts of accessories including mousepads, pillows, and even leather wipes.

All of these products are known for their build quality. The new Secretlab MAGNUS desk is a great example. 

Here’s what it can offer:

Secretlab Magnus Desk Specifications and Features

You can immediately see that the manufacturer has put every bit of its expertise and premium touch into this amazing desk. Therefore, it’s the perfect companion to every Secretlab chair.

But what is it that makes this product stand out so much? 

Ideal size

It comes in one size which has been carefully chosen to suit every gamer’s needs. The desk is 1.5m long (59”) and 70cm (27.5”) wide. This gives you plenty of working space whether you’re indeed a gamer or you want this great-looking thing in your office.

The surface of the Secretlab Magnus desk sits 73.5cm (29”) from the floor. The company perfectly calibrated the height. This allows you to rest your feet on the floor and sit in a natural position. This is important for long gaming and working sessions.

Also, the desk is adjustable in height, but only by 2cm (0.8”). While this may not be much, it’s enough to compensate for uneven floors, as you can independently adjust each leg.

Cable Management Tray

As you can imagine, this Secretlab MAGNUS isn’t just a regular desk. One of its most distinctive features is the cable tray underneath the rear end that flips up on a hinge. That way, it gives you full access to your cables.

Most of us have surge protector power strips that sit underneath the desk. With MAGNUS, you can easily fit it into the tray and have easier access to it. This means you never again have to worry about banging your head when reemerging from under the desk.

The tray is easy to flip and it doesn’t interfere with the back side if you want to push it up against the wall. It also features a magnetic pass-through which you can access from the front. In addition, the shelf on the bottom is entirely removable.

Secretlab Magnus cable management tray

Ultra-Durable Metal Construction

It’s important to mention that this Secretlab gaming table is heavy and sturdy. It weighs 40kg (88 lbs), which is quite a lot. However, this is expected, considering it features a full metal chassis.

It can support up to 100kg (220 lbs), meaning you can put your gaming PC and almost any other part of your setup on it.

Since Secretlab made this product entirely from MDF with steel, you can expect the desk to be extremely durable. Still, if it endures damage or one of the features stops working, there’s a five-year warranty available. You can find more information about it on the company’s website.

Super Slim Profile

While weighing and being able to support a lot, the Secretlab MAGNUS metal desk doesn’t look as bulky as you might expect. In fact, it has a super slim profile that keeps its look cool. The legs are thin, but they keep the entire thing extremely stable.

Due to the design, there’s ample space for your legs and feet. This also ensures you maintain good posture during your gaming sessions.

Secretlab Magnus desk

Modular Magnetic Ecosystem

Another thing the manufacturer has kept in mind when designing this desk is taming the clutter. And as the name suggests, it relies on magnets to help you do so.

If you decide to use some of the magnetic accessories (more on them later), the desk has absolutely everything you need to keep your cables in check. Not only that, but the design ensures they stay out of sight and make your workspace as neat as possible.


The company also sells an entire set of accessories that can take your MAGNUS experience to the next level.

However, it’s important to mention that none of them are included in the price. If you want to equip yourself with everything this desk has to offer, you’ll have to spend some money.

Let’s take a look at what extra accessories you can get for your MAGNUS desk.

Customizable Branded Desk Mats

The first thing to mention is the desk mat made specifically for this table. This product from Secretlab fits perfectly on the top.

The mat hooks up to the MAGNUS metal desk magnetically. Due to the magnets, the mat doesn’t slide on the surface, and you can fully lock it up in the position you want. Trust us, we did our best to move it, when preparing for this Secretlab MAGNUS review.

It’s made from leather, which matches the overall design of the desk. Similarly, it goes amazingly well with every chair you can find in the company’s store.

When purchasing the desk you can opt not to get the mat or you can select one of the six designs available. This includes:

  • Signature Stealth ($29)
  • Team Secret ($59)
  • Astralis ($59)
  • Dark Knight ($69)
  • Cloud9 ($59)
  • Team Liquid (59)

Magnetic Cable Anchors

The tray beneath the rear end of the table isn’t enough to keep your cables in one place. Sure, you can fit all of them there, but that doesn’t stop them from moving. That’s exactly why Secretlab also introduced its own magnetic cable anchors.

These things attach to the table with ease and keep cables in one place. They come in red and match the design of this Secretlab table perfectly.

Although tiny, these magnets are extremely strong, so be careful if you intend to use them someplace else like on your fridge.

They come in sets of three for $25.

Cable Fastening Straps

One of the main problems with cables is that there’s never just one. Some devices are now wireless, but the majority still comes with a cable.

Secretlab addresses this by selling separate fastening straps that go with the MAGNUS. Just like the table, they come in sleek design and feature the company’s logo.

Besides keeping all of your cables together, these straps will also ensure they’re tangle-free.

They arrive in sets of 10 for $13.

Magnetic Cable Sheaths

Just like the rest of the magnetic accessories I mentioned in this MAGNUS review, these magnetic cable sheaths are to keep your cables far from sight.

They match the width of the table legs perfectly and can fit all of your cables inside. This means that anything that comes out of the tray on the rear end, goes right next to the table leg.

One $13 set consists of two sheaths.

Diffused RGB Strip

Another thing Secretlab designed for this table is a diffused RGB strip. All you have to do to set it up is to plug in the USB cable coming out of the desk into a power source. We had no difficulties while writing this Secretlab MAGNUS review.

The strip fits the length of the desk and goes right next to the cable tray. This is the optimal location for it, as it allows the light to bounce off of your wall to create the perfect atmosphere.

And you’ve guessed it right, the RGB strip attaches to the desk magnetically. This means setting it up is a real piece of cake. It comes with a remote controller that features several buttons and the famous Secretlab logo.

Magnus diffused RGB strip

The RGB light strips add $59 to the price.

Magnetic Bumpers

If you want to add some extra protection to your new magnetic desk, Secretlab has a thing for it too.

The magnetic bumpers the manufacturer sells attach to the legs of the desk to create an extra cushion between your desk and the wall. They’re also stackable, meaning that you can use more than one for varying distances to the wall.

Adding some extra protection doesn’t ruin the looks as the bumpers feature a similar design and the Secretlab logo.

They come in sets of four for $19.

Magnetic Headphone Hanger

With MAGNUS, you don’t have to keep your headphones on the desk. Instead, you can save some space and keep them on the hanger that goes perfectly with the desk.

This little thing will keep your headphones within reach and make the entire setup look even cooler. It attaches to the underside of the desk, ensuring you don’t lose a single spot of your workspace on it.

The hanger will cost you an additional $25.


You’re probably wondering what the Secrtlab MAGNUS desk price is.

Secretlab is a premium manufacturer, and you shouldn’t be surprised that it's somewhat pricey. Without any extras, the desk will cost you $499.

However, if you decide to get one of each accessory the manufacturer offers, you’ll have to be ready to spend around $800. This means the price almost doubles.

It’s worth noting that Secretlab often comes up with bundle deals and seasonal discounts that may help you get the price a bit down.

There’s a 5-year warranty available and you also get a 49-day refund policy. Return fees apply.


As you could’ve seen in this Secretlab MAGNUS desk review, this product is exactly what every gamer wants.

It will help you stay organized and it can support just anything you might have in your setup. Plus, the metallic finish looks awesome and the RGB light gives it a true gaming feel.

While it may be a bit pricey, Secretlab MAGNUS is definitely a product worth getting.


Is Secretlab Magnus worth it?

Secretlab MAGNUS is one of the pricier gaming desks but it’s definitely worth it. It’s among the best options on the market in terms of shear strength and cable organization. It also looks awesome and you can even equip it with a LED strip.

How much is the Secretlab Magnus?

Secretlab MAGNUS is available at $499. This is the price for the table only. If you want to get some of the extra accessories, you have to spend a bit more. It takes about $800 in case you want to get all.

How tall is the Secretlab Magnus?

The desk sits 73.5cm (29”) from the floor. However, you can adjust it for about 2cm (0.8”) to make sure you can level it on any surface. Adjusting the height of the legs is easy, and you don’t even have to take the entire screw out.

Does Secretlab have a footrest?

Secretlab MAGNUS doesn’t come with a footrest. However, there’s plenty of space underneath the desk to fit one. It’s a good idea to get a footrest when buying a gaming chair, since it’s not listed under accessories you can get for this desk. You can find a full list of those available in the Secretlab MAGNUS review above.


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