10 Best HR Software For Successful Business Leaders in 2022

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Updated: October 13,2022

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Human resources management – the driving force behind every business, including yours!

How do you go about managing your HR in 2022? Do you use HR software?

If the answer to the latter question is “No”, then, well… you should.

And if you don’t know how to choose one, worry not. Just for you, we:

  • Listed 2021’s Best HR Software on the market
  • Used the same approach to each review
  • Created a buyer’s guide
  • Answered your FAQs

Interested yet? Let me tell you more about the process so that you know you’re in good hands.

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Top 10 HR Software for 2022

Best for: Freelancers.
BambooHR logo

1. BambooHR

  • Custom workflows
  • eNPS reports
  • Audit trail
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Best for: Small businesses.

2. Zenefits

  • Multiple plans and Add-ons
  • Advosory services
  • Custom Reports
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Best for: Integrated payroll.
Zoho People

3. Zoho People

  • Mobile app clock-in/out
  • Free forever plan
  • In-house apps
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Best for: Startups and small businesses.

4. Gusto

  • Automated payroll runs
  • Multiple integrations
  • Benefits advisors
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Best for: Global high-growth companies
Rippling logo

5. Rippling

  • Outstanding customizability
  • Global payroll
  • Templates gallery for reports and automations
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Best for: Day-to-day operations.

6. Deputy

  • Great for workforce management
  • Multiple integrations
  • Reasonable price
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Best for: Hourly employee workforce.
Epay Systems

7. Epay Systems

  • Great Employee-Self service
  • Blueforce cloud storage
  • Powerfull mobile app
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Best for: HR professionals.
NetSuite SuitePeople

8. NetSuite SuitePeople

  • Back & future date changes
  • Powerfull HR analytics
  • Security access levels
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Best for: Non-profit & educational organizations.

9. Freshteam

  • Enhanced recruitment management
  • Multiple job sites integrations
  • Pay-as-you-go service
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Best for: Mid-sized businesses.

10. Namely

  • Multiple partner integrations
  • HR & Benefits advisors
  • Mobile app
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  • Based on key functionalities, user reviews, targeted audience and our research, here’s what the HR software are suitable for in 2022.
  • BambooHR – Best For Freelancers

  • Zenefits – Best For Small Businesses

  • Zoho People – Best Integrated Payroll

  • Rippling - Global high-growth companies

  • Gusto – Best For Startups and Small Businesses

  • Deputy – Best For Day-To-Day Operations

  • Epay Systems – Best For Hourly Employee Workforce

  • NetSuite SuitePeople – Best For HR Professionals

  • Freshteam – Best For Non-Profit & Educational Organizations

  • Namely – Best For Mid-Sized Businesses

How We Ranked The Best HR Software?

To create our detailed review of the human resources management systems on the market, we had to go the extra mile. Here’s what we did:

  • Shortlisted the 20 most popular solutions on the market today
  • Checked user reviews, video tutorials, and guides
  • Tested functionalities first-hand

What key features defined the rating and our verdict?

Onboarding - How simplified is the onboarding process? Does it support e-signature? How customizable is it?

Employee Management - Does it have an attendance tracking system in place? How are time-offs, PTOs, leave requests managed?

Payroll and Expenses Management - How is payroll automated? Does it cover tax filing? Do employees get an overview of their paystubs?

Document management - How are documents stored? What documents are stored? How do you access them?

Analytics and reporting - What insights can you get into payroll, performance, recruiting funnel? How customizable are the reports?

Advanced features - What are the outstanding features offered? A learning management system or expert advisors?

Apps and integrations - How is the software accessible? What partner integrations are available? Can you implement your code?

Ease of use - How user-friendly is the navigation through the menu? Can you customize it?

Customer support - What resources are at your disposal? What types of customer care are available?

Price - What is the pricing model? Annual/monthly billing options? What subscription plans and add-ons are there?

Detailed Reviews

Best for: Freelancers.

1. BambooHR

Custom workflows

eNPS reports

Audit trail

BambooHR is a great solution for small and medium businesses to successfully manage all HR activities.

Its easy-to-use interface, quick setup and adoption among employees, robust reporting and performance goals assessment.

All those features make it an all in one HR software preferred by management, project managers and employees altogether.


Customizable onboarding checklist. Progress tracking. Digital signature.

BambooHR transforms the onboarding mess into a beautiful, professional-looking and easy to understand workflow.

  • Choose what documents to include into the onboarding package or use a template for that matter.
  • Include all needed forms and get your employees to fill all the paper beforehand.
  • Use calendar and schedule all important events such as first day show-up time.

Save time and give your new hires a good starting experience with a sleek first impression using the Bamboo software.

Employee Management

Automated workflows. Delegation of approvals. Automatic overtime tracking. Centralized employee database.

How does BambooHR help you streamline your HR processes in terms of employee management?

Thanks to the cloud-based nature of the software centralized database, you’ll manage employee records at a glance – personal, payroll data is secured, compliant and easily accessible at any given moment.

The employee self-service allows for providing custom level access, delegation of tasks which reduces risk of inaccuracies, data leaks, boosts trust and improves your efficiency.

With automatic reminders and real-time updates across the organization and third-party applications, additional spreadsheets, apps, and paper will become obsolete.

Time-tracking calculates regular hours, overtime, PTO, sick leaves.

It makes it easy for both employee and management to take necessary actions by sending automatic reminders before payday.

Payroll & Expenses Management

Seamless integration with TRAXPayroll. Easy 3-step process. Automatic tax filing and real-time reports.

BambooHR makes payroll reports tremendously easy, comprehensive and professional.

It breaks down all committed hours by categories: regular, overtime, part-time, PTO.

Federal, state, and local taxes are automatically applied.

Both management and employees have real-time access to all submitted data.

Using the Pay Info button, all information is directly accessible for employees to get insights and stay informed.

How does BambooHR secure payroll data?

With TRAXPayroll integration, data encryption, continuous monitoring, and a three-tier backup redundancy plan are in place to ensure compliance and a safe environment.

Documentation Management

Centralized document storage. Direct sharing capabilities.

BambooHR offers a document manager feature that allows storing company data:

welcome package, company handbook, I-9, W-4 forms and other. Every employee can access, store, download, upload or share files directly through the dashboard.

Analytics & Reporting

Multiple pre-built reports. Custom reports. Export or share with users.

A huge array of pre-built reports you can choose from and get insights on payroll hours, employee performance, employee satisfaction, turnover reports and many more.

Quite unique filter options are in place. Recruitment, for instance, can customize reporting by applicant funnel or applicant source.

Furthermore, in just a few clicks, you can filter your reports by location or manager, and get all the data you need in a moment.

Advanced Features

HRIS for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise-level features.

  • Custom workflows – delegate approval access to team members and improve efficiency.
  • Advanced reporting – get custom reporting using all data available and draw conclusions.
  • Employee satisfaction (eNPS) reporting – understand your employee experience.
  • Audit trail – track data changes, eliminate any errors and prevent issues.
  • Company branding – personalize your account.

Apps & Integrations

Multiple integrations available. Open API so you can integrate with apps of your choice.

BambooHR’s partner integration list is truly impressive:

  • Compensation – Payscale
  • Accounting & ERP – NetSuite
  • Payroll – Blue Marble Global Payroll
  • Onboarding – Greenhouse Onboarding
  • Applicant Tracking Systems – BreezyHR, CATS, Greenhouse
  • Background Checks – GoodHire, Backgrounds Online
  • Identity Management – Okta, OneLogin, Google Mail
  • Job Boards – Glassdoor, Indeed
  • Integration Platform – Zapier
  • Video Interviews – Jobma

How can I access my BambooHR dashboard?

Go to your BambooHR account through the web app, a powerful mobile app (Android and iOS devices supported), or directly through the browser by adding the BambooHR’s Chrome extensions.

Ease Of Use

Simplistic, clear, intuitive dashboard.

The simple setup and quick adoption distinguish BambooHR from other HR systems out there.

The whiteness of the dashboard makes working with it easy on the eyes.

Onboarding is beyond professional.

Customer Support

Email support. Weekly webinars. Multiple videos.

BambooHR offers excellent customer service available via email and phone.

Both available Monday through Friday at regular business hours.

The weekly release of webinars and YouTube videos provide insightful tips and help you train yourself and your employees.

A very useful HR Glossary including all the terms you might be interested in.


Free trial available. Custom pricing based on your needs.

Sign up for a free trial or a live demo.

Get weekly and on-demand webinars.

BambooHR offers Essentials, Advantage and Add-On features for you to choose from.

Essentials Advantage Add-On
HR Management Hiring and Onboarding Performance Management
Employee Self-service Advanced Reporting Time Tracking
Customer Support Audit Trail Approval Workflow


BambooHR is among the best HR management software on the market today.

End-users’ reviews acknowledge the ease of use of the dashboard, powerful mobile app performance and multiple resource materials.

Although time tracking can be confusing at times, the platform makes it easier for employees, payroll teams and management to have a clear view of work hours.

The reporting customization can be enhanced even further.

However, the standard reports are profoundly detailed, including real-time updates and offer multiple visual representations of the results.

Best choice for small, medium-sized businesses and hourly employees, the cloud-based HR software’s biggest draw is the consolidation of data in one place. You can get insights on the recruitment funnel, the onboarding of people, the overall individual and team performance, how people blend in the culture of your organization, all the way through to receiving valuable feedback during offboarding.

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Best for: Small businesses.

2. Zenefits

Multiple plans and Add-ons

Advosory services

Custom Reports

Zenefits – cloud hr software for HR management which puts an emphasis on hiring, payroll, and health insurance functionalities. The solution is a great choice for small businesses looking to streamline the above processes by using a single solution.


Self-onboarding process. Digital tax forms. Digital signatures.

With Zenefits, hiring new staff is paperless, easy as a breeze and saves a lot of time.

  • Customize your offer or use one of the pre-made templates.
  • Get W-4 and I-9 forms digitally signed.
  • Automatic setup of additional accounts for apps like Salesforce and Slack.

Zenefits also offers a customizable New Hire Checklist including all key aspects of onboarding – emergency contact info, direct deposit dates, scheduled training. You also get to personalize it with your logo and make it look professional.

Employee Management

Employee directory. Real-time data sync of all updates.

The Zenefits HR system software empowers management with functionalities like automated workflows and real-time data sync across the entire platform. This improves uniformity and helps eliminate the need for manual input of data.

Employees can add personal info of their choice through their dashboard, connect with coworkers and make changes on the go via the mobile app.

External workforce – freelancers and contractors can also be added to the Zenefits platform. That way management doesn’t have to use third-party apps and spreadsheets.

Payroll & Expenses Management

Built-in payroll solution. Basic and Advanced features. Payroll integrations.

What makes Zenefits a powerful hr payroll software for your business?

The integrated Zenefits payroll module offers an intuitive view of all employees and basic data such as rate, hours, amount, net pay, total cost, time off sync. You can add bonuses or deductions all in one place.

Payroll admin features include setup of dynamic pay stubs, pay previews, and automatic prorate of new hires’ first payments.

Have multiple payrun features at your disposal! Use direct deposits, pay freelancers and contractors, create custom earning codes, and get automatic calculation of garnishments.

Automatic federal and state tax filing is provided so you are compliant at every step of the way.

Documentation Management

Online storage. Custom level access to library.

Store tax forms, offers, benefits information, company documents. Manage the access to the HR library.

Analytics & Reporting

HR reports. Multiple payroll reports. Various pre-made templates.

Zenefits offers reports based on accumulated business intelligence data.

  • Clock ins and clock outs reports, overtime and overall team activities.
  • Compensations, sourcing funnels, and turnover reports.
  • Payroll reports on labor distribution, expenses, taxes, deductions.

What is Zenefits All-in-One Report?

A very useful payroll breakdown report including data on each employee’s earnings, deductions, contributions and taxes for a selected period of time.

Advanced Features

Extended features on Payroll, HR, Time & Scheduling and Employee Benefits. ACA compliance. On-demand services.

Payroll HR Time & Scheduling Benefits Advisory Services
Onboarding Offer letters Clock in terminal Medical HR and payroll experts
Automatic salary changes Background checks Blackouts dates Life & Disability HR outsourced
Deductions sync PTO policies Time cards fraud protection Tax advantage HR team on-demand
Dynamic pay stubs Equal opportunity stats Time off management Supplemental benefits  

Apps & Integrations

Multiple integrations with third-party software. Open API. Powerful mobile app.

Zenefits HR integration partner’s list is constantly growing. At the same time, you also get the option to integrate a custom application using the open API.

  • Background Checks – Checkr
  • Accounting – QuickBooks, Xero
  • Employee Management – Lessonly, Gifted
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) – JazzHR, BreezyHR
  • Productivity – Zapier, Hive, Asana, Slack, Salesforce, Office 365
  • Retirement Savings Plans – Guideline 401(k), Human Interest 401(k)

The company’s mobile app is available at the Google Play and App Stores giving access to employee directory, organizational charts, pay stubs, benefits, time off requests and approvals and more.

Ease Of Use

Simple setup. Simplified navigation menu. User-friendly UI.

Zenefits initial setup takes no time at all! You need to answer a couple of business questions and you’re good to go! Fill in all additional details later.

The simplified menu makes recruitment and onboarding very easy. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to screen new candidates, send custom or pre-made offers, or request documents.

The online spreadsheet-like view of employees, makes employee management that much more intuitive for all of us used to spreadsheets.

The comprehensive instructions of each feature for greater usability makes Zenefits a preferred choice if you’re looking for an easy hr software.

Customer Support

Chat, phone, email support. Resource materials. Resources for Small businesses.

You can address your questions to Zenefits customer care via phone, email and chat.

The Help Center is populated with materials for administrators and employees alike.

A Resource page offers checklists, guides, ebooks, templates.

Zenefits goes one step further with its sponsored resource site specifically designed for small businesses – Workest. You’ll find useful and up-to-date tips.


Free trial. Free limited use. Three base plans. Multiple add-ons.

Sign up for a free 14-days trial demo without the need to enter your CC details.

Choose between 3 base plans and/or add more services to your package:

Essentials plan – $8 per month per employee

  • Core HR functions
  • Automated time off
  • Schedule reporting
  • App integrations
  • Mobile app for employees

Growth plan – $14 per month per employee

  • All Essentials functionalities
  • Compensation management
  • Performance management

Zen plan – $21 per month per employee

  • All Growth functionalities
  • Well-being – staff wellbeing, workforce productivity, personalized tips, training suggestions

What Add-ons are available with Zenefits?

Add Payroll functions to your base plan for $6/month per employee.

Get HR and Payroll experts Advisory Services on-demand for $8/month per employee.

Get your Own Broker to administer benefits for an additional $5/month per employee.


Thanks to its reporting capacity for both HR and payroll teams, Zenefits is one of the best HR and payroll software available on the market.

Its decent price tag and partner integrations list make it a great deal for small businesses looking to consolidate their processes into a single fully-integrated HR solution.

Although pricing could be somewhat overwhelming and custom plans are not available, add-on services are available at a fixed price per employee. Furthermore, you can tweak the system to better fit your needs.

The customizable performance reviews offer a clear view of ongoing or completed goals. You can choose the reporting criteria yourself: department, location, earning type, employee type which makes Zenefits a smart hr performance management software.

What else makes Zenefits stand out from the hrms software vendors crowd is the company’s dedication to small businesses. You can educate yourself, stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and news or benefit from an array of downloadable documents, checklists, ebooks.

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Best for: Integrated payroll.

3. Zoho People

Mobile app clock-in/out

Free forever plan

In-house apps

Zoho People is an all-in-one human resources management system designed with multiple features, tailor-made modules and top-notch customer service. The HR tool surrounds the HR processes within small to enterprise-sized companies in its entirety. It’s the preferred cloud-based solution with a subscription plan for every business.


Custom onboarding process. Custom offers.

Zoho People offers great flexibility in terms of employee onboarding.

Create your own onboarding process by choosing the fields you like to include: name, contacts, date of joining, status and make these items mandatory.

Create your own job offer form by setting up response options and share it with candidates.

Create checklists, policies, provide documents, welcome messages or videos.

Keep track of the onboarding completion progress.

Employee Management

Clear view of employees. Centralized database for all locations. Custom roles and teams.

Some of the outstanding features which make Zoho People a great employee HR software are:

Unified employee database where you can easily add new employees and get a visual representation of the company hierarchy, departments, and designations. You can also create groups, add new locations, all data is automatically synced across all integrated apps.

Automation of time off, PTOs, vacations, leaves; clear view of all available and used vacation days, work from home allowance and others; direct access through the mobile app for submitting a request for approval; create automated workflows; send email alerts.

Time tracking feature to clock in and out even on a mobile, create custom breaks, schedule absences.

Employee self-service offers a flexible employee portal where people can enter all required details, submit sick leaves, vacations or other approval requests, real-time updates and announcements.

Payroll & Expenses Management

Integration with Zoho Payroll app. Automatic sync with all Zoho People data.

  • Custom pay runs
  • Multiple payroll reports
  • Employee payroll dashboard

Documentation Management

Storage, organization, policy setup and sharing documents all in one place.

With Zoho People, you can keep:

  • Personal files
  • Employee documents
  • Digitally signed forms
  • Create automatic workflows

Analytics & Reporting

Dedicated Zoho Analytics application available. Quick reports. Great visualizations.

Zoho People seamless integration with its proprietary self-service data analytics application does a great job providing real-time reports on:

  • Turnover and hiring stats
  • Time logs and tasks completion
  • Employee performance and growth rate

With Zoho’s hr management software, you’ll get the insights you need and the option to wrap them up in custom visuals. Your findings will stand out with a user-friendly and comprehensive representation.

Advanced Features

Mobile GPS and IP-based tracking. Cloud-based employee training system. 

With remote work being the reality today more than ever, Zoho People’s GPS and location-based functionality is beyond useful. They help to track remote teams working hours, provide location-based access to documents, make reports on mobile teams’ productivity and much more.

The online Learning Management System (LMS) from Zoho People consolidates all company training and streamlines the learning processes. Create custom training courses using all the tools you need – create videos, graphics, virtual classrooms, learning curve and get insights using reports.

Apps & Integrations

Multiple in-house apps. Accounting, Payroll, Documents management integrations.

Zoho offers multiple HR apps to help you get an all-in-one HR management software for your business without the need to look away for partner integrations. Choose a seamless integration with:

Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Sign, Zoho Expense, Zoho AnalyticsZoho ProjectsZoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Writer, and Zoho Payroll.

Or, connect third-party applications you already use with your Zoho People account:

  1. Zapier for automating your tasks
  2. DocuSign for document management
  3. QuickBooks for seamless accounting and invoicing
  4. XoxoDay for employee engagement and motivation boost

Ease Of Use

Flexible interface. Drag and drop function. Multi-language supported.

Zoho People 4.0 – the newest software version offers a UI where you can design the appearance of your dashboard by adding only the services you need on your main account page.

Using a drag and drop function to do all the arranging of the services and widgets to stay and go, you’ll also have fun with it. The easy hr software allows both employees and admin accounts to make such changes.

A global search bar available at the top of the dashboard makes it easier to find people and information across teams and locations.

Customer Support

Multiple sources of information. Knowledgeable customer case 24/5.

No need for specific hr software training to work effectively with Zoho People. You’re offered plenty of resources:

  • Online help manuals
  • Performance guide
  • Request a demo
  • Setup guide
  • Webinars


15-days free trial. Free plan for up to 5 users. 5 paid plans. Yearly/monthly billing.

Use a 15-days free trial and get first-hand experience with Zoho’s HR solution.

Get a price quote if you run an enterprise with over 500 employees.

Use a free forever plan with basic functions for 5 users.

Yearly billing for paid subscriptions:

  • Essential HR – from £ 0.66 per user/month
  • Professional – from £ 1.25 per user/month
  • Premium – £ 2.08 per user/month
  • Enterprise – £ 3.33 per user/month
  • People Plus – £ 6.5 per user/month


Should I choose Zoho People and why?

To start off – Zoho People’s pricing is reasonable and flexible to your needs. From startups to enterprises with over 500 employees, you can leverage the HR platform and get the most of it.

The native iOS and Android mobile app does a great job for check-in and out, submitting leave, vacation requests and sending approvals directly from your mobile device.

The variety of customization options and software’s flexibility makes the interface a bit overwhelming at first. The good thing – you can leave only the widgets you need and keep the rest in the background.

Zoho People’s help resources are endless and very in-depth. You can even learn to use your own code into the system just by following their step-by-step video tutorials.

Customization and multiple in-house apps to integrate with make Zoho People a highly potent Human Resources Management System.

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Best for: Startups and small businesses.

4. Gusto

Automated payroll runs

Multiple integrations

Benefits advisors

Starting as a payroll and benefits management system, Gusto now offers a solution for the HR management process too. Suitable for small businesses in need of comprehensive and intuitive management of onboarding new hires, running payroll in compliance with the latest regulations and automation of HR processes. The software is known as a good solution for smooth work.


Intuitive initial employee setup process. Self-onboarding option.

The interface is leading you to manually add your new hires’ personal details – name, address, email; compensation details – employee type, amount; benefits; time off. All information is stored and ready to be emailed to the respective employees.

Enabling the self-onboarding option from the Gusto menu, you can let people add their personal information themselves.

Employee Management

Employees and contractors personal accounts. Time tracking feature.

Gusto’s employee hr software capabilities are enormous!

The People tab will give you a clear view of all your employees, departments and contractors.

Through the employee portal everyone can see an overview of their personal compensation,  the most recent paystub, time off, stored documents, benefits, and notes.

For hourly employment, Gusto offers a time tracking feature which allows you to approve hours.

Initial setup takes only three steps and you can delegate tasks to a manager using the Assign Manager optional step.

Approved hours are automatically synced with payroll.

Payroll & Expenses Management

AutoPilot payroll function. Run payroll manually. Compliance checklist.

You can manually run payroll: add all hours, earnings, time off, benefits, get a clear view of all taxes, review once again, submit any other changes and proceed.

Re, you can automate that entire process by enabling the AutoPilot functionality and go about the rest of the business.

Using the Payroll History button, you’ll get past payroll summaries and reports.

Gusto’s payroll compliance checklist ensures your payroll is run in accordance with the latest tax regulations in place. So you never miss a procedure to follow.

Documentation Management

Online storage. Multi-factor authentication and Single sign-on available.

All onboarding documents, tax forms, and company policy documents are securely stored in a cloud-hosted environment. All data is encrypted using AES-256 putting Gusto up on the list of the most scalable hr onboarding software applications.

Analytics & Reporting

Downloadable customizable reports.

  • Payroll Journal – detailed payroll data.
  • Benefits Reports – employee deductions and company contributions.
  • Year-to-Date Reports – total earnings, tax withholdings, and employee net pay.
  • Contractor Payments Reports – personal and payment details, wage information.
  • Time Off Balances and Requests Reports – requested, approved, declined time off.
  • Agency Payments Reports – federal, state, local tax, and garnishment payments.

Advanced Features

Licensed benefits advisors. Invite collaborators. Get paid between paydays.

Gusto offers licensed benefits experts to address all compliance matters (ACA, HIPAA, ERISA) and build a custom benefits package according to your needs and budget.

You can also invite a collaborator into your hr payroll software – an accountant or a bookkeeper to assist with the payroll operations.

With Gusto Cashout available with all paid subscriptions, employees can get money between paydays based on an automatic estimation on how much they’ve earned. Money is automatically repaid with no fees or interest.

Apps & Integrations

Web-based application only. Multiple integrations available.

Available third party integrations:

  • Calendar – Google, Outlook, iCal
  • Time tracking – Homebase, TimeTracker, Deputy
  • Accounting – Xero, Quickbooks, FreshBooks
  • POS – Clover, SpotOn, Upserve
  • Business operations – Hubstaff, Kinderlime, Accelo
  • Expense management – Expensify, Receipt Bank

Ease Of Use

Intuitive navigation. Clear step-by-step instructions. Simple initial process.

Just like most user reviews point out, Gusto’s dashboard is super easy to get used to, and it simplifies tiresome processes like payroll and tax filing.

The initial setup of a company and an employee account, Gusto’s simple hr software, takes just a few steps to complete and you can monitor your progress.

Each dashboard overview shows notifications such as time-off requests, due payroll runs and you can easily jump right into those before going about the rest of the day.

Customer Support

Email. Phone. Chatbot. Help Center.

Sign-up to Gusto and get a fully interactive demo. Get support over phone, email and chat Monday to Friday during regular business hours. Review numerous step-by-step instructions on the Help Center and get your answers straight using the FAQs.


Free demo. Four main subscriptions. Multiple Add-ons.

Contractor  Core  Complete  Concierge 
$6 per person/m – no base charge  $6 per person/m + $39 base charge  $12 per person/m + $39 base charge  $12 per person/m + $149 base charge 
Unlimited Contractor Payments  Full-Service Payroll  Core features + Employee Onboarding  Complete features + Certified HR Pros 
Self-service  Employee Self Service  Simple time tracking  HR Resource Center 
Form 1099 Setup and Filing  Health Benefits Administration  Employee Directory and Surveys  Workers’ Comp Administration 
  Paid-time-off Policies  Permissions  Admin Permissions 
  Gusto Cashout  Time-off requests  Dedicated Support 

Some of the outstanding add-ons:

  • Workers’ compensation insurance via Ap Intego – no admin fees – pay only for premiums.
  • Health benefits advice from licensed brokers – no admin fees – pay only for premiums.
  • 401(k) retirement plans – no setup fee – starting price of $39/m + $8/employee.
  • 529 college savings through Gradvisor partnership – no setup fee – $18/m + $6/employee.


Best for freelancers, startups and small businesses, Gusto’s HR and payroll software gets the heavy paperwork away whether you need to onboard new people, file taxes or run payroll.

The automation capabilities of the solution will smooth the workflow so you can focus on what’s important.

The user-friendly and intuitive navigation menu makes work even easier. If you need assistance, guides, training and great customer care are at your disposal. You will also find a range of available free payroll and HR tools such as Hourly Paycheck and Salary Paycheck calculators.

Although Gusto does not offer a mobile app, the web-based app can be easily accessed through every browser.

Limited in terms of time tracking and scheduling functionality, integrations with Hubstaff, TimeTracker, Deputy and Outlook Calendar are seamless.

The benefits management offered by Gusto is one of its biggest draws with the add-on feature to receive professional advice based on your needs and budget.

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Best for: Global high-growth companies

5. Rippling

Outstanding customizability

Global payroll

Templates gallery for reports and automations

Rippling is a unified workforce platform that will send your employee data “rippling” through your system. You don’t need to enter data across hundreds of apps — just once is enough.

Most importantly, its goal is to simplify HR and IT.

Let’s dig a little deeper and see how it could benefit your business:


Lifecycle Automation. Template Gallery. Document Automation. E-signature support.

Rippling successfully streamlines the onboarding process. In fact, it promises to handle it within 90 seconds — which is a tad overzealous! But it’s undeniably effective at what it does.

All you need to do is enter basic hiring info and click “Hire.” This HR application will help you take care of the rest, step by step: 

  • Send offer letter and new-hire paperwork
  • Run background check and e-verify
  • Add to payroll
  • Enroll in health insurance
  • Order and ship work computer
  • Set up Google Workspace, Slack, Office 365, etc.

There’s even a template gallery (called Rippling’s Recipes!) for setting up automations for specific onboarding tasks.

Furthermore, you can effortlessly generate all the documents you need — offer letters, I-9, W-4, employee handbook, severance, etc. You can also collect e-signatures.

Employee Management

Time and attendance tracking. Custom shift differentials. Custom alerts and approval chains. Integrated policies. Extra attendance enforcement features.

This HR tool takes employee and time management seriously. Not only can you automatically track time and attendance, but you can also customize the shift differentials. For example, you can assign different rates to certain shifts.

Naturally, this tracking system syncs with your payroll and PTO. Overall, it will notify you about:

  • Breaks
  • Overtime
  • Early clock-out
  • End of shift
  • Approvals.

Payroll admins and managers can easily view, edit, and approve employee timesheets. Additionally, you can create custom alerts and approval chains triggered by specific actions/deadlines, such as reminders for unapproved hours. Details like this make Rippling stand out from other HR solutions.

So, what do things look like on the employees’ side?

They can clock in via a tablet kiosk, the mobile app, or computers. Rippling has built-in policies that comply with labor regulations based on your employees’ work location. It also has advanced attendance enforcement features —  geolocation restrictions, QR codes, and even selfie clock-ins!

Payroll and Expenses Management

HR data synchronization. Global payroll. Automatic federal, state, and local tax filing.

Say goodbye to manually (and painstakingly!) entering hours and deductions. Rippling syncs your HR data with the payroll system - you just need to click “Run”. You can integrate the app with the native Time & Attendance system or third-party ones.

Either way, this HR and payroll software works globally. It also ensures compliance with all the relevant forms like W2, W4, 1099, etc.

Additionally, you can track the cost of your employees’ time by location, client, and task with the Job Codes feature. You can send payments via direct deposit or check.

But, what about everyone’s favorite pastime — tax filing?

You don’t have to lift a finger because Rippling will automatically calculate and file your taxes.

Document Management

Unlimited storage. Pre-loaded with onboarding and offboarding documents. Personalized documents.

A handy in-house document management platform keeps all your signed papers in one place. Everyone can access it on the main dashboard. It’s cloud-based with unlimited storage

Moreover, this document manager is pre-loaded with standard onboarding forms. Similarly, it generates severance and COBRA forms when offboarding.

One more thing:

You can create dynamic, personalized documents based on templates. This time-saving feature is a treat!

Analytics and Reporting

Custom variables. Complex formulas. In-depth reports.

With Rippling, anything can be a data source — even third-party app data. You can run HR, IT, and financial reports with complete control over the variables. What’s more, you can even combine and calculate multiple data points with formulas.

Of course, you can also filter and visualize your data. And you’re free to share reporting privileges and set permissions as you like!

Advanced Features

Combined HR and IT functionalities

The best HR apps are packed with extra tools. Being an HR/IT software, Rippling has an especially exciting blend of features.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Learning management — automate training with intelligent course assignments.
  • Talent management — attract and recruit the best of the best.
  • App Management — safely connect employees with your apps.
  • Device Management — remotely store, ship, set up, and secure your employee’s computers.

Apps and Integrations

iOS and Android mobile apps. +500 integrations. API support. 

Besides the online platform, Rippling has robust mobile apps for iOS and Android. But, this web based HR software shines when it comes to connectivity. You can count on +500 integrations. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Google Workspace
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • GitHub
  • Asana
  • Zendesk
  • Dropbox
  • HubSpot

You can also find API documentation on the website and implement your code.

Ease of Use

Slick UI. Potentially intimidating to novices. Comprehensive Help Center. 

For such an ambitious software, Rippling is relatively simple to use. You might feel a bit overwhelmed at first, especially if you have opted for all the products, but you’ll get there!

The slight learning curve aside, the dashboard is pretty easy to navigate. And I dig the style! On top of that, you can consult the convenient Help Center

Customer Support

Email support. Effective and fast. 

HR solutions are only as good as their customer support. So, how does  Rippling fare?

Quite well, in fact! You can contact the reps via email. They were professional, quick, and perfectly helpful. Judging by other reviewers on G2 and TrustRadious, this seems to be a general sentiment.  


Quote-based. Multiple modules. No free trial.

According to the website, the starting price is $8 per month per user — and that’s all. You’ll have to contact the sales reps for a custom quote. The total cost will depend on the modules you choose: 

  • Rippling Unity Platform
  • Full Service Payroll
  • Time & Attendance
  • Benefits Administration
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Learning Management
  • App Management
  • Device Management
  • Inventory Management

So, you can build yourself all in one HR software or something more specialized. The core (and required) product is the Rippling Unity Platform, while the other ones can be bought separately. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial.


Powerful, customizable, and reliable — Rippling seemingly has it all. The highlights include:

  • Numerous automations and integrations
  • Incredibly detailed reports
  • Payroll management around the globe.

The recipes gallery with all sorts of workflow and report templates is my favorite part!

Admittedly, this platform might be too much for smaller businesses looking for a basic, novice-friendly HR solution. And if you prefer transparent pricing plans, you’re out of luck.

In truth:

Global high-growth companies looking for adaptable HR systems will find their match in Rippling.

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Best for: Day-to-day operations.

6. Deputy

Great for workforce management

Multiple integrations

Reasonable price

The cloud-based human resources management (HRM) solution by Deputy offers powerful scheduling and time tracking functionalities. They make it an outstanding employee HR software. The system is very useful to call centers, healthcare professionals, logistics and virtually any business in need of profound scheduling and centralized communications.


Intuitive self-onboarding process. Real-time alerts. Automatic sync with Xero.

Deputy’s HR onboarding is simplified by offering the chance for new hires to enter all their details on their own. You just need to invite people by sending them SMS and email.

The self-onboarding is fast and paperless. Use only online forms.

The dashboard also allows you to schedule automatic reminders to request changes or receive notifications when the onboarding is complete.

Employee Management

Timesheet tracking app with a GPS stamp or facial recognition. Manual and automatic input of working hours.

  • Employee attendance

Let your employees clock-in and out using the mobile app.

Digital timesheets are immediately available for approval and transferred to payroll.

Get real-time information on shifts, breaks and what people are working on right now.

  • Employee scheduling

Schedule and track types of employee breaks, create shifts, use templates, or create yours.

Manage leave requests, calculate and deduct leaves from leave balances.

Use smart schedules by using the Auto-Scheduling feature.

  • Leave management

Request and approve time off directly through the mobile app.

Manage replacements through the app.

Customize leave types.

Payroll Management

Most popular payroll integrations available.

You’ll find useful documentation and videos to help you seamlessly connect Deputy to your preferred payroll, accounting, POS and HR software.

Documentation Management

Storage to all important employee forms and company documents.

Onboarding, filing tax forms, paystubs – everything is handled online. The documents are safely stored under the highest level of security.

Analytics & Reporting

Pre-made and customizable reports. Filter options.

All captured data can be used to customize your own reports:

  • Scheduled and timesheet hours
  • Leave and availability reports
  • Sales and trends

Use filter options such as locations or employee type.

Advanced Features

Fair workweek compliance. Performance management.

Deputy offers a fair workweek tool to keep you compliant with state and local regulations such as meal and rest breaks, overtime payments, or keep track of employee attestations.

Deputy’s performance management includes monitoring, evaluation, getting reports and observing trends on employees’ performance.

Apps & Integrations

Multiple payroll, POS, accounting integrations. Open API. Partial offline access.

Deputy’s native iOS and Android mobile apps offer some limited functionality even in offline mode.

  • Payroll & HR – Rippling, Proliant, ADP, PayCore, WagePoint
  • Accounting – Xero, Quickbooks
  • POS – Clover, Kounta
  • HR – Gusto

Ease Of Use

Simple. Intuitive interface. Easy navigation.

Deputy’s dashboard is simplified and you still get everything you need at a single view. The menu includes your Profile, News Feed, Tasks, Locations, People, Schedule, Timesheets, and Reports.

Customer Support

Live chat and 24/7 customer care. Dedicated Enterprise support. Videos and tutorials.

Deputy offers live chat and phone support available 24/7.

Blog, product resource, webinars, ebooks, news.


Free trial. Three base plans. Enterprise plan available with custom pricing. Month/annual billing.

Get a month of free trial and explore the base functionalities offered by Deputy.

Choose between three main subscription plans.

Features Scheduling Time & Attendance Premium Enterprise
Employee Scheduling ✔️ ✔️ All Premium features +
Auto-Scheduling ✔️ ✔️ Custom implementations
POS Integration ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Custom roles & permissions
Leave mngt ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Single sign-on
News Feed ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Custom org structure
Tasking ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Advanced demand planning
Timesheets ✔️ ✔️ Dedicated support
Payroll Integration ✔️ ✔️  
Reporting ✔️  
Price $2.50m/usr
$4 m/usr
Price quote


Deputy’s solution features, customizations, and simplicity make it a powerful workforce management system. You can easily manage employee scheduling, shift swapping, time tracking, employee attendance, and performance all from a single platform.

The number of payroll and accounting integrations supported and the open API allows for smooth day-to-day business operations.

Although Deputy does a great job at shift management and employee scheduling, managing a large enterprise would require more in-depth analytics, performance insights and payroll solution in place.

For a decent price, you’ll get a powerful application (mobile-friendly too) to streamline the HR and employee management processes in your company.

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Best for: Hourly employee workforce.

7. Epay Systems

Great Employee-Self service

Blueforce cloud storage

Powerfull mobile app

HR, payroll, time and attendance management solution designed for all industries and company size. Epay Systems is the perfect fit for hourly workforce management thanks to its enhanced recruitment, time tracking, payroll capabilities and dedication to performance, reporting and analytics.


Online forms submission. Digital signature. Self-onboarding.

Customize your onboarding process by adding tasks scheduling company training or orientation documents and track new hires’ progress to completion.

Add benefits programs and incorporate them into the onboarding process.

Employee Management

Time and attendance tracking options. Real-time alerts. Custom schedules.

Epay Systems guarantees real-time visibility and transparency when it comes to time tracking. Employees can choose to clock-in and out using:

  • Telephone time tracking
  • Mobile device tracking with GPS
  • PC via the WebPunch application
  • Biometric time tracking using WalTer fingerprint and facial recognition

Using employee scheduling features, you’ll be able to:

  • Build custom schedules
  • Match employees to specific roles
  • Post schedules online for employees to see open shifts

With the employee benefits administration functions, you can:

  • Manage Workers’ comp and track FMLA/disability events
  • Track 401(k) participant contributions
  • Accommodate ACA forms
  • Create COBRA coverage

You will never miss out any events using the real-time alerts available. Choose to receive a mail or a text message when:

  • Employee has not clocked-in as scheduled
  • Employees are missing meal breaks
  • Employee is reaching overtime


Real-time data. Employee self-service to monitor payroll details. Data exports.

Employees get real-time access to payroll data, even on their mobiles.

Management can use built-in payroll reports and run audits on demand in an instant.

Easy payroll data export for general ledger purposes.

Create automatic updates to earnings, deductions, and taxes.

Set up security access levels for teams.

Documentation Management

Centralized cloud-based system storage for documents, tax forms, CVs.

Epay Systems’ online HR software improves the workflow for recruitment teams by collecting all applicants’ CVs on record and payroll teams by tracking all labor expenses, tax forms, compliance documents.

All collected data is nicely stored into a cloud-based system – Blueforce, which offers flexible management options from a single platform.

Analytics & Reporting

Build-in payroll reports. Real-time labor analytics. Workforce performance insights.

The platform offers detailed reports on workforce: headcount, turnover rates, labor costs, overtime costs. Customize the reports by year, quarter or month and compare results.

Recruitment analytics show real-time data on source of hire, trends, termination rates, unfilled positions review, and projections.

With turnover rates reporting, management gets to break down turnover rates data by worksite, supervisor, termination type and get insights on leaving trends and make forecasts.

KPI analytics such as missed clock-ins, overtime costs help identify individual and team performance.

Multiple metrics for workforce productivity: labor costs, FTEs, human capital ROI.

Advanced Features

What makes Epay Systems one of the best HR management software on the market?

It simply ticks all the boxes of a complete workforce solution.

Apps & Integrations

GPS supported mobile app. Integrations with payroll, HR, and ERP systems.

The powerful mobile app offers employees multiple functionalities: clock-in/out, track mileage, request PTOs, enter new breaks, shifts, tasks and more.

Being a human capital management system (HCMS), Epay Systems offers seamless integration with some of the biggest vendors on the market:

  • Payroll systems – Ceridian, ADP, Paycom, Paychex
  • ERP, HR systems – Oracle JDE, MS Dynamics, NetSuite, SAP, Sage

Ease Of Use

Intuitive navigation. Menu available in English and Spanish.

Very easy and simplified menu. All options are at your dashboard.

The employee portal lets you keep track of personal information, tax details, I-9, and training.

Customizable schedule planner allows you to easily create shifts, assign people and use different colors to make a distinction. Use drag and drop.

Customer Support

24/7 customer support. Dedicated support. 2-minute tour. Demo.

Customer support is always there for you. Very patient and knowledgeable.

Dedicated customer service is also available to advise on your company-specific queries.

Multiple video guides, brochures, webinars, white papers and latest blog posts are available.


Quote-based pricing.

Request a demo for each of the Epay Systems solutions and get a personalized pricing including:

  • Single sign-on system
  • Free premium customer care
  • One all-inclusive monthly price


Epay Systems is a highly resourceful and potent all-in-one HR software with strong emphasis on streamlining workforce operations.

A powerful Employee Self Service portal provides employees the freedom to use multiple devices, manage their personal data, monitor every aspect of their performance and enjoy mobility.

Workforce analytics offers key data on labor costs, labor spend and other budgeting metrics. Use pre-made reports or customize your own depending on your company data.

The integrated payroll module streamlines processes by automation of timesheets approvals, tax filing among other tasks which makes the solution perfect for companies with distributed workforce.

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Best for: HR professionals.

8. NetSuite SuitePeople

Back & future date changes

Powerfull HR analytics

Security access levels

The human capital management (HCM) solution by NetSuite – SuitePeople is a cloud-based system that unifies all human resources processes within an organization and streamlines workforce management including employee acquisition and onboarding, HR analytics and payroll operations. Designed in a licensed-based fashion, your subscription will be customized according to your company size.


Customizable onboarding checklists. Track progress.

Use a template or engineer your own specific onboarding list by adding tasks, assigning those and tracking completion progress. Add background checks, asset list, send over new hire packages or add more tasks depending on your needs.

Employee Management

Customizable Time-off plans. Employee Directory feature. Company structure view.

A unified employee directory allows direct access to all employee information within the company. You can filter your search by using keywords to locate the person you need.

Org browser offers information about the company hierarchy – departments, locations, supervisors, subsidiaries.

Create time-off plans and add time-off rules.

Before submitting a time-off request, employees are informed about colleagues who already booked the date with a pop-up notification.

Management has a clear view of employee time-off balances and all-new time-off requests are populated directly into their calendar for approval.

Payroll & Expenses Management

Fully integrated payroll module. Automatic tax filing. ACA reporting.

NetSuite Payroll is a fully integrated payroll solution which eliminates:

  • The need for third-party payroll providers.
  • The need for manual entry of employee time entry and attendance.
  • Potential compliance issues as it files all required federal, state, and local taxes.

Using SuitePeople Payroll module offers:

  • Automatic calculations of earnings, deductions, contributions, taxes.
  • Filtering capabilities based on select criteria.
  • Simplified payroll reversals.
  • Real-time data.

Documentation Management

Global Employee Record.

Global Employee Record stores all employee-related data across the suite.

Analytics & Reporting

Automatic aggregation of data. Pre-made HR reports. Customizable reports.

Why is SuitePeople the right HR analytics software for your company?

You get to choose among over 100 pre-built reports capturing virtually every metric you can think of. Recruiting, HR, financial, turnover, time-off, billables, purchases, commissions and so much more.

Customization of your reports is made simple and very efficient. You can filter data by managers, locations, departments, subsidiaries, or class and get results with user-friendly visual representations.

Advanced Features

Effective dating feature to track changes. Employee recognition.

Effective Dating feature offers the ability for superiors to make back-date and future-date changes to specific dates on the employee record such as position change, department transfer, and marital status. This is done by providing a specific reason for the change and a brief description.

Using the Org Browser feature, you can locate colleagues and easily recognize them by giving them Kudos. Positive feedback improves employee performance.

Apps & Integrations

Powerful mobile application. Multiple proprietary integrations available.

Ease Of Use

User-friendly navigation. Quick links to most visited items. KPI overview.

The menu includes a great number of functionalities and customization options. But the interface is made simple and user-friendly. You can jump right to items of interest, get a clear view of key performance indicators you track and insights available on your dashboard overview.

Customer Support

Phone customer support. Thorough documentation.

Phone and online customer care are available 24/7. You can initiate chat directly from your employee or manager portal using a direct link.

Multiple resources such as datasheets, overview guides, webinars, and documentation are at your disposal.

APA certified professionals are also made available for payroll-specific queries.


Quote-based pricing. License-based pricing model. Advanced Add-ons. Demo.

With NetSuitePeople, you get a custom pricing based on your company size, number of employees and budget.

Oracle NetSuite’s pricing model is based on the number of user licenses you need.

1. NetSuite Limited Edition

  • Up to 50 employees
  • Single legal entity
  • Do not require more than 10 user licenses

2. NetSuite Mid-Market Editions

  • 2 or more legal entities
  • Require more than 10 user licenses

3. NetSuite Enterprise Edition

  • Require 1000+ user licenses

Add-on modules such as the SuitePeople Human Capital Management are available depending on your selected plan and are offered a la carte or can be added to your current subscription.


NetSuite SuitePeople is a human resources management system (HRMS) tailored for HR professionals offering unified and flexible cloud-based platform, structured security access levels and permission management, data capture in real-time.

All HR processes are easily streamlined and customized to your company’s needs and requirements. Powerful reports and analytics capabilities provide meaningful insights to make better-informed decisions.

Although functionality options can be a little overwhelming, once you customize your dashboard view and explore most of the features, you’ll find it second to none.

Price can be high so consult with a professional sales rep before you jump into it.

Professional-level customer care.

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Best for: Non-profit & educational organizations.

9. Freshteam

Enhanced recruitment management

Multiple job sites integrations

Pay-as-you-go service

Freshteam is the HR recruiting software that will help you streamline the hiring process, eliminating paperwork and automating job postings. The cloud-based platform offers one of the best graphic user interface experiences on the market with a simple setup and ease of use. Suitable for businesses of all types and sizes, Freshteam is particularly a good choice for small businesses with moderate need for new hires.


Flexible onboarding. Offboarding. Self-service. E-signature.

Multiple onboarding functionalities with Freshteam’s HR software:

  • Set up onboarding checklist customizing the tasks you need
  • Self-service allows employees to enter personal details, upload documents
  • Configure and send a Welcome Kit to new hires, include forms to fill, documents to be signed, company handbook
  • Get a clear view of new hire queueongoing and completed onboardings

Employee Management

Easy setup of leave/time-off policies and dependencies. Shared team calendar. Mobile-friendly.

  • Absence management in Freshteam offers you the ability to create multiple time-off policies, individual rules and approval workflows for different departments, teams, and locations.
  • Create dependencies between employees and use a team calendar so everyone is informed.
  • Time-off dashboard allows you to track requests, monitor leave balance and approve/reject.
  • Personalize a holiday calendar based on your region.


No available payroll functionalities.

Documentation Management

Storage and access to all documents through the dashboard.

Storage of all employee documents in a single platform.

Granted access to employees and managers.

Analytics & Reporting

Flexible in-depth recruitment reports. Time-off reports.

Freshteam breaks down recruitment activities into comprehensive reports:

  • Job postings reports.
  • Candidate sourcing reports.
  • Talent pool reports.

Advanced Features

Carrier site with each Freshteam account. Advanced recruitment features.

Basic, customizable and advanced Carrier Site based on your subscription offers:

50+ Free built-in job description templates with full customization options:

  • Skillset
  • Job type
  • Location
  • Experience

Free job boards integrations:

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Zyprecruiter

Talent pool:

  • Storage of all applicants to current and past vacancies.
  • Automatic match of existing candidates to new job postings.

Sharing options:

  • Use custom URL to track where your candidates come from.
  • Share job posting on social media.
  • Job-specific email for each post.

Hiring process customization options:

  • Application form.
  • Screening stages.
  • Interview scorecard.
  • Workflow automation.

Candidate pipeline view:

  • Candidate profile.
  • All communication with the candidate.
  • Interviews scheduling.
  • Reject reasons.

Job vacancy types:

  • Internal – postings available to employees.
  • Private – postings available to hiring staff.
  • Public – publicly available postings.

Apps & Integrations

Powerful iOS/Android mobile app. QR sign-in. Customer integrations via open API.

Email applicants and submit interview feedback.

Get easy access to base employee data.

Manage all your time-off requests.

  • Calendar integrations – Google Calendar
  • Testing services integrations – ClassMaker
  • Email integrations – Outlook, Office 365, Gmail
  • Video and messaging – Skype, Google Hangouts
  • Job boards integrations – Azunda, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Zyprecruiter, Indeed

Ease Of Use

Employee directory. Organization chart. Drag and drop functionality.

Use drag and drop to customize forms to include only the fields you need.

A comprehensive self-service portal allows you to keep track of your documents, time-off balances, manage tasks, view holiday calendar.

Get easy access to employee directory and org chart even on mobile.

Customer Support

Email, chat, phone support. Comprehensive competitors comparisons.

24/7 email customer support and 24/5 phone support come with all subscriptions.

Compare Freshteam with some of the top-performing competitors.

Available case studies, webinars and ebooks.

Rich knowledge center.


21-days free trial. Free version. three base plans. Custom pricing for non-profit and educational institutions.

Sprout   Blossom  Garden  Estate 
Free for up to 50 employees $50/m per 50 users $50/m per 100 users $50/m per 200 users
Up to 3 published job postings Up to 10 published job postings Unlimited job postings Custom User Roles 
Recruitment Team Inbox Custom Interview Scorecards and Kits Social Recruiting Custom URL & SSL Certificate
Basic Career Site Customizable Career Site Advanced Career Site Customizations Access Restrictions based on IP Address
Email Integration Custom Hiring Pipelines Talent Pool Management Multiple Office Locations
Kanban Boards for applicant tracking Recruiting Automations Offer Management Unlimited Webhook Requests
Basic Time Off Management Interview Scheduling with Google & Outlook Calendar Onboarding Checklist Unlimited Onboarding and Offboarding checklists
Employee Directory Job board Integrations Sponsored Job Postings on Indeed Unlimited Holiday Calendars
Org Chart Phone, Email, Chat Support Multiple Language Support Dedicated Account Manager


What makes Freshteam’s HRIS the perfect pick for your business?

The highly customizable and user-friendly user interface offers the freedom to design your HR recruitment processes to a great extent. The applicant tracking system (APS) lets you capture only the data useful to your needs, automate tasks to improve speed and efficiency and get the insights to make data-informed decisions.

Managing all your leave requests, balances and approvals through the mobile app works perfectly and makes communication easy and quick.

Being a pay-as-you-go service offers the flexibility you need if you are not convinced if the solution matches your needs. The access to the most feature-rich plan during the free trial period is an admirably generous approach to end-users.

Yes, payroll and integrations are a setback but managing your startup or small business’ hiring processes and employee management needs can certainly be satisfied.

Freshteam offers one of the most affordable HRIS on the market. It’s suitable for startups, non-profit and educational institutions but it’s also a great solution for large companies.

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Best for: Mid-sized businesses.

10. Namely

Multiple partner integrations

HR & Benefits advisors

Mobile app

Dedicated to facilitating and streamline payroll, benefits and talent acquisition management processes, Namely offers a modern HR SaaS software with a simple navigation menu, in-depth compliance and enhanced security to protect your data. Advanced services such as HR and benefits advisors are available to create a package tailor-made to your specific business needs and budget. Targeting mid-sized businesses, Namely is explored by businesses of all types and sizes.


Simple 4-step online process. E-signature forms. Pre-made and customizable templates.

All new hires can easily onboard themselves using Namely’s self-service.

The process requires:

  • entering personal details.
  • reviewing all company document: forms, policies, guides.
  • signing all provided forms using the e-sign feature.
  • sending a confirmation.

Employee Management

Employee directory and org chart. Track timesheets and overtime.

To improve communication and engagement Namely offers an Employee directory and org chart. Get instant access to colleagues’ details and a break-down of the company’s hierarchy into departments, employees and direct managers.

Time tracking offers multiple flexibilities to both employees and management:

  • Set up clock exceptions.
  • Create custom job codes.
  • Access time sheets overview.
  • Get overtime by department data.
  • Submit and approve time-off requests.
  • Clock in and out using the cloud-based app, mobile app or via PIN, fingerprint, and ID.

Performance tracking with Namely offers:

  • Setting up goals.
  • Track progress on goals completion.
  • Create custom performance review cycles.

Learning management system (LMS) offers:

  • Overview of state-mandated, encouraged trainings.
  • Manage required compliance courses.
  • Upload custom trainings.

Payroll Management

Full-service payroll.

With Namely payroll module, you receive a full-service payroll provider eliminating the need for integrations:

  • Sync with employee benefits deductions.
  • Forms compliance: W-2, 1099, ACA.
  • Federal, state, local tax filing.
  • Hourly employees time integration.

Documentation Management

Centralized storage of all employee documents, company policies under compliance rules.

Analytics & Reporting

Multiple pre-made reports. Customizable and exportable reports. Real-time data.

  • Performance ratings reports
  • Point-in-time reports
  • Headcount reports
  • Attrition reports
  • Salary reports

Advanced Features

Managed Payroll and Benefits services.

Payroll Managed Services Benefits Managed Services
Tax registration services Configuration of tailored benefits package
Garnishment administration ACA, COBRA, ERISA IRS compliance
General ledger configuration Unlimited Expert consulting
Pay runs management Cost-saving options advice
Dedicated payroll expert Best-in-Class support

Apps & Integrations

Powerful mobile app experience. Open API. Multiple partner integrations.

All payroll, benefits, and time management features are easily accessible using the mobile application.

Growing list of partner integrations:

  • Applicant tracking system (APS) – JazzHR pre-built integration, Workable, Breezy
  • Identity management and SSO – Okta, BetterCloud, GSuite, Bitium
  • Compensation management – Curo, Simply Merit
  • Time and attendance – Replicon, TSheets, Boomr
  • App integration – Workato, Zapier
  • Background checks – Verified First
  • E-signature – Adobe

You can use the open API and implement the application that works best for you and your company.

Ease Of Use

User-friendly menu. Social media-like Updates feed. Employee directory and org chart.

Namely’s UI is clean and very straightforward. Menu navigation grants direct access to employee profile, tasks, calendar, time off balance, performance overview, compensation, benefits, and payroll features.

Home dashboard offers a social media-like view of an update feed, upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries. You can comment, like or post.

Customer Support

Rich knowledge resources base. Blog. Help Community. Chat support.

The HR Comply Database offers generous information on compliance standards and best practices in the industry, HR audit checklists and employee classification guides.

In-depth API documentation and user guide.

Client-only roadshows.


Demo available. Quote-based pricing. Implementation base fee.

Get custom pricing based on your requirements.

Implementation fee is applied + fee per user depending on the selected modules.


Namely offers a flexible solution for mid-sized companies dedicated to automation of their HR, payroll, benefits management, and recruiting processes by providing personalized expert services.

The employee engagement focus and detailed performance analytics put Namely among one of the best people operation platforms on the market.

Although some implementations could turn out timely, thanks to numerous partner integrations, Namey’ HRIS offers undeniable flexibility.

Namely dedicated account managers could sometimes take a while to approve requested changes due to specific access-level restrictions within the platform. However, this ensures total compliance and security concerns.

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Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose The Best HR Software?

What to consider when choosing HR software?

1. Understand the different types of HR systems:

  • HRIS (human resources information system)

A human resources software that combines the following HR functions:

recruitment, onboarding, employee management, document management, payroll management, benefits management, performance, and analytics.

  • ATS (attendance tracking system)

A software application used to manage recruitment and hiring processes within an organization.

  • Payroll management software

A system used to manage salaries, allowances, deductions, contributions, timesheets, wage calculations, tax filing.

2. Understand where you are currently putting most of your resources and efforts on:

recruitment, onboarding, employee management, payroll management, benefits management, performance, analytics.

3. Do you foresee any future changes to that initial resources allocation?

Processes improvement.

4. Where do you lack power, resources and results?

Evaluate your management process.

5. Do you already use apps you prefer to keep on using?

Understand partner integrations.

6. Understand the pricing model.

Upgrades, upcharges should not come as a surprise.

7. Estimate the time needed to perform the implementation of the new HR solution.

Understand whether migration guidance is provided.

8. How powerful reporting and analytics do you need?

Check HR analytics software and capabilities.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An HR Software?

Here’s a brief on how using a human resource management system can benefit you.

Workflows automation, employee management and the overall impact for your business.

1. Improved Onboarding Process

Poor onboarding can cost companies up to 300% of an employee’s salary and it’s a major turnover driver.

So avoid countless documents waiting to be signed, going back and forth for more papers and tedious tasks and make that first crucial impression you want to leave with your new hires.

2. Better Employee Management

HR software systems today are designed to make both employees and management’s lives easier.

Enhanced time attendance features improve efficiency.

Shared calendars, access to an employee directory and company structure improve transparency.

The ability to provide instant feedback improves performance.

Using a mobile HR software offers mobility and quick reaction.

3. Save Money

Businesses using an HR software application register cost savings of 22% per employee.

Streamlined processes, steady accumulation of real-time data, customizable analytics and instant performance overview will save you time, costs and improve your productivity.

4. Documentation Compliance

Choose an HR tool that helps you automating manual tasks and keeps you compliant with all law regulations.

Staying compliant with security, tax regulations, and deadlines while keeping track of all documentation and providing specific access permissions to people, is a huge time and cost-saving approach.

HR Software – Extended List

During our grande research in the HR software realm, we ran into some more products which for one reason or another did not make it to our HR software list.

However, we’d like to shortly introduce them to your attention.


Justworks is an HR application that does a great job with managing benefits, health insurance, payroll, shared calendars, and automated reminders.

It lacks in terms of partner integrations and performance management.


Bullhorn’s cloud-based HR software is focused on recruiting processes and applicant tracking.

It’s a great solution for staffing agencies and businesses with intense recruitment needs.

Implementation is not as seamless as expected and often requires customer support assistance.


A full-service HR management software that automates recruitment, onboarding, payroll, tax filing, benefits management, time tracking and more.

The downside of it – not a very user-friendly interface, complicated benefits enrollment, lack of calendar and scheduler integrations.


The HR SaaS software from APS offers core HR services, payroll and tax management.

The interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. The employee self-service works perfectly.

Reporting customization is not always as seamless and powerful.


Recruitment, onboarding and employee management are easily streamlined with Monday’s HR service platform.

Delivered in a user-friendly and visually appealing interface. Monthly cost is at the higher end for small businesses.

SAP SuccessFactors

A cloud ATS solution that offers great capabilities in terms of talent management and performance management.

It offers multiple integrations to deliver a full HR service but you will need to consider extensive learning of the software.


People offers a complete HR administration service with an easy-to-use navigation menu and great applicant tracking capabilities.

You may find the performance management a bit confusing and upgrading is a bit costly.


An HR, workforce management and great emphasis on its learning management capabilities, Lanteria is a cloud-based solution that supports multiple integrations such as SharePoint on-premise, Office 365 and more.

It is lacking a payroll management module.

Cezanne HR

Cezanne HR offers a cloud-based system that covers all human resources operations:

from recruitment and ATS to payroll and performance management.

Great customer service. The interface is not as intuitive and easy to navigate through.


The payroll and HR software vendor offers great customizable reporting and tracking functionalities.

Navigation is intuitive. Dedicated representatives to walk you through every step.

The platform can use more automation in terms of notifications and time tracking abilities.

Wrap Up

So, that was a long ride.

Coming at the and, you should be a believer in the magic a full-service HR solution can create.

Also, we are pretty sure you’ve got your eye on one or two of the best HR software reviewed.

Now, when you’re armed with knowledge and information, you can now make your final choice.

Which HR software is most suited to your business needs? Do share with us, we’ll be happy to know!


What is HR management software?

Human resources software is an application that combines the following HR functions: recruitment, onboarding, employee management, document management, payroll management, benefits management, performance, and analytics.

What are HR modules?

Recruitment, onboarding, employee management, document management, payroll management, benefits management, performance, analytics, and reporting are often offered as a full-service solution or can be used as individual HR modules.

What are the features of HR?

  1. Recruiting
  2. Onboarding
  3. Time Tracking
  4. Payroll Administration
  5. Benefits Management
  6. Learning Management
  7. Performance Analytics

Why HR software is important?

Streamlined human resources management is crucial for effective business operations. You need a steady recruitment process, easy onboarding, reliable payroll services, analytics, and real-time data. It’s important to have an HR software in place in order to accumulate all that data in one software and be able to draw insights from it. Workforce in 2022 is mobile, remote and on the go, so you need an adequate solution to meet all employee, management and business needs.

Which HR software is best?

The greatest HR software according to us are:

BambooHR – Best For Freelancers
Zenefits – Best For Small Businesses
Zoho People – Best Integrated Payroll
Gusto – Best For Startups and Small Businesses
Deputy – Best For Day-To-Day Operations
Epay Systems – Best For Hourly Employee Workforce
NetSuite SuitePeople – Best For HR Professionals
Freshteam – Best For Non-Profit & Educational Organizations
Namely – Best For Mid-Sized Businesses


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